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Friday December 23rd

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Concert Artist Hyperion MSR  Toccata


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Franz LISZT The Complete Works Inspired by Bach: Joyce Hatto
Franz LISZT The Études - Vols.1 & 2: Joyce Hatto

New from Avie here

Rafal Blechacz, 20, has become the first Pole in 30 years to win the Chopin International Piano Competition. You can buy his disc here for £10.50 postage paid
Schumann Sonata in G minor Liszt Concert Studies Debussy Suite Bergamasque Chopin Polonaise in A flat major Op.53 Review Selling like hot cakes!


Michael Balfe (1808-1870) The Maid of Artois A light romantic opera in 3 Acts, with ballet based on a Manon Lescaut plot Victorian Opera Northwest conducted by Philip Mackenzie CAMEO 2042/3 2CD set with libretto and essays £26 post free
This opera was premièred in London as the second of Balfe’s early English opera successes.
With melodious music and reconstructed score, this is only the second Balfe opera to appear in the CD catalogue.
The quality of Balfe’s music was known to Beecham who turned to his ‘Bohemian Girl’ to represent British operatic interests for the Festival of Britain in 1951. Purchase Review

LPs being offered for sale on Ebay. This list will be updated as often as possible. (suspended until after Christmas)

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165 Reviews for this month

Detailed listing (last two days)]

Cumulative monthly list
(listed by composer)

 [Part 2 A-B] [Part 3 C-L]
[Part 4 M-R]  [Part 5 S-Z]
[Part 6 Misc A-L]  [Part 7 Misc M-Z]



MICHAEL NYMAN talks to John Leeman about his opera Man and Boy: Dada

Domenico SCARLATTI (1685-1757) This set is a pinnacle in the history of recorded music The Complete Keyboard Sonatas Scott Ross (harpsichord)[PCW] Ongoing Review Review updated 18 December 2005


THE PENGUIN GUIDE TO COMPACT DISCS & DVDs 2005/6 Edition: The Key Classical recordings on CD, DVD and SACD Reviews by: Ivan March; Edward Greenfield; Robert Layton Edited by Ivan March Assistant Editor: Paul Czajkowski Paperback 1520 pp. ISBN 0-141-02262-0

Beethoven: The Universal Composer by Edmund Morris. [In the series Eminent Lives] Harper Collins Publishers, New York. 2005. 5-1/2" x 7-3/8." 243 pages, including glossary of musical terms. No index. 1 B&W illustration. US$21.95.ISBN 13978-0-06-075974-2 and ISBN 10 0-06-07594-7.

The Cambridge Companion to Grand Opera David Charlton (editor) Published 2003 Cambridge University Press, 496 pages ISBN 0-521064683-9

The Cambridge Companion to the Concerto, Has the potential to be informative in the right hands ... serves as the springboard for further reading on this absorbing musical genre. edited by Simon P. Keefe Pub: Cambridge University Press, 2005 (1st ed.) 309 pp. Paperback: ISBN 052154257X £17.99 Hardback: ISBN 052183483X £45.00 [ED]



MICHAEL NYMAN talks to John Leeman about his opera Man and Boy: Dada

WEBLOG- Robert Hugill

Adrian Smith: 1931-2005 Contributions from John Quinn Paul Serotsky Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE Arthur Butterworth MBE Matthew Curtis Keith Llewellyn Elaine Carter Stuart Marsden Marilyn and Dick Myers David Golightly Maggie Cotton
MAURICE JACOBSON (1896-1976) by Michael and Julian Jacobson
MusicWeb Reviewer’s Log:
December 2005
Reviewer: Patrick C Waller


Fuller details and yesterday's reviews are available here

Recent book reviews may be seen at the head of the list here

The Cambridge Companion to Handel This book is ideal for the reader or listener who wants to explore current Handelian scholarship in some detail and who wants to get to grips with Handel’s times and music Edited by Donald Burrows. [JF]

Eric Charles Blake I recommend this volume without hesitation to anyone wanting to get a wider picture of the times. There is much to interest and indeed entertainment Wars, Dictators and the Gramophone 1898-1945 pp320; illustrated; laminated cover.published by Sessions of York, Huntingdon Rd, York YO31 9HS, England Buy from MusicWeb £10 plus postage - immediate delivery

Specialist Music Books for sale

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"Now they have hooked 24-year-old Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel, probably the hottest name among the youngest generation of conductors" : Göran Forsling on the Gävle Symphony Orchestra.

The thirty-nine operas of Gioachino ROSSINI (1792-1868) A conspectus of their composition and recordings Robert Farr

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The Boston Globe on Joyce Hatto

The Music Show - ABC Fascinating variety of transcripts

How to enjoy a live Concert by John Steinmetz


Whose music is it anyway? Norman Lebrecht
This might spell the end to cheap historical re-issues.

Kirkville Musings, Opinion and Miscellanea
by our own Kirk McElhearn

Only a Website by Peter Grahame Woolf - reflections on prejudice and discrimination against websites

Opera Glass Detailed opera information

I thought MusicWeb was a labour of love but look at this one: a listing of available web-broadcasts by Eric Nagamine

Recovering ancient recordings - BBC

Pronouncing dictionary of music and musicians

World Wide Words - did you ever wonder what Big Girl's Blouse meant?

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The Daily Hoffnung Cartoon

 The Hoffnung little books
The Maestro, Symphony Orchestra, Music Festival,Companion to Music, Musical Chairs, Acoustics

Get SIX for the price of FIVE
£42 incl P&P

NEW Happy Hamper, Little Ones, Postcards, Autobiography, Birds, Bees and Storks

Recording of the Hoffnung Music Festivals: CDs
The Hoffnung Music Festival Concert 1956,The Hoffnung Interplanetary Music Festival 1958,The Hoffnung Astronautical Music Festival 1961

A Last Encore Now on CD £12.50 UK ONLY post-free; £14 post free world-wide
BBC recordings of Speech Day, Oxford Union, December 1958 "Life begins at 38" with the famous Bricklayer story and the hotelier offering French widows in every bedroom.
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