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20th CENTURY FOX Classic Musicals Series: RODGERS and Oscar HAMMERSTEIN II State Fair (1945 and 1962 versions) Jan-00
20th CENTURY FOX Classic Musicals Series: Rose of Washington Square Jan-00
ADAMS Bryan/ZIMMER Hans Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Nov-02
ADDINSELL Richard Blithe Spirit; Encore; Gaslight; The Passionate Friends; Parisienne; Scrooge; Southern Rhapsody; Waltz of the Toreadors; South Riding; WRNS March; Fire Over England July-99
ADDINSELL Richard Warsaw Concerto (Dangerous Moonlight, 1941) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
ADDISON John A Bridge Too Far June-99
ALBÉNIZ Isaac (1860-1909) Iberia (Books One and Two) España Daniel Barenboim (piano) Sept-01
ALEJANDRO Edesio Der Cuba Coup Aug-01
Alexander Jeff, Laurence Rosenthal, Jerrold Immel and Bruce Broughton Logan's Run (TV series) Apr-04
Alheimsins, Englar Angels of the Universe Aug-04
ALLEN WOODY Standup Comic May-99
ALWYN William Film Music Vol. 2 Dec-01
ALWYN William The Crimson Pirate. Mar-98
AMENÁBAR Alejandro The Others Dec-01
Arlen, Harold, Ray Heindorf, and Ira Gershwin A Star Is Born (1954) Aug-04
ARMSTRONG Craig Best Laid Plans Sept-99
ARMSTRONG Craig Kiss of the Dragon; Symphony for Isabelle Dec-01
ARMSTRONG Craig Plunkett & Maclean May-99
ARMSTRONG Craig The Bone Collector Dec-99
Armstrong Craig The Clearing Sep-04
ARNOLD David and Joel GOLDSMITH ; Kevin KINER, Dennis McCARTHY and Richard BAND Stargate SG-1 Nov-01
ARNOLD David (Theme) and Kevin KINER Wing Commander Apr-99
ARNOLD David Die Another Day Dec-02
Arnold, David Four Brothers Nov-05
ARNOLD David 007 Tomorrow Never Dies Feb-00
ARNOLD David Changing Lanes Aug-02
ARNOLD David Enough Aug-02
ARNOLD David The Musketeer Nov-01
ARNOLD David The Musketeer Jul-02
ARNOLD David The World is not enough 007 Dec-99
ARNOLD Sir Malcolm Film Music: David Copperfield. The Roots of Heaven June-01
ARTEMYEV Nicolay The Barber of Siberia July-00
Asbjornsen, Kristin Factotum Dec-06
ÅSERUD Bent& Geir BØHREN Sista Kontraktet (The Last Contract) Jan-99
Atwell, Billy Surreal Excursions in Non-Silence '03/'04 Aug-04
Audio f Review A LIFE OF SHAKESPEARE by Hesketh Pearson Apr-02
Audio Book Review: Bram STOKER; Mary SHELLEY Dracula; Frankenstein Nov-01
Audio Book Reviews Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw May-02
Audio Books Reviews The Novels of Alexandre Dumas. Read by Bill Homewood: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask Oct-01
AURIC Georges Film Music Vol IV La Symphonie Pastorale; Macao, l'enfer du jeu; Du rififi chez les hommes (Rififi); Le salaire de la peur (The Wages of Fear) Apr-01
AURIC Georges La Belle et La Bête Dec-99
AURIC Georges Lola Montez. Notre-Dame de Paris. Farandole. - Suites of music from the films. Aug-00
AURIC Georges Orphée. Ruy Blas. Thomas l'imposteur Dec-99
AURIC Georges Passport to Pimlico; The Titfield Thunderbolt; The Lavender Hill Mob Mar-98
AURIC Georges The Film Music of: (Chandos) Oct-99
Autry Gene The Last Round-Up Feb-99
BACALOV Luis Il Cielo Cade July-00
BACALOV Luis Misa Tango; Tangosain. (Curio Corner) Apr-01
BACALOV Luis The Love Letter Sept-99
BACHARACH Burt Casino Royale Jan-03
BACHARACH Burt Promises, Promises Sept-99
BACHARACH Burt Songs Aug-98
BACHARACH Burt The Instrumental side Dec-99
BACHARACH Burt What's New Pussycat? Dec-98
BADALAMENT Angelo The Beach June-00
BADALAMENTI Angelo Arlington Road May-99
BADALAMENTI Angelo Holy Smoke Mar-00
BADALAMENTI Angelo L’adversaire Jan-03
BADALAMENTI Angelo Mulholland Drive Feb-02
BADALAMENTI Angelo The Straight Story Feb-00
