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Bruce ADOLPHE (b.1955) Little Red Riding Hood [17.52] Goldilocks and the Three Bears [22.39] An die Musik: (Robert Ingliss (oboe) Frank Almond (violin) Richard Brice (viola) Daniel Rothmuller (cello) Constance Emmerich (piano)) Ruth Westheimer (narrator) Recorded at Recital Hall at SUNY, Purchase, NY in 1998 (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) and American Academy of the Arts and Letters, New York (Little Red Riding Hood) in 1998 NEWPORT CLASSICS NPD 85667 [40.31] [JW]

Two more pleasurable invitations to sample An die Musik’s thoughtful commissions. ... see Full Review

Jean-Louis AGOBET (b. 1968) Génération Concerto Grosso pour trois clarinettes et orchestre [15:30] Phonal Pour grand orchestre [12:01] Feuermann Grand duo pour violoncello et orchestre [8:12] Ritratto concertante Concerto pour piano et orchestre [19:41] Michel Portal (clarinet) Paul Meyer (clarinet) Alain Billard (clarinet) Xavier Phillips (cello) Alexandre Paley (piano) Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg/François-Xavier Roth rec. 28-29 October 2004, Palais de la musique at des congrès, Salle Érasme, Strasbourg. DDD TIMPANI 1C1094 [55:50] [ABi]

Complex and demanding music delivered with resounding confidence ... Supporters of contemporary music should certainly give this a try ... see Full Review

Tommaso ALBINONI (1671-1751) Concerto in D minor for oboe and strings, Op. 9 No 2 (1722) [10:47] Concerto in C major for two oboes and strings, Op. 7 No. 2* (1715) [4:51] Concerto in D major for oboe and strings, Op. 7 No. 6 (1715) [6:33] Concerto in C major for two oboes and strings, Op. 9 No. 9* (1722) [9:57] Concerto in D major for two oboes and strings, Op. 7 No. 8* (1715) [6:01] Concerto in C major for oboe and strings, Op. 9 No. 5 (1722) [8:25] Concerto in B flat major for oboe and strings, Op. 7 No. 3 (1715) [7:02] Concerto in F major for two oboes and strings, Op. 9 No 3* (1722) [10:38] Concerto in b flat major for oboe and strings, Op. 9 No. 11 (1722) [10:02] Concerto in C major for two oboes and strings, Op. 7 No. 11* (1715) [7:13] Concerto in G minor for oboe and strings, Op. 9 No. 8 (1722) [9:43] Concerto in C major for two oboes and strings, Op. 7 No. 5* (1715) [4:41] Concerto in F major for oboe and strings, Op. 7 No. 9 (1715) [5:49] Concerto in G major for two oboes and strings, Op. 9 No. 6* (1722) [9:00] Concerto in C major for two oboes and strings, Op. 7 No. 12* (1715) [7:05] Concerto in D major for two oboes and strings, Op. 9 No. 12* (1722) [6:48] Concerto in B flat major for violin and strings, Op. 9 No. 1** (1722) [7:26] Concerto in F major for violin and strings, Op. 9 No. 10** (1722) [10:19] Concerto in D major for violin and strings, Op. 9 No. 7** (1722) [13:48] Concerto in A major for violin and strings, Op. 9 No. 4** (1722) [8:43] Stefan Schilli (oboe), Giovanni Deangeli (oboe)*, Tanja Becker-Bender (violin)**; Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra/Nicholas Matt European Chamber Soloists/Nicholas Matt** rec. Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany, 2005; Katholische Kirche, Illingen, Germany, 2005** BRILLIANT CLASSICS 92791 [3 CDs: 64:27 + 60:33 + 40:23] [GPu]

An abundance of enticing music, well performed by all the soloists in good, modern-instrument recordings ... see Full Review

Claude Loyola ALLGÉN (1920 – 1990) String Quartet No. 2 (1942) IORE Quartet rec. live, Academy of Arts, Stockholm, 24 April 2005 NOSAG RECORDS CD 114 [55:21] [GF]

Inquisitive readers should give it a try. It’s no easy journey. I can’t promise that you will like what you hear but there are rewards to be had. see Full Review

William ALWYN (1905-1985) Film Music Volume 3: The Magic Box (1951) [14:50]; The Million Pound Note (1953) [2:56]; The Way Ahead (1944) [2:03]; Swiss Family Robinson (1960) [8:50]; The Rocking Horse Winner (1949) [3:43]; Geordie (1955) [17:08]; The Cure for Love (1949) [3:15]; Penn of Pennsylvania (1941) [10:56]; The True Glory (1945) [2:37]; The Running Man (1963) [10:25] BBC Philharmonic Orchestra/Rumon Gamba rec. New Broadcasting House, Manchester, 5-6 January 2005 CHANDOS CHAN 10349 [77:49] [IL]

