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Introduction : Recent Music in Film: Constant Gardener   MM

Composers of the Month : Mychael Danna and Gabriel Yared   MM

Golden Age Column : The Red Pony   TK

Also Received : Capsule Reviews of The Producers, Good Night and Good Luck, Deuda, The Punisher, Friday the Thirteenth VII/VIII   GD / MH

Enduring Love : Jeremy Sams  GD / MM; 5, 5   Mellowdrama Records MEL-108

Camille Claudel : Gabriel Yared  MM / GD; 5, 5   Cinefonia-Yad CFY-002

[2-Album Review] Mighty Joe Young and other Ray Harryhausen Animation Classics / This Island Earth and other Alien Invasion Films : Webb, Bakaleinikoff, et al / Stein, Salter, Mancini, et al  DW; 5, 5   Monstrous Movie Music MMM-1953 / Monstrous Movie Music MMM-1954

Bell, Book and Candle / 1001 Arabian Nights : George Duning  IL; 4.5   Film Score Monthly FSM Vol.9 No.1

The Constant Gardener : Alberto Iglesias  TH / MM; 4, 4.5   Higher Octave EMI 09463-36887-2-8

The New World : James Horner  MM / IL; 3.5, 4.5   Silva Screen SILCD 1200

Orion : Philip Glass  MM; 4   Orange Mountain Music OMM-0021

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance : Cho Young-Wook  TH / MM; 5, 3.5   Pastel PMCD 7005

Where the Truth Lies : Mychael Danna  MM; 4.5   Varese Sarabande VSD 6696

Capote : Mychael Danna  IL; 3.5   RCA/Legacy BMK678151

Doom : Clint Mansell  TH; 3/3   Varèse Sarabande (LC 06083)

Just Like Heaven : Rolfe Kent, various  JS; 2.5   Columbia-Sony 5196462000

Mrs Henderson Presents : George Fenton  IL; 4   SONY BMG 82876762662

North Country : Gustavo Santaolalla, various  JS; 2.5   Columbia-Sony CK 97777

Proof : Stephen Warbeck  AZ; 3   Varese Sarabande VSD-6678

Stay Alive : John Frizzell  DC; 4   Promo

These Foolish Things : Ian Lynn  IL; 3.5   SONY BMG 8287680387

Water : Mychael Danna  AZ; 4   Varese Sarabande VSD-6695

Effects : John Harrison  MH; 0.5   La La Land LLLCD-1040

Escape to Victory : Bill Conti  IL; 4   Prometheus PCR-520

Finding Home : Joseph Conlan  MM; 3   BSXCD 884

Firefly : Greg Edmonson  MR; 2.5   Varese Sarabande VSD-6699

Hotel Rwanda : Rupert Gregson-Williams, Andrea Guerra  DC; 2   Commotion CR005

Madison : Kevin Kiner, Chris Young  MM; N/A   BSXCD-885

Stripes : Elmer Bernstein  AZ; 3.5   Varese Sarabande VSD-6663

Film and Other Music by Anthony Collins : Anthony Collins  IL; 4   Dutton CDLX 7162

Music for the Films of Marlon Brando : Various Artists  TK; 2.5   Silva SILCD 1166

Ennio Morricone: The Man and His Music : Ennio Morricone  GD; 4   Warner 5101 12304-2

Music from the Films of Harry Potter : John Williams, Patrick Doyle  JS / MM; 3, 3.5   Silva Screen TSQCD1206

The Magnificent Westerns : Various Artists  AZ / MH; 4,4   Silva Screen SILCD1202

Felicidades : Andres Goldstein, Daniel Tarrab  MM; 2   Mellowdrama MEL-106

Shadows of the Sun : Mark Thomas  DC; 4   MovieScore Media MMS-06002

Unknown Soldier : Peter Calandra  DC; 3   MovieScore Media MMS-06001

Following : David Julyan  MM; 3   Cinefonia CFR-017

Les Notes de L'Écran : Georges Delerue  GD / MM; 2.5, 3.5   Cinefonia CFSAM001

Les Orientales : Gabriel Yared  TL; 3   Cinefonia-Yad CFY-003

La Lune dans de Caniveau : Gabriel Yared  MM; 4   Cinefonia - Yad CFY-004

Invitation / A Life of Her Own : Bronislau Kaper  MM; 3.5   Film Score Monthly FSM Vol.8 No.17

Zigzag / The Supercops : Oliver Nelson, Jerry Fielding  MR; 4   Film Score Monthly FSM Vol.9 No.2

Les Enfants Terribles : Philip Glass  DC / MM; 3.5, N/A   Orange Mountain Music OMM-0019

Orchestral Works : Malcolm Williamson  IL; 4   Chandos CHAN 10359

Publication Editor:
Michael McLennan
Managing Editor:
Ian Lace
Demetris Christodoulides,
Gary Dalkin,
Mark Hockley,
Tina Huang,
Tom Keifner,
Ian Lace,
Tim Lines,
Michael McLennan,
Mark Rayen,
James Southall,
Jeffrey Wheeler,
David Wishart,
Amer Zahid
Len Mullenger

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