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Marlboro Music Festival. 50th Anniversary Album Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827)
Three Marches for Piano, Four Hands Op 45 Giuseppe VERDI (1813-1901) String Quartet in E minor Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Der Hirt auf dem Felsen Felix MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847) String Quartet in A minor Op 13 Béla BARTÓK (1881-1945) Divertimento for String Orchestra György KURTÁG (b 1926) Quintet for Winds Op 2 Hommage à Mihály András (12 Microludes for string quartet) György LIGETI (b 1923) String Quartet No 1 (Métamorphoses nocturnes) Beethoven: Cécile Licad and Mieczysław Horszowski (pianos) 1979 Verdi: Pina Carmirelli and Endré Granat, (violins) Martha Strongin Katz (viola) and Ronald Leonard (cello) 1969 Schubert: Benita Valente (soprano), Harold Wright (clarinet) and Rudolf Serkin (piano) 1969 Mendelssohn: Lisa-Beth Lambert and Hiroko Yajima (violins), Annemarie Moorcroft (viola) and Sophie Shao (cello) 1995 Bartók: The Marlboro Festival Strings/Sándor Végh. 1974 Kurtág: Quintet; Tanya Dusevic, (flute) Rudolph Vrbsky (oboe) Michael Rusinek (clarinet) Marc Goldberg (bassoon) and Sarah Dussing (horn) 1997 Kurtág: Hommage; Robert Waters and Catherine Szepes (violins), Jessica Troy (viola) and Siegfried Palm (cello) 1997 Ligeti: Soovim Kim and Catherine Cho (violins), Kirsten Johnson (viola) and Siegfried Palm (cello) 1996 BRIDGE 9108 [2 CDs: 146.57] [JW]

An admirable salute to Marlboro, enshrining performances, spiced with rigour and prescient intellectual sinew … see Full Review

Music of the Conquest: De la Musique des Conquistadores au Livre d’orgue des Indiens Chiquitos TRIPLE CD VOLUME 1: Musiques pour orgue du temps des conquistadores: Organ music by: 1.CREQUILLON: Canción "Pour une plaisir", 2. Alonso MUDARRA: Gallarda (para vihuela o tecla) , 3. Francisco F. PALERO: Romance: Paseábase el rey moro, 4. Anonyme: Canción "Réveillez-vous…", 5. Francisco Correa DE ARAUXO: Tiento de medio registro de tiple , 6 à 8: Antonio DE CABEZÓN: -Duo para principiantes,- Pavana con su glosa,- Tiento de quarto tono,9. Hernando DE CABEZÓN: Dulce memoriae (en memoria de su padre), 10. Julius DE MODENA: Tiento de quarto tono, 11. Francisco Correa DE ARAUXO: Tiento de medio registro de dos tiples, 12 à 15. Tomas de SANTA MARIA: 4 Fantasias ,16 à 18. Juan BERMUDO:- Conditor alme siderum, - Ave maris stella, - Vexilla regis prodeunt (a5), 19 et 20. Francisco Correa DE ARAUXO: -Tiento de medio registro de tiple, - Tiento pequeño y facil de cuarto tono, 21 et 22. Sebastian aguilera DE HEREDIA:- Pange Lingua español, - Tiento de falsas de cuarto tono, 23. Andres DE SOLA: Tiento de primer tono de mano derecha, 24. Pablo BRUNA: Tiento de falsas- 2o tono, 25. Diego DE TORRIJOS: Tiento lleno. [54’32] Francis Chapelet (France), Organist Historic organ by: Frère Pedro de Matos, 1791-92, restored by Pascal Quoirin, 1997, Convent of Santa Clara de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia. Recorded:1998, Convent of Santa Clara de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia. VOLUME 2: Les vice-royaumes du Pérou et de Nouvelle-Espagne: Organ works by: 1. Estacio LACERNA: Tiento de sexto tono, 2 à 13. Lucas RUIZ RIBAYAZ: -Chaconas,-Pabanas,-Xacaras,-Folias,-Achas,-Buelta del Hacha,-Zarabandas,-Rugero,-Bacas,-Villano,-Galeria del amor,-Paradetas,14. Maestro Cabrera DEL PERÚ: Fantasia "scala celite", 15. Juan Pérez BOCANEGRA: Hanacpachap cussicuinin, 16. Antonio CARRIERA: Con qué la lavaré, 17 à19. Anonyme espagnol del Convento de Santa Eulalia (c.1590):- Pavana,-Romance,-Tonos, 20 à 23. Juan BERMUDO: -Pange Lingua, -Conditor alme siderum,- Ave maris stella (Glose de l’interpréte),- Veni creator spiritus, 24. San Juan DE LIMA: Diferencias, 25. Anonyme de San Antonio abad: Caraviñas sao, 26. Manuel J. DE QUIROS: Luzid fragante rosa, 27. Anonyme de San Antonio abad: Un juguetico de fuego, 28. Sebastián DURON: Claro arrebol, 29. Padre A.SOLER: Sonatas de clarines. [52’59]
Cristina Garcia Banegas (Uruguay), Organist Historic organ: by Frère Pedro de Matos, 1791-92, restored by Pascal Quoirin, 1997,Convent of Santa Clara de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia.
Recorded:1998, Convent of Santa Clara de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia. VOLUME 3: Sones mo organo-Les Livres pour clavier de San Rafael de Chiquitos-Organ works by Martin SCHMID (1694-1772): Tono I:1.Preludio, 2.Folías, 3.Dos versos, 4.(Alemanda), 5. (Corrente), Tono II: 6. Cuatro versos, 7. Zipoli: Retirada del emperador, 8. (Giga), 9. Francesa, Tono III: 10. Cuatro versos, 11. Tocada Allegro-Grave-Allegro, 12. Africa, 13. (Sonata), 14. (Giga), 15. (Aria), Tono IV: 16. (Aria), Tono V: 17.Al Nacimiento del Archedug (Allegro)-(Siciliana)-(Presto), 18. (Pastoral I-II), 19. Sones mo organo, 20.Verso, 21. Del Principe, 22. Marcha alemana, 23. (Sonata), 24. (Sonata), Tono VI: 25. Sonata I Adagio-(Allegro)-Adagio-(Presto), 26. Reina de Ungria, Tono VII: 27. Son los sones de Organo, 28. Hazme Reir, 29. Marcosi:Sal si puedes, 30. Sinfonia, Tono VIII: 31. Fugado, 32. Jesús, 33. (Sonata), 34. (Sonata), 35. (Sonata), 36. (Sonata). [75’49] Noberto Broggini(Argentine), Organist
Historic organ: by Frère Pedro de Matos, 1791-92, restored by Pascal Quoirin, 1997, Convent of Santa Clara de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia. Recorded:1998, Convent of Santa Clara de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia. K617093/3 [3CDs: 182’40] [ChA]

