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KACZMAREK Jan A P Washington Square, June-98
KAMEN Michael - Film Music, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - Overture and Maid Marian at the Waterfall. Mr Holland's Opus - Rowena. Don Juan Demarco - Dona Ana. Circle of Friends - You're the One. Crusoe - Marooned. Highlander - There Can Be Only One. The Next Man - Magic City. Die Hard - Tagaki Dies. Edge of Darkness - Nuclear Train. Brazil - Brazil June-98
KAMEN Michael Band of Brothers Dec-01
KAMEN Michael Don Juan De Marco Apr-99
KAMEN Michael Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves. Mar-98
KAMEN Michael The Iron Giant Nov-99
KAMEN Michael The Iron Giant Oct-99
KAMEN Michael The Winter Guest, (lyrics Alan Rickman) June-98
KAMEN Michael What Dream May Come Jan-99
KAMEN Michael X-Men Aug-00
KAMEN,Michael The New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms Feb-01
KANCHELI Giya Rag-GIDON-time v Apr-98
KARLIN Fred Westworld June-01
KETÈLBEY Albert In A Monastery Garden. In a Chinese Garden. Sanctuary of the Heart. Will You Forgive me? Chad Romano - A Gypsy Overture. By the Blue Hawaiian Waters. The Phantom Melody. In the Moonlight. The Clock and the Dresden Figures. Sanctuary of the Heart etc. Sept-01
KETELBEY Albert W. Orchestral Works Apr-98
KILAR Wojciech La NeuviŤme Porte (The Ninth Gate) May-00
KINER Kevin and ARNOLD David (Theme) Wing Commander Apr-99
KINER Kevin Black Scorpion Nov-01
KISZKO Martin The Battle of the Sexes Feb-99
KITAY David Scary Movie Mar-01
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang (1897-1957) Complete works for violin and piano Mar-01
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang and STEINER Max Golden Age of Songs and Instrumentals: Korngold: Songs from: Between Two Worlds; Escape Me Never; Give Us This Night; Devotion ; Deception; Steiner: Songs from: Now, Voyager; A Bill of Divorcement; The Great Lie; Saratoga Trunk; City for Conquest; So Big; They Died With Their Boots On Aug-01
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang arrangements of Mendelssohn's music for Max Reinhardt's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. July-99
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Adventures of Robin Hood Mar-98
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Devotion Sept-99
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Die Kathrin Dec-98
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Orchestral Music Nov-01
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Piano Concerto in C sharp for the left hand Joseph MARX Romantisches Klavierkonzert in E Major May-98
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Piano Quintet in E Major. Suite Op. 23 (1930) Dec-99
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang Songs and Chamber Music July-99
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex Jan-99
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang The Sea Hawk Sept-98
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang The Sea Hawk; Symphony in F sharp Sept-98
KORNGOLD Erich Wolfgang The Snowman (Act I); Fairy Tale Pictures (Premiere Recording); Overture to a Drama; Prelude and Carnival from Violanta June-98
KORZYNSKI Andrzej Music to the films of Andrzej Wajda Feb-99
