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Tomaso Giovanni ALBINONI (1671-1750) - Oboe and Violin Concertos Op.9 (circa. 1722) - Concerto for oboe in D minor Op.9 No.2 - Concerto for two oboes in F major Op.9 No.3 - Concerto for oboe in C major Op.9 No.5 - Concerto for two oboes in G major Op.9 No.6 - Concerto for violin in B flat major Op.9 No.1 - Concerto for violin in F major Op.9 No.10 - Concerto for oboe in B flat major Op.9 No.11 - I Solisti Ventie, Claudio Scimone Piero Toso (violin) - Pierre Pierlot (oboe 1) - Jacques Chambon (oboe 2 on tracks 4-6 & 10-12) - No recording information supplied ADD WARNER CLASSICS APEX 0927 49020 2 [71:08] [MC]

Fine music, a good performance, and low cost make this disc a welcome addition to any collection of late baroque music… See Full Review

Maria de ALVEAR (b. 1960) Fuerzas for solo viola Christina Fong (viola) rec. no details given OGREOGRESS OG 006 [66.54] [RB]

Tenderly probes the wound of the viola's pure higher realms - priestly, hymnal, pensive, lachrymose, soulful, poignant, caressing, consoling ... see Full Review

Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH (1714-1788) The Complete Keyboard Concertos - Volume 11 - Concerto in C minor H. 448 (1762) - Sonatina in G major H. 97 (1762) - Concerto in B flat major H. 413 (1742) - Sonatina in E major H. 100 (1763) Miklós Spányi, tangent piano - Concerto Armonico, Péter Szüts - Rec: October 1998, Phoenix Studio, Budapest-Diosd, Hungary. BIS CD-1097 [72.06] [KM]

With each new volume, this series becomes more solidly anchored as the reference for these works. … see Full Review

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750) Sonatas and Partitas for Violin BWV 1001 - 1003 - Sonata no. 1 in G minor - Partita no. 1 in B minor - Sonata no. 2 in A minor Lara Lev, violin - Rec: July 2001, Kuusaa Hall, Kuusankosi, Finland APEX 0927-48307-2 [62.20] [KM]

A disappointing recording, with some nice sections, but too uneven… See Full Review

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750) Sonatas and Partitas for Violin BWV 1004 - 1006 - Partita no. 2 in D minor - Sonata no. 3 in C major -
Partita no. 3 in E major Lara Lev, violin - Rec: July 2001, Kuusaa Hall, Kuusankosi, Finland APEX 0927-48308-2 [68.09] [KM]

Like the first disc in this series, the performer vacillates between fine and forgettable… See Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) - Baroque Esprit-Organ works - Toccata D minor BWV 913 (1710) [14.46] - Liebster Herr Jesu, wir sind hier (Chorale arrangement) BWV 731 (1709) [2.49] - Christ lag in Todesbanden (Chorale arrangement) BWV 718 [5.27] - Valet will ich dir geben (Chorale arrangement) BWV 736 [4.15] - Lobt Gott, ihr Christen allzugleich (Chorale arrangement) BWV 732 [1.34] - Chorale arrangements of the third part of ‘Clavier-Übung’ BWV 669-689 (1739) - Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit BWV 669 [1.48] - Christe, aller Welt trost BWV 670 [1.39] - Kyrie, Gott heiliger geist BWV 671 [1.45] - Allein Gott in der Höh’sei Her BWV 675 [2.59] - Fughetta super: Allein Gott in der Höh’sei Her BWV 667 [1.13] - Fughetta super: Dies sind die heil’gen zehn Gebot'’ BWV 679 [1.51] - Fughetta super: Wir glauben all’ an einem Gott BWV 681 [1.21] - Vater unser im Himmelreich BWV 683 [1.39] - Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam BWV 684 [1.56] - Aus tiefer Not shrei’ich zu dir BWV 687 [6.00] - Fuga super: Jesu Christus unser Heiland BWV 689 [4.35] - Präludium and Fuge E minor BWV 533 (1709) Gustav Leonhardt (Organ) - Historic organ of Grote of St.Laurenkerk/Alkmaar (Hagerbeer/Schnitger Organ, 1639-46/1722-1725) - Recorded at Alkmaar, The Netherlands, 25-26 May 1988 DHM Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472 778412 [61.05] [CA]

Thoughtful accounts of much beauty and mastery by Leonhardt in a fine and unique organ. A highly recommended CD … See Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685 - 1750) Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 Evgeni Koroliov, piano - Rec: April 1999, Festeburgkirche, Frankfurt am Main, Germany HAENSSLER CD 92.112 [2CDs: 84.52]