A very fine collection of a little known music presented with great sensitivity and rhythmic ‘Latino’ energy. … see Full Review

Variations on a Theme of Shostakovich (1978)a - Stephen DEMBSKI (born 1949) Of Mere Being (1981)b - Barbara JAZWINSKI (born 1950) Stryga - Jean-Claude WOLFF (born 1946) Symphony No.4 (1985) - Betty Oberacker (piano)a; Sulie Girardi (mezzo-soprano)b Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra of Krakow/Szymon Kawalla - Recorded: Philharmonic Hall, Krakow, April, May and July 1991 VIENNA MODERN MASTERS VMM 3002 [65:57] [HC]

Good music communicates amply demonstrated by this release … see Full Review

MUSIC FROM SIX CONTINENTS – 1992 SERIES - Paul MORAVEC (born 1957) Spiritdance (1989) - Ann SILSBEE (born 1930) Sanctuary (1991) - Jerré TANNER (born 1939) Suite from The Singing Snails (1986) - Larry BELL (born 1952) Sacred Symphonies Op.23 (1985) Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra of Bratislava/Szymon Kawalla - Recorded: no date, published 1992 VIENNA MODERN MASTERS VMM 3016 [71:29] [HC]

A most enjoyable disc well worth investigating. … see Full Review

MUSIC FROM SIX CONTINENTS – 1996 SERIES - Thomas M. SLEEPER (born 1956) Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (1992)a - Margaret Shelton MEIER (born 1936) The Dawning (1994)b - Haydn REEDER (born 1944) Lark 2 (1996) - Larry BELL (born 1952) Piano Concerto Op.33 (1989)c Kathryn Sleeper (bassoon)a; Bozhena Petrova (celesta)b; Larry Bell (piano)c; The Ruse Philharmonic Orchestra, Bulgaria; Tsanko Delibozov, Thomas Sleeper - Recorded: no information available, published 1996 VIENNA MODERN MASTERS VMM 3037 [64:39] [HC]

An interesting disc with two substantial, if uneven works and two shorter, attractive pieces, all in fine performances … see Full Review

The Nightingale and the Sparrow: English Renaissance Keyboard music John BULL (1562/3-1628) Walsingham [19.32] Fantasy [1.33] In Nomine IV [4.55] Salvator Mundi II [4.12] Giles FARNABY (c1563-1640) Fantasy [5.46] Woody-cock [8.03] John BULL (1562/3-1628) Fantasy on Ut re me fa sol la I [6.23] Giles FARNABY (c1563-1640) Mal Sims [1.44] Muscadin or Kempe's Morris [1.26] The King's Hunt [2.46] John BULL (1562/3-1628) Chromatic Pavane (Queen Elizabeth's) [7.16] Chromatic Galliard [3.48] Prelude to the In Nomine [1.50] In Nomine IX [8.35] Derek Adlam; harpsichord - organ - muselar Rec. March 2001 and August 2001, the north transept of the Priory Church of Our Lady and St Cuthbert, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England GUILD GMCD 7233 [78.21] [PW]

Plenty to enjoy in this delicate, yet never lightweight, repertoire. … see Full Review