Workmanlike but not up to the standard of the first two volumes of film music by this composer. Candidly, rather dull stuff. ... see Full Review

Juan Crisóstomo de ARRIAGA (1806-1826) String Quartet No. 1 in D minor (published 1824) (I. Allegro [06:47]; II. Adagio con espressione [05:48]; III. Menuetto - Allegro - Trio piu moderato [02:53]; IV. Adagio - Allegretto [07:30]) String Quartet No. 2 in A major (published 1824) (I. Allegro con brio [08:10]; II. Andante con variaciones [06:46]; III. Menuetto - Scherzo - Trio [03:14]; IV. Andante ma non troppo - Allegro [04:50]) String Quartet No. 3 in E flat major (published 1824) (I. Allegro [07:53]; II. Pastorale - Andantino [05:46]; III. Menuetto - Allegro - Trio plus lent [03:08]; IV. Presto agitato [06:18]) Camerata Boccherini
Recorded at Santa Cruz Auditorium, Tenerife, June 2003 NAXOS 8.557628 [69.05] [JW]

Arriaga has been so closely identified as a consummate follower of Mozart that it can be difficult to adduce an infusion of individuality to his distinctly classical quartets. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Concerto for violin, oboe, strings and basso continuo in D minor, BWV 1060R (c.1735) [14.21] (trs 1-3) Concerto for flute, violin, harpsichord, strings and basso continuo in A minor, BWV 1044 (1730) [23.06] (trs. 4-6) Concerto for harpsichord, strings and basso continuo in D minor, BWV 1052 (1738) [23.08] (trs. 7-9) Collegium Aureum: Franzjosef Maier, violin (trs. 1-6); Helmut Hucke, oboe (trs. 1-3); Barthold Kuijken, flute (trs. 4-6); Bob van Asperen, harpsichord (trs. 4-6); Gustav Leonhardt, harpsichord (trs. 7-9) rec. April 1976, Schetzinger Schloss, Jagdsaal, Germany (trs. 1-6); 23 Nov 1965, Cedernsaal des Fuggerschlosses Kirchheim, Schwaben, Germany (trs. 7-9). ADD DHM DEUTSCHE HARMONIA MUNDI 82876 70044 2 [60.35][MC]

Smooth, elegant and thoughtful playing of these three Bach works from Collegium Aureum. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Concerto in a after Vivaldi BWV 593 [12’02] Trio Sonata no 4 in e BWV 528 Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C BWV 564 [15’01] The Schűbler Chorales: Wachet Auf, ruft uns die stimme BWV 645 [4’23]; Wo soll ich fliehen hin, BWV 646 [1’45]; Wer nur den lieven Gott lässt walten BWV 647 [3’21]; Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn BWV 648 [2’05]; Ach bleib’ bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ BWV 649 [2’39]; Kommst du nun, Jesu vom Himmel herunter BWV 650 [3’33];Toccata and Fugue in F BWV 540 [14’45] Passacaglia in c BWV 582 [13’17] Trio Sonata No 3 in d BWV 527 [12’56] Pastorella in F BWV 590 [10’59] Five Chorales from the “Great Eighteen”: Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott BWV 652 [9’25]; Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend, BWV BWV 655 [4’11]; O Lamm Gottes unschuldig BWV 656 [8’20]; Nun danket alle Gott BWV 657 [4’55]; Komm, Gott Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist BWV 667 [2’10]; Pièce d’Orgue BWV 572 [9’06] Robert Clark, organ rec: First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, Illinois, 10-14 October 2004. DDD ARSIS SACD 405 [70’46 + 75’19][CB]

Recommended for the instrument. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II (1744) CD 1: Preludes and fugues (BWV 870-877) CD 2: Preludes and fugues (BWV 878-884) CD 3: Preludes and fugues (BWV 885-893) Daniel Barenboim (piano) Recorded at Teldex Studio, Berlin, 26-29 December 2004. DDD WARNER CLASSICS 2564 61940-2 [3 CDs: 49:30 + 50:53 + 66:44] [PB]

An occasionally disappointing but largely wonderful, expressive and involving set ... see Full Review

