March 2002 Film Music CD Reviews

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Film Music CD Reviews
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SÉNIA Jean-Marie La Ville Des Prodiges Feb-00
SÉNIA Jean-Marie Les Moissons de l'Ocean Feb-00
SAINTON Philip Moby Dick Dec-98
SAKAMOTO Ryuichi Snake Eyes Dec-98
SALTER Hans J and SKINNER Frank Mystery and Horror July-00
SARDE Philippe Sister Mary Explains it All. Lovesick. The Manhattan Project Sept-01
SARDE Philippe Tess Mar-98
SAVALL Jordi Marquise Jan-99
SAWTEL Paul and SHEFTER Bert Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Sept-01
SCHIFRIN Lalo The Best of Mission: Impossible Oct-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Cool Hand Luke June-01
SCHIFRIN Lalo Apes TV theme Apr-01
SCHIFRIN Lalo Bullit Sept-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Bullitt Jan-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Che Hot Latin Sounds Jan-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Dirty Harry Mar-02
SCHIFRIN Lalo Dirty Harry Anthology Jan-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Film Classics: Lalo Schifrin presents 100 years of cinema Jan-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Jazz Goes To Hollywood May-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Mannix Jan-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Rollercoaster Mar-01
SCHIFRIN Lalo Rush Hour 2 Nov-01
SCHIFRIN Lalo Rush Hour Feb-99
SCHIFRIN Lalo Rush Hour Jan-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo Tango Sept-99
SCHIFRIN Lalo The Eagle Has Landed Feb-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo The Fox July-00
SCHIFRIN Lalo The Osterman Weekend Jan-00
SCHURMANN Gerard The Man in the Sky. Mar-98
SCOTT Tom Conquest for the Planet of the Apes Apr-01
SEEZER Maurice and Gavin FRIDAY The Boxer Apr-98
SEIDEL TOSCHA the RCA Victor Recordings May-99
SEKACZ Ilona Mrs Dalloway Apr-98
SEKACZ Ilona Mrs Dalloway Mar-98
SHAIMAN Marc Ghosts of Mississippi June-00
SHAIMAN Marc Patch Adams Mar-99
SHAKESPEARE William Twelfth Night Mar-02
SHEARMUR Ed The Count of Monte Cristo Mar-02
SHEARMUR Edward The Governess Nov-98
SHEARMUR Edward K-Pax Dec-01
SHEARMUR Edward The Wings of the Dove Dec-98
SHELLEY Mary Frankenstein (Audio Book Review) Nov-01
SHIRE David Farewell My Lovely and Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear Mar-02
SHIRE David Raid on Entebbe Nov-01
SHIRE David The Taking of Pelham One Two Oct-99
SHORE Howard Dogma Mar-00
SHORE Howard Ed Wood Mar-99
SHORE Howard eXistenZ June-99
SHORE Howard The Cell Dec-00
SHORE Howard The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (both film & music reviewed) Jan-02
SHORE Howard The Score Sept-01
SHORE Howard The Yards Dec-00
SHOSTAKOVICH Dmitri Romance (The Gadfly). from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
SHOSTAKOVICH Dmitri The Film Album Mar-99
Sibley Brian; Fisher Jude The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring : The Official Movie Guide (Brian Sibley);The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring – Visual Companion (Jude Fisher) Jan-02
SILOTTO Carlo Honolulu Baby Aug-01
SILVESTRI Alan Back to the Future - Trilogy Dec-99
SILVESTRI Alan Cast Away - music for the films of Robert Zemeckis Apr-01
SILVESTRI Alan Contact May-98
SILVESTRI Alan Richie July-01
SILVESTRI Alan The Mexican June-01
SILVESTRI Alan The Mummy Returns June-01
SILVESTRI Alan What Lies Beneath Oct-00
SIMON Marty Lexx Mar-01
SIMON Neil; Carolyn LEIGH and Cy COLEMAN Little Me May-99
SIMONETTI Claudio The Versace Murder June-99
SKINNER Frank and SALTER Hans J Mystery and Horror July-00
SMEATON Bruce At The Movies Feb-00
SNOW Mark Crazy in Alabama Nov-99
SNOW Mark Crazy in Alabama Mar-00
SNOW Mark THE SNOW FILES - the film Music of Mark SNOW July-99
SNOW Mark The X Files (Fight the Future) - The Movie Aug-98
SONDHEIM Stephen A Little Night Music May-99
SONDHEIM Stephen Company Apr-99
SONY MUSIC Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century Nov-99
STEIN Ronald The Haunted Palace. The Premature Burial May-01
STEINER Max /BARRY/SCOTT King Kong Suite July-98
STEINER Max Band of Angels; Death of a Scoundrel* (plus short excerpts from: Four Wives; Charge of the Light Brigade; The Searchers and A Stolen Life) Aug-00
STEINER Max Casablanca Mar-98