BADALAMENTI Angelo A Very Long Engagement Spring 2005
BADELT Klaus K19 The Widowmaker Sep-02
BADELT Klaus The Time Machine Jun-02
BAND Richard Film and Television Music Feb-00
Band Richard, Goldsmith Joel Laserblast Feb-06
Banks Tony Seven: A Suite for Orchestra Apr-04
Baños Roque The Machinist Fall [1] 2005
BARBER Lesley Mansfield Park Mar-00
BARBER Samuel Violin Concerto with Isaac Stern; Cello Concerto with Yo-Yo Ma; Piano Concerto with John Browning Jan-02
BARBIERI Gato Last Tango in Paris Oct-98
Barr Nathan The Dukes of Hazzard Feb-06
BARRY John & DELERUE Georges Mary Queen of Scots/Anne of the 1,000 Days Dec-00
Barry John Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Petulia Feb-06
BARRY John Best of the EMI years Feb-00
BARRY John Body Heat Oct-98
Barry John Body Heat Mar-04
BARRY John Born Free May-00
Barry John Born Free Sep-04
BARRY John Collection ZULU Apr-99
Barry John Dances With Wolves - expanded soundtrack Jul-04
BARRY John Deadfall June-00
BARRY John Enigma Nov-01
Barry John The Essential Film Music Collection Jun-06
BARRY John Hammett Aug-00
BARRY John High Road to China Sept-99
BARRY John High Road to China July-00
BARRY John King Kong (1976) Summer 2005
BARRY John Masquerade Sep-02
BARRY John Monte Walsh Oct-99
BARRY John Out of Africa June-98
BARRY John Playing by Heart May-99
BARRY John Raise the Titanic Sept-99
BARRY John Robin and Marian Mar-98
BARRY John Robin and Marian Oct-01
BARRY John Ruby Cairo June-01
BARRY John Swept from the Sea Apr-98
BARRY John The Beyondness Of Things Jan-99
Barry John The Chase Jul-04
BARRY John The Ipcress File Aug-02
BARRY John The Last Valley Jan-01
BARRY John The Last Valley Oct-01
BARRY John The Lion in Winter July-01
BARRY John Walkabout Dec-00
BARRY John Zulu May-99
BARTLETT Benjamin Walking with Dinosaurs Jan-00
Bassman, George Ride The High Country / Mail Order Bride Dec-04
BATES Tyler Devil's Rejects, The Summer 2005
BATH Hubert Cornish Rhapsody (Love Story, 1945) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
BAX Sir Arnold In Memoriam/Concertante for Piano (Left Hand) and Orchestra The Bard of the Dimbovitza Apr-99
BAXTER Lee  The Cry of the Banshee/ The Edgar Allen Poe Suite  Feb-00
BEAL John Coming Soon! Music from Movie Trailers Dec-98
BEAL John The Funhouse Mar-99
BEAVER Jack Portrait of Isla (The Case of the Frightened Lady, 1940) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
BECK Chris Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dec-99
BECK Christophe and DEBNEY John The Tuxedo Jan-03
Beck, Christophe Elektra Feb-05
Beck Christophe The Pink Panther Jun-06
BELTRAMI Marco Cursed Summer 2005
BELTRAMI Marco Dracula 2000 July-01
Beltrami Marco Hellboy Jul-04
Beltrami Marco I, Robot Sep-04
BELTRAMI Marco The Crow: Salvation June-00
BELTRAMI Marco The Minus Man Nov-99
Beltrami Marco The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada Jun-06
BELTRAMI Marco The Watcher Nov-00
BELTRAN Tito A Tenor at the Movies Sept-99
BENNETT Richard Rodney & John TAVENER Gormenghast Mar-00
BENNETT Richard Rodney Far From the Madding Crowd June-01
BENNETT Richard Rodney Equus Oct-98
BENNETT Richard Rodney Far From the Madding Crowd Mar-98
BENNETT Richard Rodney Theme and Waltz (Murder on the Orient Express, 1974) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
Bennett Richard Rodney; Benjamin Britten; Roberto Gerhard; Elisabeth Lutyens Love From A Stranger: This Sporting Life; The Skull; The Return Of The Soldier; Four British Film Scores Apr-04
BENNETT Sir Richard Rodney (b. 1936) Film Music: Murder on the Orient Express; Far from the Madding Crowd; Tender is the Night; Four Weddings and a Funeral; Enchanted April; Lady Caroline Lamb Jan-01
