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HAHN Reynaldo (1875-1947) Violin Concerto; Piano Concerto; Suite Hongroise; Mar-02
HALLIWELL WHO’S WHO IN THE MOVIES 14th ed, edited by John Walker Jan-02
HAMLISCH Marvin Sophie's Choice Sept-99
HAMMERSTEIN II Oscar and RODGERS Richard Original Broadway Casts:- CAROUSEL and SOUTH PACIFIC Aug-00
HARLINE Leigh Broken Lance Feb-02
HARNELL Joe The Incredible Hulk Jan-00
HARNELL Joe V Original Soundtrack Recording (1983-84), Nov-98
HARTLEY Richard Alice in Wonderland May-99
HARTLEY Richard Don Quixote July-00
HARVEY Richard Animal Farm Dec-99
HARVEY Richard Arabian Nights Aug-00
HARVEY Richard Arabian Nights July-00
HATTORI Takayuki Godzilla 2000 Aug-00
HEFTI Neil (arr David Slonaker) Batman TV Theme Jan-99
HERBERT Victor (1859-1924) Columbus Suite. Irish Rhapsody. Auditorium Festival March. Selections from Natoma June-00
HERBERT Victor Babes in Toyland; The Red Mill Apr-99
HERMAN Jerry MAME July-99
HERRMAN Bernard Marnie Nov-00
HERRMANN Bernard Battle of Neretva Feb-01
HERRMANN Bernard Sisters Feb-01
HERRMANN Bernard ,NEWMAN, Alfred The Egyptian July-01
HERRMANN Bernard and Alfred NEWMAN The Egyptian Jan-00
HERRMANN Bernard Alfred Hitchcock 100 Years -Bernard HERRMANN: film score tribute Sept-99
HERRMANN Bernard at the movies - Battle of Nereveta; Sisters; Night Digger Oct-99
HERRMANN Bernard Beneath the 12-Mile Reef Apr-01
HERRMANN Bernard Bernard HERRMANN at Fox Vol 1: Tender is the Night, A hatful of Rain, The Man in the gray flannel suit Jan-00
HERRMANN Bernard Bernard HERRMANN at Fox Vol 2: The Garden of Evil; Prince of Players; King of the Khyber Rifles Dec-99
HERRMANN Bernard Citizen Kane Mar-99
HERRMANN Bernard Citizen Kane Oct-99
HERRMANN Bernard Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons Oct-99
HERRMANN Bernard Concerto Macabre (Hangover Square, 1945) from MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS May-98
HERRMANN Bernard Concerto Macabre ; Devil and Daniel Webster suite; For the Fallen; Sinfonietta (scherzo only); Prelude for piano, Symphony No. 1 (finale only) July-98
HERRMANN Bernard Farenheit 451; plus other scores Feb-00
HERRMANN Bernard Garden of Evil; Prince of Players; Sept-98
HERRMANN Bernard Jane Eyre Sept-98
HERRMANN Bernard Jason & the Argonauts Sept-99
HERRMANN Bernard Mysterious Island Suite July-98
HERRMANN Bernard Orson Welles at the Movies: Citizen Kane; The Magnificent Ambersons, Nov-98
HERRMANN Bernard Psycho June-98
HERRMANN Bernard Souvenirs de Voyage, Echoes Oct-98
HERRMANN Bernard Taxi Driver Nov-98
HERRMANN Bernard The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Mar-98
HERRMANN Bernard The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Nov-98
HERRMANN Bernard The Ghost and Mrs Muir Sept-98
HERRMANN Bernard The Inquirer Oct-98
HERRMANN Bernard The Magnificent Ambersons Sept-00
HERRMANN Bernard The Snows of Kilimanjaro. 5 Fingers; William Stromberg conducts The Moscow Symphony Orchestra Sept-01
HERRMANN Bernard The Three Worlds of Gulliver June-01
HERRMANN Bernard The Trouble With Harry Dec-98
HERRMANN Bernard The Twilight Zone Feb-00
HERRMANN Bernard Torn Curtain Sept-98
HESS Nigel TV Themes Nov-99
Highsmith Patricia The Talented Mr Ripley, Ripley Underground, Ripley’s Game Nov-00
HIRSCHFELDER David Elizabeth Dec-98
HIRSCHFELDER David Hanging Up May-00
HISAISHI Joe Princess Mononoke Dec-99
Hitchcock Alfred Featurette (Video and CD reviews):- Video Review: A Talk With Alfred Hitchcock July-00
HOLBROOKE Joseph Piano Concerto No. 1 'The Song of Gwyn ap Nudd' May-00
HOLDRIDGE Lee Charles Gerhardt conducts the film music of Lee HOLDRIDGE Feb-00
HOLDRIDGE Lee Heidi Feb-00
HOLDRIDGE Lee Into Thin Air; Death on Everest Feb-00
HOLDRIDGE Lee Splash Feb-00
HOLDRIDGE Lee The Giant of Thunder Mountain Feb-00
HOLDRIDGE Lee The Mists of Avalon Aug-01
HOLDRIDGE Lee The Secret of NIMH 2 Jan-99
HOLST Gustav The Planets Oct-00