ORGUES DU JURA FRANCO-SUISSE - Triple CD Set - CD 1: Organ works by: - Jehan TITELOUZE (1563-1633): 1. Exultet Coelum 1er verset, 2. Exultet Coelum 2ème verset, 3. Exultet Coelum 3ème verset, - Louis COUPERIN (1626-1661): 4. Ave Maris Stella, 5. Ave Maris Stella en trio, 6. Ut queant laxis, 7. Fantaisie sur le Pange lingua, 8. Pange lingua, 9. Fantaisie sur une basse de trompette, 10. Duo de tierce, 11. Fantaisie à 4, 12. Symphonie, - Nicolas LEBÈGUE (1631-1702): 13. Cromorne en taille, -Franz TUNDER (1614-1667): 14. Praeludium, 15. Choral ‘Christ lag in Todesbanden’, Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707): 16. Choral ‘Mensch, willt du leben seliglish’ (BuxWV 206), 17. Choral ‘Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ’ (BuxWV 196), 18. Passacaglia (BuxWV 161), Nicolas LEBÈGUE : 19. Prélude du 1er ton, Louis MARCHAND (1669-1732): 20. Quatuor, 21. Tierce en taille, 22. Fond d’ orgue, 23. Dialogue. [72:41] - Etienne Baillot and Jacques Béraza, Organists - Organ by: K.Riepp, 1754, Reconstructed by P. Hartmann from 1958, Dole Collegiate, France - CD 2: Extraits des deux Livres pour orgue de Jacques BOYVIN (1649-1706): -Suite du 1er ton: 1. Grand plein jeu continu, 2. Fugue grave sur les anches, 3. Duo sur la tierce, Récit tende pour le nazard, 5. Grand Dialogue à choeurs, sur les grands jeux, -Suite du 7è ton: 6. Voix humaine, 7. Basse de trompette, -Suite de 3è ton: 8. Prélude sur le plein-jeu, 9. Dessus de petite tierce, 10. Concert de flutes, 11. Cromorne en taille, -Suite du 5è ton: 12.Grand Prèlude avec les pédalles de trompettes meslées, 13. Récit de cornet, 14. Duo sur le cornet et la trompette 15. Tierce en taille, -Suite du 4è ton: 16. Prélude en fond d’ orgue, 17. Fugue chromatique, 18. Dialogue en fugue, -Suite du 6è ton: 19. Plein jeu à deux choeurs, 20. Trio pour la pedalle, sur les flûtes, 21. Fugue-quatuor, -Suite du 2è ton: 22. Dialogue de récits, cromorne et tierce, 23. Dialogue sur les grands jeux, à 2 choeurs, 24. Trio à deux dessus, -Suite du 8è ton: 25. Grand dialogue à trois choeurs, sur les grands jeux, -26 to 35:Noëls français à Orgelet: Nicolas LEBÈGUE (1631-1702) : 26. Une Vierge Pucelle (Choeur), 27. Une Vierge Pucelle (Orgue), 28. Noël pour l’amour de Marie (Choeur), 29. Noël pour l’amour de Marie (Orgue), Jean-François DANDRIEU (1682-1738): 30. Nous sommes en voie (Choeur), 31. Nous sommes en voie (Orgue), Michel CORRETTE (1709-1795): 32. Vous qui désirez sans fin (Choeur), 33. Vous qui désirez sans fin (Orgue), 34. A minuit fut fait un réveil (Choeur), 35. A minuit fut fait un réveil (Orgue). [71:21] - Francois Delor and Daniel Meylan, Organists - Organs by: -M. Carouge, 1721, St.-Cyr and St. Juliette of Champagnole, Champagnole, France, -J. M. Baffert (?), 1627-1630, Completed by M. Carouge, 1724, Restored by B. Aubertin, 1985, Notre Dame de l’ Assomption of Orgelet, Orgelet, France. CD 3: Organ works by: - Jean-François DANDRIEU (1682-1738): 1. Offertoire en la mineur, - Jacques BOYVIN (1649-1706): 2. Tierce en taille, - Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707): 3. Preludium en ré majeur (BuxWV 139), 4. Choral ‘Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt’ (version vocale harmonisée par Schein), 5. Choral ‘Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt’ (BuxWV 183), 6. Choral ‘Komm, heiliger geist, Herre Gott’ (version vocale d’ après le Livre d’ Erfurt), 7. Choral ‘Komm, heiliger geist, Herre Gott’ (BuxWV 199), Jean-Sébastien BACH (1685-1750): 8-10. Concerto en la mineur (BWV 593),- Georg BÖHM (1661-1733): 11. Choral ‘Vater unser im Himmelreich’ (version vocale d’ après le Livre de Weimar), 12. Choral ‘Vater unser im Himmelreich’, 13. Choral ‘Von Himmel hoch, da komm’ ich her’ (version vocale harmonisée par Pretorius ici transposée 1 ton au dessus), 14. Choral ‘Von Himmel hoch, da komm’ ich her’, 15. Prélude et fugue en ut majeur, Françs DAGINCOUR (1684- 1758): 16-21.Suite du 6ème ton: -Plein jeu, -Duo, -Récit de nazard, -Basse de cromorne, -Trio, -Dialogue, Michel CORRETTE (1709-1795): 22. Offertoire en la majeur. [56:37] Organist: Daniel Meylan with Camerata Baroque Orchestra - Organ by: Richard Nicole, 1991, Sentier Church, Vallée de Joux, Switzerland
Recorded: 1999 K 617104/3 [199:99] [CA]

Overall a good collection that is worth purchasing not only as a document of the organ landscape of Franco-Swiss Jura … see Full Review

Oriental Landscapes CHEN Yi (born 1953)
Percussion Concerto (1998) Thea MUSGRAVE (born 1928) Journey through a Japanese Landscape (1994) ZHOU Long (born 1953) Out of Tang Court (2000)a Alan HOVHANESS (1911 – 2000) Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints Op.211 (1965) Evelyn Glennie (percussion); Deng Haigiong (gu-zheng)a, Wang Guiying (er-hu)a, Zhang lei (pi-pa)a Singapore Symphony Orchestra/Lan Shui Recorded: Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore, August 2001 BIS CD-1222 [69:11] [HC]

