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Gustav MAHLER (1860 - 1911) Kindertotenlieder (1901-4) † Symphony No. 4 (c. 1900) * Kathleen Ferrier (), Desi Halban (*), Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (*), New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra ()/Bruno Walter Recorded at Kingsway Hall (London), 4 Oct 1949 (†), Carnegie Hall (New York), 10 May 1945 (*). Sound restoration by Mark Obert-Thorn. NAXOS GREAT SINGERS 8.110876 [73'13] [PSe]

Twenty minutes of Ferrier on top form, one and a quarter hours of Walter on top form, ground-breaking recordings beautifully restored. Go for it! … see Full Review

Bruno MANTOVANI (b.1974) Troisième Round (2001)a La Morte Meditata (1999)b Turbulences (1998) Sylvia Marini-Vadimova (mezzo-soprano)b; Vincent David (saxophone)a; Ensemble TM+; Laurent CuniotRecorded: Espace de projection, IRCAM, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, May 2003 AEON AECD 0315 [60:18] [HC]

An endearing composer who is superbly well served by his performers and the recording team. Warmly recommended. … see Full Review

Igor MARKEVITCH  (1912-1983) Piano Concerto (1928) [15.56] Cantate (1929) [24.10] Icare (1932 rev. 1943) [25.53] Martijn van den Hoek (piano) Nienke Oostenrijk (sop) Men's Voices of Nederlands Concertkoor (Amsterdam)/Rob Vermeulen
Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra/Christopher Lyndon-Gee rec. Musis Sacrum, Arnhem, 14-17 Apr 1998, 12-13 Apr 1999. DDD MARCO POLO 8.225076 [65.40] [RB]

The impressive Markevitch Edition from Marco Polo takes another rewarding step forward ... see Full Review

Heinrich August MARSCHNER (1795-1861) Trio in D major Op. 135 The Rubbra Trio (Joseph Glazier (violin) William Pleeth (cello) Edmund Rubbra (piano)) Recorded from a radio broadcast 16 April 1947 Trio in F major Op. 167 The Semino Trio (Granville Jones (violin) Norina Semino (cello) Gordon Watson (piano)) Recorded from a radio broadcast on 17 December 1952 SYMPOSIUM 1260 [64.10] [JW]

Fortuitous survivors of post-War British music-making – Marschner readings that are frequently riveting. … see Full Review

ANDRÉ MESSAGER (1853-1929) VÉRONIQUE operetta, 1898 (complete with abridged dialogue) Géori Boue (sop) Helene (Veronique); Roger Bourdin (ten) Florestan; Geneviève Moizan (sop) Agathe; Max de Rieux (bar) Loustot; Marcel Carpentier (bar) Coquenard Studio Orchestra conducted by Pierre Dervaux Rec. Universal (Decca) Studios, Antony, France 1955 Discovery/Accord Operette Series 465 864-2 [92:18] Mono 2 CDs for the price of one [RW]

This is an excellent recording of Messager's most celebrated work.The cast work well as a team in a spirited and polished performance put together under Max de Rieux's experienced eye.... see Full Review

Claudio MONTEVERDI (1567-1643) Madrigali Concertati: Augellin, che la voce [3:57] Tornate, o cari baci [2:43] Ninfa che scalza il piede [5:01] Ecco vicine, o bella tigre [3:32] Eccomi pronta ai baci [2:17] S’el vostro cor, Madonna [4:04] Zefiro torna [6:17] Lamento della ninfa [6:30] Metre vaga Angioletta [9:32] Vaga su spina ascosa [2:56] Perché fuggi [3:04] Ogni amante è guerrier [14:44] Gira il nemico insidioso [5:10] Soave libertate [3:10] Viveca Axell, soprano; John Potter, tenor; Douglas Nasrawi, tenor; Harry van der Kamp, bass. Tragicomedia/Stephen Stubbs Rec. Bartholomew’s Church, Oxford, Suffolk, England, 11-12 March; 19-20 April 1993. DDD APEX 2564 60710-2 [73:36] [KS]

This bargain price disc of Monteverdi madrigals is a very fine choice indeed. … see Full Review