This is one of the finest recordings of the Goldberg Variations on piano currently available. see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Well-Tempered Clavier BWV 846-893 Zuzana Ruzickova, harpsichord Rec: January 1995, Sound Studio of Music Faculty of AMU, Prague. PANTON 81 1411-2134 (4CD)[272.14] [KM]

Sound and recording of this set are excellent, but cannot compensate for the lack of feeling in this music. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)The Italian Album - Concerto for solo keyboard No. 3 in D minor (after Alessandro Marcello) BWV 974 - Fugue for keyboard in B minor (on a theme by Albinoni), BWV 951 - Fugue for keyboard in A major (on a theme by Albinoni), BWV 950 - Aria variata for keyboard in A minor ("In the Italian Style"), BWV 989 - Italian Concerto for keyboard solo in F major, BWV 971 - Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue for keyboard in D minor, BWV 903 - Fantasia for keyboard in G minor (doubtful), BWV 917 - Fantasia for keyboard in C minor (doubtful), BWV 919 - Fantasia and Fugue for keyboard in C minor, BWV 906 - Domenico SCARLATTI Sonata for keyboard in D major, K. 430 (L. 463) "Tempo di ballo" - Sonata for keyboard in D minor, K. 9 (L. 413), "Pastorale" - Sonata for keyboard in G major, K. 13 (L. 486) - Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH - Keyboard Sonata in A minor, Wq 49/1, H30 "Wurttemberg" Glenn Gould, piano - Rec: June 1959, January, February 1968, 30th Street Studios, New York; April 1971, May, October 1979, May 1980, Eaton's Auditorium, Toronto, Canada SONY SMK87753 [78.03]

Perhaps one of the best introductions to Glenn Gould … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Complete Organ Works - Volume 4 - Orgelbuchlein (I) - Preludium und Fuge in G minor/g Moll, BWV535 - Non komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV599 - Gott, durch deine Güte, (oder)Gottes Sohn ist kommen, BWV600 - Herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottes Sohn, BWV601 - Lob sei dem allmächtigen Gott, BWV602 - Canzona in D minor/d Moll, BWV588 - Puer natus in Bethlehem, BWV603 - Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV604 - Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV605 - Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her, BWV606 - Vom Himmel hoch kam der Engel Schaar, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV607 - In dulci Jubilo, BWV608 - Lobt Gott, ihr Christen, allzugleich, BWV609 - Jesu, meine Freude, BWV610 - Christum wir sollen loben schon, Choral in Alto, BWV611 - Wir Christenleut haben jetzund Freud, BWV612 - Helft mir Gotts Güte preisen, BWV613 - Das alte Jahr vergangen ist, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV614 - In dir ist Freude, BWV615 - Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin, BWV616 - Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV617 - Alla breve in D major/D Dur, BWV589 - O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig, Choral in Canone alla Quinta, BWV618 - Christe, du Lamm Gottes, in Canone alla Dueodecima a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV619 - Christus, der uns selig macht, Choral in Canone all'Ottava, BWV620 - Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund, BWV621 - O Mensch, bewein dein Sünde gross, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV622 - Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ, dass du für uns gestorben bist, BWV623 - Hilf Gott, dass mir's gelinge, a 2 Clav. et Pedale (Choral in Canone alla Quinta), BWV624 - Preludium und Fuge in A minor/a Moll, BWV551 Ewald Kooiman, organ - Rec: No date specified, Grote Kerk, Nijkerk, Netherlands. CORONATA COR 1513 [76.12] [KM]

A fine continuation of Kooiman’s complete recording of Bach’s organ works. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Complete Organ Works: Volume 5 - Orgelbuchlein (II), Preludes and Fugues, Pastorale - Praeludium and Fuge in F minor / f Moll BWV534 - Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV625 - Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, BWV626 - Christ ist erstanden, BWV627 - Erstanden ist der heilge Christ, BWV628 - Erschienen ist der herrliche Tag, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, Choral in Canone alla ottava, BWV629 - Heut triumphiert Gottes Sohn, BWV630 - Komm, Gott Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist, BWV631 - Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend, BWV632 - Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier (distinctius), BWV633 - Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, Choral in Canone alla Quinta a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV634 - Dies sind die heiligen zehn Gebot, BWV635 - Vater unser in Himmelreich, BWV636 - Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt, BWV637 - Es ist das Heil uns kommen her, BWV638 - Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, a 2 Clav. et Pedale, BWV639 - In dich hab ich gehoffet, Herr, BWV640 - Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein, a 2 Clav. et pedale, BWV641 - Wer nun den lieben Gott lässt walten, BWV642 - Alle Menschen müssen sterben, BWV643 - Ach wie nichtig, ach wie flüchtig, BWV644 - Praeludium and Fuga in E minor / e Moll BWV533 - Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, BWV731 - Vater unser im Himmelreich, BWV737 - Wer nun den lieben Gott lässt walten, BWV691 - Pastorale in F major/F Dur, BWV590 Ewald Kooiman, organ - Rec: No date specified, Grote Kerk, Nijkerk, Netherlands CORONATA COR 1613 [65.43] [KM]

