January 2000 Film Music CD Reviews

Film Music Editor: Ian Lace
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Collection: Great ComposersELMER BERNSTEIN VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6077 [59:06]

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The Magnificent Seven

The Shootist

The Comancheros

True Grit

Wild Wild West

To Kill A Mockingbird

My Left Foot

Frankie Starlight

The Age of Innocence

Lost in Yonkers

A Rage in Harlem

The Grifters

The Black Cauldron

The Great Escape


The Ten Commandments

Following on from their JohnWilliams collection, Varèse Sarabande now present this second compilation in their ‘Great Composers’ series. All the sixteen tracks are taken from previously issued Varèse albums, some of which have been reviewed on this site over the last eighteen months. The rousing opening track The Magnificent Seven played by the RSNO conducted by Joel McNeely sounds magnificent as does the popular The Great Escape theme from the same artists. This attractive package comprises a fair representation of the music of this great master of the genre including fine sweeping western themes (mostly for films starring John Wayne) like the superb theme for The Comancheros and the oddity of the western genre, this year’s Wild Wild West. The highlight for me is Bernstein’s inspired music for To Kill a Mocking Bird that captures the essence of childhood. Two more valuable scores inspired by Bernstein’s own childhood are included Lost in Yonkers and A Rage in Harlem. The diamond hard and gritty The Grifters score contrasts with the tenderness of My Left Foot and the whole is rounded off with the majesty of The Ten Commandments.


Ian Lace


Ian Lace

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