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Philip SAINTON (1891-1967) Moby Dick, John WILLIAMS Close Encounters of the Third Kind,Philip GLASS Koyaanisqatsi, Nino ROTA Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2, Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD Die Kathrin, Collection: ART HOUSE CLASSICS: Gabriel YARED The English Patient; Michael NYMAN The Piano;David HIRSCHFELDER Shine; Wojciech KILAR The Portrait of a Lady,  Jerry GOLDSMITH Mulan, Bill WHELAN Dancing at Lughnasa, David HIRSCHFELDER Elizabeth, Philip GLASS and Burkhard DALLWITZ The Truman Show, Stephen ENDELMAN The Proposition, Anne DUDLEY American History X, Harry GREGSON-WILLIAMS and John POWELL Antz, Emil CMIRAL Ronin, Ryuichi SAKAMOTO Snake Eyes, Edward SHEARMUR The Wings of the Dove, Bernard HERRMANN The Trouble With Harry, John WILLIAMS Midway, Basil POLEDOURIS Lonesome Dove, Songs from ALLY McBEAL, JUDY GARLAND in Hollywood, Burt BACHARACH What's New Pussycat?, Henry MANCINI The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Ernest GOLD Judgment at Nuremburg, Elmer BERNSTEIN The Magnificent Seven, Elmer BERNSTEIN The Return of the Magnificent Seven, Michel LEGRAND The Thomas Crown Affair, Pino DONAGGIO Carrie, MONSTER MANIA Music from the Classic Godzilla Films (1945-1995), John BEAL Coming Soon! Music from Movie Trailers, Debbie WISEMAN Every Note Paints A Picture


CINEMA CAFÉ  The European Film Music Album, Erik NORDGREN (1913-1992) The Classic Film Music : The Bergman Suites , George GERSHWIN The Piano Rolls; Vol 2. George GERSHWIN Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F; An American in Paris, George GERSHWIN An American in Paris; Concerto in F*; Catfish Row Suite with scenes from Porgy and Bess; Second Rhapsody for Piano and orchestra, George GERSHWIN The Best of George Gershwin, Bernard HERRMANN The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Bernard HERRMANN Orson Welles at the Movies: Citizen Kane; The Magnificent Ambersons, Bernard HERRMANN Taxi Driver, Jerry GOLDSMITH The Sand Pebbles, Jerry GOLDSMITH Planet of the Apes/Escape From The Planet of the Apes, Franz WAXMAN Taras Bulba, Alex NORTH Viva Zapata, Alex NORTH The Misfits, Cliff EIDELMAN One True Thing, George FENTON Ever After, Mark ISHAM Blade, Edward SHEARMUR The Governess, Mark MANCINA Return to Paradise.Aaron COPLAND music used in He Got Game Dennis McCARTHY V: The Series, Joe HARNELL V Original Soundtrack Recording (1983-84), THE DISASTER MOVIE MUSIC ALBUM, The Oliver Stone Connection, Compilation: The World of the Cinema                  


James HORNER   Back to Titanic, Alex NORTH   The Agony and the Ecstacy, John WILLIAMS Saving Private Ryan, Jerry GOLDSMITH Small Soldiers, James HORNER The Mask of Zorro, John WILLIAMS The Poseidon Adventure, George GERSHWIN  Fantasy for violin and orchestra on themes from Porgy and Bess; Three Preludes; Songs for violin and orchestra,George GERSHWIN Gershwin plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls,  George & Ira GERSHWIN Pardon My English, George & Ira GERSHWIN Standards & Gems, Nino ROTA Two Piano Concertos, Bernard HERRMANN The Inquirer, Bernard HERRMANN Souvenirs de Voyage, Echoes, Victor YOUNG The Quiet Man, Alfred NEWMAN The Greatest Story Ever Told, Gato BARBIERI Last Tango in Paris, Richard Rodney BENNETT Equus, André PREVIN Elmer Gantry, André PREVIN Irma La Douce, Joseph JAMES Priest of Love, JOHN BARRY Body Heat, STREISAND Funny Lady                   