Another very good recording in this complete set. … see Full Review

Johann Christian BACH (1735-1782) The Complete Symphonies CD 1: Symphonies op.3 Nos.1-6 CD 2: Symphonies op.6 Nos.1-6 CD 3: Symphonies op.8 (disc includes two alternative versions of complete symphonies) CD 4: Symphonies op.9 CD 5: Symphonies op.18 The Hanover Band/Anthony Halstead Recorded London, 1994 (CD 1 and CD 2), 1995 (CD 3), 1996 (CD 4), 2000 (CD 5) DDD CPO 999 896-2 [5 hrs 9 mins 58 secs][JL]

Brings to fruition a marvellous eight year project in one well presented box. Playing is excellent. A chance to reappraise the work of an underrated composer. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Church Cantata BWV 56, for solo bass, chorus and orchestra ‘Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen (I will carry the cross) (1731) [20:40] Church Cantata BWV 82, for solo bass, chorus and orchestra ‘Ich habe genug’ (I have now enough) (1727) [23:25] Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (bass) Gachinger Kantorei and the Bach-Collegium Stuttgart/Helmuth Rilling Recorded July 1983 at the Gedachniskirche, Stuttgart, DDR. DDD HÄNSSLER CLASSIC CD 94.029 [44:05] [MC]

Despite my reservation about the presentation few purchasers will feel disappointed. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685 - 1750) Weihnachtsoratorium (Christmas Oratorio) BWV 248 (1734)
Lynda Russell (Soprano) Catherine Wyn-Rogers (Alto) Mark Padmore (Tenor) - Evangelist Michael George (Bass) - Herod Lily Crabtree - Angel, Echo The Sixteen Choir and Orchestra Harry Christophers, conductor TFL TF91095 [2 CDs: 76.31, 70.47] [RH]

A welcome return of an interesting recording, taking a more relaxed approach, a little let down by quality of performance … See Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
The Sonatas for Flute and Fortepiano, Sonata in E major, BWV 1035, Sonata in E-flat major, BWV 1031, Sonata in G minor, BWV 1030, Sonata in B minor, BWV, 1030, Sonata in C major, BWV 1033, Sonata in E minor, BWV 1034, Partita in A minor, BWV 1013, Sonata in A major, BWV 1032, Partita for solo Flute, Susan Rotholz, flute Kenneth Cooper, fortepiano Rec: June 2000, June 2001, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, New York. BRIDGE 9115A/B [111.06] [KM]

While there are some excellent moments in this set, the overall impression is not very compelling. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Toccata in G major BWV 916
Toccata in E minor BWV 914 Toccata in G minor BWV 915 Ouverture in the French Style, BWV 831 Glenn Gould (piano) Rec: February, March, May 1971, November, December 1972, February 1973, Eaton’s Auditorium, Toronto, Canada ADD SONY SMK87763[60.34] [KM]

Gould comes into his own here, flowing and swaying, playing forcefully, gaily, almost playfully with pointillist strokes. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685 – 1750) Suite Nr.5 in C-Moll BWV 1011 Suite Nr.6 in E-Dur BWV 1012 Isang YUN (1917 – 1995) Gasa (1963)a Espace 1 (1992)b Images (1968)c Toshio HOSOKAWA (born 1955) In der Tiefe der Zeit (1994/6)d Duo (1998)e
Winter Bird (1978)f Thomas Demenga (cello); Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion)d; Asako Urushihara (violin)ef; Hansheinz Schneeberger (violin)ac; Thomas Larcher (piano)ab; Aurèle Nicolet (flute)c; Heinz Holliger (oboe)c Recorded: Kirche Blumenstein, November 2000 (Hosokawa, Suite Nr.5) and December 1998 (Espace 1, Gasa, Suite Nr.6); Radio DRS Zürich, July 1985 (Images) ECM New Series 1782/3 (461 862-2) [2:22:03] [HC]