Not for Glennie’s fans only … see Full Review

De La Pierre Au Son: Ancient Greek Music ANONYMOUS Fanfare (5th/6th century BC). Euripides, Orestes (408 BC). Euripides and Iphigineia at Aulis (405 BC). Two Delphic Hymns to Apollo: - Athenaios; Limenios (128 BC). Excerpts from Bellermann's Treatise (4th century BC); Ǽschylus, Ajax (about 160 BC). Instrumental Fragments from Contrapollinopolis (about 160 BC). Fragment of Orestes (about 170-175 BC). Christian Hymn of Oxyrhynchus (end of 3rd Century AD). Ensembe Kérylis/Annie Bélis. Rec. Chapelle Saint-Augustin de Vallerysthal, Moselle on July 4th-7th, 1996. [DDD] K617 K617069 [47'29] [CC]

Fascinating, totally mesmeric music. This really does come under the heading, 'Early Music'. Despite low playing time, this deserves the highest of recommendations. … see Full Review

Great Violinists: Maud POWELL (1867 - 1920) The Complete 1904 - 1917 Recordings, Vol.1 BACH - Partita No.1 in B Minor, BWV 1002: Tempo di Borea GLUCK - Minuetto GLUCK-POWELL - Orphée et Eurydice: Mélodie BERIOT- Violin Concerto No.7 in G major BRUCH - Kol Nidrei SARASATE - Zigeunerweisen THOMAS-SARASATE - Mignon: Gavotte SARASATE - Spanish Dance, Op.26, No.8 ELGAR - Salut d'amour Four American Folk Songs (arr. Powell) My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Old Black Joe (Foster) Shine On (Schoolcraft) Kingdom Coming (Work) EMMETT-BELLSTEDT - Caprice on Dixie DANKS - Silver Threads Among the Gold HERBERT - Petite Valse SAURET - Farfalla, Op.40, No.3 VIEUXTEMPS - Polonaise, Op.38 DRDLA - Guitarrero, Souvenir GRAINGER - Molly on the Shore SCHUBERT - The Bee CHOPIN-POWELL - Minute Waltz MASSENET - Thaïs: Méditation Maud Powell (violin) NAXOS 8.110961 [71.56] [JW]

A series of major importance … No history of the Violin on Record is in any sense complete without her and I commend the series. … see Full Review

Romantic Cello Sonatas César FRANCK (1822-1890) Sonata in A (1886) [28'45] Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Sonata in D, Op. 78 (1878/9) [26'59] Frédéric CHOPIN (1810-1849) Introduction and Polonaise brillante in C, Op. 3 (1829/30) [9'39] Frédéric CHOPIN/Auguste FRANCHOMME (1808-1884) Grand Duo concertant on Themes from Meyerbeer's 'Robert le Diable' (1832) [12'45] Adrien-François SERVAIS (1807-1866) Souvenir de Spa, Op. 2. Fantaisie polonaise sur des airs du ballet, 'La Noce de Cracovie', Op. 19. Edmont Baert (cello); Serge Bémant (piano). PAVANE ADW7124/5 [109'43: 57'05+52'38] [CC]

Certainly this is a twofer which will provide much entertainment. … see Full Review

SCARBOROUGH FAIR: ‘British Folk Songs for Tenor’ (No recording details given) James Griffett, (tenor); Timothy Walker, (guitar) REGIS RRC 1112 [68.21] [RB]

Intelligent and flavoursome singing and arrangements ... see Full Review

Victor Schiøler Franz LISZT (1811-1886)
Concerto no. 1 in E flat (1) (rec. 1951) Camille SAINT-SAËNS (1835-1921) Concerto no. 2 in g (2) (rec. 1953) Edvard GRIEG (1843-1907) Concerto in a (3) (rec. 1948), To the Spring op. 43/6 (rec. 1948) Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Sonata in c sharp op. 27/1 – "Moonlight" (rec. 1929) Domenico SCARLATTI (1685-1757) arr. TAUSIG (1841-1871) Pastorale, Capriccio (rec. 1929) Frédéric CHOPIN (1810-1849) Etude op. 25/9 (rec. 1929) Leopold GODOWSKY (1870-1938) Paraphrase on Chopin Etude op. 25/9 (rec. 1929) CHOPIN Mazurkas op. 33/1, op. 68/2 (rec. 1943), Valse op. 64/2, Berceuse op. 57 (rec. 1924) Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Variations and Fugue on a theme by Handel, op. 24 (rec. 1951) Jean SIBELIUS (1865-1957) Romance in D flat op. 24/9 (rec. 1951) Alexander SCRIABIN (1872-1915) Nocturne op. 9/2 for left hand (rec. 1947) Sergei RACHMANINOV (1873-1943) Prelude in g op. 23/5 (2 performances, rec. 1929 and 1951) Ignaz FRIEDMAN (1882-1948) Wienertanz no. 2 (rec. 1929) Victor Schiøler (piano), Danish State Radio Symphony Orchestra/Issay Dobrowen (1), Nicolai Malko (2), Erik Tuxen (3) Dates as above, recordings made (when known) in England or Denmark DANACORD DACOCD 491-492 [2 CDs 71:45+74:25] [CH]

