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BROADWAY THROUGH THE GRAMOPHONE (1844-1929): New York in European Footsteps (4 volumes)  
  Various singers, choruses and orchestras of the Victor, Columbia and Brunswick record companies
  Volume 1 1844-1909 PEARL: GMS 0082 Mono ADD [CD1 78.16, CD2 75.51] ;
Volume 2 1909-1914 PEARL: GMS 0083 Mono ADD [Vol 2: CD1 75.57, CD2 78.01]

Volumes 3& 4 here

Full track details below

Broadway vols 1 and 2

Pearl have amassed the largest compilation of acoustic and early electric recordings from the earliest years of Broadway's operettas and musicals. These are gathered into four double CD volumes of which this review examines the first two.

The transfers might have been better described as 'Vocal Gems' from the Musicals since this is a well-known generic title often used on 78 record labels.

The title 'Broadway' may at first sight be considered misleading when many of the tracks of the first three CDs cover ballad operas, operettas and musicals composed in Europe and Britain between 1844-1911. However, the recording teams are based on the productions which played on Broadway and, with a few exceptions, the recordings were made in America. Despite the usual acoustic constraints expected from this era these recordings are clear and have transcribed well. Since many of the musicals have never been given revivals the return of this neglected music is most welcome. It has been withheld from the public's ear for far too long.

We have to be grateful that the Victor and Columbia Record Companies of New York decided to cash in on these early twentieth century musicals, for no sooner had a production made its mark on the Broadway stage than it seems the score was hurried into the studio for recording. Each musical is usually confined to one side of a 12 inch record with a duration 4'00"-4'30". This contrasts with the British 'Vocal Gems' custom of filling two sides of a record with 8'30"-9' playing time. The British two-sided HMV issue of Friml's The Three Musketeers might have been preferred to the Victor one here used since it is compiled onto two sides. The soloists on these records were singers employed by the New York's Victor and Columbia record companies: they are generally fine in voice, harmonise well and provide good diction.

In the same way that British recordings of the period became a vehicle for Received Pronunciation and RADA diction this also seems to have been true on Broadway for we hear elegant English with an absence of any American twang in the tracks of these first two volumes. (Volumes 3 and 4 are more Americanised in voice, reviewed on a separate MusicWeb page)

From time to time one can stumble across the vocal scores of such works in secondhand bookshops wondering what the music is like: now with this set we can satisfy our curiosity. These volumes contain a lot of good material and one wonders how long it will be before we get modern recordings of Monckton's The Quaker Girl, or the other Caryll, Rubens and early Kern musicals represented here. Twelve years ago, one remembers the famous revivals and definitive recordings of Showboat and Anything Goes (EMI) which proved very popular when resurrected by John McGlynn. These linked with successful touring productions. More recently, Hyperion confounded received wisdom about CD marketing strategies when their new production of The Geisha was very successful and sold particularly well.

The CD notes only scratch the surface with information on the shows and give little detail about the background to the original Victor/Columbia recordings, their conductors or their singers. A dip into Ganzl's tome could have usefully given the number of performances each musical received in its opening run. Engineering notes explain how a recording is made by the mechanical method and gives the amount of transcription filtering used by the engineer. It might have been helpful to mention why we have such a restricted frequency range in the acoustic recordings that it is a function of the size and elasticity of the vibrating metal diaphragm attached to the cutting stylus, and the way the singers and players had to be grouped for sessions. (Had flexible plastics been discovered by 1910 the sound characteristics of early recordings might have been far superior.)

Instrumentation used in the first two volumes is severely limited: the powerful euphonium and tuba replace the double bass and other string parts are usually played by wind instruments. The positioning of orchestra to singer seems to have been fixed during the decade between 1910 and 1920. Acoustic recordings have a problem capturing the cymbal which I find sounds more like a saucepan lid.

