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Chapter 1

Family Ramifications

Chapter 2

Childhood Days

Chapter 3

Prep School and Gilbert and Sullivan

Chapter 4

Mill Hill

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Great Chesterford and the Law

Chapter 7

Death of my mother and father

Chapter 8

Back to Mill Hill

Chapter 9

Vaughan Williams and my first opera Naaman, The Leprosy Of War.

Chapter 10

Douglas Lilburn and my second opera, The Return Of Odysseus

Chapter 11

H.M.S. Welshman, Schoolie and the Admiralty

Chapter 12

Geoffrey Corbett and my third opera - The Partisans.

Chapter 13

My fourth opera Avon, or The Household Musician

Chapter 14

Antony Benskin and my school opera, The Horses of the Dawn, my fifth opera

Chapter 15

The London-Cornish, Harry Powell Lloyd and my sixth opera, The Tinners of Cornwall

Chapter 16

Various Forms of Love

Chapter 17

Dofferty and my seventh opera, The Logan Rock

Chapter 18

The Discovery of Mediaeval Opera and the Formation of the Sacred Music Drama Society

Chapter 19

Helen Herklots, Pamela Lewis, Lawrence Richard and my eighth opera, The Three Wise Men

Chapter 20

Peter Kennedy and my Canow Kernow, Songs and Dances from Cornwall and my work on Cornish Carols

Chapter 21

Vaughan Williams and my ninth opera The Prince of Coxcombs

Chapter 22

Rutland and Kathleen Boughton, William and George Lloyd

Chapter 23

William Lewarne Harris and my tenth opera The Prisoner Paul

Chapter 24

Brian Davis and the Harp

Chapter 25

Peggy and my one oratorio - The Daytime of Christ

Chapter 26

Trylewyth, Sennen Cove

Chapter 27

William Lewarne Harris and my eleventh opera A Will of Her Own

Chapter 28

Virginia and my twelfth opera The Rubicon

Chapter 29

My younger daughter Penny and my thirteenth opera Lindisfarne

Chapter 30

My elder daughter Suzie and my 14th opera Claudia’s Dream

Chapter 31

My Life as a Lecturer

Chapter 32

My Lovely Darling and my fifteenth opera - my masterpiece - Galileo

Chapter 33

My 90th Birthday Concert at St John’s Smith Square, 7th May 1995

Chapter 34

Project for Another Concert to Celebrate my 95th or 100th Year

Chapter 35

Epilogue for The Welshman
 List of Compositions
 Article by Peter Crossley-Holland
 List of Writings




The Good friend whom as yet
I have not met
Nor shall I while
He lingers on his sceptred isle,
Where the corncrake can still be heard,
And rare wild flowers have appeared.
As denizen of the outer islands, he
Stands watch over the Minch and over the wild
gleaming, stormy Atlantic sea.


I feel that poetry is not enough to express what I owe to Rob Barnett in the production of this work. His word-processed drafts were the only print that I could read with my defective sight. He helped me get the book together for several years unrewarded; especially with the photographs which have contributed so much to the interest of this book. I feel I cannot say enough to thank him for all he has done.

I must also thank my dear wife, Peggy, for all she has done to help pull the book together. She has spent a considerable amount of time getting the photographs together. She has made many suggestions for improving the text and has helped me considerably with her criticism. She has made me feel that I owe a great debt to her for the help she has given me. I.G.

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