Thomas NEWMAN The Horse Whisperer;George GERSHWIN Porgy & Bess (complete) conducted by Simon Rattle; George GERSHWIN The Complete Orchestral Collection Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F for Piano and Orchestra; Variations on "I Got Rhythm" and Rialto Ripples Rag (William Tritt - piano); Second Rhapsody (Stewart Goodyear - piano);An American in Paris; Cuban Overture; Lullaby; Walking the Dog; Mexican DanceCatfish Row (Symphonic Suite from Porgy and Bess); George GERSHWIN Rhapsody in Blue; 2nd Rhapsody; Piano Concerto in F; Kurt WEILL/Ira GERSHWIN/Moss HART Lady in the Dark; KORNGOLD Symphony in F sharp; The Sea Hawk; KORNGOLD The Sea Hawk; KORNGOLD Suite for 2 Violins, Cello and Piano Left Hand,Franz SCHMIDT Quintet in G Major for 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Piano Left Hand; KORNGOLD Piano Music; Bernard HERRMANN Garden of Evil; Prince of Players; Bernard HERRMANN Jane Eyre; Bernard HERRMANN The Ghost and Mrs Muir; Bernard HERRMANN Torn Curtain; John WILLIAMS Thomas and the King; 20th CENTURY FOX - MUSIC FROM THE GOLDEN AGE: Excerpts from: Prince Valiant; The Seven Year Itch; Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef; The Razor's Edge; The rains of Ranchipur; Viva Zapata; Love is a Many Splendoured Thing; The Ghost of Mrs Muir; Captain from Castile; Journey to the Centre of Earth; Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?; Daddy Long Legs; The Tall Men; Leave Her to Heaven; All About Eve; The Stripper; Violent Saturday; Song of Bernadette; Anna and the King of Siam; Rio Conchos; Prince of Players; The Best of Everything; The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit; The President's Lady; Patton; Garden of Evil; A Man Called Peter.; Randy EDELMAN Six Days, Seven Nights; James NEWTON HOWARD A Perfect Murder; James HORNER Titanic: The Essential James Horner Film Music Collection; David FERGUSON The View from Now: Film and TV themes. Music from: Cracker ; The Woman in White; Bravo 2 Zero; A Dark Adapted Eye; American Visions; The Ice House; Some Kind of Life; Albert Camus; Hostile Water; Bad Girl; Marilyn; Life after Life; Breakout; Disaster at Valdez; Brian LOCK The Land Girls; Christopher GUNNING Firelight; Basil POLEDOURIS Conan The Barbarian; Jerry GOLDSMITH The Flint Movies In Like Flint; Our Man Flint; Jerry GOLDSMITH The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Collection; SCREEN EXTRAVAGANZA The Best of BRITISH TV and Film Music:BARRINGTON PHELOUNG: Inspector Morse; Nostradamus; Truly, Madly Deeply.George FENTON: Memphis Belle Colin TOWNS: Vampire's Kiss; Puppetmasters Debbie WISEMAN: Haunted; Tom and Viv; Good Guys. Joseph HOROWITZ: Rumpole of the Bailey Christopher GUNNING: Under Suspicion; Cold Lazarus Carl DAVIS: Pride and Prejudice; The French Lieutenant's Woman; Champions. Ron GOODWIN: The Battle of Britain; Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines; 633 Squadron; CINEMA CHORAL CLASSICS/CINEMA CHORAL CLASSICS II; MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES "Beautiful arrangements performed by The 101 Strings Orchestra"; Leonard BERNSTEIN West Side Story