Bennett, Richard Rodney; Benjamin Britten; Roberto Gerhard; Elisabeth Lutyens; Love From A Stranger: May-04
BERLIN Irvin As Thousands Cheer; Chants from The Thin Red Line June-99
BERLIN Irving DVD Film: Annie Get Your Gun Music and lyrics by Irving BERLIN Jun-02
BERNARD James Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horrors Feb-98
Bernstein, Elmer The Magnificent Seven - OST May-04
BERNSTEIN Elmer Big Jake Feb-02
BERNSTEIN Elmer Far From Heaven Jan-03
BERNSTEIN Elmer How Now, Dow Jones Sept-00
Bernstein Elmer McQ Jan-04
BERNSTEIN Elmer Music for the Films of Charles & Ray Eames Sept-01
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Buccaneer Mar-98
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Comancheros Nov-99
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Deep End of the Ocean Sept-99
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Essential Elmer Bernstein: Film Music Collection Spring 2005
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Great Composers - Elmer Bernstein Jan-00
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Great Escape Oct-99
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Gypsy Moths Dec-02
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Magnificent Seven Oct-99
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Magnificent Seven Dec-98
BERNSTEIN Elmer The Return of the Magnificent Seven Dec-98
BERNSTEIN Elmer The View from Pompey’s Head Feb-02
BERNSTEIN Elmer The World of Henry Orient Feb-02
BERNSTEIN Elmer To Kill A Mocking Bird, June-98
BERNSTEIN Elmer To Kill A Mockingbird May-02
Bernstein Elmer Stripes! Apr-06
Bernstein, Elmer True Grit Dec-06
Bernstein Elmer True Grit (Compilation) Jun-06
BERNSTEIN Elmer Wild Wild West Music Sept-99
BERNSTEIN Leonard West Side Story Jan-03
BERNSTEIN Leonard (1918-1990) Candide Overture; Prelude, Fugue and Riffs. July-00
BERNSTEIN Leonard A White House Cantata Nov-00
BERNSTEIN Leonard Bernstein Tribute July-00
BERNSTEIN Leonard Leonard Bernstein conducts West Side Story Apr-02
BERNSTEIN Leonard New York, New York – Music by Leonard Bernstein Apr-02
BERNSTEIN Leonard On the Town Bernstein Suites (Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington) July-00
BERNSTEIN Leonard On the Waterfront Apr-02
BERNSTEIN Leonard Reaching for the note - his life in music Feb-99
Bernstein Leonard West Side Story - Original soundtrack Jul-04
BERNSTEIN Leonard West Side Story Sept-98
BERNSTEIN Leonard Wonderful Town Sept-99
BERNSTEIN, Elmer From the Terrace Feb-01
BIANCHINI, Guy The Dragon and the Hawk Feb-01
BLAKE Howard The Duellists & The Riddle of the Sands Dec-00
BLAKE Howard A Month in the Country; Violin Concerto 'The Leeds'; Sinfonietta for 10 brass instruments Mar-99
BLAKE Howard Flash Gordon (also includes music from Amityville 3D) July-00
BLAKE Howard The Duelists Mar-98
BLANCHARD Terence Eve's Bayou July-98
Blanchard Terence Inside Man Jun-06
Blanchard Terence She Hate Me Sep-04
BLISS Sir Arthur The Film Music of Sir Arthur Bliss May-01
BLUMENTHAL Philippe General Sutter Feb-00
BOARDMAN Chris Payback Apr-99
BØHREN Geir & Bent ÅSERUD Sista Kontraktet (The Last Contract) Jan-99
BOLLING Claude Borsalino July-98
BOLLING Claude Compilation:Claude Bolling: Borsalino; Borsalino & Co.; Doucement les basses!; Flic Story Jun-02
Book Review GOLDMAN William: Adventures in the Screen Trade Sep-02
Book Review Gomery, Douglas: The Hollywood Studio System - A History Nov-05
Book Review Jan G. Swynnoe: The Best Years of British Film Music 1936 – 1958; The Boydell Press; £40 243 pages ISBN 0-85115-862-5 Jul-02
