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Collection: Leonard BERNSTEIN
Bernstein Tribute

music by, plus Anthony Dilorenzo & Charles Pillow
Proteus 7
Dorian xCD-90278 * [65:57]
Fancy Free suite, West Side Story suite, Mass (six selections), Divertimento for Orchestra, Wrong Note Rag (Bernstein,) Mostly Influential (Dilorenzo) Suite from West Side Story (Pillow)
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Collection: Leonard BERNSTEIN, George GERSHWIN, Duke ELLINGTON
On the Town
Center City Brass Quintet
Chandos CHAN 4554 * [66:55]
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Bernstein Suites: On the Town & West Side Story, Gershwin: Porgy and Bess. Ellington: 'Caravan', Chelsea Bridge (melody by Billy Strayhorn), 'Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me'.

How composed can music be and still be considered jazz? While you consider than philosophical conundrum let me introduce the first guests tonight. Step up the Proteus 7, an ensemble comprising two trumpeters, two trombonists, tuba, woodwinds and percussion. Their tribute to Bernstein, that's Leonard, not Elmer, comprises seven works, five by the man himself, and two homages by members of the band. The arrangements are mostly by F. Reza Zweifel, Proteus 7's percussionist, and the selections are particularly dance orientated.

What is immediately striking is that while the playing is tight, the music has a loose feel, perhaps not being quite as punchy as one might like. Nevertheless, the opener, three dances from Fancy Free has an appropriately carnival atmosphere and the reduced orchestration allows the writing to shine. Of course Fancy Free inspired the musical On the Town, which by accident or design is the title of a new release on Chandos which I shall come to presently.

A suite from West Side Story features 'Prologue/Jet Song', 'Somewhere', 'Tonight', 'Maria' and 'Mambo' and with repeated plays it has grown on me. Once you get over missing the vocals the music works well, and seems, particularly in the precise percussion and rhythmic interplay of the prologue to have a greater focus than the Fancy Free suite. Complementing this is Suite from West Side Story by woodwind player Charles Pillow. Bravely he mixes Bernstein with his own material and comes away after 6 minutes without egg on his face.

Bernstein's Mass (1971) caused controversy the first time round for the inclusion of electric guitar, so why not arrange it again for jazz brass ensemble? If at first it seems less successful than the theatrically derived material it may be that the changes wrought are more fundamental, that the material has travelled further. Still, taken on it's own terms there is still much to enjoy, though one should probably look at the six selections as a new work and take them on their own terms. At this level the folk-like 'Simple Song' as particularly successful. There is no striving for effect. Just a good tune, very well played.

Mostly Influential is by trumpeter Anthony DiLorenzo and offers three short fantasies, sketches of an imaginary late-night poker game between Bernstein, Prokofiev and Einstein. 'Ante Up' is Prokofiev, '3am Blues' strives for classic early morning New York melancholy, and hits the spot with some mournfully interwoven trumpet lines before perking up into something rather more optimistic and energetic. 'Ace's High' is Bernstein, all bright and freshly polished with All-American spirit.

It's a nice, undemanding album and would make a fine addition to the library of the Bernstein collector who has everything, or that of simply anyone who appreciates the composer at his jazziest. The 24bit recording has great clarity and dynamic range.

I saved Anthony DiLorenezo's piece till last when discussing the Proteus 7 album, because he is back again as one of two trumpeters, opening the second album under consideration with his own arrangement of a suite from On the Town. This is a programme by the Center City Brass Quintet, which like Proteus 7 appears to be based in Cleveland, Ohio. Again it is a 24bit recording, and perhaps because it was recorded in a church acoustic has a rather softer, more glowing ambience which, against what one might imagine, suits the music well. Here the arrangements have a definitely more composed feel, resulting in an album that all-round will have greater appeal to UK classical listeners who happen to like some jazz-flavourings on the side.

There are fewer works given more extensive readings. DiLorenzo's On the Town suite is a premiere in this version, while Jack Gale's elegant suites from West Side Story and Gershwin's Porgy and Bess have rarely been recorded. 'Summertime' in particular is given a 'big' voice which belies the fact that there are only five players: twin trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba. The arrangements are exquisitely polished and the playing blends so tightly, 'sings' so persuasively in the voices of the different instruments, that the music comes alive in an entirely fresh way. The three tunes by 'Duke' Ellingon end the album, idiosyncratic and quixotic as ever, whatever genre one chooses to assign them, they simply make cracking music.

Inevitably the two albums have much in common, though the lack of percussion and woodwind on the Center City Brass Quintet set somehow forges a greater cohesion. The sound may be more limited, but the playing embraces the listener more than Proteus 7. Both discs are worth acquiring, but if it has to be just one I would without a moment's hesitation opt for a night On the Town.

Bernstein Tribute ; On the Town


Gary S. Dalkin


Gary S. Dalkin Bernstein Tribute ;
On the Town

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