Claudio MONTEVERDI (1567-1643) Il Secondo Libro de’ Madrigali (1590) Non si levav’ancor l’alba novella [04:38] E dicea l’una sospirand’allora [04:43] Bevea Fillide mia [02:34] Dolcissimi legami di parole amorose [03:00] Non giacinti o narcisi [02:26] Intorno a due vermiglie e vaghe labra [03:06] Non son in queste rive [02:27] Tutte le bocche belle [02:08] Donna, nel mio ritorno il mio pensiero [02:49] Quell’ombr’esser vorrei [02:41] S’andasse Amor a caccia [01:36] Mentr’io mirava fiso [02:59] Ecco mormorar l’onde [03:21] Dolcemente dormiva la mia Clori [03:31] Se tu mi lassi, perfida, tuo danno [02:07] La bocca onde l’asprissime parole [02:30] Crudel, perché mi fuggi [02:34] Questo specchio ti dono [03:08] Non m’è grave ‘l morire [03:18] Ti spontò l’ali, Amor [03:02] Cantai un tempo e se fu dolce il canto [03:47] Delitiae Musicae: Paolo Costa, Alessandro Carmignani (alto), Fabio Fùrnari, Paolo Fanciulacci (tenor), Marco Scavazza (baritone), Marcello Vargetto (bass), Sabina Colonna (basso di viola), Eduardo Eguez, Francisco Gato (luit), Carmen Leoni (harpsichord)
Dir: Marco Longhini Recorded in July 2001 in the Chiesa di San Briccio, Verona, Italy DDD NAXOS 8.555308 [62:24] [JV]

A recording of the first ‘modern’ madrigals by Monteverdi in a fascinating performance – strongly recommended ... see Full Review

BARGAIN OF THE MONTH W.A. MOZART - Les Plus Belles Symphonies: Symphony No.25 in G minor K183. Symphony No.26 in Eb major K184. Symphony No.28 in C major K200.Symphony No.35 in D major K385 'Haffner'. Symphony No.36 in C major K425 'Linz'.Symphony No.38 in D major K504 'Prague'. Symphony No.39 in Eb major K543. Symphony No.40 in G minor K550.Symphony No.41 in C major K551 'Jupiter'. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Nikolaus Harnoncourt WARNER CLASSICS 4CDs 5046682882 Superbudget price [CMT]

Intelligence, wit and enormous character which serves the music ever so well. Invigorating, refreshing, but thought-provoking, too - enriching on many levels. … see Full Review

W.A.MOZART (1756-1791) Chamber Music – Salzburg Festival (1956-1991) CD1 Tracks 1-4 - String Quartet in F, K.428 (a) Tracks 5-8 – Clarinet Quintet in A, K.581 (b) (a) Smetana Quartet (b) Barylli Quartet with Antoine de Bavier, clarinet Recorded at Salzburg Mozarteum, Grosser Saal, (a) 21st Aug. 1956, (b) 14th Aug. 1956 CD2 Tracks 1-4 String Quartet in A, K.464 (a) Tracks 5-8 String Quartet in C, K.465, "Dissonance", (b) (a) Emerson String Quartet, (b) Tokyo String Quartet Recorded at Salzburg Mozarteum, Grosser Saal, (a) 3rd Aug. 1990, (b) 28th Aug. 1986 CD3 Tracks 1-4 String Quartet in D, "Hoffmeister", K. 499 (a) Track 5 Adagio and Fugue in C minor, K.546 (b) Tracks 6-9 String Quartet in F, K.590 (c) (a) Juilliard String Quartet, (b) Cleveland Quartet, (c) Hagen Quartet Recorded at Salzburg Mozarteum, Grosser Saal, (a) 30th July 1965, (b) 26th Aug. 1985, (c) 1st Aug. 1991 ANDANTE AND 1951 [3CDs: 61:51+60:21+62:52] [GPJ]

An issue, then, which has been lovingly presented and prepared, and which is packed with rare musical pleasures. … see Full Review

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Concertos for clarinet, oboe and bassoon 1) Clarinet Concerto in A major K.622 Jacques Lancelot (clarinet) Orchestre de chambre Jean-Francois Paillard/Jean-Francois Paillard 2) Oboe Concerto in C major K.314 Pierre Pierlot (oboe) English Chamber Orchestra/Jean-Pierre Rampal 3) Bassoon Concerto in B flat major K.191 Paul Hongne (bassoon) Orchestre Symphonique de Bamberg/Theodor Guschlbauer No information on the recording venues or dates provided. ADD WARNER CLASSICS APEX 2564 60820-2 [67:06] [MC]

