March 2002 Film Music CD Reviews

Film Music Editor: Ian Lace
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EDELMAN Cliff An American Rhapsody Feb-02
EDELMAN Randy The Whole Nine Yards May-00
EDELMAN Randy Black Knight Jan-02
EDELMAN Randy Shanghai Noon Aug-00
EDELMAN Randy Six Days, Seven Nights Sept-98
EIDELMAN Cliff One True Thing Nov-98
EISLER Hanns The Hollywood Songbook Feb-99
ELFMAN Danny A Civil Action Mar-99
ELFMAN Danny A Simple Plan Mar-99
ELFMAN Danny Batman. Batman Returns Jan-99
ELFMAN Danny Edward Scissorhands Mar-99
ELFMAN Danny Instinct Aug-99
ELFMAN Danny Music for a Darkened Theatre Jan-99
ELFMAN Danny Proof of Life Mar-01
ELFMAN Danny Sleepy Hollow Jan-00
ELLINGTON Duke Anatomy of a Murder Aug-99
ELLINGTON Duke On the Town: Bernstein Suites (Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington) July-00
ELLIS Don The French Connection/French Connection IIname July-01
ELOQUENCE COLLECTION American Classics(1); Movie Classics (2); Die Lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow) (3); Star Wars -The Sound of Hollywood (4);Tonight - Hits from the Musicals (5) Jan-01
ENDELMAN Stephen Jawbreaker May-99
ENDELMAN Stephen The Proposition Dec-98
EST Bevano Il Dolce Rumore Della Vita Feb-00
Fellini, Tutto CAM's Soundtrack Encyclopedia Mar-01
FENTON George A Destiny of Her Own Sept-99
FENTON George Ever After Nov-98
FENTON George Memphis Belle Sept-98
FENTON George Shanghai Vice May-99
FENTON George You’ve Got Mail May-99
FERGUSON David The View from Now: Film and TV themes. Sept-98
Film: 2002/Feb02/Nosferratu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)
Film: Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et le Bête Feb-02
FOLK Robert Nothing to Lose Dec-99
FOLK Robert Theodore Rex July-98
FOSSE Bob Sweet Charity Aug-99
FRANK David Michael A Kid in Aladdin's Palace Feb-00
FRANKE Christopher Babylon 5 - Thirdspace Mar-99
FRANKE Christopher Babylon 5 Messages from Earth Aug-98
FRANKE Christopher Babylon 5: The River of Souls Aug-99
FRANKE Christopher Episodic Babylon 5: Falling towards Apotheosis, Darkness Ascending, Sleeping in Light, Objects at Rest Apr-99
FRANKEL Benjamin Battle of the Bulge Aug-00
FRANKEL Benjamin The Man in the White Suit Mar-98
Franz WAXMAN Demetrius and the Gladiators Mar-02
FRIDAY Gavin and Maurice SEEZER The Boxer Apr-98
FRIEDHOFER Hugo Between Heaven and Hell. Soldier of Fortune Sept-01
FRIEDHOFER Hugo The Best Years of Our Lives Sept-00
FRIZZELL John 13 Ghosts Feb-02
FRIZZELL John Teaching Mrs Tingle Dec-99
GERRARD Lisa and ZIMMER Hans The Gladiator June-00
GERSHWIN George Piano Music - Remembrance and Discovery Vol. 2 (Curio Corner) May-01
GERSHWIN George & Ira Oh, Kay! May-99
GERSHWIN George & Ira Pardon My English Oct-98
GERSHWIN George & Ira Standards & Gems Oct-98
GERSHWIN George (1898-1937) DVD Concert Review: American Night July-00
GERSHWIN George An American in Paris; Concerto in F; Catfish Row Suite with scenes from Porgy and Bess; Second Rhapsody for Piano and orchestra Nov-98
GERSHWIN George By George - The Ultimate Birthday Tribute May-98
GERSHWIN George Fantasy for violin and orchestra on themes from Porgy and Bess; Three Preludes; Songs for violin and orchestra Oct-98
GERSHWIN George Gershwin plays Gershwin (original recordings 1919-1931)(Curio Corner) May-01
GERSHWIN George Girl Crazy Sept-99
GERSHWIN George On the Town: Bernstein Suites (Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington) July-00
GERSHWIN George Porgy & Bess (complete) conducted by Simon Rattle Sept-98
GERSHWIN George Porgy & Bess (Highlights) Blue Monday (original version); Aug-98
GERSHWIN George Porgy & Bess - Original CBS recording Aug-98
GERSHWIN George Rhapsody in Blue; 2nd Rhapsody; Piano Concerto in F; Sept-98
GERSHWIN George Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F; An American in Paris, Nov-98
GERSHWIN George The Authentic Gershwin Vol 4 - The Hollywood Years May-98
GERSHWIN George The Best of George Gershwin Nov-98
GERSHWIN George The Best of Gershwin. (Curio Corner) Apr-01
GERSHWIN George The Complete Orchestral Collection Sept-98
GERSHWIN George The Piano Rolls; Vol 2 Nov-98
GERSHWIN George The Ultimate GERSHWIN Jan-99
GERSHWIN George The Very Best of George Gershwin July-98
GERSHWIN George& Ira Girl Crazy June-99
GERSHWIN plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls,   Oct-98
GIACCHINO Michael Medal of Honor (Underground) Jan-01
GIACCHINO Michael Medal of Honour Feb-00
GIACCHINO Michael The Lost World - Jurassic Park Aug-98
GIBBS Richard 28 DAYS July-00
GIBBS Richard First Kid Nov-99
GILMAN Scott Seven Days Nov-99
GILMAN Scott Seven Days Jan-00
GIONG Lim Millenium Mambo Feb-02
GLASS Philip Dracula Dec-99
GLASS Philip Koyaanisqatsi Dec-98
GLASS Philip Kundun Feb-98
GLASS Philip Philip on Film: Filmworks by Philip Glass Dec-01
GLASS Philip Symphony No 2 ; Interlude from Orphee ; Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra Aug-98
GLASS Philip The Truman Show Dec-98
GLENNIE-SMITH Nick Attila May-01
