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March 2002 CD REVIEWS Founder Len Mullenger

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Editor's Choice

Compilation: Nino ROTA film music: War and Peace, Waterloo, The Road and The Leopard ;   Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gianluigi Gelmetti   EMI CDE 5 74987 2 [59:12] ; ****(*) (IL) ; *** (MH)

Editor's Choice New score

James HORNER: Iris ;   Music from the motion picture conducted by the composer with Joshua Bell (vioilin)   SONY SK 89806 [49:56] ; ****(*) (IL) ;***** (GSD)

Editor's Recommendation

Compilation: : Hammer The Studio that Dripped Blood! ;   James BERNARD, Mario NASCIMBENE, Carlo MARTELLI, Humphrey SEARLE, Christopher GUNNING, David WHITAKER, Benjamin FRANKEL Hammer   SILVA SCREEN RECORDS FILMXCD 357 2 CD SET [68:01, 68:46] ; ****(*) (MH)


Compilation: Previn conducts Korngold: Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD Music from The Sea Hawk; The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex; Captain Blood; The Prince and the Pauper ;   London Symphony Orchestra conducted by André Previn   DG 471 347-2 [67:17] ; ***(*) (IL)


James HORNER : A Beautiful Mind ;   OST featuring Charlotte Church (soprano)   DECCA 016 191-2 [71:07] ; *** (IL)

David NEWMAN: The Affair of the Necklace ;   OST  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6318 [41:09] ; *** (IL)

Thomas NEWMAN : In the Bedroom ;   OST  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6319 [30:40] ; *** (MH)

Stephen WARBECK: Charlotte Gray ;   OST  SONY SK89829 [49:34] ; **(*) Mark Hockley

John POWELL: I Am Sam ;   OST Steve Erdody (cello), Ukes and guitars (George Doering and Heitor Pereira)   VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6317 [40:58] ; ***(*) (IL)

Ed SHEARMUR: The Count of Monte Cristo ;   OST  BMG RCA Victor 09026 63865 2 [53:00] ; ***(*) (MH); ***(*) (GSD)

Mark MANCINA: Domestic Disturbance ;   OST   VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6313 [29:14] ; ** (GSD)

Richard ROBBINS and Zakir HUSSAIN: The Mystic Masseur ;   OST conducted by Benjamin Simon * Zakir Hussain: percussion * Liam Teague: steel pan * Kai Eckhardt: bass guitar * Karl Perazzo: percussion * George Brooks: saxophones * Aashish Khan: sarod * songs: "Jean and Dinah" by The Might Sparrow, "Never Ever Worry" by Lord Pretender & "Scandal in the Family" by Maya Angelou   Milan 91976 [54:47] ; *** (GSD)

Wendy CARLOS: Tron ;   The London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Douglas Gamley OST   WALT DISNEY RECORDS 60748-7 [58:59] ; **(*) (JW)

Compilation: Various: Way Out West - The Essential Western Film Music Collection 2 ;   The City of Prague Philharmonic and Crouch End Festival Chorus conducted by Nic Raineexcept track three, disc one The Philharmonia Orchestra * nine tracks conducted variously by Paul Bateman, Tony Bremner, Derek Wadsworth, Kenneth Alwyn * soloists: Charlotte Kinder (soprano), Jason Howard (baritone), Keith Ferreira (baritone), Steve Lockwood (harmonica), Gareth Williams (additional keyboards, percussion and sound effects), Nick Watson (guitars and banjo) * Dolby Surround and HDCD encoding   Silva Screen FILMXCD 356 [Total: 140:08 * Disc One: 72:16 * Disc Two: 67:52] ; **** (GSD)

Various:: Resurrection Boulevard ;   OST  BMG 74321 88805-2 [58:12] ; ** (JC)

Compilation:: Movie Adagios: Classical Music from the Movies ;   Various compositions and artists.  DECCA 2CDs 468 506 2 [155:22] ; [no rating] (LC)