The Light Opera Company "Gems" series which the Victor Company produced from 1909 used prolific Victor artists like Lucy Isabelle Marsh, Olive Kline, Lambert Murphy, Reinald Werrenrath, Harry MacDonough, Elsie Baker, and Royal Dadmun. (I am grateful to Calvin M Goodwin (America) who has helped unearth this additional material on the Victor Record Company.) Although Victor re-recorded some titles after 1925 (notably The Bohemian Girl, Robin Hood) to take advantage of the wider frequency range offered by the new electric recording process the versions used here are from their first series and this is right. Listen to the amazing clarity of recording and diction, Volume 1 CD1 tk5 Olivette; or tk 11 The Wizard of the Nile (with music hinting at the then unwritten Wizard of Oz) or Volume 2, CD1 tk1 (The Belle of Brittany, rec.1909); CD2 tk6 (Herbert's Madcap Duchess); or tk12 Kern's The Laughing Husband).

Equalization used by Pearl gives a strong 'top' and absence of bass thus making the sound appear 'thin'. However, Pearl are to be applauded for holding the treble freqencies as many transcriptions dampen the 'top' to hide obtrusive crackles and pops (done at the expense of diction). The 78 copies used here must be in particularly good condition because surface noise is not unduly noticeable. After listening to a couple of tracks one adjusts to the thin sound and the clarity of the singers becomes stunning to the ear. There are some acoustic tracks where the singers' diction surpasses that of a number of electric recordings I have heard.

The disc labelling could have been much larger and clearer. 7pt printing is too small: I needed to look very closely to see which Volume and which of the double CDs was being put into the player.

These however are minor cavils. Trust Pearl, a company with a track record of considerable integrity, to produce a unique collection of this type and to do it in comprehensive style. Two historically significant sets, generously packed and yielding pleasure even across the divide of ninety or so years.

Volume 1: CD 1

1. THE BOHEMIAN GIRL - Balfe Music, Bunn Words.
Happy and Light, I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, Heart Bow'd Down,
Come with the Gypsy Bride, Then You'll Remember Me, Oh what Full Delight
(Brunswick Light Opera Company: Rec 1923. Brunswick 20020)

2. MARITANA W V Wallace Music, Fitzball Words.
The Angelus, Turn on Old Time, In Happy Moments Day by Day,
Yes Let Me like a Soldier Fall
(Columbia Light Opera Company: Rec 1923. English Columbia 929) .

3. GIROFLA Lecocq Music, Smith Words.
Pirates' Chorus, Turn Not Away, The Son of Marasquin,
Lo the Dawn is Breaking, See How it Sparkles, The Gallant Sailor Matamore
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31827)

4. THE CHIMES OF NORMANDY Planquette Music, Cooney Words.
Silent Heroes, That Night I'll Ne'er, Forget, Just look at That, Song of the Beggars,
As He's looking Somewhat Pale, Not a Ghost at All, Legend of the Bells
(Brunswick Light Opera Company: Rec 1923. Brunswick 20020.)

5. OLIVETTE Audran Music, Chivot & Duru Words.
Marriage Bells, Bob Up Serenely, Sob Song, Entr'acte: Valse,
How Melancholy, In the North Sea lived a Whale, Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31801.)

6. THE MASCOT Audran Music, Chivot & Duru Words.
Now the Vintage Days, Wise Men in All Ages, Gobble Duet,
Interlude, Too much Talk, Oh What Beauty, Coaching Chorus
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 31813)

7. THE QUEEN'S LACE HANDKERCHIEF Strauss Jr. Music, Elson Words.
Haste in Brilliant Array, Where the Wild Rose, Through Life I'm Dancing,
Ah Nonsense, When Foes Are Tried, Praise the Lord
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1912. Victor 31880.)