The title of the disc, "The Great Danish Pianist Victor Schiøler" says nothing less than the truth. … see Full Review

THE COMPLETE AKSEL SCHIØTZ RECORDINGS: 1933-1946 Vol. I: Oratorio and Mozart Arias - 1940-1945 George Frideric HANDEL (1685-1759) Messiah: Comfort ye, Every valley Orchestra of Det Unge Tonekunstnerselskab/Mogens Wöldike, 26.03.1940 Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (c.1637-1707) Was mich auf dieser Welt betrübt Else Marie Braun, Julius Koppel (violins), Alberto Medici (cello), Mogens Wöldike (harpsichord), 20.03.1940 Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Christmas Oratorio: Frohe Hirten, eilt, ach eilet Johan Bentzon (flute), Alberto Medici (cello), Mogens Wöldike (harpsichord), 20.03.1940 St. Matthew Passion: O Schmerz - Ich will bei meinem Jesu wachen Mogens Steen Adreassen (oboe), Orchestra and Chorus/Mogens Wöldike, 22.04.1942 John DOWLAND (1563-1626) Shall I sue, Now cease, my wand’ring eyes, Flow, my tears Jytte Gorki Schmidt (guitar), 17.10.1941 Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Die Zauberflöte: Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön, Così fan tutte: Un’aura amorosa (25.02.1942), Don Giovanni: Dalla sua pace, Il mio tesoro intanto (27.02.1942), Die Entführung aus dem Serail: Hier soll ich dich denn sehen, Konstanze, Imm Mohrenland gefangen war (31.08.1943) Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen/Egisto Tango Joseph HAYDN (1732-1809) The Creation: Mit Würd’ und Hoheit angetan Orchestra/Mogens Wöldike, no date Piotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) Eugene Onegin: Lenski’s aria (in Danish) Charles GOUNOD (1818-1893) Faust: Salut demeure (in Danish) Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen/Johan Hye-Knudsen, 25.10.1944 HANDEL Acis and Galatea: Love sounds the alarm, Solomon: Sacred raptures cheer my breast Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Stockholm/Mogens Wöldike, from a rehearsal at the Musikaliska Akademien, Stockholm, 25.09.1945, previously unpublished Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), orchestras etc. as shown Dates as shown, the only location named is that of the rehearsal extract DANACORD DACOCD 451 [75:18] [CH]

All who care about good singing should get to know the work of Aksel Schiøtz. … see Full Review

THE COMPLETE AKSEL SCHIØTZ RECORDINGS 1933-1946: Vol. 2 Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Die schöne Müllerin, D.797 Edvard GRIEG (1843-1907)
To brune øjne (Two brown eyes) op. 5/1, Jeg elsker dig (I love thee) op. 5/3, Ved Ronderne (By the Rondane Mountains) op. 33/9, Våren (Spring) op. 33/2, Udfarten (The Voyage) op. 9/4 Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), Gerald Moore (piano, Schubert), Folmer Jensen (piano, Grieg) Recorded in London, 1st, 5th and 6th November 1945 (Schubert), location not given, 17th February 1943 (Grieg) Original HMV recordings transferred at the Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter DANACORD DACOCD 452 [75:22] [CH]

Schiøtz’s 1945 recording of Die schöne Müllerin remains one of the finest ever, and all who care about Schubert and lieder singing should have it. … see Full Review

Dichterliebe op. 48 Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897)
Die Mainacht op. 43/2, Sonntag op. 47/3, Ständchen op. 106/1 Edvard GRIEG (1843-1907) Vær hilset, I Damer (Be greeted, ladies), op. 49/3, Foraarsregn (Spring rain) op. 49/6, En Digters sidste Sang (A Poet’s last song) op. 18/3 Carl Michael BELLMAN (1745-1795) Käraste bröder, Gubben är gammal, Så lunka vi så småningom, Hör klockerna med ängsligt dånm Joachim uti Babylon, Vila vid denna källa Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707) Aperite mihi portas justitiae Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), Gerald Moore (piano) (Schumann, Brahms, Grieg), Ulrik Neumann (guitar) (Bellmann), Elsa Sigfuss (contralto), Holger Nørgaard (bass), Else Marie Braun, Julius Koppel (violins), Torben Anton Svendsen (cello), Mogens Wöldike (harpsichord) (Buxtehude) Recorded in London, 8th January 1946 (Brahms, Grieg), 10th January 1946 (Schumann), Stockholm, May 9th 1946 (Bellmann), Copenhagen, May 22nd 1946 (Buxtehude) Original HMV recordings transferred at the Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter DANACORD DACOCD 453 [68:45] [CH]

The lieder on this CD are absolutely essential listening for all who care about Schumann, Brahms and the singer’s art. … see Full Review

