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OHSHIMA Michiru Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Aug-01
ORENSTEIN, Norman Robocop - Prime Directives Feb-01
Original Broadway Cast Recording: The Producers Aug-01
ORTOLANI Riz(2); Zigzag (1); The Biggest Bundle of Them All (2) June-01
OSBORN Jason Il Trionfo Dell'Amore (The Triumph of Love) Jan-02
OTTMAN John Apt Pupil May-99
OTTMAN John Cable Guy. Fantasy Island May-99
OTTMAN John Lake Placid Sept-99
OTTMAN John Portrait of Terror Jan-99
OTTMAN John Urban Legends Nov-00
OTTMAN, John Cruel Intentions Feb-01
PARKS Van Dyke Wild Bill & The Two Jakes Dec-99
PAUK Alex and Alexina LOUIE Last Night June-99
PAVLICEK Michal The Scarlet Pimpernel Mar-99
PELFREY Danny Joseph King of Dreams Jan-01
PETIT Jean Claude Jean de Florette; Manon des Sources Apr-01
PETIT Jean-Claude Lumumba Nov-00
PETTIT Jean-Claude Cyrano de Bergerac Nov-99
PHELOUNG Barrington Hilary and Jackie Jan-99
PHELOUNG Barrington Inspector Morse; Nostradamus; Truly, Madly Deeply. Sept-98
PHILIPS Stu Battlestar Galactica Nov-99
PHILIPS Stu Battlestar Galactica Sept-99
PHIPPS Martin Eureka Street Jan-00
PIAZZOLA Astor Adiós Nonino; Libertango Apr-01
PIAZZOLLA Astor (1921-1992) Tangazo, Adiòs Nonino Milonga del ángel, Oblivion; Double Concerto for bandoneon and guitar;Tres movimientos tanguísticos porteños; Danza criolla Tangazo; Feb-02
PIAZZOLLA Astor Complete Music for Flute and Guitar June-00
PIAZZOLLA Astor Tango Ballet; Concierto Del Angel; Tres Piezas Para Orquesta De Camara May-99
PIAZZOLLA Astor Tanti anni prima from the film Enrico IV. from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
PIERSANTI Franco Notes of Love Nov-00
PIKE Nicholas Critters 2: The Main Course May-99
PIKE Nicholas Star Kid Aug-98
PIKE Nicholas The Shining Nov-99
PIOVANI Nicola Dear Diary (Caro Diaro) May-00
PIOVANI Nicola De Eso No Se Habla; (I Don't Want to Talk About It) Feb-00
PIOVANI Nicola Life is Beautiful Apr-99
PIOVANI Nicola Music From The Cinema (Vol I) Apr-99
PIOVANI Nicola Running Free Aug-00
PIOVANI Nicola Tu Ridi June-99
POLEDOURI Basil S The Adventures of Conan. Sword and Sorcery Spectacular Nov-00
POLEDOURIS Basil Amanda Dec-00
POLEDOURIS Basil Conan The Barbarian; Sept-98
POLEDOURIS Basil Conan The Destroyer Aug-98
POLEDOURIS Basil Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles June-01
POLEDOURIS Basil Flyers / Fire On the Mountain May-01
POLEDOURIS Basil For the Love of the Game Feb-00
POLEDOURIS Basil Lassie June-99
POLEDOURIS Basil Les Misérables Feb-99
POLEDOURIS Basil Lonesome Dove Dec-98
POLEDOURIS Basil Switchback Dec-00
POLEDOURIS Basil The Blue Lagoon Oct-99
POLEDOURIS, Basil Kimberley Oct-00
POOK Jocelyn Eyes Wide Shut May-00
POOK Jocelyn Eyes Wide Shut Oct-99
PORTER Cole Kiss Me Kate Nov-99
PORTMAN Rachel Chocolat Mar-01
PORTMAN Rachel Emma Mar-98
PORTMAN Rachel The Cider House Rules Feb-00