Franz WAXMAN: Demetrius and the Gladiators ;   OST  FILM SCORE MONTHLY Vol 4 No. 19 ; ***(*) (MH)

David SHIRE: Farewell My Lovely (1) and Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear (2) ;   OSTs  FILM SCORE MONTHLY Vol 4 No. 20 [74:37] ; *****(1) ; ***(2); (GSD)

DVD Reviews

Film: Dirty Harry with music by Lalo SCHIFRIN ;   Starring Clint Eastwood and directed by Don Siegel   WARNER DVD Video Z1 21516 [99mins approx.] ; Film: *****; DVD feaures ***; (IL)

Film: The Caine Mutiny with music by Max STEINER ;   Starring: Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, Tom Tully and E.G. Marshall. From the novel by Herman Wouk. Directed by Edward Dmytryk. Produced by Stanley Kramer.   [120 mins] ; **** (IL)

Curio Corner

Collection:: BROADWAY THROUGH THE GRAMOPHONE (1844-1929): New York in European Footsteps (4 volumes) ;   Various singers, choruses and orchestras of the Victor, Columbia and Brunswick record companies   Volume 1 1844-1909 PEARL: GMS 0082 Mono ADD [CD1 78.16, CD2 75.51]; Volume 2 1909-1914 PEARL: GMS 0083 Mono ADD [Vol 2: CD1 75.57, CD2 78.01] ; [no rating] (RW)

Collection: BROADWAY THROUGH THE GRAMOPHONE (1844-1930): New York in European Footsteps (4 volumes) ;   Various singers and orchestras of the Victor, Columbia and Vocalion record companies   Volume 3 1914-1920 PEARL: GMS 0084 Mono ADD [CD1 72.19, CD2 72.23]; Volume 4 1920-1929 PEARL: GMS 0085Mono ADD [CD1 74.24, CD2 73.50] ; rating}[no rating] (RW)

John WILLIAMS: Call of the Champions; American Journey etc. ;   Commissioned and concert works conducted by the composer, featuring primarily the Utah Symphony and The Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles   SONY 364 [60:50] ; **** (JH) ; ***(*) (IL)

Reynaldo HAHN (1875-1947): Violin Concerto; Piano Concerto; Suite Hongroise; ;   Denis Clavier (violin); Angéline Pondepeyre (piano); Philharmonie de Lorraine conducted by Fernand QuattrocchiRecorded in Metz, France in 1997   MAGUELONE MAG 111.106 [73:56] ; [no rating] (IL)

Audio Book Reviews

William SHAKESPEARE: Othello ;   3 CDs AUDIO BOOK NAXOS NA 320612 [3hrs 1min] ; **** (MH)

William SHAKESPEARE: Twelfth Night ;   With Stella Gonet as Viola and Gerard Murphy as Sir Toby Belch with Jonathan Keeble as Orsino, Lucy Whybrow as Olivia, David Timson as Feste, Malcolm Sinclair as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Christopher Godwin as Malvolio.   NAXOS 2 CDs NA218112 [2hrs 15 mins approx] ; ***(*) (IL)

Book Reviews

Giuseppe di Lampedusa: The Leopard ;   Translated by Archibald Colquhoun, Introduction by Raleigh Trevelyan and illustrated by John Holder in THE FOLIO SOCIETY edition.   Also in paperback, but without Trevelyanís Introduction and without illustrations: A Panther book published by the Harvill Press. 198 pages. ISBN 1-86046-145-X £6:99 ; Folio Edition *****; Paperback ****(*); (IL)

Barbara Strachey: Jouneys of Frodo - An atlas of J.R.R. Tolkienís The Lord of the Rings ;   Paperback (medium landscape format) 50 maps, 112 pages (approx);   ISBN 0-261-10267-2 £8:99 ; **** (IL)



This article, consisting of the obituary writtenfor British Music Society News and memories of Christopher Palmer by David Wishart who is far more qualified than myself to speak of Chris, is meant as a reminder of all he achieved. Both articles were written and published in 1995.

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