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AAM Recors

AAM001 Birth of sy review
AAM002 Bach St John passion review

Ablaze Recordings

AR00003 Knehans fractured traces review
AR00007 Millennial Masters Vol. 2 review
AR00015 Orchetsral masters v1 review


233493 Brahms lieder review
233494 Strauss Elektra review
233497 12 cellists BPO review
233552 Carreras comeback concerts review
233584 Orff Trionfi review
233585 Brahms VC Neveu review
233593 Strauss Josephe-legende review
233595 Mozart Haydn concs review
233597 Wagner fantasies for 8 horns review
233602 Ceremony of carols review
233603 Bach Telemann cantatas Popp review
233651 French album DFD review
233670 Braunfels Te deum review
233690 Schubert winterreise review
233707 Freni opera review


PHR0102 Wagner orch excerpts review
ACC10222 Mahler sy8 review
ACC10238 Mahler sy2 review
ACC20101 Tchaikvosky sy6 Abbado review
ACC20217 Bruckner sy4 review


APCD4012 Songs of springtime review


ACOCD10710 English town hall organ Duisburg review
ACOCD21510 Tchaikovsky VC review
ACOCD21710 Stravinsky rite Debussy La mer review
ACOCD22012 Strauss Don Quixote review


ACCD-1013 Carlstedt str qts v1 review
ACCD-1015 Carlstedt str qts v2 review
ACCD-1019 Swedish colours review


94572 Lundgren Magnum mysterium review
94782 A deux review
95082 Opera review
97582 Kuhn Wollny review

Actes Sud Musicales

ASM05 Matalon Les Siecles review
ASM12 Dukas orch wks review
ASM13 Mompou musica callada review
ASM15 Stravinsky rite review
ASM22 Wagner scenes review

Adam Levin Records

ALR001 In the beginning review


AE10057 Bach hpsd concs v1 review
AE10084 Bach French suites review
AE10106 Locke consort of fower parts review


A034401 Mozart & well beyond - bassoon review


ATB-CD 06-08 Bach organ wks review


AGO008 Ockeghem missa review
AGO009 Mozart Duphly vln & kybd review
AGO010 La Barre La Julie review
AGO011 Dall'abaco father & son review
AGO013 Michi songs harp wks review
AGO018 Negri Amorosa Fenice review

AHS Records

no number Mikuli Roumanian folk tunes review
no number Herz-Sommers Schumann review
no number Herz-Sommers Beethoven Debussy Smetana review

AIX Records

AIX85052 Shostakovich pno qnt review

AK Coburg

DR0004 Draeseke chmbr wks review
DR0010 Draeseke Krug chmbr wks review


ADCD006 Yoon Thinking being review

Albion Records (Vaughan Williams Society)

ALBCD001 Songs from operas (Sky shall be) review
ALBCD002 Early songs (Kissing her hair) review
ALBCD006 Songs for mixed chorus (Hope is shining) review
ALBCD009 Music in the heart review
ALBCD010 Folk songs review
ALBCD014 VW archive recs review
ALBCD016 The Solent review
ALBCD020 Cambridge Mass review

Alia Vox

AVSA9846 Mozart serenades review
AVSA9865 Celtic viol review
AVDVD9896 Bach mass review
AVSA9901 Dowland lachrimae review
AVSA9903 Marais Alcione review
AVDVD9905 Charpentier at Versailles review
AVSA9908 War & peace review


ALCD004 Contemporary lute review


ACDHN0332 Catoire chbr wks review
ACDHN0342 Contrasts review
ACDHJ0402 O muse - Dutch songs review

Alla Pavlova

122095 Pavlova sy1 review

Allegri Films

9D511 Mahler & Berio review
9D512 Conducting Mahler review

Allegro Films

A05CND Sibelius films review review
A06CND Nathan Milstein portrait review review review
A07CND Jacqueline du Pre review
A08CND Itzhak Perlman review
A09CND Vladimir Ashkenazy review
A10CND Tchaikovsky films review
A12CND Paganini's daemon review
CN0903D Schubert Trout, Great sorrow review

Alma Nova

5631 Debut review


DS0143 Guerrero Canciones review review


ALT1014 Chopin PCs review
ALT1021 Chopin Brahms PC2s Rubinstein review
ALT1023 Rach PC4 Michelangeli review
ALT1033 R Strauss lieder review
ALT1035 Dark pastoral review review