The contemporary pieces featured here would have been unthinkable without Bach’s innovative thinking … see Full Review

Christopher BALL (born 1936) The Piper of Dreamsa - Scenes from a Comedy (1990) - Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra (1995/6)b - Pagan Pipera - Pan Overhearda Paul Arden-Taylor (recordersa, oboeb); The Adderbury Ensemble; Christopher Ball - Recorded: St Mary’s Church, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, no dates PAVANE ADW 7404 [67:15] [HC]

I urge you to track this down; you will end-up whistling the tunes. … see Full Review

Granville BANTOCK (1868-1946) King Lear - overture (1932) [13.59] - Kubla Khan (1933) [7.45] - Prometheus Unbound - symphonic prelude (1933) [8.57] - The Land-of-the-Ever-Young (1946) [6.19] - The Frogs - comedy overture (1935 arr 1952) [9.27] - Orion - dramatic overture (1935) [13.72] - Festival March (1914) [6.57] Salford University Brass Band/Dr Roy Newsome - rec. Maxwell Hall, Salford University, no date given. DDD DOYEN Master Series DOYCD109 [66.40] [RB]

A delightful disc warmly recommended to Bantock's worldwide fan cohort ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) 33 Variations on a Waltz of Diabelli, op. 120 - Alexander SCRIABIN (1872-1915) Sonata no. 5 - Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Impromptu in G flat, D.899 no. 3 Craig Sheppard (piano) - Recorded live at the Meany Theater, University of Washington, Seattle, May 1st 1995 (Beethoven), 25th February 1994 (Scriabin, Schubert) AT 00-00239 [66’ 50”] [CH]

A version of the Diabelli variations which is particularly recommendable to those who find this a rather forbidding masterpiece. The Schubert Impromptu is memorable. … see Full Review

BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Piano Concertos No 1-5, Fantasia in C minor for piano, chorus and orchestra, Op. 80 [19’49"] John Lill (piano) Scottish National Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Sir Alexander Gibson Recorded in the City Hall, Glasgow,1974-5; CLASSICS FOR PLEASURE 7243 5 75752 2 5 [57’38" + 64’06" + 77’00"] [JQ]

Questing pianism and musicianship of great integrity … see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Piano Concerto No. 5 Emperor Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Symphony No. 40 in G minor Felix MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847 Hebrides Overture Wilhelm Backhaus (piano) Orchestra della Radiotelevisione della Svizzera Italiana/Carl Schuricht Recorded 27 April 1961 at the Kursaal Teatro Apollo, Lugano AURA 114-2 [71.19] [JW]

In fact the whole disc shows Schuricht as a conductor of vastly elevated talent. … see Full Review

Larry BELL (born 1952) The Black Cat Op.28 (1987)a Caprice for Solo Cello Op.12 (1978)b Fantasia on an Imaginary Hymn Op.17 (1983/4)c River of Ponds Op.5 (1986)d Robert J. Lurtsema (narrator)a; Sarah Clarke (viola)c; Eric Bartlett (cello)abcd; Larry Bell (piano)ad Recorded: WGBH-FM Radio, Boston, April 1998 (The Black Cat); Unitarian Church, Montclair, NJ, May 1998 (Caprice, Fantasia); SUNY Purchase Recital Hall, Purchase, NJ, May 1998 (River of Ponds) NORTH/SOUTH RECORDINGS R 1018 [69:20] [HC]

Contemporary, though very tuneful and warmly lyrical, and very accessible. A very fine, enjoyable release on all counts.... see Full Review

Vincenzo BELLINI (1801-1835) Norma: Melodrama in Two Acts first produced in Milan in 1831- Norma: June Anderson - Adalgisa: Daniela Barcellona - Pollione: Shin Young Hoon - Oroveso: Ildar Abdrakov - Clotilde: Svetlana Ignatovitch - Flavio: Leonardo Melani - Europa Galante Orchestra and Verdi Festival Chorus Conducted by Fabio Biondi - Recorded at the Teatro Regio of Parma, March 2001 TDK  DV-OPNOR [163 mins approx.] [IL]

A very satisfying production of one of Bellini’s best-loved operas with Anderson a most persuasive Norma. Her emotionally-laden duets with Barcellona as Adalgisa impress. … see Full Review

Alban BERG (1885-1935) Violin Concerto (1935) - Lyric Suite (1926) - Three Orchestral Pieces (1915) Rebecca Hirsch (violin) - Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra/Eri Klas - Recorded Netherlands, Hilversum Concert Hall, August - September 1999 NAXOS 8.554755 [64.44] [JW]