THE COMPLETE AKSEL SCHIØTZ RECORDINGS 1933-1946: Vol. 4 - Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Die schöne Müllerin D.797: 1. Das Wandern, 6. Der Neugierige, 7. Ungeduld, 8. Morgengruss, 10. Tränenregen, 11. Mein, 15. Eifersucht und Stolz, 17. Die böse Farbe, 19. Der Müller und der Bach, 20. Des Baches Wiegenlied - Recorded May 26th 1939 (1, 8), August 28th 1939 (6, 7), November 17th 1939 (10, 11), March 15th 1940 (15, 17, 19, 20) - Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Per pietà, non ricercate - Unissued test recording, recorded March 1st 1938 - Christoph Ernst Friedrich WEYSE (1774-1842) Lysets Engel gaar med Glans, I Fjerne Kirketaarne hist, Skøn Jomfru, luk dit Vindu op - Recorded December 30th 1939, November 18th 1939, October 7th 1938 - Johan Peter Emilius HARTMANN (1805-1900) Lær mig, Nattens Stjerne, op. 63, Liden Kirsten, op. 44: Sverkel’s Romance - Recorded October 7th 1938, January 3rd 1941 - Peter Erasmus LANGE-MÜLLER (1850-1926) Der var engang: Serenade, Midsommervise - Recorded April 15th 1941 - Knudåge RIISAGER (1897-1974) Mor Danmark - Recorded May 26th 1939 - SCHUBERT/Henri BERTÉ Lilac Time: Excerpts (in Danish) - Recorded January 17th 1941 Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), Gerald Moore (piano) (Schubert 1, 8, Riisager), Herman D. Koppel (piano) (Schubert 6, 7, 10, 11, 15, 17, 19, 20, Weyse, Hartmann op. 63), Grete Kordt (piano) (Mozart), Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen/Johan Hye-Knudsen (Hartmann op. 44, Lange-Müller), Inger Stender, Axel Bœsen, Else Colber, Sigurd Langberg, Petrine Sonne, Karen Marie Løwert, Poul Reichardt, with Aage Juhl Thomson and his orchestra (Schubert/Berté) - Items with Gerald Moore recorded in London, other locations (presumably Danish) not given; dates as above - Original HMV recordings transferred at the Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter DANACORD DACOCD 454 [72:18] [CH]

This is a more specialist issue than Vols. 2 and 3, but much beautiful singing is to be heard here. … see Full Review

The Complete Aksel Schiøtz Recordings 1933-1946: vol. 5 - Carl Michael BELLMAN (1745-1795) Fjäriln vingad syns på Haga (1), Ulla, min Ulla (1), Gubben är gammal (2), Järaste bröder (2) - Recorded February 22nd 1940 in Stockholm (1), June 21st 1940 (2) - Birger SJÖBERG (1885-1921) Den första gång jag såg dig (3), Lilla Paris (3) - Recorded October 30th 1942 - Johan Peter Emilius HARTMANN (1805-1900) Den kiedsom Vinter (4), Jeg synge skal en Vise (4) - Recorded February 21st 1939 - Christoph Ernst Friedrich WEYSE (1774-1842) Eh Skaal for den Mø (5), Willemoes, Kommer hid, I Piger smaa (6), Nu vaagne alle Guds Fugle smaa (7), Bliv hos os naar Dagen hælder (8), Barcarole: Natten er saa stille (9), Fædrelands-Sang: Duftende Enge (10), Lysets Engel gaar med Glans (11), Der staaer et Stot i Vesterled (12), Valentins serenade: Skøn Jomfru, luk dit Vindu op (13), Gud ske Tak og Lov (14), I Fjerne Kirketaarne hist (15), Børnenes Julesang: Julen har bragt (16), Pilgrimssang: Deilig er Jordan (18th Century melody) (17), Et Barn er født i Bethlehem (17th Century melody) (18) - Recorded October 29th 1938 at the Palace Chapel, Copenhagen (16, 17, 18), September 24th 1940 (7, 8, 12, 14), October 5th 1940 (9, 10), October 18th 1940 (13), December 4th 1940 (5, 6), January 28th 1943 (11, 15) - Niels GADE (1817-1890) Barn Jesus (19) - Franz GRUBER (1787-1863) Glade Jul (Stille Nacht sung in Danish) (20) - 19-20 recorded July 11th 1940 at the Christiansborg Slotkirke Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), Banjo-Lasse (lute) (1), Jørn Grauengard (guitar) with anonymous cellist (2), Jytte Gorki Schmidt (guitar) (3-4), Male quartet: Knud Vad Thomson, Blicher Hansen, Svend Saabye, Harald Krebs (5), Herman D. Koppel (piano) (5-10, 12-14), Folmer Jensen (piano) (11, 15), Copenhagen Boys’ Choir (16-18), Mogens Wöldike (organ) (19-20) - Locations as above when given; dates as above - Original HMV recordings transferred at the Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter DANACORD DACOCD 455 [68:01] [CH]

An issue principally dedicated to the simple charms of Weyse, and with much fine singing along the way. … see Full Review

