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Composer Tribute: Basil Poledouris

Lady in the Water : James Newton Howard  MM / IL; 4.5, 3.5   Decca Records

A Life in Suitcases : Borut Krziznik  MM; 4.5   Mellowdrama

Red River : Dmitri Tiomkin   JS; 5.0   Naxos

True Grit : Elmer Bernstein  IL / MM; 4.5, 4.5   Tadlow Music

Abominable : Lalo Schifrin   IL; 4.0   Aleph Records

Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 : Bear McCreary  TH; 4.5   La La Land

Checkmate : Johnny Williams  GD; 4.5   Film Score Monthly

Evil : Francis Shaw   TH / MM; 2.5, 4.5   Movie Score Media

Haunted : Debbie Wiseman   GD; 4.0   Silva Screen

Mother of Mine : Tuomas Kantelinen  GD / JS; 4.0, 4.5   Miracle Records

United 93 : John Powell   MM / AA; 4.5, 3.0   Varese Sarabande

The Upside of Anger : Alexandre Desplat   DC; 4.0   New Line Records (iTunes)

Editor's Note   MM / GD

Bandidas : Eric Serra  DC; 2.0   Recall

The Da Vinci Code : Hans Zimmer   IL / MM; 4.0, 3.5   Decca Records

The Family Stone : Michael Giacchino  JS; 3.0   Varese Sarabande

Moro No Brasil : Various  DC; 3.0   Promo

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest : Hans Zimmer  MM; 2.5   Hollywood Records

Stay Alive : John Frizzell   MH; 1.5   Lakeshore Records

Superman Returns : John Ottman  AA / MM; 4.5, 3.0   Rhino Records

X-Men 3: The Last Stand : John Powell  MH / MM; 4.0, 3.5   Varese Sarabande

Curse of the Werewolf : Benjamin Frankel   IL; 4.0   Naxos

Deep in my Heart: The Songs of Sigmund Romberg : Sigmund Romberg   IL; N/A   Living Era

Captain Blood and other Swashbucklers : Various  MRC; 3.0   Naxos

Au bout du monde a gauche : Krishna Levy   MM; 3.5   Amelie Aime le Cinema

Breakheart Pass : Jerry Goldsmith   TL; 3.5   La La Land

Les Notes de L'Ecran Vol. 3 : Vladimir Cosma   AA; 3.5   Cinefonia Records

Vanaprastham : Zakir Hussain   AZ; 2.5   Amelie Aime le Cinema

Capitaine des Tenebres : Cyril Morin   MM; 2.5   Cinefonia Records

European Film Music Collection : Various   GD; 3.5   Silva Screen

Factotum : Kristin Asbjornsen   MM; 3.5   Milan Records

Film Music of James Horner : James Horner   MM; 2.0, 3.5   Silva Screen

Film Music of John Williams : John Williams   GD / MM; 3.5, 3.5   Silva Screen

Gabriel Yared Volume 5: Music for Animation : Gabriel Yared   MM; 2.0, 3.5   Cinefonia Records

Je Suis Un Assassin : Krishna Levy   MM; 3.0   Amelie Aime le Cinema

Les Corps Impatients : Alexandre Desplat   MM; 4.0   Amelie Aime le Cinema

Manderlay : Various   MM; 4.0, 2.5   Milan

Variations Iberique : Stefane Mellino   TH; 2.0   Amelie Aime le Cinema

When a Stranger Calls : James Dooley   TK N/A   Lakeshore Records

Half Light : Brett Rosenberg   AA; 3.5   Movie Score Media

The Sisters : Thomas Morse   AA; 3.5   Movie Score Media

Vet Hard : Alex Heffes   DC; 3.5   Movie Score Media

The Wrong Man : Bernard Herrmann   AZ; 3.5   Film Score Monthly

Cello Concerto, O. 32 / Sinfonia Concertante, Op.29 : Miklos Rozsa   MW; 4.5   ASV Gold

Irish Rhapsody : Various  IL; N/A   Naxos

Halliwell’s Top 1,000: The Ultimate Countdown : John Walker  IL; N/A   Harper Collins Entertainment

Publication Editor:
Michael McLennan
Managing Editor:
Ian Lace
Adam Andersson,
Mark Rayen Candasamy,
Demetris Christodoulides,
Gary Dalkin,
Mark Hockley,
Tina Huang,
Tom Keifner,
Ian Lace,
Tim Lines,
Michael McLennan,
James Southall,
Mark Walker
Amer Zahid
Len Mullenger

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