Compellingly strong … a most worthwhile disc … see Full Review

Ernest BLOCH (1880-1959) String Quartet No. 2 (1945) - Prelude (1925) - Night from “In the Mountains” (1925) - Two Pieces for String Quartet (1938 and 1950) Pro Arte Quartet - Recorded in Mills Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison, (1988) LAUREL LR-826CD [53.41]

Bloch’s elaborate schema, his veiled emotionalism and his architectural complexity are excellently served … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Violin Sonata No. 1 in G major, Opus 78 (1879) Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major, Opus 100 (1886) Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor, Opus 108 (1888) Marat Bisengaliev (violin) Sir Ernest Hall (piano)) Rec 7-8 March 1999, Gateway Studio BLACK BOX BBM 1010 [68.09] [TB]

Recommended with confidence and enthusiasm. … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833 - 1897) Trio Opus 40 for horn, piano and violin Carl REINECKE (1824 - 1910) Trio Op.274 for horn, clarinet and piano Frédéric DUVERNOY (1765 - 1838) Trio No.1 for horn, clarinet and piano Jose Zarzo, (horn); Victor Parra, (violin); Radovan Cavallin, (clarinet); Juan Francisco Parra, (piano). Recorded Las Palmas July 1999 DDD Stereo CRYSTAL RECORDS CD771 [67:06] [DB]

An excellent performance of Brahm’s superb Horn Trio somewhat let down by the quality of the remaining pieces. Not the fault of the very fine Spanish players. … see Full Review

Max BRUCH (1838-1920) Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor Op.26 (1865-1867) [25.05] - Violin Concerto No.3 in D minor Op.58 (1891) [38.43] - Pablo de SARASATE (1844-1908) Navarra for two violins and orchestra Op. 33 (1889) [6.02] - Chloë Hanslip (violin) Mikhail Ovrutsky (violin) London Symphony Orchestra Martyn Brabbins (conductor) - Rec. Watford Colosseum, 30 July - 1 August 2002 WARNER CLASSICS  0927-45664-2 [58.57] [CF]

Fired by the freshness of youth matched by enthusiasm and love of the music she plays … see Full Review

Mordecai Shehori (piano). The New York Recitals: Volume One
Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897)
Sonata in F minor Op. 5 Frederic CHOPIN (1810-1849) Nocturne in F major Op. 15/1 Nocturne in B major Op. 9/3 Scherzo No. 3 in C sharp minor Op. 39 Maurice RAVEL (1875-1937) Gaspard de la Nuit Mordecai Shehori (piano) Recorded on 2nd April 1977 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art CEMBAL D’AMOUR CD 107 [69.36] [JW]

Full of youthful and vigorous action, so satisfying in execution. … see Full Review

Ferruccio BUSONI (1866-1924) Konzertstück in D minor, Op. 31a/K236 (1890) [20'01]. Joseph Joachim RAFF (1822-1882) Konzertstück in G, Op. 76, 'Ode to Spring' (1857) [14'40] Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 185 (1873) [34'37]. Jean-François Antonioli (piano) Lausanne Chamber Orchestra/Lawrence Foster Rec. in Salle Communale d'Epalinges, Lausanne, on January 19th-22nd, 1988. [DDD] CLAVES CD50-8806 [69'18] [CC]

Raff's Piano Concerto is a fascinating work and the disc as a whole is worth hearing. … see Full Review

Arthur BUTTERWORTH (b. 1923)
Three Impressions for Brass Op. 36 Passacaglia on a Theme of Brahms Op. 87 Sinfonia Concertante Op. 111 * Johannes BRAHMS (1833-97) Trans. Butterworth Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel Op. 24 Robert Blackburn (baritone); Lesley Howie (tenor horn) * Black Dyke Band/Nicholas J. Childs Recorded Morley Town Hall, 2001 DDD DOYEN DOYCD130 [61:13] [CT]

Flame, smoke, heat and cold in the clear, dark northern skies … superb vividly captured performances. Not just for brass band enthusiasts. … see Full Review

William BYRD (1543-1623) ‘Ave Verum Corpus’: Motets and Anthems of William Byrd The Cambridge Singers directed by John Rutter Recorded in the Great Hall of University College School, London, April 1989. COLLEGIUM CSCD 507 [71’00]

Excellent selection of some of the finest a capella music written for the English church. Performances of the highest order lacking a little ambience … see Full Review

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