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John Mark Ainsley in interview with Melanie Eskenazi

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, the SYMPHONY and the SECOND WORLD WAR, with a comparative CD review of the Symphony No. 5 in D by Bill Hedley


What is a mezzosoprano? part (1), (2), (3), (4) Chris Howell

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C. P. E. BACH (1714 - 1788) Keyboard Sonatas E minor, W65,5/H13; B flat, W65, 20/H51; E minor, W62,12/H66; B flar, W65,44/H211; C, W65,47/H248; G, W65,48/H280. Carole Cerasi (harpsichord/fortepiano). Recorded at Forde Abbey, February 16th-18th, 2001. METRONOME METCD1032 [67.27] [CC]

It is a tribute to Cerasis artistry and understanding of C. P. E. Bach's idiosyncratic idiom that this recital grips the listeners attention from the very first note and refuses to let go. see Full Review

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony no 8 in C Minor (Original version, ed. Haas) Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Günter Wand Recorded live in the Philharmonie, Berlin, 19-22 January 2001 BMG RCA Red Seal 74321 82866-2 [87’07"] [JQ]

This is a towering achievement and I think it is likely to be one of the most significant orchestral releases of 2002 … see Full Review


Cécile CHAMINADE (1857-1944) Mélodies; Pièces pour violon et piano (2) Pièces pour deux pianos (3) Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) (1), Nils-Erik Sparf (violin) (2), Peter Jablonski (pianoforte) (3), Bengt Forsberg (pianoforte) (all items) Recorded Sep. 2000, Stockholm, Sveriges Radio AB, Berwaldhallen DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 471 331-2 [76’ 09"] [CH]

None of us will be around when they start selecting "21st Century Gramophone Classics", but I have the idea this will be one of them. … See Full Review

Music around the Baltic Sea Vol 1 Heino Eller (1887-1970) Five Pieces for String Orchestra Carl Nielsen(1865-1931) Little Suite Op. 1 Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) Suite Champêtre Ture Rangstöm (1884-1947) Divertimento Elegiaco Camerata Roman - Jan Stigmer, leader Recorded at Påskallavik Church on January 1993 INTIM MUSIK IMCD 021 [54.51] [JF]

This is a great CD. At least three minor masterpieces from Carl Nielsen and two lesser-known composers. Beautifully played it is a true introduction to Baltic music. Great sound too. … see Full Review

CABARET SONGS BOLCOM William (b. 1938) Cabaret Songs: Over the piano, Fur (Murray the Furrier), He tipped the waiter, Waitin, Song of Black Max, Amor, Places to live, Toothbrush time, Surprise! The Actor, Oh Close the Curtain, George WEILL Kurt (1900-1950) Nanna’s Lied, Youkali, Complainte de la Seine, Je ne t’aime pas HOLLÄNDER Friedrich (1896-1976) Lass mich einmal deine Carmen sein, Nimm dich in acht vor blonden Frau’n, Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt, Die Kleptomanin BRITTEN Benjamin (1913-1976) Carbaret Songs: Tell me the truth about love, Funeral Blues, Johnny, Calypso Malena Ernman (mezzo-soprano), Bengt-Åke Lundin (pianoforte) Recorded October/November 2000, Danderyds Gymnasium, Sweden BIS CD-1154 [75’ 20"] [CH]

In this repertoire at least, Ernman is an absolutely super singer. … see Full Review

NIGHT SONGS FAURE, DEBUSSY, MARX, STRAUSS RACHMANINOV Renée Fleming, soprano Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano Rec The Hit Factory, New York 16-20 November 2000, 13-14 January 2001 DECCA 467 697-2 [73.01] [AT]

The performances are gorgeous, the two musicians in complete sympathy with each other and the music, alternately soaring convincingly and whispering tenderly. Gorgeous. … see Full Review

POPES AND ANTIPOPES. MUSIC FOR THE COURTS OF AVIGNON AND ROME Anon Gloria, Clemens deus artifex tota clentia Pictagore per dogmata/O terra sancta/Rosa vernans Mayhuet de JOAN Inclite flos orti Gebenesis EGIDIUS Courtois et sages Philipoctus de CASERTA Par les bons Gedeon Johannes CICONIA O Petre, Christi discipule Bartolomeus de BONONIA Arte psalentes VELUT Benedicta viscera/Ave mater gratie/Ora pro nobis Johannes CICONA Gloria Suscipe Trinitas TAPISSIER Eya dulcis/Vale placens Antonio de CIVITATE Clarus ortu/Gloriosa mater Nicolaus ZACHARIE Gia per gran nobelta Johannes BRASSART Te dignitas presularis Guillaume DUFAY Balsamus et munda cera Supremum est Ecclesie militantis Orlando Consort Recorded for BBC Radio. First broadcast 11 and 18 September 1994. Released by arrangement with BBC Worldwide Ltd. METRONOME MET CD 1008 [70.50] [JW]

There were times listening to this deeply impressive recording when I wondered whether the Orlando Consort were not, after all, the greatest ensemble of its kind anywhere. Its that kind of disc....see Full Review