Although not my first choices in these works I cannot imagine any listener being disappointed. Fine performances and agreeable sound quality. Well worth the modest investment. … see Full Review

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Oboe Quartet in F, K. 370 [16:00] Adagio in C, K. 580a, for English horn, two violins and cello [6:20] Oboe Quintet in c minor K 406a [24:00] Adagio and Rondo for glass armonica, flute, oboe, viola and cello, K 617 [12:54] Joris van den Hauwe, oboe and English horn, Dennis James, Glass armonica, Marc Grauwels, flute, The Salzburg Soloists, Luz Leskowitz, leader Rec. Utrecht, The Netherlands and Schloss Elman, Germany, 1991, 1996. DDD NAXOS 8.555913 [59:14] [KS]

A pleasant disc of somewhat unusual music … a worthwhile addition to one’s collection … see Full Review

Jacques OFFENBACH (1819-1880) La Fille du Tambour Major (1879) Christiane Harbell (sop) Stella; Etienne Arnaud (ten) Robert; Monique De Pondeau (sop) Claudine; André Mallabrera (ten) Griolet; Louis Musy (bar) Monthabor choir and orchestra directed by Richard Blareau Rec. Universal Decca Studios, Antony, France, 1962 2 CDs for the price of one DISCOVERY/ACCORD OPERETTE SERIES 461 673-2 [97:03] [RW]

Breezy phrases … dramatic tenderness and good clarity … a large orchestra that is clearly 'on the ball' … clear and well balanced, with nice clarity to the singing. … see Full Review

Ignacy Jan PADEREWSKI (1860-1941) Symphony in B minor Polonia Op. 24 (1909) [27.58; 15.11; 28.55] Symphony Orchestra Music Academy, Cracow/Wojciech Czepiel rec. UPC Theatre, Cracow, 12-17 Dec 2000. DDD DUX 0304 [72.05] [RB]

In the market for a not inconsiderable late-romantic symphony then you should hear this work. Where better than in the hands of a Polish orchestra? ... see Full Review

Ignacy Jan PADEREWSKI (1860-1941) Piano Works Humoresques de Concert Op. 14/1 – Minuet in G (1884) Humoresques de Concert Op. 14/6 – Cracovienne fantastique in B major (1884) Danses polonaises Op. 9/3 – Mazurka in A major (1884) Danses polonaises Op. 5/2 - Mazurka in E minor (1884) Miscellanea Op. 16/1 – Légende in A flat major (1887) Miscellanea Op. 16/2 – Mélodie (1887) Miscellanea Op. 16/3 – Thème varié (1887) Chants du voyageur Op. 8/3 – Mélodie (1882) Sonata in E flat minor Op. 21 (1903) Elżbieta Guzek (piano) Recorded Studio S2 Polish Radio, Warsaw, September 1996 DUX 0270 [67.39] [JW]

Intense, romantic complexity … the language is certainly unsettling enough in its fissure and drama. Broody rolled chords rise inexorably to a crest of animation … real animation and sheer confidence. … see Full Review

Ignacy Jan PADEREWSKI (1860-1941) Piano Music for Two and Four Hands, Humoresques Op. 14, No. 1 Minuet in G major A l’Antique * , No. 2 Sarabande A l’Antique , No. 6 Cracovienne fantastique A la Moderne, Chants du voyageur Op. 8, No. 3 Melodie; Andantino gracioso, Miscellanea for piano Op. 16, No. 1 Legende No 1, No. 2 Melodie No. 3 Thème Varié * , No. 4 Nocturne, No. 7 Minuet in A major, Tatra Album for Piano Four Hands Op. 12 #, Nos. 1-6 Waldemar Malicki (piano) with Tamara Granat (piano) * Duo Granat (Waldemar Malicki and Tamara Granat (pianos)) # Recorded in the hall of the Pomeranian Philharmonic, Bydgoszcz 1998 DUX 0328 [56.51] [JW]

Dux has a strong commitment to Paderewski and I welcome their care, enthusiasm and professionalism. … see Full Review