George GERSHWIN Porgy & Bess  Original CBS recording: Lawrence Winters (Porgy); Camilla Williams (Bess); Inez Matthews (Serena); Warren Coleman (Crown); Avon Long (Sportin’ Life); J. Rosamond Johnson Chorus; Orchestra Conducted by Lehman Engel ;George GERSHWIN Porgy & Bess (Highlights) Blue Monday (original version);Philip GLASS Symphony No 2 ; Interlude from Orphée 1992 ; Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra;Michael J. LEWIS - Film Music 1969-1994; LIBERTY TREE - American Music 1776 -1861; Burt BACHARACH Songs;Max STEINER The Treasure of The Sierra Madre Suite; The Charge of the Light Brigade Suite;David A HUGHES & John MURPHY Stiff Upper Lips; Karl JENKINS - Imagined Oceans; Mark SNOW The X Files (Fight the Future) - The Movie; Nicholas PIKE Star Kid; Jay GRUSKA Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman (TV Series); THE BEST OF THE GODZILLA MOVIES (1954-1995); Michael GIACCHINO The Lost World - Jurassic Park; Christopher FRANKE Babylon 5 TV series.  Bruce BROUGHTON Lost in Space; Jerry GOLDSMITH Legend (1985) ;Basil POLEDOURIS Conan The Destroyer (1984)


George and Ira GERSHWIN IN HOLLYWOOD ; George GERSHWIN 'The Very Best of George Gershwin; Max STEINER The Flame and the Arrow and other classic film scores ;James HORNER Deep Impact ; TITANIC - The Ultimate Collection.; Heart of the Ocean - The Film Music of James Horner ; Music From: Titanic; The Rocketeer; Commando; Legends of the Fall; Apollo 13; Where the River Runs Black; Name of the Rose; Vibes; Wolfen; Coccoon; Field of Dreams; Braveheart; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Roy WEBB Music for films:Notorious; The Curse of the Cat People; Journey into Fear; The Locket; Out of the Past (Build My Gallows High); Bedlam; Crossfire; Sinbad the Sailor; Dick Tracy; Mighty Joe Young; Cornered; They Won't Believe Me; The Ghost Ship; Ernest GOLD It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; Sir William WALTON Henry V ; Bernard HERRMANN Concerto Macabre ; Devil and Daniel Webster suite; For the Fallen; Sinfonietta (scherzo only); Prelude for piano, Symphony No. 1 (finale only); CINEMA CLASSICS Music for Concert and Screen BERNSTEIN, RÓZSA, WAXMAN, MOROSS, HERRMANN, COPLAND, KORNGOLD; Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD String Quartets Nos 1 (1924) and 2 (1934); MONSTER MOVIE MUSIC ALBUM AKIRA IFUKUBE Godzilla Suite; STEINER/BARRY/SCOTT King Kong Suite HERRMANN Mysterious Island Suite; GOLDSMITH Baby Secret Of A Lost Legend ROBERT FOLK Theodore Rex; HORNER The Land Before Time; We're Back DAVID NEWMAN The Flintstones; Claude BOLLING Borsalino;VIDEO REVIEW: BASIL POLEDOURIS HIS LIFE AND MUSIC;GEOFFREY BURGON THE TELEVISION SCORES: BRIDESHEAD REVISITED, TESTAMENT OF YOUTH, BLEAK HOUSE Suite, TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY,  THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA suite : Terence BLANCHARD Eve's Bayou;