8. ERMINIE Jacobowski Music, Paulton Words.
A Soldier's Life, When Love Is Young All the World Seems Gay,
Join in the Pleasure, What the Dicky Birds Say, Lullaby,
Marriage Is a Holy Union, Deign Pray to Cheer Each Heart
Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 35451)

9. ROBIN HOOD De Koven Music, Smith Words.
Come to the Fair, Then Hey for the Merry Greenwood, Brown October Ale,
Come Dream So Bright, Tinker's Song, Oh Promise Me (words by Scott),
Away to the Woods, Oh See the Lambkins Play, Armorer's Song, Act II Finale,
There Will Come a Time, Love We Will Not Part, Act III Finale
(New York Light Opera Company: Rec 1924. Edison 80797)

10. ROB ROY De Koven Music, Smith Words.
Shout for the King (The White Cockade), The Merry Miller,
Love's Day at Last shall Dawn, Song of the Turnkey,
My Home is where the Heather Blooms, Rat-a-Plan, Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company, Rec 1912. Victor 35473)

11. THE WIZARD OF THE NILE Herbert Music, Smith Words.
Bang Bang the Most Harmonious Song, Act II Opening: My Love Awaits,
That's One Thing a Wizard Can Do, Nature's Song Is of a Dream,
Starlight Star Bright, My Angeline, A Cheer for Kibosh
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1912. Victor 31834)

12. THE SERENADE Herbert Music, Smith Words.
In Fair Andalusia, I Love Thee, For I'm a Duke, The Angelus, Dreaming,
That for Love, I Love Thee
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 3181l)

13. THE BELLE OF NEW YORK Kerker Music, McLellan Words.
She is the Belle of New York, Teach Me How to Kiss, La Belle Parisienne,
When We Are Married, They All Follow Me, Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 31887)

14. A RUNAWAY GIRL Monckton & Caryll Music, Hopgood & Greenbank Words.
Far Away over the Sea, The Sly Cigarette, The Man from Cooks,
Shadows Are Falling, The Boy Guessed Right, Soldiers in the Park
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31845)

15. THE FORTUNE TELLER Herbert Music, Smith Words.
Chorus of Huzzars, Always Do as People, Say You Should, Romany Life,
Gypsy Love Song, She said I Was so Lonely, Where'er in the Thick of the Fight
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31830)

16. THE SINGING GIRL Herbert Music, Smith Words.
Act III Opening, The Well Beloved, If only You were Mine,
Song of the Danube, Love is Tyrant
(Columbia Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Columbia A-5423)

17. SAN TOY Jones & Monckton Music, Ross & Greenbank Words.
We'll Keep the Feast, The Mandarin, Samee Ganice, Pynka Pong,
Rhoda and Her Pagoda, The Emperor's Own
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 31778)
Volume 1: CD2

1. FLORODORA Stuart Music & Words.
Florodora, In the Shade of the Palm, Tell Me Pretty Maiden, I Want to Be a
Military Man (words by Clement), The Island of Love (Caryll & Hopwood)
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31817)

2. KING DODO Luders Music, Pixley Words.
On This Festal Day, The Eminent Dr. Fizz, Will You Meet Me To-Night?
True as the Stars Above, Tale of a Bumble-Bee, Drink Love's the Spark Divine,
Cling Boom, Here's to the King
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 31884)

3. THE MOCKING BIRD Music Baldwin Sloane, Words Rosenfeld.
Ship Ahoy, The Flash of the Skipper's Eye, Just a Kiss,
What's the Matter with the Moon Tonight, In Silence,
Listen to the Mocking Bird (Milburn & Winner), France, Glorious France
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec, 1912. Victor 31870)

4. THE SULTAN OF SULU Wathall Music, Ade Words.
Chorus of Greeting, The Smiling Isle of Sulu, At Early Morn, Remorse,
Delia, Since I First Met You, Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31850)

5, THE PRINCE OF PILSEN Luders Music, Pixley Words.
Welcome, Stein Song, Heidelberg, The Message of the Violet,
The Pretty City Widow, Sweetheart I'll Love You Ever
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec, 1911. Victor 35329)

6. BABES IN TOYLAND Herbert Music, MacDonough Words.
Never Mind Bo-Peep, Toyland, Descriptive Scene: In the Toymaker's Shop,
Go to Sleep, I Can't Do That Sum, Here's to All Toyland, Hail to Christmas
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 31814)