ABI230105 Gibbs pno trios review


AIRCD9015 Cooman pno wks review
AIRCD9023 MacDowall pno sons review
AIRCD9034 Feinberg pno sons review
AIRCD9035 Christophe Sirodeau review
AIRCD9038 Feinberg songs review
AIRCD9064 Sorabji sy5 review

Altfiol i Väst

AIVCD001 Souvenirs from Gothenberg review
AIVCD002 Souvenirs from West Sweden review
AIVDVD002 Souvenirs from West Sweden review
AIVCD003 Souvenirs from 1974 concerts review
AIVCD004 Parikian in Sweden review
AIVCD006 Hakanson songs review

Altri Suoni

AS-37 Koukl musica vocale review


4763089 Brahms Botender review

Amadeus Arte

AAP12002 Glass harp transcr review

Amadeus Rainbow

ARB0082 Mendelssohn concs review


AME1001 Brahms concs review
AME1002 Beethoven concs review


AMB6005 7 sisters review

Ambiances Magnetiques

AM199 Ceccarelli Breviaire review


AMB96899 Paganini gtr qts v2 review
AMB96941 Division vln pt1 review
AMB97977 Paganini gtr chmbr wks v1 review


AMY022 Purcell Dido review
AMY024 Handel Judas Maccabeus review
AMY026 Falvetti Il diluvio review
AMY027 Ferveur et Extase review
AMY028 Venezia review
AMY029 Vivaldi vespers review
AMY030 Porpora vespers review
AMY032 Marchand Rameau stes review
AMY033 Paz, salam & shalom review
AMY035 Couperin nations review
AMY036 Falvetti Nabucco review
AMY038 Mozart requiem review
AMY041 Monteverdi vespers review review
AMY042 Invitation au Voyage review
AMY302 Telemann journey review
AMY303 Rebel pere fils review

American Masterworks

AMCD1594 Measure for measure review

American Modern Recordings

AMR1034 Paterson Book of goddesses review

Ame Son

ASCP0517 Schubert Mahler songs review
ASCP0711 Dalbavie orch wks review
ASCP0814 Amel chante review


02 Nyman Yamamoto review


ARCD1002 Music ancient Rome v2 review
ARNR1396 Music ancient Rome v1 review

Amon Ra

CDSAR5 Haydn pno sons review
CDSAR8 Clementi pno son review
CDSAR21 Weber flute sons review
CDSAR24 La Rue des Pres masses review
CDAAR33 Concord of sweet sounds review
CDSAR46 Elizabethan Christmas anthems review review
CDSAR61 Strozzi La Virtuosissima cantatrice review


ANC134 Vivaldi Piazzolla 4 seasons review


AN3060 Berg Wozzeck review
AN3070 Zemlinsky Konig Kandaules review


C33001 Guerrero chbr wks review


CD7701 Latvian music v1 review
CD7702 Latvian music v2 review
CD7710-11 Ukraine cpsrs v1 review review
CD7751 Nationalist trends review review
CD7752 Liszt great romantic review review
CD7753 Music of France review
CD7770 Georgian cpsrs review
CD9915 Shostakovich sy7 review
CD9918-19 Ukraine cpsrs v2 review
CD9920-21 Tchaikovsky sys 4 & 6 review
CD9922-23 Ukraine cpsrs v3 review
CD9932 Shostakovich sy8 review

Anima e Corpo

AEC002 In paradiso review


ACD6048 Tchaikovsky Onegin review
ACD6061 Hildegard Lilium review
ACD6123 Handel Oreste review
ACD6134 Debussy reflections review


AT03 Denyer shakuhachi review
AT50 Coluccino Atto review

Anthology of Australian Music

CSM38 Hart orch wks review review


AP001 Dreams review
AP014 Bartholomee Soli review
AP044 Schumann mass review
AP048 Handel Bad guy arias review
AP056 Schubert fantasy review
AP059 Memento Mori review
AP061 Lully Phaeton review
AP067 Poems review
AP078 Mozart two pianos review
AP094 Lully Amadis review


RKAP10201 Hear the voice review


APR5666 Tchaikovsky PC2 review

Arabesque Recordings

Z6752 Compositions by legendary conductors review
Z67942 Copland chbr wks review
Z6803 Gerber orch wks review
Z6828 Harpsichord at the Holidays review


no number 20th cent. flute concs review
AR1110 Bruderhans flute wks review
AR1111 Unaccompanied Czech flute review
AR1116 At North terrace review
AR1118 Martinu Feld flute chmbr wks review