Bernard HERRMANN Psycho, Jerry GOLDSMITH The Mephisto Waltz; The Other,  Elmer BERNSTEIN To Kill A Mocking Bird, David RAKSIN Forever Amber, Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD The Snowman (Act I); Fairy Tale Pictures (Premiere Recording); Overture to a Drama; Prelude and Carnival from Violanta, Alexander ZEMLINSKY The Mermaid; Sinfonietta; Overture: Sarema, Aaron COPLAND A Copland Profile: The Red Pony; Symphony for Orchestra and Organ; Music for the Theatre, John BARRY Out of Africa, Elliot GOLDENTHAL Sphere , JAN A P KACZMAREK Washington Square, Peter MAXWELL DAVIES Mavis in Las Vegas; Ojai Festival Overture; Carolisima: Serenade for Chamber Orchestra; A Spell for Green Corn; The MacDonald Dances; An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise, Michael KAMEN - Film Music, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - Overture and Maid Marian at the Waterfall. Mr Holland's Opus - Rowena. Don Juan Demarco - Dona Ana. Circle of Friends - You're the One. Crusoe - Marooned. Highlander - There Can Be Only One. The Next Man - Magic City. Die Hard - Tagaki Dies. Edge of Darkness - Nuclear Train. Brazil - Brazil, Michael KAMEN (lyrics Alan Rickman) The Winter Guest, ROBERT MELLIN and GIANPIERO REVERBERI The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, CARL DAVIS Phantom of the Opera,  
May-June 98 FILM MUSIC REVIEWS  1998
GEORGE GERSHWIN (1898 -1937)
George GERSHWIN The Authentic Gershwin Vol 4 - The Hollywood Years ,
George GERSHWIN By George - The Ultimate Birthday Tribute
Other Reviews
Nellee HOOPER etc. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, Nino ROTA Romeo and Juliet, James NEWTON-HOWARD My Best Friend's Wedding, MOVIE PIANO CONCERTOS: RICHARD ADDINSELL Warsaw Concerto (Dangerous Moonlight, 1941), JACK BEAVER Portrait of Isla (The Case of the Frightened Lady, 1940), MIKLOS ROZSA Spellbound Concerto (Spellbound, 1945) , NINO ROTA The Legend of the Glass Mountain(The Glass Mountain, 1948), RICHARD RODNEY BENNETT Theme and Waltz (Murder on the Orient Express, 1974) , HUBERT BATH Cornish Rhapsody (Love Story, 1945) , BERNARD HERRMANN Concerto Macabre (Hangover Square, 1945),  CHARLES WILLIAMS The Dream of Olwen (While I Live, 1947) LEONARD PENNARIO Midnight on the Cliffs (Midnight on the Cliffs, 1956). Thomas NEWMAN. Oscar and Lucinda, Ennio MORRICONE Lolita,Alan SILVESTRI Contact, Maurice JARRE. A tribute to Sir David Lean (Scores for Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ryan's Daughter,and A Passage to India), Paul BUCKMASTER Most Wanted , CINEMA CLASSICS 1998,  and Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD Piano Concerto in C sharp for the left hand Joseph MARX Romantisches Klavierkonzert in E Major

Anne DUDLEY. The Full Monte, Hans ZIMMER. As Good As It Gets VAUGHAN WILLIAMS. 49th parallel, Story of a Flemish farm, Coastal Command, Three Portraits from the England of Elizabeth , Franz WAXMAN. Humoresque, Charlie CHAPLIN: Smile (Modern Times). Nino ROTA:Improvviso (Un diavolo sentimentale) Isaak DUNAYEVSKY//Sergey DREZNIN: Fantasy on the music to the film Circus. Astor PIAZZOLLA: Tanti anni prima from the film Enrico IV. TAKEMITZU: Nostalgia in memory of Andrey Tarkovsky. Leonid DESYATNIKOV: Absalom’s Death and Tango - Sketches to the film Sakat (Sunset). SHOSTAKOVICH: Romance (The Gadfly). MILHAUD: Le boeuf sur le toit (Cinéma-Fantasie). Giya KANCHELI: Rag-GIDON-time. Nino ROTA: Improvviso in re minore from the film Amanti senza Amore., Andrea MORRICONE: Cinema Paradiso - Love Theme.* Carlos GARDEL: Scent of A Woman - Tango. Michel LEGRAND: Yentl - Papa, Can You Hear Me; The Umbrellas of Cherbourg - I Will Wait For You.* Luis BACALOV: Il Postino - Theme. Elmer BERNSTEIN: The Age of Innocence - Theme. John WILLIAMS: Schindler’s List - Theme; Sabrina - Theme; Far and Away - Theme André PREVIN: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Theme . John BARRY: Out of Africa - Main Title*. Luis BONFA: Black Orpheus - Manha De Carnaval. Various: The Colour Purple JOHN BARRY. Swept from the Sea MICHAEL NYMAN: Gattaca, Ilona SEKACZ. Mrs Dalloway, Albert W. KETÈLBEY. Orchestral Works, Ivor NOVELLO ,Jerry GOLDSMITH. Air Force One, Christopher YOUNG. Hard Rain, Nick GLENNIE-SMITH. The Man in the Iron Mask, Gavin FRIDAY and Maurice SEEZER. The Boxer .