Ignacy Jan PADEREWSKI (1860-1941) Violin Sonata Op. 13 (1885) Allegro de Concert Melodia Op. 16/2 (1886) Konstanty Andrzej Kulka (piano) Waldemar Malicki (piano) Recorded Studio S2 Polish Radio, Warsaw DUX 0363 [41.11] [JW]

Inquisitive minds may want to get to grips with this little-known corner of the Brahmsian sphere of influence in pan-European sonata writing. … see Full Review

Harry PARTCH (1901 - 1974) arr. Ben Johnston "U.S. Highball" - A Musical Account of Slim's Transcontinental Hobo Trip (1943) Kronos Quartet (David Harrington vn, John Sherba vn, Hank Dutt va, Jennifer Culp vc) David Barron voice
Rec. Skywalker Sound, Nicasio CA, 25-26 August 2000 NONESUCH 7559-79697-2 [28'47] [PSe]

Brilliantly executed, movingly expressed, and a great - but dangerously misleading - service for a truly original genius. … see Full Review

Krzysztof PENDERECKI (b.1933) Credo (1997-98) [47.44] Bozena Harasimowicz-Haas (sop) Izabella Klosinska (sop) Ewa Marciniec (mezzo) Adam Zdunikowski (ten) Piotr Nowacki (bass) Warsaw Boys Choir/Krzysztof Kusiel Moroz Warsaw Philharmonic Choir/Henryk Wojnarowski Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra/Kazimierz Kord rec. St Mary Magdalen Cathedral, Wrocław, Poland, 5 Sept 1999. DDD CD ACCORD Digipack ACD 066 [47.44] [RB]

Penderecki and the Mass. A masterly encounter, subtle and superbly performed and recorded with blazing conviction ... see Full Review

BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Krzystof PENDERECKI (b.1933) St. Luke Passion (1962) Izabella Klosinska, soprano, Adam Kruszewski, baritone, Romuald Tesarowicz, bass, Krzystof Kolberger, evangelist, Jaroslaw Malanowicz, organ Warsaw Boys Choir Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra/Antoni Wit Recorded at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall on 31st August and 1st-3rd and 6th-7th September 2002 NAXOS 8.557149 [76:24] [GPJ]

Naxos have done it again!  Thanks and congratulations for a fully realised version of a great modern masterpiece. … see Full Review

Astor PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992) Giora Feidman plays Piazzolla: Moderato Tangabile [3:45]; Chant et Fugue [7:08]; Preparense [5:05]; Tristango [8:15]; Lo Que Vendra [4:01]; Milonga del Angel [5:45]; Fracanapa [3:58]; Hommage [6:43]; Marron y Azul [4:39]; Kicho [6:30]; Tanti anni prima [5:51] Giora Feidman: clarinet and bass clarinet (Track 10) Raul Jaurena: bandoneon (soloist on Tracks 3,7,9) South West German Chamber Orchestra of Pforzheim/Vladislav Czarnecki WARNER CLASSICS 0927-19505-2 [61:44] [SA]

A perfect example of all the influences Piazzolla brought to bear on tango; every track is a delight … verve and commitment … see Full Review

Cole PORTER (1891-1964)
Kiss Me Kate (1948) Frederick C. Graham…Brent Barrett, Lilli Vanessi…Rachel York, Lois Lane…Nancy Anderson, Bill Calhoun…Michael Berresse, Harrison Howell…Nicholas Colicos, First Man…Teddy Kempner, Second Man…Jack Chissick, Hattie…Kaye E. Brown, Paul…Nolan Frederick,Harry Trevor…Colin Farrell, Gremio…Nick Winston, Hortensio…Barry McNeill, Ralph…Alan Vicary Recorded at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London August 2002) TDK DVD DV-MCKMK [146 mins] [IL]

A variable but mostly enjoyable production … see Full Review

John POWELL (1882-1963) Symphony in A major Virginia Symphony (1945 rev. 1951) [54.40] Trad arr. Carmen DRAGON (1914-1984) Shenandoah ([3.24] Virginia Symphony/JoAnn Falletta rec. 7-8 Sept 2001, Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Virginia. DDD ALBANY TROY589 [58.06] [RB]