Song Compilation: s’amuse…auf deutsch Franz LEHAR (1870-1948) I’ll sing you my song, Come to me for tea, Kiss me, my darling Oscar STRAUSS (1870 –1954) I am a woman who knows what she wants, Ninon, Every woman has a secret longing, Why shouldn’t a woman have an affair Wilhelm GROSZ (1894-1939) Telephone Order Carl LOEWE (1796-1869) The mother at the cradle, The tooth Adolf JENSEN (1837-1879) Murmuring breeze Peter CORNELIUS (1824-1874) Come together we’ll walk, A sound Richard STRAUSS (1864-1949) An encounter, In the forest Johannes BRAHMS ((1833-1897) Down there in the valley; O mother, I want to have a thingy Gustav MAHLER (1860-1911) Who made up this little song, In praise of high intellect Hugo WOLF (1860-1903) How to express joy, A girl’s first love song, A summer cradle song Engelbert HUMPERDINCK (1854-1921) When at night I go to sleep Arnold SCHOENBERG (1874-1951) Warning Franz VON VECSEY (1893-1935) Do you never think? Edmund NICK (1891-1974) The coy shepherdess Felicity Lott (soprano) with Graham Johnson (piano) (Recorded at Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London March 1999) FORLANE UCD16811 [67:59] [IL]

A total delight. Dame Felicity Lott clearly enjoys these wonderful songs, songs that are often very cheeky and sometimes romantic and sentimental. … see Full Review



Arnold BAX (1883-1953) String Quartet No. 1 (1918) String Quartet No. 2 (1925) Maggini Quartet rec 19-21 Dec 1999, Potton Hall, Suffolk NAXOS 8.555282 [54.00] [RB]

You must hear this! One of 2001's top ten classical discs. Roll on the Naxos/Maggini Third Quartet - a work of symphonic impact and scale. ...see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Piano Sonatas: No. 8 in C minor, op. 13 – "Pathétique", no. 14 in C sharp minor, op, 27/2 – "Moonlight", no. 23 in F minor, op. 57 – "Appassionata", no. 26 in E flat, op. 81a – "Les Adieux" Arthur Rubinstein (pianoforte) Recorded 1962 (opp. 13, 27/2, 81a), 1963 (op. 57), location not given BMG RCA RED SEAL 74321 68006 2 [75.34] [CH]

Beethoven speaks to all men in many ways, and there will be times when Rubinstein’s very human way will bring the music closer to you than any other. … see Full Review

Aaron COPLAND (1900-1990) A Copland Celebration - in Three 2CD Volumes ... from Sony Classical Vol. 1: Famous Orchestral and Chamber Works SONY CLASSICAL SM2K 89323 [CD1: 75.56; CD2: 67.13] Vol. 2: Chamber Works and Rarities SONY CLASSICAL SM2K 89326 [CD1: 61.41; CD2: 75.00] Vol. 3: Vocal Works and Opera SONY CLASSICAL SM2K 89329 [CD1: 75.23; CD2: 65.58] [RB]

Three generous helpings of non-mainstream Copland in historic recordings - most sounding very well indeed. They are outstandingly presented. Forced to choose one there can be no doubt; it has to be volume 3 for its slightly abridged The Tender Land - a special listening experience. ...see Full Review

Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH (1906-75) Piano Concerto No. 1 (1933) * Piano Concerto No. 2 (1957) ** Cello Concerto No. 1 (1959) *** * Andrê Previn (piano), William Vacchiano (trumpet), NYPO/Bernstein ** Leonard Bernstein (piano and conductor)/NYPO *** Yo-Yo Ma (cello)/Philadelphia/Ormandy Piano Concertos: rec 1960s ADD; Cello Concerto: 1980s DDD SONY SMK 89752 [69.07] [RB]

Classic Shostakovich; irresistible in the case of the populist Second Concerto. … see Full Review

LE BELLE IMMAGINI W.A. MOZART (1756-1791) From La Clemenza di Tito (1791) "Parto, ma tu, ben mio" [5:59] "Deh, per questo istante solo" [6:38] From Le Nozze di Figaro (1786) "Voi che sapete" From Lucio Silla (1772) "Il tenero momento" From Idomeneo (1781) "Il Padre adorato" From La Finta Giardinera (1774) "Va’pure ad altri in braccio" Christoph Willibald GLUCK (1714-1787) From Paride ed Elena (1770) "Le belle immagini" "O del mio dolce ardor bramato oggeto!" From La Clemenza di Tito (1752) "Se sento spirato sul volto" Josef MYSLIVEČEK (1737 - 1781) From Abramo ed Isacco (1776) "Deh, parlate" From Antigona (1773) "Sarò qual è il torrente" From L’Olimpiade (1778) "Che non mi disse un di!" "Più non so trovano" Magdalena Kožená, mezzo-soprano Prague Philharmonia/Michel Swierczewski Rec Prague, Rudolfinum, Dvorak Hall, 9/2001 DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 471 334-2 [68:18] [AT]

Essentially a very musical disc, with a thoughtful selection of music, by three composers intimately connected with Kožená’s Prague and Bohemia. Kožená has a strong, expressive voice that has a pleasant tone and a beautiful range of dynamics and an excellent facility for getting between them. … see Full Review
(If you can get it at AmazonUK price of £8.99)

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