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Editorial Team:
Editor: Michael McLennan
Associate Editor: Gary S. Dalkin
Managing Editor: Ian Lace
Content Manager / Site Re-Designer, Reviewer: Tina Huang
Demetris Christodoulides
Mark Hockley
Tom Kiefner (Golden Age Column)
Tim Lines
Mark Rayen Candasamy
James Southall
Mark Walker
David Wishart
Amer Zahid

EDITOR – Michael McLennan [Top]

MICHAEL MCLENNAN is twenty-five year old short film writer/director from Sydney, Australia. His interest in film and film music began as an infant’s fascination with Leonard Rosenman’s music for Ralph Bakshi’s outrageous animated Lord of the Rings adaptation, though he has been nudged along the way by Scorsese’s Kundun, Coppola’s The Conversation, Michael Mann’s The Insider, Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love and Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line. Long a reader of the site, he only came to Film Music on the Web recently, reviewing titles throughout 2005 and editor since early 2006. Officially overcommitted, he balances the position of content editor precariously with his interest in film, film-making, script-writing, editing, teaching at Sydney Film School, keeping his job as a research assistant, and having a life. He has a passion for non-American film music, clever film music, and a certain young lady. His films to date are The Highwayman (mockumentary), Strangely Dim (not a film about perverse retards), and Go Quickly, the latter Highly Commended in the 2006 Dendy Film Awards in the Long Form Short category.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR – Gary S. Dalkin [Top]

GARY DALKIN is a freelance writer living between England’s World Heritage Jurassic Coast and the (very old) New Forest. He has been a film music fan for over 30 years, but became a life-long addict upon seeing Obsession (Bernard Herrmann) in 1976. He has written professionally on film and film music for Amazon, Gramophone, HMV, the London Symphony Orchestra, Mellowdrama Records, the Royal Philharmonic and SFX. He writes professionally on science fiction and the craft of writing for various publications. Favourite film composer: John Williams. The future of film music: Christopher Gordon, Alexandre Desplat, Daniel Tarrab and Andrés Goldstein.


IAN LACE is the founder of Film Music on the Web. He is now its Managing Editor (“Just keeping a fatherly eye on the site”, as he says). He has always been a film and film music enthusiast ever since his youth in the 1950s when he often watched films round a second time in cinemas just to hear the music. He also lectures on classical music throughout England and has reviewed recordings of classical for 30 years or more, having written for BBC Music Magazine, Fanfare, Classic CD and other publications besides occasional broadcasts on British music.


TINA HUANG, a practicing Renaissance Dilettante, is a lifelong musician with eclectic/expansive tastes, countless preoccupations, and closet composer tendencies—which are at the moment placed indefinitely on the backburner.  Her attention is oftentimes divided between writing, various design work, critiquing multifaceted entertainment (i.e., whatever piques her at the time), and, well... too many obsessions to list.  Some of her countless banes include inane blogs, [#@*&%$!!!] Ann Hart Coulter, crammed-in-a-nutshell self-descriptions, and the infuriating, ever-present entity known as Time.  She rarely believes in a favourite anything, but favoured film composers and scores vacillate between "Mood Dependant" and (surprise, surprise) "Too Many to List".

REVIEWER - Demetris Christodoulides [Top]

DEMETRIS CHRISTODOULIDES is a twenty-three year old Musicologist from Larnaca, Cyprus. He has been studying the piano for many years and succesfully completed the Grade 8 certificate of Music Theory / Harmony and Morphology under Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, GB. He is currently studying at the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, Greece in the School of fine arts, Music Department. His other commitments include serving as Editor of www.scoremagacine.com, a member of the organizing comittee of SONCINEMAD - 1st Madrid International Film Music Festival (as Scoremagacine.com), news editor and member of the website team of www.hans-zimmer.com, a member of International Film Music Critics Association (http://www.filmmusiccritics.com/) and news editor of www.musiconfilm.net. As well as reviewing for Film Music on the Web, he has written for www.cinemascope.gr.

REVIEWER - Mark Hockley [Top]

MARK HOCKLEY is based in the UK, and has a particular interest film scoring for horror, science fiction and fantasy genres. He is also an as-yet-unproduced screenwriter and novelist. Anyone interested in reading his work please feel free to e-mail him at billycutshaw@hotmail.com. His favourite composer, old school, is Bernard Herrmann and favourite current composer is James Newton Howard. Mark has been passionately interested in film music since first hearing Pino Donaggio's score for Carrie in 1976.