Kubrick Stanley Music for Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange May-00
KYD Jespe The Nations (Die Völker II) Sept-01
La Bottine Souriante Concert Review: La Bottine Souriante at Talk of London [16th May] July-00
LAMBERT Constant Merchant Seaman Suite, Piano Concerto, Prize Fight, Pomona  Dec-99
LANE Philip arrangement of Mozart Kind Hearts and Coronets Mar-98
LEGRAND Michel The Thomas Crown Affair Dec-98
LEIGH Carolyn Neil SIMON, and Cy COLEMAN Little Me May-99
LENA Battista Domani Apr-01
Leonid DESYATNIKOV Absalom's Death and Tango - Sketches to the film Sakat (Sunset). from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
LEWIS C.S. The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (Book review) May-00
LEWIS Michael J. Film Music 1969-1994 Aug-98
LISZT Franz Anintroduction in words and music Written and narrated by Jeremy Siepmann with excerpts from the composers music Sept-01
LOCK Brian The Land Girls Sept-98
LoDUCA Joseph Hercules - The Legendary Journeys Vol 3 July-99
LoDUCA Joseph Xena Warrior Princess (Volume 6) Original Television Soundtrack Sept-01
LoDUCA Joseph Xena - Warrior Princess Vol 4 July-99
LoDUCA Joseph Young Hercules Jan-99
LOUIE Alexina and Alex PAUK Last Night June-99
MALIPIERO l finto Arlecchino; Vivaldiana; Sette invenzioni; Quattro invenzione. (Curio Corner) May-01
MANCINA Mark Return to Paradise Nov-98
MANCINI Henry The Pink Panther Strikes Again Dec-98
MANDEL Johnny I want to Live Mar-99
MANN Hummie Dracula Dead and Loving it Nov-99
MANSELL Clint Pi Apr-99
MANSELL Clint Requiem for a Dream OST Jan-01
MANSFIELD David Heaven's Gate July-99
MANSFIELD David Tumbleweeds Mar-00
Mark MANCINA Domestic Disturbance Mar-02
MARVIN Richard U-571 Sept-00
MAY Billy Billy MAY Johnny Cool Mar-99
McCARTHY Dennis V: The Series Nov-98
McKENZIE Mark Durango Sept-99
McKENZIE, Mark The Lost Child Feb-01
McKENZIE, Mark Dragonheart: A New Beginning Oct-00
McNEELY Joel Loverís Prayer Nov-00
MCNEELY Joel Sally Hemmings Ė An American Scandal Aug-00
MCNEELY Joel The Avengers Jan-99
MCNEELY Joel Virus Apr-99
MELLIN Robert and GIANPIERO REVERBERI The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, June-98
MENOTTI Gian Carlo Help, Help The Globolinks Jan-99
MILHAUD Le boeuf sur le toit from Gidon Kremer Le Cinema Apr-98
Miller Gelnn Swing Legends: Glenn Miller. July-00
Minnelli Liza Minnelli on Minnelli May-00
MIZZY Vic (1); WILLIAMS Johnny(2) Donít Make Waves (1); Penelope (2) June-01
MIZZY Vic Suites & Themes May-01
MOCKRIDGE Cyril and others How to Marry a Millionaire May-01
MOLE Charlie An Ideal Husband Sept-99
MONTENEGRO Hugo ; ROSE David The Undefeated and Hombre Nov-00
MONTGOMERY Bruce and ROGERS Eric THE CARRY ON ALBUM -Music by from the Carry On films 1958-1975 July-99
MOROSS Jerome The Cardinal Oct-99
MOROSS Jerome The Big Country Aug-00
MOROSS Jerome The Cardinal - The Classic Film Music of Jerome Moross Mar-01
MORRICON Ennio Wolf Oct-01
MORRICONE Andrea A Fistful of Sounds: A Fistful of Dollars. For A Few Dollars More. Once Upon a Time in the West. Sept-99
MORRICONE Andrea Cinema Paradiso Apr-98
MORRICONE Andrea La Musica, Il Cinema Sept-99
MORRICONE Ennio 2Canone Inverso - Making Love Aug-01
MORRICONE Ennio Bulworth Apr-99
MORRICONE Ennio Hamlet Mar-98
MORRICONE Ennio Lolita May-98