7. IT HAPPENED IN NORDLAND Herbert Music, MacDonough Words.
Long Live the Queen, Absinthe Frappe, The Knot of Blue, Bandana Land,
Intermezzo: Al Fresco, Commandress-in-Chief
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1912. Victor 3185l)

8. MLLE. MODISTE Herbert Music, Blossom Words.
Act II Opening Chorus, Kiss Me Again, Hats Make the Women, The Time the
Place the Girl, I Want What I Want When I Want It, The Mascot of the Troop
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 31790)

9. THE RED MILL Herbert Music, Blossom Words.
Enough of Work, Moonbeams Shining, When You're Pretty and the World Is Fair,
Good-a-bye John (music by Van Alstyne, words by Williams), Because You're You,
The Streets of New York
(Victor Light Open Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31794)

10. THE MERRY WIDOW Lehár Music, Ross Words.
Come Away, For I Am a Dutiful Wife, I Love You So, Maxim's, Villa, Women
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 35416)

11. THREE TWINS Hoschna Music, Harbach Words.
Who Will Tell, Yama Yama Man (words by Davis), Cuddle Up a Little Closer,
Little Miss Up-to-Date, Good-night Sweetheart, Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 35327)

12. ALGERIA Herbert Music, MacDonough Words.
Twilight in Barakeesh, Rose of the World, Little Bird of Paradise,
Ask Her While the Band is Playing (words by Bryan), The Same Old Two,
Low Is like a Cigarette, The Old Boule Miche, Grand Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31766)

13. HAVANA Stuart Music, Ross Words.
The Yacht, Motoring with Mater, I'm a Cuban Girl, Cupid's Telephone,
Hello People, Way Down in Pensacola
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31744)

14. THE BEAUTY SPOT De Koven Music, Herbert Words.
A Prince from Borneo, Creole Days, Hammock Love Song,
The Boulevard Glide
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31745)

15. THE CANDY SHOP Golden Music & Words.
Opening Number, I've Been Married Once, Just We Two, In Vaudeville,
Mister Othello, Oh You Candy Kid
(Victor Orchestra with vocal selections: Rec 1909. Victor 5721)

16. A BROKEN IDOL Van Alstyne Music, Williams Words.
A Little China Doll, What Makes the World Go Round, Marie,
The Sign of a Honeymoon, Alabama
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31757)

17. THE DOLLAR PRINCESS Fall Music, Grossmith jr. & Ross words.
How Do You Do, My Dream of Love, Ring o' Roses, Tennis Dance,
Hip! Hip! Hurrah!
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31751)

18. THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER O. Straus Music, Stange words.
Opening Chorus, That Would Be Lovely, Letter Duet,
Thank the Lord the War is Over, My Hero
(Victor Light Opera Company. Rec 1910. Victor 31780)
Volume 2: CD 1

1 THE BELLE OF BRITTANY Talbot & Horne Music, Greenbank Words
Act 1 Chorus, Two Giddy Goats, Daffodil Time, Little Country Mice,
Stepping Stones, The Old Chateau, All Roads Lead to Church
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31765)

2. THE ARCADIANS Monckton & Talbot Music, Wimperis Words
We Want to Be Arcadians, The Pipes of Pan, The Girl with a Brogue,
Charming Weather, Bring Me a Rose, I've Gotter Motter, Truth Is So Beautiful
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1909. Victor 31775)

3. OUR MISS GIBBS Caryll & Monckton Music, Tanner Words
Garrods, Chorus of Bridesmaids, Mary, Our Farm, Moonstruck Saturday Afternoon
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1910. Victor 31802)

4. MADAME SHERRY Hoschna Music, Otte & Harbach Words
The Smile, She Means for You, The Butterfly, Every Little Movement,
The Birth of Passion, We Are Only Poor Weak Mortals, Every Little Movement,
We're Off for an Ocean Sail
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31824.)