RECORDING OF THE MONTH Johann.Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) The Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo (c. 1720) CD 1 [61:35] Sonata No 1 in G minor, BWV 1001; Adagio [4:05]; Fuga [4:49];Siciliana [3:04]; Presto [3:30]; Partita No.1 in B minor, BWV 1002; Allemanda [4:37];Double [2:14]; Corrente [3:29]; Double.Presto [3:22]; Sarabande [3:15];.Double [3:07];Temopo di Borea [3:30]; Double [3:22] Sonata No 2. in A minor, BWV 1003; Grave [4:27];Fuga [7:56]; Andante [5:33];Allegro [5:16]. CD 2 [68:43] Partita No 2 in D minor, BWV 1004; Allemanda [4:22]; Courante [2:26]; Sarabanda [3:28]; Giga [4:03]; Ciaccona [14:00]. Sonata No 3 in C major, BWV 1005;Adagio [3:22]; Fuga [9:06]; Largo [2:37]; Allegra assasi [4:45]. Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006; Preludio [3:18]; Loure [3:45]; Gavotte en Rondeau [2:57]; Menuet I [1:38]; Minuet II [2:26]; Bourée [1:16]; Gigue [1:49] Gidon Kremer, violin rec: Partitas: 25-29 Sept. 2001, Lockenhaus, Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus; Sonatas: 10-15 March 2002, Riga, Recording Studio. ECM NEW SERIES 1926/27 4767291 [61:35 + 68:43] [ZT]

For aficionados a significant void will exist in their collection if this fine recording is not included. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Cantata Ich habe genug, BWV 82 [23:42] Cantata Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut, BWV 199 [27:00] Loraine Hunt Lieberson (mezzo) The Orchestra of Emmanuel Music/Craig Smith rec. 13-16 May 2002, Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA. DDD NONESUCH 79692-2 [50:42] [JQ]

Quite simply, one of the finest Bach discs I’ve heard in a very long time ... I don’t expect it to be surpassed for some considerable time. ... see Full Review

Osvaldas BALAKAUSKAS (b. 1937) Symphony No. 4 (1998) [32:22] Symphony No. 5 (2001) [29:33] Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra/Juozas Domarkas rec. National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania, 21-23 May 2003 (No. 4); 7-9 September 2004 (No. 5) NAXOS 8.557605 [63:14][GF]

A very distinctive voice in today’s symphonic world. I would urge readers as yet unfamiliar with his music to lend this disc an ear. ... see Full Review

Bela BARTÓK (1881-1945) For Children, Sz42 (1908-1909) Dezsö Ránki (piano) Rec. Teldec Studio, Berlin in October 1976. ADD WARNER APEX 2564 62188-2 [73:29][CC]

Warner Apex has done Bartók a great service in reissuing these performances, each one a little jewel. ... see Full Review

Marion BAUER (1882-1955) A Lament on an American Theme, Op. 20a (1927) [5:21] Concertino for Oboe, Clarinet and Strings Op. 32b (1939-43) [9:28] Trio Sonata No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op. 40 (1944) [8:11] Symphonic Suite for Strings, Op. 33 (1940) [11:16] Duo for Oboe and Clarinet, Op. 25 (1932) [8:30] American Youth Concerto, Op. 36 (1943) [15:59] Ambache Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble/Diana Ambache Rec. 21-22 October 2004, St Silas Church, Kentish Town, London. DDD NAXOS 8.559253 [58:45] [ABi]

Not instantly recognisable this music moves between impressionism and a typically American optimism: spacious and open-air in quality ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92 [36:07] Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90* [35:48] London Philharmonic Orchestra/Klaus Tennstedt rec. Royal Festival Hall, London, 22 November 1989; *7 April 1983. ADD BBC LEGENDS BBCL 4167-2 [73:20] [JQ]

The relationship between Tennstedt and the LPO at its best. An invaluable addition to Tennstedt’s all-too-small discography. An excellent Christmas present for a discerning collector. ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 73 ‘Emperor’ [37.19] Sergei RACHMANINOV (1873-1943) Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 [37.29] Vladimir Horowitz (piano) RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra/ Fritz Reiner rec. Carnegie Hall, New York. Op. 73, 26 April 1952; Op. 30, 8-10 May 1951. ADD NAXOS HISTORICAL 8.110787 [74.49] [AD]