REVIEWER - Tom Kiefner (Golden Age Column) [Top]

TOM KIEFNER is a fifty-eight year old married man recovering from a major stroke he suffered in August 2004. It has allowed him to pursue a love of soundtracks he has had since 1959. His very first soundtrack was the television score of Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini and his tastes are in two main areas of film score music: (i) classical composers who have done work for Hollywood such as Aaron Copland; and (ii) the golden age works of Steiner, Waxman, Korngold etc. He has lived in San Diego California since 1971, has a grown daughter, two grandchildren, and a 12 year old cat named Grizzly. From Tom: “I am very grateful to be allowed to write a golden age column along with reviews for this website. I have known the editor Michael McLennan for 3 years and he pretty much allows me to do whatever I wish with my column.”

REVIEWER - Tim Lines [Top]

TIM LINES is based in the UK. His favourite composer is John Barry.

REVIEWER - Mark Rayen Candasamy [Top]

Born in London in 1986, MARK RAYEN CANDASAMY resides in Norway and studies music as a performance major at the Conservatory of Kristiansand. Interested in film from the age of fifteen, he reviews soundtracks for a number of websites, including Score Reviews and Film Music on the Web.

REVIEWER - James Southall [Top]

JAMES SOUTHALL is training to be an actuary at the insurance company Axa – every young boy’s dream. In his spare time, apart from contributing to Film Music on the Web, he maintains his film music review website Movie-Wave.net. He has also written, at one time or another, for Film Score Monthly and Soundtrack magazines, neither of which is still with us – FMOTW, beware! – and has written liner notes for John Barry and Elmer Bernstein CDs from Prometheus Records. His favourite film composers are Alex North, Jerry Goldsmith and Ennio Morricone; after a few years of seeing film music apparently fall into the gutter, he is delighted to see such fresh, enthusiastic and – mercifully – diverse voices as Alexandre Desplat and Michael Giacchino emerging. Least likely to say: “I wish John Ottman had scored this!” When not developing stochastic models for pensioners’ mortality or writing about film music, he is usually found at Walsall Football Club, cheering on the super Saddlers as they fall ever further down the divisions. Well, somebody has to.

REVIEWER - Mark Walker [Top]

MARK WALKER’s claim to fame (in soundtrack circles anyway) is that he was the editor of the Gramophone Film Music and Musicals Good CD Guides, and for several years edited Gramophone magazine’s now defunct film music pages. He is also the author of the historical novel Amida and the forthcoming Latin for Everyday Life (both available from Pineapple Publications). These days his ‘day job’ is bringing up his two-year-old son William, while teaching evening classes in Latin, Classics and Philosophy – oh, and writing the odd review for Film Music on the Web.

REVIEWER - David Wishart [Top]

DAVID WISHART lives in central London and had been involved in the record and recording industry since 1969. As a recording producer working with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Philharmonia, The City Of Prague Philharmonic and The Royal Ballet Sinfonia among other ensembles he has worked in various capacities on over two hundred albums of film music and classical repertoire for his own label, CNR, for EMI Records, Silva Screen Records, JOS Records, GDI Records, ASV Records and Virgin Classics. He has been the recipient of many awards, inclusive of The Music Retailer’s Association Annual Award For Excellence, The Preises Der Schallplattenkritic, The American Federation Of Independent Music’s award for Best Film Music Album plus the prestigious Gramophone Award. As a writer and journalist he has penned the reviews for over three hundred albums, has written for the magazines Records And Recording, Music For The Movies, Movie Collector and Gramophone, contributed notes for the BBC Prom concerts, has authored the text for over two hundred CD booklets, plus he regularly writes concert notes for various orchestras from The Halle to the BBC Concert Orchestra to The Royal Scottish National Orchestra to The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

REVIEWER - Amer Zahid [Top]

AMER ZAHID is a film music buff by hobby, and a banker by profession. He lives in Karachi, Pakistan. His first fell in love with film music after hearing John Williams’s remearkeable score for Superman. Williams remains his favourite composer to this day, followed by Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, John Barry and Maurice Jarre. He is also interested in film music from the Golden Age of film scoring – especially composers such as Miklos Rozsa and Dimitri Tomkin. His favourite all time scores are Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, Vertigo, Psycho, El Cid, Raiders of the Lost Ark,. Poltergeist, Supergirl, Lawrence of Arabia, Somewhere in Time, The Magnificent Seven and The Final Conflict.

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