PORTMAN Rachel The Cider House Rules, Beloved, Emma, The Closer You Get, Ratcatcher, Sirens, Marvin's Room, Benny and Joon, Where Angels Fear to Tread, The Joy Luck Club, Ethan Frome, Smoke, Only You, Life is Sweet, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Great Moments in Aviation, War of the Buttons: Soundtracks June-01
PORTMAN Rachel The Legend of Bagger Vance June-01
POST Mike and Pete CARPENTER The A-Team Mar-99
POST Mike Hill Street Blues June-99
POST Mike Mike POST NYPD Blue - The Best of Mike Post July-99
POWELL John and GREGSON-WILLIAMS Harry Chicken Run July-00
POWELL John and Harry GREGSON-WILLIAMS Antz Dec-98
POWELL John Endurance June-00
POWELL John Evolution Aug-01
PREISNER Zbigniew Aberdeen Dec-00
PREISNER Zbigniew The Last September Jan-01
PREISNER Zbigniew Weiser July-01
PREVIN André DVD: The Kindness of Strangers- A Portrait by Tony Palmer Apr-01
PREVIN André The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Dec-01
PREVIN Andre A Streetcar Named Desire May-99
PREVIN Andre Elmer Gantry Oct-98
PREVIN Andre Irma La Douce Oct-98
PROKOFIEV Sergei (1891-1953) Ivan the Terrible. Alexander Nevsky. Aug-00
PROKOFIEV Sergei Alexander Nevsky Jan-01
PRUESS, Craig What's Cooking? Feb-01
PUCCINI Giacomo (1858-1924) Filmed Opera: Tosca Feb-02
RABIN Trevor The 6th day Feb-01
RABIN Trevor and Harry GREGSON-WILLIAMS Enemy of the State Mar-99
RABIN Trevor Deep Blue Sea Nov-99
RABIN Trevor Deep Blue Sea Oct-99
RACHMANINOV Sergey (1873-1943) Vespers (or All-Night-Vigils) June-00
RAKSIN David Forever Amber June-98
RAKSIN David The Bad and the Beautiful Mar-00
RAWSTHORNE Alan The Cruel Sea; The Captive Heart. Sarabande for Dead Lovers. Mar-98
REDFORD J.A.C. The Astronomers Jan-00
Regular Feature: If Only They Had Written for Films: No. 3: Sergey RACHMANINOV (1873-1943) June-00
RESPIGHI Ottorino If Only They Had Scored for Films Sept-00
REVELL Graeme Dune May-01
REVELL Graeme Pitch Black. Bride of Chucky Sept-01
REVELL Graeme Red Planet Dec-00
REVELL Graeme The Siege Feb-99
REVERBERI Gianpiero and ROBERT MELLIN The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, June-98
RICE Tim and Elton John The Lion King Oct-99
RIDDLE Nelson and HEFTI Neil Batman (1966 feature) Jan-01
ROBBINS Richard and HUSSAIN Zakir The Mystic Masseur Mar-02
RODGERS Richard and HAMMERSTEIN II Oscar Original Broadway Casts:- CAROUSEL and SOUTH PACIFIC Aug-00
RODGERS Richard and Oscar HAMMERSTEIN II The King and I June-99
RODGERS Richard and Oscar HAMMERSTEIN South Pacific Apr-99
RODGERS Richard Victory at Sea Nov-00
RODGERS Richard; HAMMERSTEIN II Oscar Oklahoma!; Carousel; The King and I Apr-01
ROGERS Eric and MONTGOMERY Bruce THE CARRY ON ALBUM -Music by from the Carry On films 1958-1975 July-99
Rogers Roy The King of the Cowboys Feb-99
ROSENMAN Leonard Battle for the Planet of the Apes Apr-01
ROSENMAN Leonard Beneath the Planet of the Apes July-00
ROSENMAN Leonard East of Eden Rebel. Without a Cause Feb-98
ROSENMAN Leonard Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Nov-00
ROSENTHA LaurenceL Hotel Paradiso & The Comedians June-01