Some of Horowitz’s last concerto recordings before his nervous collapse in 1953 ...listening to the highly-strung performance of Rachmaninov 3 one wonders if the signs were already there. ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Violin Concerto in D major Op.61 (1806) [42.13] Giovanni Battista VIOTTI (1755-1824) Violin Concerto No.22 in A minor (c.1790s) [27.44] Arthur Grumiaux (violin) New Philharmonia Orchestra/Alceo Galliera (Beethoven, recorded in London, 1966) Concertgebouw/Edo de Waart (Viotti, recorded in Amsterdam, 1970) PHILIPS ELOQUENCE 476 8477 [70.04][JW]

Playing of elevation and finesse. ... see Full Review

RECORDING OF THE MONTH Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Sonata in G major, Op. 31, No 1 (1801-2) [24:39] Sonata in d minor, Op. 31, No. 2 "Tempest" (1801-2) [24:31] Sonata in E-flat major, Op. 31, No. 3 (1802) [24:24] Paul Lewis, piano rec. April 2005, Teldex Studio, Berlin HARMONIA MUNDI HMC901902 [73:55] [KS]

Paul Lewis is a talent for posterity, a pianist of such refinement that he is certain to make a mark in the world that will long outlast his time on the planet ... see Full Review

Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Fidelio (1803-1814) Leonore - Elisabeth Söderström (soprano) Rocco - Curt Appelgren (bass) Marzelline - Elizabeth Gale (soprano) Jaquino - Ian Caley (tenor) Don Pizarro - Robert Allman (bass-bar) Florestan - Anton de Ridder (tenor) Don Fernando - Michael Langdon (bass) Glyndebourne Chorus London Philharmonic Orchestra/Bernard Haitink rec. 1979 Glyndebourne Festival Opera Peter Hall (stage director) Directed by David Heather ARTHAUS MUSIK DVD101099 [120.00] [CF]

Söderström is the lynchpin ... a supreme artist ...her ‘Abscheulicher’ nothing short of a consummate triumph, inspiring the LPO horns to great playing ... a fine performance ... see Full Review

Hector BERLIOZ (1803-1869) Symphonie fantastique Op.14 (1830) [50:02] Hungarian Radio and Television Orchestra/Charles Munch rec. Hungary, 1966, ADD. PHILIPS ELOQUENCE 476 7962 [50:02] [TP]

Avid Berlioz collectors and Munch completists will find much here to catch their interest. ... see Full Review

Hector BERLIOZ (1803-1869) Les nuits d'été, op.7 (1840-41) [31.58] Maurice RAVEL (1875-1937) Shéhérazade (1903) [20.49] Henri DUPARC (1848-1933) Chanson triste (1868, orch. 1902) [3.30]; L'invitation au voyage (1870) [4.39] Claude DEBUSSY (1862-1915) La damoiselle élue (1890) [20.11] Hildegard Behrens (soprano)/Wiener Symphoniker/Francis Travis (Berlioz) Janice Taylor (mezzo)/Women of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus (Debussy) Elly Ameling (soprano)/San Francisco Symphony Orchestra/Edo de Waart (Ravel, Duparc, Debussy) Recorded in the Sofiensaal, Vienna, October 1983 (Berlioz); Davies Hall, San Francisco, October 1981 (Ravel, Duparc, Debussy). DDD. PHILIPS ELOQUENCE 476 7982 [77.36][ED]

An infuriating mix of artistic results. With alternative Berlioz recordings easy to come by, what’s wrong with ignoring him here and enjoying the rest? ... see Full Review

Hector BERLIOZ (1803-1869) La damnation de Faust (1828 and 1845/6) Performed in concert Marguérite ... Anne Sofie Von Otter Faust ... Keith Lewis Méphistophélès ... José Van Dam Brander ... Peter Rose Chicago Symphony Chorus Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Sir Georg Solti rec. live, 1989 Promenade Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London. ARTHAUS DVD 102 023 [134:00][IL]

A glorious performance full of dramatic intensity with the three soloists at the their peak. ... see Full Review

Leonard BERNSTEIN (1918-1990) Serenade for Solo Violin, Strings, Harp and Percussion* (1954) [31:18]; Facsimile – Choreographic Essay for Orchestra (1944) [18:38]; Divertimento for Orchestra (1980) [18:09] Philippe Quint (violin)* Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop rec. Concert Hall, Lighthouse, Poole, UK, 12-13 January 2005. DDD NAXOS 8.559245 [65:04][GF]

A fine tribute to “without question the greatest musician America has ever produced” ... see Full Review

