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Elmer BERNSTEIN Midas Run & The House   Henry MANCINI The Night Visitor  music conducted by the composers Citadel STC 77105 [Midas Run: 24:43 * The House:11:55 * The Night Visitor: 18:08 * Total 54:48] [GD]

Les BAXTER Black Sunday/Baron Blood   OST Citadel STC 77110 [59:48] [KA]


Thomas DE HARTMANN & Laurence ROSENTHAL  Meetings with Remarkable Men   National Philharmonic and Ambrosian Singers of London conducted by Laurence Rosenthal - choral music and music for bells by Alain KREMSKI Citadel STC 77123 [43:21] [GD]

Daniel LICHT Woman Undone and Zooman   OSTs CITADEL STC 77106 [62:11] [GD]

Mark MOTHERSBAUGH The Big Squeeze   OSTs CITADEL STC 77109 [52:15] [KA]

Galaxy Quest

David NEWMAN Galaxy Quest   pre-release promo with no production credits * [49:52] [GD]

Murray GOLD Vanity Fair    conducted by James Keane BBC WMSF6004-2 [55:31] [GD]

Ty UNWIN Vets in the Wild    produced by the composer BBC WMSF 6018-2 [64:40] [GD]

Nicholas HOOPER  Land of the Tiger   BBC Television Series BBC WMSF 6005-2 [55:22] [JW]  [KA]

Michal PAVLICEK The Scarlet Pimpernel Music from the BBC TV movies   arranged by the composer, orchestrated by V.D. Bauer, A. Klemens, J. Jirasek, conducted by Mario and Adam Klemens BBC WMSF 6002-2 [69:46] [GS]

Peter SALEM Great Expectations    BBC Television Series BBC WMSF6012-2 [51:12] [KA]

Geoffrey BURGON Terror of the Zygons    Also featuring The Seeds of Doom and the Dr Who main and end title music by Ron Grainer. Compiled, produced and remastered by Mark Ayres BBC WMSF 6020-2 [78:25] [GD] [KA]

Matthew SCOTT and source music The Mrs Bradley Mysteries   BBC Music WMSF 6021-2 [78:12] [IL]

Collection: Themes from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER   VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6095 [53:45] [IL]

Collection: Swingers Too - more music from and inspired by the hit motion picture Swingers    Hollywood/edel 0122352HWR [33:03] [Z]

Curio Corner

Collection: ENGLISH STRING MUSIC by John RUTTER; Frank CORDELL; George MELACHRINO Roy DOUGLAS; Cecil ARMSTRONG GIBBS; David LYON; Charles Wilfrid ORR; Peter DODD; and Philip LANE   Royal Ballet Sinfonia conducted by David Lloyd-Jones Naxos 8.554186 [IL]

Feature: If Only They Had Written for Films

Kurt ATTERBERG Symphony No. 3 in D Major ("West Coast Pictures")  Recording also includes Atterberg's Concerto for Horn and Orchestra The Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sixten Ehrling CAPRICE CAP 21364 [53:17] [IL]
CD and Book Review

Billy MAYERL (1902-1959)   Light Music for Piano and Orchestra including:- Marigold; Four Aces Suite; Aquarium Suite; Bats in the Belfry Fireside Fusiliers; Busybody; and Pastoral Sketches. Andrew Ball (piano) Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gary Carpenter MARCO POLO 8.223514 [73:52] [IL]

MARIGOLD - The Music of Billy Mayerl By Peter Dickinson Hardback, 320 pages (with Free CD). Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-816213-8 £29:95 [IL]

'Tis by Frank McCourt   (The Sequel to Angela's Ashes) Hardback, 388 pages. Flamingo, an imprint of HarperCollins ISBN 0-00-257080-7 [IL]

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