ROSENTHAL Laurence Clash of the Titans Nov-00
ROSS William My Dog Skip Mar-00
ROSS William Tin Cup Dec-99
RÓZSA Miklos Ben Hur Nov-99
RÓZSA Miklos Legendary Hollywood - Miklos RÓZSA Feb-00
RÓZSA Miklos Miklos RÓZSA at MGM Dec-99
RÓZSA Miklos Miklos RÓZSA at MGM Nov-99
RÓZSA Miklos Spellbound Concerto (Spellbound, 1945) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
RÓZSA Miklos The Golden Voyage of Sinbad Feb-99
RÓZSA Miklos The Golden Voyage of Sinbad Mar-98
RÓZSA Miklos Time After Time Feb-00
RÓZSA Miklós (1907-1996)Orchestral Music: The Vintner’s Daughter etc Nov-00
RÓZSA Miklós Ben-Hur Suite; Spellbound Concerto; Concerto for Piano and Orchestra June-00
RÓZSA Miklós Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. Theme and Variations for Violin, Cello and Orcherstra July-00
RÓZSA Miklós El Cid July-01
RÓZSA Miklós The Two String Quartets. Sonata for Two Violins Aug-01
RÓZSA Miklós; GOULD Morton; MENOTTI Gian Carlo; LAVRY Marc Rózsa, Gould, Menotti, Lavry Feb-01
ROTA Nino Aug-00
ROTA Nino Amarcord Aug-00
ROTA Nino Chamber Music June-00
ROTA Nino Chamber Music Sept-00
ROTA Nino Film Music: The Godfather / 8½ / The Leopard / La Dolce Vita / Rocco and His Brothers / Orchestra Rehearsal Feb-98
ROTA Nino Film Music: The Godfather The Glass Mountain Fanciulle di lusso (Luxury Girls) Death on the Nile Romeo and Juliet Fantasmi a Roma (Ghosts in Rome); Obsession 8½ Il gattopardo (The Leopard) Giulietta degli spiriti (Juliet of the Spirits) The  Taming of the Shrew Quel bandito sono io (Her Favourite Husband) Jan-00
ROTA Nino Il cappello di paglia di Firenza (The Florentine Straw Hat) July-99
ROTA Nino Il Casanova Di Federico Fellini Dec-00
ROTA Nino Il Gattopardo Dec-00
ROTA Nino Il Giornalino di Gian Burrasca Oct-99
ROTA Nino Improvviso (Un diavolo sentimentale) from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
ROTA Nino Improvviso in re minore from the film Amanti senza Amore from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
ROTA Nino La Dolce Vita Aug-00
ROTA Nino Romeo and Juliet Nov-99
ROTA Nino Romeo and Juliet May-98
ROTA Nino Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 Dec-98
ROTA Nino Symphony No. 3 in C major; Concerto festivo; Le Molière imaginaire – Ballet Suite. Nov-01
ROTA Nino Taming of the Shrew Nov-99
ROTA Nino The Legend of the Glass Mountain(The Glass Mountain, 1948) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
ROTA Nino Two Piano Concertos Oct-98
ROTA Nino; COPPOLA Carmine; MASCAGNI Carmine THE GODFATHER TRILOGY 30th Anniversary album Mar-01
ROWLAND Bruce Journey to the Centre of the Earth Nov-99
ROWLAND Bruce PharLap. Zeus and Roxanne Sept-01
RUBINSTEIN Arthur B. Blue Thunder Dec-99
RUBINSTEIN Arthur B. Motion Picture Scores Feb-99
RUGULO Peter The Fugitive Feb-01
RUSSELL Anna Again? More musical spoofs May-99
RUSSELL Anna Encore? July-99
RUSSELL Anna The ANNA RUSSELL Album? June-99
RUSSELL Mark Saving Grace; (includes book review) July-00

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