Luigi BOCCHERINI (1743-1805) Six Duets for Two Violins, Op. 5 (1761): No. 1 [13:33]; No. 2 [10:42]; No. 3 [9:55]; No. 4 [12:21]; No. 5 [9:55]; No. 6 [9:26] Marco Rogliano, Gianfranco Ianneta (violins) rec. Oratorio di San Giovanni Evangelista, Gaggio Montana, Bologna, June 2000 TACTUS TC 740204 [66:03][GPu]

Wonderfully intimate music, very well played and ideal for home listening … see Full Review

William BOLCOM (b. 1938) Recuerdos (1991) [13:22] Frescoes for two pianos, harmonium, and harpsichord (arr. 2 pianos) (1971) [28:18] Sonata for Two Pianos in One Movement (1993) [15:40] Interlude (1963, rev. 1965) [4:03] The Serpent’s Kiss (Ragtime) (1969, arr. 1994) [5:37] Through Eden’s Gates (Cakewalk) (1969, arr. 1994) [5:13] Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann (pianos) rec. 7-10 January, 2005, Rolston Recital Hall, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada. DDD NAXOS 8.559244 [72:15][ABi]

Bolcom is clearly at home writing for two pianos and is able to work convincingly in both a light and a serious vein. ... see Full Review

Claude BOLLING (b. 1930) Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio (1973) [35:26] Suite No.2 for Flute and Jazz Piano (1987) [51:11] Laurel Zucker (flute, alto flute, bass flute); Joe Gilman (piano); Jeff Neighbor (bass); David Rokeach (percussion) rec. Skywalker Sound, San Rafael, California, no date given. CANTILENA 66025-2 [35:26 + 51:11] [GPu]

Chamber music of a distinctive, intelligent subtlety, full of twists and turns, which reveals more with every hearing … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Piano Sonata No. 1 in C major, Op. 1 (1852-3) [29:07] Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann in F sharp minor, Op. 9 (1854) [19:00] Ballades, Op. 10 (1854) [23:22] Oleg Marshev (piano) Recorded Symfonien, Aalborg, Denmark, January 2005 DANACORD DACOCD 643 [71:44][GPu]

A valuable survey of some of Brahms’ most interesting early works for the piano, perceptively performed and well recorded ... see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Three pieces – piano, Op.117 (1892) No. 1: Intermezzo in E flat [4:37] No. 2: Intermezzo in B flat minor [4:14] No. 3: Intermezzo in C sharp minor [6:09] Panayiotis DEMOPOULOS (b.1977) Farewells for piano (2004) I. Summer farewell [1:35] II. Spring farewell [2:51] III. Winter farewell [1:07] IV. Autumn farewell [1:38] Modest MUSSORGSKY (1839-1881) Pictures at an exhibition (1874) (Original version edited by Paul Lamm) [30:55] Panayiotis Demopoulos (piano) rec. The Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, Music Dept., University of York, Heslington, York, 20-21 July 2005. DDD DUNELM DRD0251 [53:06][IM]

This CD is extremely highly recommended, especially to all interested in young pianists! ... see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Balladen, Op.10 (1854) [27:12] Intermezzi, Op.117 (1892) [17:06] Klavierstücke, Op.118 (1892) [26:08] Marc Pantillon (piano) rec. Salle de Musique, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 9-11 April 2005. DDD CLAVES CD 50-2508 [70:34][GPu]

Very good, individual and interesting performances, in excellent recorded sound, which deserve to find many listeners ... see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major Thun, Op. 100 (1886) [20.08] Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856) Violin Sonata No. 1 in A minor, Op. 105 (1851) [16.24] César FRANCK (1822-1890) Violin Sonata in A major (1886) [28.52] Rudens Turku, violin Milana Chernyavska, piano rec. 20-22 July 2005, Grosser Saal, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich, Germany. DDD AVIE RECORDS SACD AV2080 [65.29] [MC]

Sensitive and thoughtful readings with no dearth of vitality or high enthusiasm. ... see Full Review

Benjamin BRITTEN (1913 – 1976) Albert Herring - A comic opera in three acts (1947) Lady Billows, an elderly autocrat ... Patricia Johnson (mezzo) Florence Pike, her housekeeper ... Felicity Palmer (mezzo) Miss Wordsworth, Head Teacher ... Elizabeth Gale (soprano) Mr Gedge, the Vicar ... Derek Hammond-Stroud (baritone) Mr Upfold, the Mayor ... Alexander Oliver (tenor) Superintendent Budd ... Richard Van Allan (bass) Sid, a butcher’s assistant ... Alan Opie (baritone) Albert Herring, from the greengrocer’s ... John Graham-Hall Nancy, from the bakery ... Jean Rigby (mezzo) Mrs Herring, Albert’s mother ... Patricia Kern (mezzo) Emmie, village child ... Maria Bovino (soprano) Cis, village child ... Bernadette Lord (soprano) Harry, village child ... Richard Peachey (treble) The Glyndebourne Chorus soloists of London Philharmonic Orchestra/Bernard Haitink Recorded without audience at Glyndebourne theatre 19-20 Aug 1985. NVC ARTS [Warner] 5050467-8790-2-7 [145:00] [RMk]

