Compiled by Frank Rutherford

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The musical careers of John Sedgwick Bridge and Enid Stuart Jones (Mrs J. S.Bridge) including concert appearances found in programmes and newspapers, but only including Halle, Harrogate, Eastbourne, Llandudno, Bolton, Stockport and New Mills concerts where John Bridge was featured as soloist or leader etc.andselected BBC radio broadcasts where JSB was director, leader or soloist. Also details of concerts involving Henry Sedgwick (John Bridge's uncle and first teacher), Herbert Bridge (John Bridge's brother who lost his life in the Great War.)and Harry Bridge (another of John Bridge's brothers) who was Musical Director of the Theatre Royal, Bury.                                                
AA Allan Avison cello
AB Adolph Brodsky violin
Aba Alfred Barker violin
ABO Adrian Boult conductor
ABo Arthur Bolton cello
AC Arthur Catterall violin
ACA Miss Anne Cantelo piano
ACR Ada Crossley vocalist
AF Alice Froggat piano
AG A. Gaggs horn
AN A. Nichols Hautbois (oboe)
ANo Auber Norton violin
AWP Arthur W. Payne conductor and violin
G A. Green horn
AH Alexander Harris trumpet
Aha A. Halstead flute
AJG A.J. Graham violin
ALC A. L. Camden bassoon
AlfS Alfred Sedgwick pianist, violist, teacher (and hairdresser)
AN A. Nicholls oboe
AS A. Stott double bass
Ast Arthur Stewart
AS A. Stamp trombone
AS A. Smith drums etc
ASm Allan Smith viola
AW Agnes Wild piano
AW Alec Whittaker oboe d'amore
Awor Alfred Worsley piano
?B ? Bucknall (Roger?) cello
?B ? Bache viola?
?B ? Bennett horn
BB Barbara Bridge piano
BB Bradford Barton viola
BH Beatrice Harrison piano
BL Brand Lane conductor and concert promoter
Bhe Beatrice Hewitt piano
BP Mr Bridge Peters vocalist
BrW Bruno Walter conductor
CB Charles Birtles trumpet
CRB Christopher Rawdon Briggs violin
CC Charles Collier harp
CF Carl Fuchs cello
CHH Chas. H. Hagger continuo
CK Charles Kelly piano
CP C. Phillis cornet
CS C. Stott organ and conductor
CSm Colin Smith cello
CT Clyde Twelvetrees cello
DanG Dan Godfrey conductor
DC Dorothy Cousin piano
DC Dorothy Crewe piano
DrCS Doctor Churchill Sibley conductor
DrTK Dr Thomas Keighley conductor, pianist and organist
DeJ Mr De Jong conductor and flute
DrB Dr Edward Bairstow organ and piano
DrE Doctor M. Esposito piano
DH Don Hyden violin
DN Dennis Noble baritone
DS Dale Smith baritone
DV Dorothy Viney contralto
EE Sir Edward Elgar conductor
EE E. Elliot viola
EF Eric Fogg piano
EH Edward Heaton violin
EHea E. Heap piano
EM Edward Mills clarinet
Emc Edith McCullagh soprano
EMI Ethel Midgley piano
EN E. Nicholls viola
EC Ernest Old trombone
EO'M Ernest O'Malley violin and viola
EPH0 E. P. Hatton violin
ER Edith Robinson violin
ERJ E. R. Joachim violin
ESB Enid Stuart Bridge / Enid (Stuart) Jones piano
EST E. Stansfield double bass
EW Ettie Wraith violin
FB Fred Brough violin
Fbar Frank Barker vocalist
Fbe Fred Beech violin
FG F. Gomez clarinette
FK Fritz Kreisler violin
FM Frank Mullings vocalist (tenor)
FN F. Neuwirth conrta basso
FSP Frank S. Park viola
FP F. Paersch horn
FT Frederika Taylor singer
FV Frank Venton viola
Fve Frederick Vetter concertina
FW Felix Weingartner conductor
GA George Atkinson piano
GAB G.A. Bennett horn
GB Grace Burrows viola
GC G. Campbell bassoon
GJ G. Jackson violin
GM George A. Martin Jnr double bass
GP G. Parnell contra-bass
GWA G.W. Anderson clarinet