Max STEINER Casablanca, Alex NORTH. The Bad Seed; Spartacus; A Streetcar Named Desire, Viva Zapata, MGM CLASSICS Original scores Kismet: Night of My Nights. The Band Wagon: Dancing in the Dark. Meet Me in St Louis: The Trolley Song.Gigi: Titles and Fountain Scene. Singin' in the Rain: Singin' in the Rain. The Pirate: The Pirate Ballet.Brigadoon: The Heather on the Hill. The Ziegfield Follies: This Heart of Mine, Jerry GOLDSMITH Frontiers. Music for Science Fiction Films, CINEMA'S CLASSIC ROMANCES. Gabriel YARED: The English Patient; Patrick DOYLE: Much Ado About Nothing; Hamlet;  Rachel PORTMAN: Emma; Alfred NEWMAN: Wuthering Heights; Nino ROTA: Romeo and Juliet; Trevor JONES: Last of the Mohicans; Ilona SEKACZ: Mrs Dalloway; Ennio MORRICONE: Hamlet;Shaun DAVEY: Twelfth Night, Granuaile Patrick DOYLE: Sense and Sensibility; Philippe SARDE: Tess; Carl DAVIS: Pride and Prejudice; Thomas NEWMAN: Little Women; Richard Rodney BENNETT: Far From the Madding Crowd; THE LADYKILLERS: Music from the Ealing Films. Georges AURIC: Passport to Pimlico; The Titfield Thunderbolt; The Lavender Hill Mob. John IRELAND: The Overlanders. Alan RAWSTHORNE: The Cruel Sea; The Captive Heart. Sarabande for Dead Lovers. Ernest IRVING: Whisky Galore. Benjamin FRANKEL: The Man in the White Suit. Gerard SCHURMANN: The Man in the Sky. MOZART arr Philip Lane: Kind Hearts and Coronets. Tristram CARY: The Ladykillers. SWASHBUCKLERS Twenty Symphonic Suites and Themes. Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD: Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Adventures of Robin Hood. Max STEINER: The Adventures of Don Juan. William ALWYN The Crimson Pirate. Alfred NEWMAN/Hugo Friedhofer: The Mark of Zorro. Bernard HERRMANN: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Miklós RÓZSA: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. Elmer BERNSTEIN: The Buccaneer. Mario NASCIMBENE: The Swordsman of Sienna. John WILLIAMS: Hook. James HORNER: Willow. Geoffrey BURGON. Robin Hood. John BARRY: Robin and Marian. Michael KAMEN: Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves. Howard BLAKE: The Duelists. John DU PREZ: The Crimson Permanent Assurance Overture. John DEBNEY: Cutthroat Island.


Nino ROTA Film Music: The Godfather / 8½ / The Leopard / La Dolce Vita / Rocco and His Brothers / Orchestra Rehearsal , KING KONG , TITANIC, AMISTAD,  L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, KUNDUN, Leonard ROSENMAN East of Eden Rebel. Without a Cause, TAKEMITSU Film Scores: Rikyu/José Terres*/Black Rain*/The face of Another*/ Harakiri/Banished Orin/Kaseki (The Fossil)/Empire of Passion/Dodes'kaden/Woman in the Dunes , Georges DELERUE Music for films of Truffaut. Two English Girls/Jules and Jim/The Soft Skin/Such A Gorgeous Kid Like Me/Love at 20: Antoine and Colette/The Woman Next Door/Shoot the Piano Player/Day for Night/The Last Metro/Waltz for François Truffaut, SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, James BERNARD Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horrors  

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