The Complete Aksel Schiøtz Recordings 1933-1946: vol. 6 Henrik RUNG (1807-1871) I Danmark er jeg født (1), Gurre, Hvor Nilen vander (2), Modersmaalet (3), Jeg gik mig du en Sommerdag at høre (Danish-Swedish folk-tune) Recorded February 14th 1938 (1),October 5th 1940 (2), May 22nd 1942 (3, 4) Johan Peter Emilius HARTMANN (1805-1900) Flyv Fugl, flyv over Furesøens Vove (5), Folmer Ganger (6), Til de Faldne (7), Lær mig, Nattens Stjerne (8), Liden Kirsten: Sverkel’s Romance (9), The Dice Duet (10) Recorded June 8th 1940 (5), August 24th 1939 (6), May 23rd 1946 (7), October 18th 1940 (8), May 1st 1939 (9), 27th December 1939 (10), Anonymous ed. Thomas LAUB and Axel OLRIK Four Medieval Ballads (11) Recorded March 13th 1942 Niels GADE (1817-1890) Knud Lavard (12), Polsk Fædrelandssang (13), Elverskud: Oluf’s Ballad, Morning Chorus (14) Recorded November 23rd 1939 (12, 13), May 1st 1939 (14) Christoph Ernst Friedrich WEYSE (1774-1842) arr. Emil Reesen Soundtrack excerpts from the film "Jeg har elsket og levet" (15): Gud ske Tak og Lov, Kommer hid, I Piger smaa, Retfæd og Frihed, Der staaer et Slot, Natten er saa stille, Skøn Jomfru Nordisk Film 1940 Friedrich KUHLAU (1786-1832), ed. and arr. King Christian (the Danish National Anthem) (16)
Recorded October 25th 1944 H. E. KRØYER (1799-1879) Der er et yndigt Land (17)
Recorded December 3rd 1940 Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), Chr. Christiansen (piano) (1), Herman D. Koppel (piano) (2, 5-8, 15-16), Grete Kordt (piano) (3-4) with anonymous chorus (4), Orchestra of Det Unge Tonekunstnerselskab/Mogens Wöldike (9, 14) with Copenhagen Boys’ and Male Choir (14), Edith Oldrup (soprano) (10, 15), Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen/Johan Hye-Knudsen (10, 16-17), Chorus (11), Ellen Gottschalk (speaker) (15), Members of the Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen/Emil Reesen Locations (presumably Danish) not given; dates as above
Original HMV recordings (except 15) transferred at the Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter DANACORD DACOCD 456 [72:44] [CH]

For those who wish to follow the development in Danish song which led to Nielsen – Hartmann and Gade are of particular interest – these recordings are indispensable. … see Full Review

The Complete Aksel Schiøtz Recordings 1933-1946: Vol. 7 Oluf RING (1884-1946) Den danske sommer (1), Trækfuglene. Præludium (2) Recorded October 5th 1940, November 17th 1939 Otto MORTENSEN (1907-1986) Sommervise (3) Recorded May 12th 1938 Knud Vad THOMSON (1905-1971) Til Glæden (4) Recorded August 28th 1939 Povl HAMBURGER (1901-1972) Sne (5), Limfjorden (6) Recorded August 26th 1939 Aksel AGERBY (1889-1942) Majnat (7), Havren (8), Liljekonval (9), Jeg ved – (10) Recorded August 25th 1939 (7-8), April 25th 1939 (9-10) Mogens SCHRADER (1894-1934) I de lyse nætter (11), Mod efterår (12) Recorded August 24th 1939 Danish-Swedish Folk-tune Jeg gik mig ud en Sommerdag (13) Recorded August 24th 1939 Thorvald AAGAARD (1877-1937) Jeg ser de bøgelyse øer (14) Recorded September 24th 1940 Walter BJERBORG (1909-1989) Jeg har sortnende hede (15) Recorded September 24th 1940 Knudåge RIISAGER (1897-1974) Mor Danmark (16) Recorded June 21st 1940 Svend Erik TARP (1908-1994)
Her har hjertet hjemme (17) Recorded November 11th 1940 Henrik RUNG (1807-1871) I Danmark er jeg født (18) Recorded November 11th 1940 Peter Erasmus LANGE-MÜLLER (1850-1926) Der var engang: Serenade, Midsommervise (19), Renaissance: Serenade (20) Recorded May 5th 1938 (19), August 28th 1940 (20) Peter HEISE (1830-1879) Jylland mellem tvende Have (21) Recorded December 3rd 1940 Johan SVENDSEN (1840-1911) Venetiansk Serenade op. 24/3 (22) Gustav V. LEMBCKE (1844-1899) Majsang (23) Georg RYGAARD (1894-1921) Flaget (24) Stephen FOSTER (1826-1864) Majvise (to the tune of "Gentle Annie") (25) 22-25 recorded September 26th-27th 1938 Aksel Schiøtz (tenor), Herman D. Koppel (piano) (1-, 4-6, 11-16), Chr. Christiansen (piano) (3), Aksel Agerby (piano) (7-10), Orchestra of Det Unge Tonekunstnerselskab/Mogens Wöldike (17-18), Royal Orchestra and Choir, Copenhagen/Johan Hye-Knudsen (19-21), Orchestra/Aage Juhl Thomson (22-25) Locations (presumably Danish) not given; dates as above Original HMV recordings transferred at the Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter DANACORD DACOCD 457 [73:38] [CH]

This volume is more specialised. There is plenty of fine singing and a few beautiful items but the programme is more for those with a specific interest in Danish song. … see Full Review

SONGS OF FRANCE - sung by the sopranos: Madeleine GREY (1897-1979); Claire CROIZA (1882-1946); Yvonne PRINTEMPS (1894-1977) - Joseph CANTELOUBE Chants d'Auvergne: Baïléro; Three Bourrées; Brezairola; Malouros quo un fenno; Two Bourrées; Lo fiolaire; L'Antouéno; Passo del prat - Grey with orch cond Elie Cohen - rec Feb 1930 - Maurice RAVEL Chansons Madécasses - Grey with flute, piano, cello trio dir by composer - rec 1932 - Maurice RAVEL Chants Hebraïques - Grey with composer at piano - rec 1932 - Pierre DE BREVILLE La belle au bois - Croiza with Pierre de Breville - rec 1929 - Reynaldo HAHN Mozart (Air de la lettre; Air des adieux) - Francis POULENC A sa guitarre - Georges AURIC Margot - Printemps - MESSAGER L'Amour Masqué - Printemps with orchestra rec. June 1929 / Dec 1935 PEARL GEM0013 [61.22] [RB]