HyB Harry Bridge violin and musical director of the Theatre Royal, Bury
HB Herbert Barr trumpet
Hbro Horace Brown
HC Dr Henry Coward conductor
Hha Sir Hamilton Harty piano
HD Harold Dawber organ
HH H. Hatton cello
Hho Henry Holst violin
HJ Herbert Johnson piano
HJ Harold Jones violin
Hja Harold Jarvis harp
Hjac H. Jackson horn
HK Hetty King male impersonator
HM Harry Mortimer clarinet
DrHR Dr Hans Richter conductor
HR Haydn Rogerson cello
HRB Helen Rawdon Briggs viola
HS Henry Smith cello
HTB Herbert Bridge double bass
HYS Henry Sedgwick violin and viola
HST Harry Stanier cello
HW Harold Warburton cello
HWD Sir Henry Wood conductor
IB Irene Berry piano
IC Isidore Cohn piano
ID Miss I. Dunlop viola
JA John Anderson baritone
JC Julian Clifford conductor and pianist
JCH Johan C. Hock cello
JD John Dunworth cello
JH John Holme viola
JHC J.H. Cockerill violin and harp
JHF John H. Foulds cello
Jho J. Hoffman double bass
JL J. Lingard flute
JN J. Nicholls violin and viola
JSB John S. Bridge violin, leader and conductor
JW John Wills piano
JWC J. W. Collinson violinist and conductor
JWG Joseph Woof Gaggs violin
KM Kathleen Moorhouse cello
KFS Kathleen Frise Smith pianoforte
LB Leonard Brough
LC L. Connabeer violin
Lbor Leonard Borwick piano
LH Leonard Hirsch violin
LP Lucy Pearce piano
LR Landon Ronald piano
LS Leo Smith cello
LW Lena Wood viola
MA Mary Abbott piano
MrC Mr Collier viola
ME Magda Eisele piano
MEW Maurice E. Whittaker bassoon
MH Myra Hess piano
MK Mary Kay contralto
MrB Mr Beyschlag piano
MrP Mr Peltzer violin
MissB Miss Bradley (Mildred) piano the future Mrs Arthur Catterall
Miss H Miss Beatrice Hewitt piano
MrsH Mrs Hutchinson singer
MissP Miss Warburg
MrsB Mrs. Bauerkeller piano
MrsJ Mrs Johnson
MR Muriel Robinson vocalist
MS Marjorie Sotham piano
MRS Mrs Roland-Smith piano
MrW Mr. (Philip) Whiteway violin (pupil of Arthur Catterall)
MV M. Vieuxtemps cello
MW Miss Minnie Williams vocalist
NB Noel Bell piano
NC Norman Cunliffe viola
NM Norfolk Megane conductor
OG Oliver Gaggs piccolo
OP Otto Paersch horn
OS Otto Schieder bassoon
OW Ottoline Walker violin
PB Paul Beard violin and viola
PH Percival Hodgson violin
PR Pat Ryan clarinet
RB Rudolph Bauerkeller violin
RBC R. B. Creak
RJF R. J. Forbes piano
RJFo R. J. Foulds double bass
RM Raymond Meert horn
RS Richard Strauss conductor
SG S. Gibbons viola
SH Sam Holt trombone
SL Seth Lancaster cello
SK S. Knussen cello
SS Simon Speelman viola and violin
SAS Sam Speelman violin
SG S, Gibbons viola
SR Stewart Redfern viola
STB Sir Thomas Beecham conductor
?S ?. Seal viola
SW Stephen Whittaker oboe d'amore
TAB T.A. Barrett conductor and pianist
TB Tom Barratt violin and viola
TBS T. B. Sidebottom violin
TBM T.B. Marsden flute
TBW T. B.Wadsworth clarinet
TD T. Drummond bassoon
THG T.H. Gaggs contra-bass and piano
THM T.H. Morrison conductor
TM T. Mattews cornet
TN T. Norton clarinet
TS T. Stabbins clarinet
TT Thornton Turner viola
WH Walter Hatton cello
VA V. Akeroyd bassoon
VLN V. L. Needham flute
WB Wilhelm Bauerkeller viola and violin
WB William Bernard tenor
WF Webber Fawcett oboe
WG Walter Glynne tenor
WH Walter Hatton cello
Wha W. Haigh viola
Whe Willy Hess violin
WHI Wilfred Hindle tenor
WR W. Riley horn
WHS W.H. Stewart contra-bass
WJ W. Johnstone clarinet
WJ William Johnson bassoon
WM William Murdoch piano
WT William Thorn flute
WW William Warburton cello
ZP Zoe Pyne violin