November 1999 Film Music CD Reviews
Part 2

Film Music Editor: Ian Lace
Music Webmaster Len Mullenger

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Reviewers: Ian Lace, Rob Barnett, Paul Tonks,Gary Dalkin, Richard Adams, Jeffrey Wheeler, Didier C Deutsch, Gerald Fenech, Helen San, Kostas Anagnostou
Los Angeles correspondent:
Anthony E. Anderson

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Click on the CD cover to read the review  36CDs 2Videos
Michael KAMEN The Iron Giant   OST   VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6062 [49:56]

Mark SNOW Crazy in Alabama   OST   SILVA SCREEN AMERICA SSD-1104 [47:27]

Bruce ROWLAND Journey to the Centre of the Earth   Original Television Soundtrack   VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6069 [68:20]  

Miklos Rozsa at MGM by Miklos Rozsa  Rhino Records R2 75723

Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century
Compilation: Movie Music: The Definitive Performances
by Various Composers   SONY Legacy Recordings J2K 65813

Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century
Compilation: Broadway: The Great Original Cast Recordings by Various Composers   SONY Legacy Recordings J2K 65810

Collection: The Twilight Zone (The 40th Anniversary Collection)   Music by Bernard HERRMANN; Jerry GOLDSMITH; Franz WAXMAN Leonard ROSENMAN, Fred STEINER and others.   SILVA Treasury STD 2000 4CDs [4hrs 51mins]
CD1 Rob Barnett

CD2 Ian Lace

CD3 Ian Lace

Rob Barnett

Collection: Cinema Century 2000   A Four CD anthology with The City of Prague Philharmonic,The Westminster Philharmonic & The Crouch End Festival Chorus, conducted by Paul Bateman and Nic Raine.   SILVA SCREEN - FILMXCD318 Disc One: [62:55], Disc Two: [56:18], Disc Three: [62:48], Disc Four [62:00]. Total time [244:01]


Collection: Bond Back in Action Music for the James Bond films: from Dr No to Diamonds are Forever.   New Digital recordings by The City of Prague Philharmonic conducted by Nic Raine.   SILVA SCREEN FILMCD 317 [74:14]

THE ESSENTIAL JAMES BOND A Symphonic Survey from Dr No to Goldeneye   various composers City of Prague PO/Nic Raine  recorded in Prague 1993 and 1997 19 tracks James Bond Fan Club SILVA SCREEN FILMCD 007 [68:13]

VANGELIS: Reprise 1990-99. A selection of the best of Vangelis from the last decade. EAST WEST 3984298282 [55:00]

Collection: EARL WILD Goes to the Movies   Featuring the music of Steiner, Rózsa, Rodgers, Liszt, Chopin and Mozart.   IVORY Classics 64405-70801 [68:00]

Jean-Claude Petit Cyrano de Bergerac Trema 710323  Out of print. For sale at Disques Cinemusique

 Kristopher CARTER, Michael McCUISTION, Lolita RITMANIS, Shirley WALKER Batman Beyond    RHINO R2 75925 [40:10]

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© Film Music on the Web 1999.  All rights retained. Reviewers retain copyright on their reviews.

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