GLENNIE-SMITH Nick Nick GLENNIE-SMITH. The Man in the Iron Mask Apr-98
GODI Franco VIP My Brother Superman Nov-00
GOLD Ernest Cross of Iron Dec-00
GOLD Ernest Exodus: Music from the film Jan-02
GOLD Ernest It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World July-98
GOLD Ernest Judgment at Nuremburg Dec-98
GOLD Ernest Ship of Fools Dec-00
GOLDENTHAL Elliot Batman Forever Jan-99
GOLDENTHAL Elliot Final Fantasy Aug-01
GOLDENTHAL Elliot In Dreams Apr-99
GOLDENTHAL Elliot Sphere June-98
GOLDENTHAL Elliot The Green Bird Nov-00
GOLDENTHAL Elliot Titus Oct-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies and Room 222 Sept-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry First Blood Feb-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry Take A Hard Ride May-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry 100 Rifles Apr-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry Air Force One Apr-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Along Came a Spider June-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry Baby Secret Of A Lost Legend July-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Breakout June-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry Contract on Cherry Street Nov-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry Damien Omen II the Deluxe edition Feb-02
GOLDSMITH Jerry First Blood Dec-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry Frontiers. Music for Science Fiction Films Mar-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Hollowman Oct-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry L.A. Confidential Feb-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Legend Aug-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Mulan Dec-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Patton May-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry Planet of the Apes/Escape From The Planet of the Apes, Nov-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Police Story Dec-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry Rambo - First Blood Part II June-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry Rio Lobo Aug-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry Small Soldiers Oct-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Star Trek: Insurrection Feb-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry Star Trek:The Motion Picture Mar-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Stripper; and Nick Quarry Apr-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry The 13th Warrior Oct-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Cassandra Crossing Jan-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Challenge June-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Collection; Sept-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Flint Movies In Like Flint; Our Man Flint Sept-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Haunting Sept-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Illustrated Man Dec-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Last Castle Dec-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Mephisto Waltz; The Other June-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Mummy June-99
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Omen Dec-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry The Sand Pebbles Nov-98
GOLDSMITH Jerry Tora! Tora! Tora! Sept-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry Total Recall Mar-01
GOLDSMITH Jerry Wild Rovers/The Last Run Oct-00
GOLDSMITH Jerry; David SHIRE Morituri; Raid on Entebbe Nov-01
GOLDSMITH Jonathan Such a long Journey Sept-99
GOLIJOV Osvaldo The Man Who Cried Jan-01
GOODALL Howard We are the Burning Fire: Songs from a Small Planet Sept-00
GOODWIN Ron and Sir William WALTON Battle of Britain June-99
GOODWIN Ron Where Eagles Dare June-01
GOODWIN Ron The Battle of Britain; Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines; 633 Squadron; Sept-98
GORDON Christopher On The Beach Sept-00
GOULD Morton American Ballads; Foster Gallery; American Salute Feb-01
GOULD Morton; RÓZSA, Miklós; MENOTTI, Gian Carlo; LAVRY, Marc Rózsa, Gould, Menotti, Lavry Feb-01
GRABOWSKY Paul Noah's Ark Aug-99
GRABOWSKY Paul Shiner Oct-01
GRAINER Ron The Omega Man June-00
GRAZIANO Stephen and GLENIE SMITH Nick Highlander Endgame Nov-00
GREGSON-WILLIAMS Harry and John POWELL Antz Dec-98
GREGSON-WILLIAMS Harry and POWELL John Shrek: Music from the Film; (both film & music reviewed) Jan-02
GREGSON-WILLIAMS Harry and Trevor RABIN Enemy of the State Mar-99
GREGSON-WILLIAMS Harry Spy Game Jan-02
GREGSON-WILLIAMS Harry The Tigger Movie June-00
GRIFFES Charles Tomlinson Goddess of the Moon Jan-99
GROUP Larry The Contender(1) & deterrence(2) Jan-01
GRUSIN Dave Random Hearts Jan-00
GRUSKA Jay Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman (TV Series); Aug-98
GUNNING Christopher Firelight Sept-98
GUNNING Christopher Under Suspicion; Cold Lazarus Sept-98

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