007 Wong sy review


A360 Pandolfi vln sons review
A361 Leclair sonates review
A363 Orlando furioso review review
A367 I dodici giardini review
A368 Castaldi Ferita d'amore review
A375 Platti concs review


ARC136-8 Mahler Beethoven Szenkar review


5000 Bach mass Ferrier review

Arizona U Recordings

AURCD5014 Tann erthe air review

Ar Re-Se

AR20012 Chopin preludes review
AR20024 Rachmaninov pno sons review
AR20047 Ohana str qts review
AR20048 Verdi songs review
AR20060 Lekeu Magnard vln sons review
AR20062 Dvorak chmbr wks review
AR20071 Bacri str qts review review
AR20063 Koechlin str qts review
AR20091 Koechlin chbr wks review
AR20092 Miaskovsky pno sons 2-4 review
AR20101 Miaskovsky str qts review

Ars Harmonica

AH140 Mozart Schubert fantasias review


405 Bach org wks review
4240 Rebay Kleine Rosengarten review

Arsis Classics

AS00A640012C Haydn Pleasing pain review

Ars Musici

AM12592 Scriabin pno wks review
AM13662 Hassler masses review
AM13682 Martini kybd sons review
232154 Rheinberger chor wks review
232371 Shchedrin chbr wks review

Ars Produktion

38108 French harp concs review
38109 Bach org transcr review
38076 Baroque in Hanover review
38080 Schreker Ferne Klang review
38086 Late-romantic Christmas eve review
38090 Bruch cello & orch review
38091 Reicha bassoon chbr wks review
38093 Schubert pno wks review
38113 Rietz Gross CCs review
38146 Ravel pno wks review
38150 Fantasy review
38153 Slavic nobility review
38155 Mahler sy9 review
38167 Mozart PCs review review
38394 Schubert Schwanengesang review
38436 Brahms pno wks review
38444 Stravinsky pno wks review
38497 Brahms Die Schöne Magelone review
38818 Pleyel str qts v1 review


AS7262 Horn trios review

Art Historical

0011930 Wagner Tristan Toscanini review


41006 Svoboda PCs review


108022 Schubert pno trios review review
112012 Dvorak trios review
4711946281304 Dvorak CC review

Arts in Fusion

AIF06 Fireworks and Fables review


ACSCD11 Fast forward review
ACSCD45 Manchester accents review
ASCCD86 Into the light - community orchestras review
ACSCD116 Anima rising review
ASCCD150 Ireland collection review

Ashmont Music

1012 Fuch vla sonata review


no number Happy frog review


ASCD9004 Slovenian cello/pno v1 review

Ateliers Et Presses De Taize

T567 Songs of Taize review
T568 Taize community review


ATHCD2 Haydn kybd wks review
ATHCD16 Tchaikovsky PC2 review review
ATHCD22 Haydn kybd wks review
23025 Scarlatti kybd sons review
23026 Century of domestic kybds review
23201 Chopin nocturnes review
23202 Schumann Dichterliebe review


2012-130 Kox Dorian Gray review

Attuned Heart

AHR001 Enaudi calm review


115 Brahms VC review


ADX13700 Baroque vln sons review


AGCD0022 Vivaldi concs review
AGCD0032 Handel Bach Telemann trio sons review


70316822 Dvorak pno trios review

Audiophile Classics

APL101575 Bach Goldbergs review
APL101802 Cliburn legend review

Audiophile Sound

AUD135 Spohr Ernst VCs review


AA69001 Fampas gtr wks review

Aulos (Koch)

66092 Fontyn orch wks v1 review
66150 Fontyn pno wks review
66157 Fontyn orch wks v2 review


101 Barber songs review review


10232 French vln sons review
10242 Klezmer karma review
10382 Tchaikovsky PC1 review
10392 Forgotten melodies review
10442 A Scarlatti sacre profano review

Award Audio

AA05001 Dallier pno trio review


AYHC01 Handel cantatas v1 review


ACD71250 Bach lute wks v1 review
ACD71283 Perspectives review

Azur Classical

AZC102 La Tombelle chmbr wks review
AZC120 Goue chmbr wks v3 review


Gerard Hoffnung CDs

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