5. NAUGHTY MARIETTA Herbert Music, Young Words
Live for Today, Tramp Tramp Tramp, Italian Street Song, 'Neath the Southern
Moon, I'm Falling in Love with Someone, Ah Sweet Mystery of Life, Italian Street Song
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31852)

6. THE SPRING MAID Reinhardt Music, Smith Words
At the First Glass, Day Dreams, Two Little Love Bees, The Fountain Fay,
How I Love a Pretty Face, Day Dreams
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31833)

7. THE BALKAN PRINCESS Rubens Music Wimperis & Rubens Words
Dreaming, Dear Delightful Women, A Man's a Man
(The Light Opera Company, London: Rec 1910. HMV 04507)

8. THE PINK LADY Caryll Music, McLellan Words
By the Saskatchewan, Oh So Gently (words by Grossmith),
Donny Did - Donny Didn't, My Beautiful Lady, By the Saskatchewan
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1911. Victor 31823)

9. THE QUAKER GIRL Monckton Music, Ross & Greenbank Words
The Dear Little Quaker, Tony from America, A Dancing Lesson,
Tiptoe, A Quaker Girl, Come to the Ball
(Victor light Opera Company: Rec 1912. Victor 31847)

10. THE COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG Lehár Music, Hood, Ross & MacDonough Words
Act 1 Finale, Cousins of the Czar, Ah Love Can It Be Love, Rootsie-Pootsie,
Are You Going to Dance, It's Naughty to Be Cross, Clew the Way
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1912. Victor 31856)

11. OH! OH! DELPHINE Caryll Music, McClellan Words
For Her Sweet Sake, The Venus Waltz, Allaballa Goo-Goo, Can We Forget,
Oh Oh Delphine, The Venus Waltz
(Victor light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 3187S.)

12. THE LADY OF THE SLIPPER Herbert Music, O'Dea Words
Games of Hallowe'en, Like a Real Real Man, Bagdad, A little Girl at Home,
Princess of Far Away, At the Bal Masqué
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 31877)

13. THE MAN WITH THREE WIVES Lehár Music, Atteridge, Potter & Morgan Words
Love's Fairy Tales, Love's Flower Is Always Blooming,
Kisses that I Have Missed, The Vale of Dreaming, Rose of Yesterday,
Love's Flower is Always Blooming
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 31883)

14. THE SUNSHINE GIRL Rubens Music, Wimperis Words
When You Want a Cake of Soap, Ladies, A Tiny Touch,
Take Me for a Walk, The Argentine, Little Girl, Get a Move On, Here's to Love
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 31889)

15. THE PURPLE ROAD Reinhardt & Peters Music, De Gresac & Duncan Words
To Claim Our Pretty Brides, The Mysterious Kiss, Diplomacy,
Feed Me with Low, Pretty Little Chi-Chis, The Mysterious Kiss
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35349.)

16. WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE Hein Music, Bartholomae Words
Giddy-Ap, Dear World, Who's the Little Girl,
When Dreams Come True, Y-O-U Dear, America
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35336)

17. THE DOLL GIRL Kern Music Smith Words
Come On Over Here (words by Kollo), When Three Is Company
(words by Rourke), Love with a Capital L (by Christine).
If We Were on Our Honeymoon, Will It All End in Smoke,
Come On Over Here
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35332)

18. ADELE Briquet & Philipp Music, Paulton Words
Wedding Bells, Adele, Strawberries and Cream,
A Honeymoon with You, Like Swallow Flying, Adele
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35339)
Volume 2 CD 2

1. LIEBER AUGUSTIN Fall Music, Smith Words
The Wedding Bell, Take Your Time (words by Harry Beswick),
If You Were Mine, Look in Her Eyes (music by Kern,
words by Rourke), Lieber Augustin, Look in Her Eyes
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35332)

2. SWEETHEARTS Herbert Music, Smith Words
On Parade, Sweethearts, Every Lover Must Meet His Fate,
Jeannette and Her Little Wooden Shoes, Cricket on the Hearth, Act 1 Finale
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 31885)