MORRICONE Ennio Ninfa Plebea Sept-00
MORRICONE Ennio One Upon A Time in America Aug-99
MORRICONE Ennio Quando Le Donne Persero La Coda (When Women Lost Their Tails) July-00
MORRICONE Ennio Stanno Tutti Bene (Everybodyís Fine) Sept-00
MORRICONE Ennio The Legend of 1900 Jan-00
MORRICONE Ennio The Long Silence Sept-00
MORRICONE Ennio Vatel Apr-01
MORRIS John The Scarlet Letter Nov-99
MOTHERSBAUGH Mark The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Mar-01
MULDOWNEY Dominic Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) May-99
NASCIMBENE Mario The Swordsman of Sienna Mar-98
NELSON Oliver (1); ORTOLANI Riz(2); Zigzag (1); The Biggest Bundle of Them All (2) June-01
NEWMAN Alfred /Hugo Friedhofer: The Mark of Zorro Mar-98
NEWMAN Alfred and Bernard HERRMANN The Egyptian Jan-00
NEWMAN Alfred and FRIEDHOFER Hugo The Bravados Dec-01
NEWMAN Alfred A Man Called Peter Sept-01
NEWMAN Alfred All about Eve, Leave her to Heaven Jan-00
NEWMAN Alfred Captain from Castile Symphonic Suite Jan-01
NEWMAN Alfred How the West was Won Dec-99
NEWMAN Alfred Prince of Foxes Oct-99
NEWMAN Alfred The Best of Everything Nov-01
NEWMAN Alfred The Greatest Story Ever Told Oct-98
NEWMAN Alfred The Song of Bernadette Aug-99
NEWMAN Alfred Wuthering Heights Mar-98
NEWMAN David Bowfinger Oct-99
NEWMAN David Brokedown Palace Nov-99
NEWMAN David Critters May-99
NEWMAN David The Affair of the Necklace Mar-02
NEWMAN David The Flintstones July-98
NEWMAN Randy A Bug's Life Mar-99
NEWMAN Randy Pleasantville Jan-99
NEWMAN Randy Toy Story 2 Mar-00
NEWMAN Thomas Erin Brockovich May-00
NEWMAN Thomas Pay it Forward Feb-01
NEWMAN Thomas American Beauty Mar-00
NEWMAN Thomas In the Bedroom Mar-02
NEWMAN Thomas Little Women Mar-98
NEWMAN Thomas Meet Joe Black Mar-99
NEWMAN Thomas Oscar and Lucinda May-98
NEWMAN Thomas The Horse Whisperer Sept-98
NEWTON HOWARD James The Sixth Sense with contribution from James NEWTON HOWARD Aug-00
NEWTON HOWARD James A Perfect Murder Sept-98
NEWTON HOWARD James Dinosaur Nov-00
NEWTON HOWARD James Snow Falling on Cedars June-00
NEWTON-HOWARD James My Best Friend's Wedding, May-98
NEWTON-HOWARD James The Sixth Sense Dec-99
NICOLAI Bruno Quando Le Donne Persero La Coda (When Women Lost Their Tails) July-00
Nielsen Carl If Only they Had Written for Films Nov-00
NITZSCHE Jack Razors Edge Feb-01
NORDGREN Erik The Classic Film Music : The Bergman Suites Nov-98
NORTH Alex at the Movies - Cheyenne Autumn; Dragonslayer; Cinerama South Seas Adventure Oct-99
NORTH Alex Cleopatra May-01
NORTH Alex 2001 Jan-99
NORTH Alex A Streetcar Named Desire Jan-99
NORTH Alex Africa Mar-01
NORTH Alex Bite the Bullet Feb-00
NORTH Alex Cheyenne Autumn Oct-00
NORTH Alex Legendary Hollywood: North by North/Journey into Fear Oct-00
NORTH Alex The Agony and the Ecstacy Oct-98
NORTH Alex The Bad Seed; Spartacus; A Streetcar Named Desire, Viva Zapata Mar-98
NORTH Alex The Misfits Nov-98
NORTH Alex Viva Zapata Nov-98
NORTH Alex Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf Dec-99
NOTT Julian Screen and Television Music Feb-00
NOVELLO Ivor Songs Apr-98
NYMAN Michael Wonderland Sept-00
NYMAN Michael GATTACA Apr-98
NYMAN Michael Ravenous Oct-99
NYMAN Michael The Claim Mar-01
NYMAN Michael The End of the Affair Feb-00

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