HONEGGER Arthur Crime et Châtiment. L’Idée. Farinet. Le Déserteur. Le Grand Barrage Jan-00
HONEGGER Arthur Les Miserables Dec-99
HONEGGER Arthur Les Miserables(suite, 1933)La roue (overture, 1922); Mermoz (2 suites, 1943); Napoleon (suite, original version, 1926-7) Dec-99
HONEGGER Arthur Regain(suite I, 1937); Regain (suite II, 1937); Le demon de l'Himalaya (2 symphonic movements, 1935) Dec-99
HOOPER Nellee William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Nov-99
HOOPER Nellee William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet May-98
HORNE James R The Perfect Storm July-00
HORNER James Iris Mar-02
HORNER James A Beautiful Mind Mar-02
HORNER James Back to Titanic Oct-98
HORNER James Bicentennial Man Mar-00
HORNER James Braveheart Jan-99
HORNER James Deep Impact July-98
HORNER James Enemy at the Gates Apr-01
HORNER James Heart of the Ocean - The Film Music of James Horner ; Music From: Titanic; The Rocketeer; Commando; Legends of the Fall; Apollo 13; Where the River Runs Black; Name of the Rose; Vibes; Wolfen; Coccoon; Field of Dreams; Braveheart; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan July-98
HORNER James Legends of the Fall Jan-99
HORNER James Mighty Joe Young Jan-99
HORNER James Mighty Joe Young May-99
HORNER James More Music from Braveheart Mar-99
HORNER James Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan July-99
HORNER James Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Mar-99
HORNER James Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Mar-99
HORNER James The Land Before Time; We're Back July-98
HORNER James The Mask of Zorro Oct-98
HORNER James The Perfect Storm Aug-00
HORNER James The Rocketeer Mar-99
HORNER James The Rocketeer, Jan-99
HORNER James Titanic: The Essential James Horner Film Music Collection Sept-98
HORNER James Willow Jan-99
HORNER James Willow Mar-98
HORNER James Battle Beyond The Stars & Humanoids From The Deep Nov-01
HOROWITZ Joseph Rumpole of the Bailey Sept-98
HOROWITZ Richard Any Given Sunday July-00
HOWARD Jason Make Believe: The Hollywood Baritones May-00
HOWARD NEWTON Vertical Limit Mar-01
HUGHES David A & John MURPHY One More Kiss Mar-00
HUGHES David A & John MURPHY Stiff Upper Lips Aug-98
HUGHES David A & John MURPHY The Bachelor Feb-00
IBERT Jacques Macbeth (suite, 1948) Golgotha (suite, 1935) Don Quichotte (1933) Dec-99
IBERT Jacques Macbeth (suite, 1948) Golgotha (suite, 1935) Don Quichotte (1933) Jan-00
IFUKUBE Akira Godzilla Suite; July-98
IRELAND John The Overlanders Mar-98
IRVING Ernest Whisky Galore Mar-98
ISHAM Mark At First Sight May-99
ISHAM Mark Blade Nov-98
ISHAM Mark Don't Say A Word Jan-02
ISHAM Mark Life As A House Feb-02
ISHAM Mark October Sky Jan-00
ISHAM Mark Rules of Engagement May-00
JACIMOVIC Srdjan White Suit May-00
JACQUES Martyn Shockheaded Pete May-99
JAMES BOND Bond Back in Action Nov-99
JAMES BOND The Essential James Bond Nov-99
JAMES Joseph Priest of Love, Oct-98
JAMES Siân Birdman (Aderyn Prin) Mar-99
JARRE Maurice Ryan's Daughter & Grand Prix July-01
JARRE Maurice A tribute to Sir David Lean (Scores for Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ryan's Daughter,and A Passage to India), May-98
JARRE Maurice Grand Prix / Ryan's Daughter Dec-00
JARRE Maurice I Dreamed of Africa July-00
JARRE Maurice Lawrence of Arabia Mar-99
JARRE Maurice Sunshine July-00
JENKINS Karl Imagined Oceans Aug-98
JIPING Zhao The Film Music of Zhao Jiping: Electric Shadows: including Farewell My Concubine and Raise the Red Lantern May-00
JOHN Elton and Tim RICE The Lion King Oct-99
John POWELL I Am Sam Mar-02
JOHNSTON Adrian All the King's Men Jan-00
JONES Dan Shadow of the Vampire Mar-01
JONES Sidney The Geisha Feb-99
Jones Spike The Very Worst of Spike Jones (1911-1965) July-00
JONES Trevor From Hell Feb-02
JONES Trevor Last of the Mohicans Mar-98
JONES Trevor The Last of the Mohicans Dec-00
JONES Trevor The Mighty Mar-99
JONES Trevor Titanic Town Mar-99

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