STEINER Max Distant Drums; South of St Louis; Cloak and Dagger; My Girl Tisa Sept-99
STEINER Max Gone With The Wind Sept-99
STEINER Max KING KONG Premier Digital Recording of the Complete 1933 Film Score Feb-98
STEINER Max Max Steiner at the Movies: - King Kong; This is Cinerama; Death of a Scoundrel Oct-99
STEINER Max She Dec-99
STEINER Max The Adventures of Don Juan. Mar-98
STEINER Max The Caine Mutiny Mar-02
STEINER Max The Flame and the Arrow and other classic film scores July-98
STEINER Max The Son of Kong; The Most Dangerous Game Apr-01
STEINER Max The Treasure of The Sierra Madre Suite; The Charge of the Light Brigade Suite Aug-98
STEINER Max The Treasure of the Sierra Dec-00
STEINER Max They Died With Their Boots On June-99
Stephen WARBECK Charlotte Gray Mar-02
STEWART David A Cookies Fortune Aug-99
STOKER Bram Dracula (Audio Book Review) Nov-01
STOLL David The Shakespeare Suite Dec-00
Strachey Barbara Jouneys of Frodo - An atlas of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings Mar-02
STRAUSS Johann (1825-1899) Die Fledermaus (DVD) May-01
STREISAND Funny Lady Oct-98
STUART Marty; WILKINSON Kristin; PAXTON Larry All the Pretty Horses Mar-01
STYNE Jule Sugar Sept-99
SubVISION; GROSS, Guy Farscape Feb-01
SYREWICZ Stanislas The Clandestine Marriage Feb-00
TAKEMITSU Film Scores: Rikyu/Jose Terres*/Black Rain*/The face of Another*/ Harakiri/Banished Orin/Kaseki (The Fossil)/Empire of Passion/Dodes'kaden/Woman in the Dunes Feb-98
TAKEMITSU Nostalgia in memory of Andrey Tarkovsky. from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
TALGORN, Frederic Heavy Metal 2000 Feb-01
TALLARICO Tommy 007 - Tomorrow Never Dies -Videogame music Feb-00
TANGO TOTAL Homage to the World’s Most Beautiful Tangos Apr-99
TAVIANI Giuliano Fuori Di Me Nov-00
THE INK SPOTS To each his own Mar-01
THOMSON Virgil Louisiana Story; The Plow that Broke the Plains May-00
TIERSEN Yan Amelie from Montmartre Nov-01
TIOMKIN Dimitri More Music from The Fall of the Roman Empire June-00
TIOMKIN Dimitri High Noon. Cyrano de Bergerac. The Alamo. 55 Days at Peking May-00
TIOMKIN Dimitri Lost Horizon. The Guns of Navarone. The Big Sky. The Fourposter. Friendly Persuasion. Search for Paradise. May-00
TIOMKIN Dimitri The Fall of the Roman Empire May-00
TIOMKIN Dimitri The Guns of Navarone. The Fall of the Roman Empire. A President's Country. Rhapsody of Steel. Wild is the Wind May-00
TIOMKIN Dimitri Lost Horizon Sept-99
TIOMKIN Dimitri The Western Film Music of Dimitri Tiomkin May-00
TIOMKIN Dimitri, WAXMAN Franz, WEBB Roy, WILLIAMS John Alfred Hitchcock: Dimitri Tiomkin: Strangers on a Train; Franz Waxman: Suspicion; Roy Webb: Notorious; John Williams: Family Plot July-00
TOLKIEN J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings: The Millenium Edition (Book Review ) June-00
TOMMASO Giovanni La Prima Volta Aug-99
TOTO Dune Feb-01
TOWNS Colin Guest House Paradiso Jan-00
TOWNS Colin The Puppet Masters Feb-00
TOWNS Colin Vampire's Kiss, Puppetmasters Sept-98
Trenet Charles La Mer Nov-01
TROOST Ernest Beat Nov-00
TROOST Ernest One Man's Hero Feb-00
TROVAIOLI Armando Il Profeta and La Matriaca Jan-02
TROVAIOLI Armando Il Vedovo (The Widow) May-01
TROVAIOLI Armando Rugantino Feb-99
TYLER Brian The 4th Floor June-00
TYNG Christopher Kazam Dec-99
TYNG Christopher The Associate Dec-99
VANGELIS Mythodea – Music for the NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey Dec-01
VARIOUS Marilyn Monroe: Diamond Collection Feb-02
VARIOUS (including Danny ELFMAN and John DEBNEY) Spy Kids June-01
Various ARTISTS The Ultimate Move Album Dec-01
Various Artists Woman on Top Oct-00
Various 102 Dalmations Jan-01
VARIOUS In Session June-01
Various Mega Movies July-00
Various Sonic Images: Prime Time Oct-00
VARIOUS Utopia Dec-01
Various: Resurrection Boulevard Mar-02
Varèse Sarabande's Great Film Composers Compilation George DELERUE July-01
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Ralph 49th parallel, Story of a Flemish farm, Coastal Command, Three Portraits from the England of Elizabeth Apr-98
VENABLE James L. Iron Monkey Jan-02
VENOSTA Giovanni Pane E Tulipani July-00
VENOSTA Giovanni Princesa May-01
Video review Shrek: Music from the Film; (both film & music reviewed) Jan-02
VLAD Alessandro and ARNALDI Tea with Mussolini Sept-99
VOLLENWEIDER Andreas Cosmopoly May-00

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