If you want to dip your toe into Britten’s operatic world, you can do no better than this. If you are an aficionado you should add it to your collection. This is an outstanding production. ... see Full Review

Mel BROOKS (b.1926) The Producers Max Bialystock – Nathan Lane Leo Bloom – Matthew Broderick Ulla – Uma Thurman Franz Liebkind – Will Ferrell Roger de Bris – Gary Beach Carmen Ghia  - Roger Bart Lead Tenor – John Barrowman Usherettes – Bryn Dowling and Meg Gillentine Music and lyrics by Mel Brooks, Music Director and Vocal Arranger Patrick Brady, Dance and Incidental Music Arranger Glen Kelly, Orchestrations Doug Besterman and Larry Blank Recorded at Right Track Recordings, New York 2005 SONY CLASSICAL 82876 75980 2 [67.31][JW]

The trick is to amuse, excite and titillate the audience and in those spheres Brooks has few peers. ... see Full Review

Nicolaus BRUHNS (1665-1697) Praeludium in e (larger) played in d [8’25] Praeludium in G [7’32] Adagio in D played in C [1’51] Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland [9’47] Praeludium in g [3’49] Praeludium in e (smaller) played in d [4’31] Georg Dietrich LEYDING (1664-1710) Praeludium in C [5’35] Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern [4’10] Praeludium in B flat [7’51] Von Gott will ich nicht lassen [7’41] Praeludium in E flat [5’14] Friedhelm Flamme, organ rec. St Petri-Kirche, Melle, (Germany) 19-20 October 2004. DDD CPO 777123-2 [66’28][CB]

Buy this to acquaint yourself with the very interesting music of Georg Dietrich Leyding. ... see Full Review

Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (c. 1637-1707) Praeludium in C BuxWV 138 [4'02] Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott BuxWV 184 [3'38] Es spricht der Unweisen Mund wohl BuxWV 187 [3'06] Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort BuxWV 185 [2'01] Praeludium in g BuxWV 163 [7'26] Praeambulum in a BuxWV 158 [4'45] Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verdebt BuxWV 183 [4'04] Herr Christ, der einig Gottes sohn BuxWV 191 [2'55] Herr Christ, der einig Gottes sohn BuxWV 192 [3'08] Es ist das Heil, uns kommen her BuxWV 186 [3'01] Canzonetta in G BuxWV 172 [2'06] Canzonetta in a BuxWV 225 [2'06] Canzona in g BuxWV 173 [1'73] Praeludium in g BuxWV 150 [6'55] Kommt her zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn BuxWV 201 [3'12] Herr Jesu Christ, ich weiss gar wohl BuxWV 193 [3'26] Vater unser im Himmelreich BuxWV 219 [3'11] Toccata in F BuxWV 156 [7'59] Bine Bryndorf, organ rec. St Mary's Helsingborg, 17-18 November 2003. DDD DA CAPO 8.226023 [71'32][CB]

Bryndorf's Buxtehude set, when complete, will be highly recommendable - she plays with great beauty and insight on organs of high quality ... see Full Review

William BYRD (1539/40-1623) O Lord, make they servant Elizabeth [3.01] Matins: Venite [5.02]; Te Deum [8.34]; Benedictus [8.40]; Kyrie [1.01]; Creed [5.45]
Prevent us, O lord [2.33] Voluntary for my Lady Nevell [4.04] Evensong: How long shall mine enemies? [3.23]; Magnificat [9.25]; Nunc Dimittis [4.54]; Out of the Deep [5.26]
Fancy for my Lady Nevell [5.32] Christ rising again from the dead [5.51] Sing joyfully [3.00] The Choir of Westminster Abbey/James O’Donnell Robert Quinney (organ) rec. Westminster Abbey, 25-27 January, 3-4 February 2005. DDD HYPERION CDA 67533 [76.15] [EM]

A beautiful performance that needs a little more brightness and liveliness. ... see Full Review



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