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  September 1999 Supplement

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Reviewers: Ian Lace, Rob Barnett, Paul Tonks,  Jeffrey Wheeler, Gary Dalkin
Los Angeles correspondent:
Anthony E. Anderson

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We have received a large number of discs to review for September so this is a supplementary list. The earlire rewiews may be seen here.  Many of these discs are reviewed slightly ahead of the UK release. The Crotchet sales links for these may not be immediately active in which case try again in a couple of weeks time. 18/8/99

Luis BACALOV The Love Letter   OST  RCA Victor 09026 63521 2 [43:56]


Elmer BERNSTEIN The Deep End of the Ocean   Music from the film conducted by the composer   MILAN 35873-2 [30:09]

Jonathan GOLDSMITH Such A Long Journey   Unforscene Music 6 2428 40008 2 4 [40:18]

Carter BURWELL The General's Daughter   MILAN 73138 35885-2 [50:22]

George FENTON A Destiny of Her Own   OST   RESTLESS 74321 658692 [67:12]

Craig ARMSTRONG Best Laid Plans    OST   VIRGIN CDVUS157 7243 8 47912 2 3 [56:12]

YANNI Steal the Sky    Music from the film   RHINO R2 75668 [44:03]

John DEBNEY Dick Promotional Album [26:49]


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[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part3]

© Film Music on the Web 1999.  All rights retained. Reviewers retain copyright on their reviews.

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