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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron  
  A&M RECORDS 493 362-2   [(63:01]
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spirit stallion of the cimarron

As I'm not particularly a fan of the music of Bryan Adams I have to say that his work here is a good deal better than I might have anticipated, allowing for the fact that it never really rises above the level of being merely agreeable. Hans Zimmer's music on the other hand is very much what we have come to expect from him, although it's several notches down from the best of his animated scores such as The Lion King (1994) and Prince of Egypt (1998). Pieces such as 'Run Free' and 'Homeland (Main Title)' have the required verve and dramatic power to evoke an emotional response and there is no questioning Zimmer's aptitude for creating strong, dynamic music, while acknowledging that as a composer he is still suffering from a case of Gladiatoritis, his style and sound now so well established in our consciousness' that his music has become almost too familiar. But then this is something every composer of note has to live with to some extent. Still, whether you are a Bryan Adams fan or a Hans Zimmer aficionado, there is plenty to enjoy here and the music certainly has a real sense of life and vitality. In the end, hard not to like.

Mark Hockley


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