Book Review John Walker, Halliwell’s Top 1,000: The Ultimate Countdown Dec-06
Book Review Film Music by Paul Tonks Oct-01
Book Review Knowing The Score by David Morgan July-01
BOOK Review Sibley Brian: The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy Jan-03
Book review The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (with illustrations by Alan Lee) Dec-02
Book Review The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Visual Companion Jan-03
Book Review: Halliwell Halliwells Film & Video Guide 200 edited by John Walker Dec-01
Book Review Halliwell's Film and Video Guide 2006 edited by John Walker Jun-06
Book Review: Mark Russell & James Young Film Music Jan-01
Book Review: Radio Times Guide to Films Dec-00
Book Review: Which Lie Did I Tell by William Goldman Apr-02
Book reviews The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring : The Official Movie Guide (Brian Sibley);The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring – Visual Companion (Jude Fisher) Jan-02
Book Review William Alwyn: The Art of Film Music (Johnston Ian) Jun-06
BOSWELL Simon A Midsummer Night's Dream Nov-99
BOURGAULT-DUCOUDRAY Louis-Albert (1840-1910) Cambodian Rhapsody;Ernest FANELLI (1860-1917): Symphonic Pictures: 'The Romance of the Mummy' Nov-02
BOZZO Ezio Un amore Feb-00
Bradley Cliff Undead Fall [1] 2005
BRAMSON Steve JAG Dec-02
Bricusse Leslie, John Williams Goodbye, Mr. Chips Jun-06
BRION John Magnolia June-00
Britten Benjamin; Roberto Gerhard; Elisabeth Lutyens; Richard Rodney Bennett Love From A Stranger: This Sporting Life; The Skull; The Return Of The Soldier; Four British Film Scores Apr-04
Britten, Benjamin ; Roberto Gerhard; Elisabeth Lutyens; Richard Rodney Bennett Love From A Stranger: May-04
BRITTEN Benjamin The Turn of the Screw (1954) Spring 2005
Broadway Cast Thoroughly Modern Milly Aug-02
BRONISLAU Kaper Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) Spring 2005
BROOK Michael Affliction Feb-00
Brooks, Mel Recording The Producers - A Musical Romp with Mel Brooks Dec-04
BROUGHTON Bruce The Rescuers Down Under Aug-02
BROUGHTON Bruce Honey, I Blew Up The Kid June-00
BROUGHTON Bruce Lost In Space Apr-99
BROUGHTON Bruce Lost In Space Aug-98
BROUGHTON Bruce The Lighter Side Nov-99
BROUGHTON Bruce The Master of Ballantrae Jan-99
Broughton Bruce, Laurence Rosenthal, Jeff Alexander and Jerrold Immel Logan's Run (TV series) Apr-04
BROWN Nacio Herb and Arthur FREED Singin' in the Rain Jan-03
BT (Brian Transeau) Monster Jan-04
BUCKLEY Richie The General Mar-99
BUCKMASTER Paul Most Wanted May-98
BUDD Roy Get Carter; Fear is the Key; Diamonds; The Black Windmill; Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger ;Paper Tiger Mar-99
BUDD Roy The Stone Killer;The Marseille Contract; The Wild Geese; Kidnapped; Flight of the Doves Aug-99
BUONVINO Paolo Come Te Nessuno Mai Oct-99
BUONVINO Paolo Ecco Fatto Feb-99
BURGON Geoffrey Brideshead Revisited: The Television Scoresof Geoffrey Burgon Aug-00
Burgon, Geoffrey Compilation: The Chronicles of Narnia Nov-05
BURGON Geoffrey Robin Hood Mar-98
BURGON Geoffrey Television Scores: Cider with Rosie; When Trumpets Fade; Silent Witness; Turning World Feb-99
BURGON Geoffrey The Forsyte Saga: Music from the Television Series Nov-02
BURWELL Carter Simone Oct-02
BURWELL Carter A Knight's Tale Aug-01
BURWELL Carter Gods and Monsters Apr-99
BURWELL Carter The Corruptor May-99
BURWELL Carter The General's Daughter Sept-99
BURWELL Carter The Man Who Wasn’t There Dec-01

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