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June 2005

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230 reviews for June

Cumulative monthly list
(listed by composer)

 [Part 2 A-B] [Part 3 C-L]
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Christopher Fifield - Ibbs and Tillett: The Rise and Fall of a Musical Empire. Just published by Ashgate. 692 pages, 78 b/w illustrations. Hardback for only £29.95 post-free in the UK[review Rob Barnett] [review Jon Woolf]



Arts in Residence Programme 2004-5

Visit the HOFFNUNG EXHIBITION at the Frome Festival - July 1-10 2005

ADVANCE NOTICE MALCOLM ARNOLD FESTIVAL 2006 to coincide with Sir Malcolm's 85th Birthday

Recent book reviews may be seen at the head of the list here

ELGAR - Child Of Dreams Moore has made a compelling argument for a predominantly pastoral view of Elgar and I feel that he has succeeded. Jerrold Northrop Moore Faber and Faber Limited, London 2004 hardback ISBN 0-571-22337-0

IBBS AND TILLETT: The Rise and Fall of a Musical Empire by Christopher Fifield April 2005 244 x 172 mm Includes 78 b&w illustrations 724 pages Hardback Ashgate Publishing Limited 1 84014 290 1 £29.95 post free through MusicWeb

This is great big palatial book; that's the first impression and the impression stays. Its splendour is its detail and its finish and it is very readable - packed with good stories but with a fascinating narrative sweep across the decades. ... see Full Review

London - A Musical Gazetteer by Lewis Foreman and Susan Foreman Illustrations: 100 illustrations Number of Pages: 352 Paperback ISBN 0 300 10402 2 PRICE: £15.99 PUB DATE: 31 Mar 2005 [RB]

Indispensable to a world of lovers and addicts of London as well as to those researching classical musical subjects of one sort or another. ... see Full Review


Eric Charles Blake I recommend this volume without hesitation to anyone wanting to get a wider picture of the times. There is much to interest and indeed entertainment Wars, Dictators and the Gramophone 1898-1945 pp320; illustrated; laminated cover.published by Sessions of York, Huntingdon Rd, York YO31 9HS, England Buy from MusicWeb £10 plus postage - immediate delivery

LONDON – a Musical Gazetteer By Lewis and Susan Foreman .....must find itself a place on music-lovers’ shelves beside the British Music Yearbook and is excellent value for the quite modest price. Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2005 ISBN 0-300-10402-2 (chalk.paper) 384 pp 107 b/w illus large format paperback ISBN 0 300 10402 2 £15:99.

The Singer's Ego This is a book that should sit well used on the shelves of all singers, aspiring singers and teachers. It won’t take you long to read it, and it is well worth an annual re-read. Recommended highly Finding Balance between Music and Life By: Lynn Eustis

THE MAHLER SYMPHONIES - An Owner's Manual All in all, this is the ideal book for a would-be Mahlerite, or for evangelical Mahlerites to give to others who they would like to convert by David Hurwitz

Specialist Music Books for sale

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New ARTICLES for this month

SYMPHONY IN D, OPUS 32 BY DONALD FRANCIS TOVEY: A Record Producer’s Diary By Peter Shore

A REVIEWER’S LOG – June 2005 - John Quinn


JOHN WOOLDRIDGE by Hugh Wooldridge

Respighi’s Marie Victoire edited by Ian Lace
HELENA KEAN and the Songs of RESPIGHI by Ian Lace

Carole Farley – singer and champion of repertoire. Interviewed by Anne Ozorio


George ENESCU: a fiftieth anniversary commemoration through recordings
Part I: Enescu the composer - Evan Dickerson

MusicWeb Reviewer’s Log: May 2005 Reviewer: Patrick C Waller

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies recently commented that there was a real danger that Classical Music might soon die out altogether. Arthur Butterworth responds

Three emigrés: Gál, Gerhard and Goldschmidt by Guy Rickards 2005 Update

Marc Bridle reports on the forthcoming Proms Festival

Vernon Handley records BAX tone poems and Sinfonietta Lewis Foreman

Elsewhere on MusicWeb
There is more to MusicWeb than just CD reviews - see site map

'How do we compare honest chalk with good ripe Stilton exactly?' - BBC Cardiff Singer Of The World

KENNETH V. JONES by Helen Davis

Murray McLachlan reflects on the fruits of a private pilgrimage in the life and music of JOHN WILLIAMSON

'Its trickery is to seduce the eyes rather than the ears; in that sense, 1984 fails lamentably as opera.' Marc Bridle reviews the world premiere of Lorin Maazel's new opera at Covent Garden.

MusicWeb Reviewer's Log: March 2005 Reviewer: Patrick C Waller

Cyril Scott as Composer-Pianist and Author, with some Recent Perspectives by Leslie De'Ath (Word file)

Naxos at 18!

What They Say about MusicWeb

On the Humanity of Music and Musicians: the new unacknowledged legislators by Marc Bridle

'Crisis' in Contemporary Music? What Crisis? THE HEART OF THE MATTER by David F Golightly

SACD, DSD, DTS, AC3, DVD-Audio, SuperAudio confused? Let Paul Shoemaker put you right

Books on Music for sale - a continually growing list

Have you seen?


Whose music is it anyway? Norman Lebrecht
This might spell the end to cheap historical re-issues.

Kirkville Musings, Opinion and Miscellanea
by our own Kirk McElhearn

Only a Website by Peter Grahame Woolf - reflections on prejudice and discrimination against websites

Opera Glass Detailed opera information

I thought MusicWeb was a labour of love but look at this one: a listing of available web-broadcasts by Eric Nagamine

Recovering ancient recordings - BBC

Pronouncing dictionary of music and musicians

World Wide Words - did you ever wonder what Big Girl's Blouse meant?

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The Daily Hoffnung Cartoon

 The Hoffnung little books
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NEW Happy Hamper, Little Ones, Postcards, Autobiography, Birds, Bees and Storks

Recording of the Hoffnung Music Festivals: CDs
The Hoffnung Music Festival Concert 1956,The Hoffnung Interplanetary Music Festival 1958,The Hoffnung Astronautical Music Festival 1961

A Last Encore Now on CD £12.50 UK ONLY post-free; £14 post free world-wide
BBC recordings of Speech Day, Oxford Union, December 1958 "Life begins at 38" with the famous Bricklayer story and the hotelier offering French widows in every bedroom.
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