3 THE MARRIAGE MARKET Jacobi, Kern & Burch Music, Rourke Words
A Little Bit of Silk Oh Could I Find the Woman, I'm Looking for an Irish Husband,
Boys, The Futurist Twirl, Oh Could I Find the Woman
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35339)

4 OH, I SAY! Kern Music, Smith Words
The Old Clarinet, Each Pearl a Thought, Katy-Did, Alone at Last,
I Can't Forget Your Eyes, Katy-Did
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec: 1914. Victor 35363)

5. THE LITTLE CAFE Caryll Music, McLellan Words
This Gay Paree, Thy Mouth Is a Rose, You Little Café Good Day,
Just Because It's You, Serve the Caviar, Thy Mouth Is a Rose
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35349)

6. THE MADCAP DUCHESS Herbert Music, Stevens Words
Hunting, Love Is a Story That's Old, Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee,
Winged Love, love Is a Story That's Old
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1913. Victor 35336)

7. HIGHJINKS Friml Music, Harbach Words.
All Aboard for Dixieland (by Cobb, lack Yellen), jim,
The Bubble, Low's Own Kiss, Something Seems Tingle-lingle-ing
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35382)

8. IOLE Peters Music, Chambers Words
Uptown Downtown, Iole, Amo, I Wonder Why, Iole
(Victor Light Opera Company. c 1914. Victor 35385)

9. THE GIRL ON THE FILM Sirmay Music, Ross Words
We're All Going to the Mill, Waltz with Me, Oh Oh Oh, Steady Freddy,
Do Be Quiet, Waltz with Me
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35363)

10. THE QUEEN OF THE MOVIES Gilbert Music, Paulton & MacDonough Words
Girls Run Along, Forgive and Forget, in the Night, Who Is to Know,
Oh Cecilia, In the Night
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35365)

11. SARI Kalman Music, Cushing & Heath Words
Love's Own Sweet Song, Softly Thro' the Summer Night,
Love Has Wings, My Faithful Stradivari, Ha Za Za
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35365)

12. THE LAUGHING HUSBAND Kern Music, Smith Words
Take a Step, Love Is like a Violin, You're Here and I'm Here,
Wine Song (music by Eysler, words by Wimperis),
Bought and Paid for, You're Here and I'm Here
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35379)

13. THE MIDNIGHT GIRL Briquet Music, Paulson & Philipp Words
The Midnight Girl, Oh Gustave, Come Back to the Cabaret,
Good Night Dear
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35379)

14. THE BEAUTY SHOP Gebest Music, Wolf Words
Come Along Little Girl Come Along, I'm Longing My Dearie for You,
My Tango Queen, Love's Hesitation,
When You Hear That Umpah Umpah in the Band
(Victor Light Open Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35382)

15. ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1914 Hubbell & Stamper Music, Buck & Mine Words
Put Your Loving Arms around Me Dearie, Mister Hurdy Gurdy Man,
Good-Night, The Futurist Girl, Prunella Mine
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35385)

16. THE PASSING SHOW OF 1914 Romberg Music, Atteridge Words
Out in Frisce, Town (by Carroll), You're just a Little Bit Better
(by Carroll), Kitty MacKay, The Eagle Rock, Good Old Levee Days
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35394)

17. THE GIRL FROM UTAH Kern Music, Smith Words
The Land of Let's Pretend, Same Sort of Girl,
Why Don't They Dance the Polka Any More, They Didn't Believe Me
(words by Reynolds), You Never Can Tell, The Girl in the Clogs
and Shawl (by Castling & Murphy), Same Sort of Girl
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35404)

18. MISS DAISY Hein Music, Bartholomae Words
The American Girl, Send Me My Love, My Little Queen Bee, My Love for You,
Little Girl, What Have You Done to M0, Send Me My Love
(Victor Light Opera Company: Rec 1914. Victor 35404)


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