Treasury recordings meriting pride of place in any collection which prides itself on a representative sampling of the vocal riches of the last century. ... see Full Review

Joseph Szigeti (violin) - Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Violin Concerto No. 4 in D major K218 (1775) - Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Violin Concerto in D major Op. 61 (1806) Joseph Szigeti (violin) - London Philharmonic Orchestra/Thomas Beecham (Mozart) - British Symphony Orchestra/Bruno Walter (Beethoven) - Recorded 1932-34 NAXOS 8.110936 [66.56] [JW]

Indispensable cornerstones of a collection, and not just a historical collection. … see Full Review

Gerhard Taschner. The Legendary Virtuoso Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
Chaconne from Partita No 2 BWV 1004 Giuseppe TARTINI (1692-1770) Violin Sonata in G minor Devil’s Trill Pablo de SARASATE (1844-1908) Zigeunerweisen Op 20 (1878) César FRANCK (1822-1890) Violin Sonata in A (1886) Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Violin Sonata No 3 in D minor Op 108 (1886-88) Aram KHACHATURIAN (1903-1978) Violin Concerto in D minor (1940) Gerhard Taschner (violin) Walter Gieseking (piano) Herbert Giesen (piano) in Tartini Michael Raucheisen (piano) in Sarasate RSO Berlin/Arthur Rother Radio broadcast recordings 1943-47 TAHRA 350-51 [2 CDs 120.47] [JW]

Sleek and quick spicing his playing with little inflective devices to keep the line bristling with aural interest. … see Full Review


Toscanini Concert Edition - Felix MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847) Violin Concerto (1844) - Richard WAGNER (1813-1883) Parsifal-Prelude and Good Friday Spell (1882) - Jascha Heifetz (violin) - NBC Symphony Orchestra Arturo Toscanini - Recorded at Studio 8H NBC on 9th April 1944 NAXOS 8.110817 [48.09] [JW]

Toscanini brusque and frequently showy in the Mendelssohn. … see Full Review

Trails of Creativity: Music from Between the Wars - Vienna-Berlin-London: 1918-1938 Hans GÁL (1890-1987) Violin Sonata in D (1933) [25.32] Karol RATHAUS (1895-1954) Suite Op. 27 (1927) [14.26] Frederick ROSSE (1895-1954) arr. Albert SAMMONS (1886-1957) Suite: The Merchant of Venice (1905 arr. 1921) [18.48] Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD (1897-1957) Suite: Much Ado About Nothing Op. 11 (1920) [13.43] William WALTON (1902-1983) Toccata (1922-23) [15.46] Adolf BUSCH (1891-1952) Suite in G minor Op. 38 (1927) [15.16] Egon WELLESZ (1885-1974) Suite Op. 56 (1937 rev 1957) [11.19] Kurt WEILL (1900-1950) arr. Stefan FRENKEL (1902-1979) Seven Pieces from The Threepenny Opera (1930) [13.30] Ivor GURNEY (1890-1937) The Apple Orchard; Scherzo (1920s) [3.19+4.49] David Frühwirth (violin) Henri Sigfridsson (piano) rec. 29 July - 2 Aug 2002, St Martin's Church, East Woodhay, Berkshire. DDD AVIE AV00009 [73.16+64.56] [RB]

Admirable artistic and technical values throughout. I hope for further refreshingly original themed collections along these lines. ... see Full Review


British Music: The Journal of the British Music Society Volume 24 2002 Editor: Roger Carpenter Mervyn Roberts (1906-1990); Colin Scott-Sutherland Scotsman & Cosmopolitan: Alexander Campbell Mackenzie and the British Choral Movement; Jürgen Schaarwächter Alice Mary Smith (1839-1884); Ian Graham-Jones Percy Turnbull (1902-1976); Jeremy Dibble Sir R.R. Terry (1865-1938); George Sharman Six Sonnets in Tribute to E.J. Moeran; Jon Manchip White One Morning in Spring - Norfolk folksong collected and arranged by E.J. Moeran. Published by the British Music Society 84pp [JF]

Not only a good read but also an indispensable part of a serious British Music archive. Life would be so boring if we only had the Big British Five to listen to all the time. … see Full Review

DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH - A Catalogue, Bibliography and Discography
by Derek C Hulme
Published by Scarecrow Press Inc, Lanham, Maryland 20706 USA Hardback Third Edition, 2002 701pp ISBN 0-8108-4432-X $85 [RB]

Shostakovich would I am sure embrace Mr Hulme warmly for this authoritative resource. ... see Full Review

Charles Villiers Stanford. By Paul Rodmell. pp. xx + 495. (Ashgate. Aldershot, 2002, £57.50. ISBN 1-85928-198-2.)
Charles Villiers Stanford. Man and Musician. By Jeremy Dibble. pp. xvi + 535. (Oxford University Press, 2002. £65. ISBN 0-19-816383-5.)

Rather like waiting for a bus, a pair of Stanford biographies arrives together in time for the 150th anniversary of his birth. If you can afford to buy both, then do, for each with its various differences complements the other. … see Full Review

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