Music with a spring in its heel and a folksy character ... see Full Review

Sergei PROKOFIEV (1891-1953) Ivan the Terrible Op. 116 - incidental music for the film 'Ivan Grozny' by Sergei Eisenstein for soloists, choir and orchestra (1944) [Part I: 66.25; Part II: 31.06] Ballad of an Unknown Boy Cantata for soloists, choir and orchestra Op. 93 [20.28] Ludmila Kuznetsova (mezzo) Viktoria Smolnikova (mezzo) Elena Kozneva (mezzo) Tatiana Zheranzhe (alto) Vladimir Sytnik (ten) Sergey Toptygin (bar) Alexander Tsylinko (bass) Mikhail Makhov (bass) Russian State Symphonic Cappella Russian State Symphony Orchestra /Valeri Polyansky rec. Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory, 10-14 January 2003 DDD Full track details at end of review CHANDOS CHAN 10153(2) [2CDs: 117.59] [RB]

Something of Golovanov's fire in the belly in Polyansky's leadership and the orchestra's passionate and brooding response.A version red in tooth and claw captured in awesome sound. … see Full Review

Maurice RAVEL (1875-1937) Complete Piano Music Jean-Efflam Bavouzet (piano) Recorded Furstliche Reitbahn Bad Arolsen, January 13-15, 17-18, 2003, DDD MUSIKPRODUKTION DABRINGHAUS UND GRIMM MDG 604 1190-2 [70:00+64:06] [MC]

Bavouzet’s playing is restricted to a most narrow range; wonderful to superb. … see Full Review

Joaquín RODRIGO (1901-1999) Concierto pastoral for flute and orchestra (1978) Dos miniatures andaluzas for string orchestra (1929) Adagio para instrumentos de viento (1966) Fantasía para un Gentilhombre (1978) arranged for flute by James Galway Joanna G’froerer (flute) Asturias Symphony Orchestra/Maximiano Valdés Recorded at the Auditorio Principe Felipe, Asturias, June 2002 Complete Orchestral Works Volume 8 NAXOS 8.557801 [62.36] [JW]

Fine sound and notes and playing and another warm recommendation for volume eight. … see Full Review

Gioacchino ROSSINI (1792-1868) Petite Messe Solenelle (1864) Ria Ginster (soprano) Bruna Castagna (mezzo soprano) Charles Kullman (tenor) Leonard Warren (baritone) Westminster Choir New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra/John Barbirolli Recorded 9 April 1939 Barbirolli Rarities Giuseppe VERDI (1813-1901) Un Ballo in Maschera Act III Eri tu? Charles GOUNOD (1818-1893) Ring Out Wild Bells Lawrence Tibbett (baritone) Detroit Symphony Orchestra Recorded 29 December 1940 Camille SAINT –SAËNS (1835-1921) Samson et Dalila – Mon Coeur Kathryn Meisle (mezzo soprano) Detroit Symphony Orchestra Recorded 1938 Richard WAGNER (1813-1883) Parsifal – Act I – Grail Scene Mein Sohn, Amfortas Nein!…Lasst ihn unenthüllt Nehmet hin meinen Blut O Heilige Wonne New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Recorded Carnegie Hall 17 April 1938 Richard STRAUSS (1864-1949) Lieder Verführung Gesang der Apollopriesterin Salomé Ah! Du wolltest mich nicht Und deine Zunge Oh! Warum hast du mich nicht angesehn Jochanaan? Ach! Ich hahe deinen Mund geküsst Richard Bonelli (baritone) Norman Cordon (bass) Schola Cantorum and St Paul Choristers New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra/John Barbirolli Recorded Carnegie Hall, 24 February 1938 GUILD GHCD 2254/55 [2 CDs: 145.38] [JW]

Deeply human and powerfully affecting … affords interpretative pleasure far, far beyond the commonplace. … see Full Review

Albert ROUSSEL (1869-1937) Symphony No. 2 Op. 23 (1920-22) Festin de L'Araignée Op. 17 (1912) Orchestre National de L'ORTF/Jean Martinon Recorded 1968, Paris. ERATO DISQUES 25654 60577-2 [71.44] [JW]

Unlimited amounts of irresistible verve … rhythmic aspects teeming with interest … light diaphanous orchestration. … see Full Review

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