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Reconstructing Film Scores by Philip Lane

John Morgan  interviewed by Richard Adams  

John Morgan speaks about reconstructing Sainton's Moby Dick



The Film Music of Vladimir Cosma by Didier Deutsch

BOLLING, Claude (1930- ) by Didier C. Deutsch

Francois DE ROUBAIX by Didier C. Deutsch

An Interview with Hans Zimmer by Ian Lace

Dimitri Tiomkin - A plea for more recordings of his work

An interview with Philippe Blumenthal  by Gary Dalkin  

Classic French Film Scores
Adriano in conversation with Pascale Honegger on Arthur Honegger and his film score fpr "Napoleon"

So You want to be a Hollywood Composer? by Stephen Barton

Will Korngold and Herrmann Be Counted as the Giants of 20th Century Music? by Ian Lace

Richard Adams talks to David Wishart  

Richard Adams reviews Bernard Herrmann  Phase Four recordings   

David Hirschfelder talks to Paul Tonks about Elizabeth

George Fenton talks to Paul Tonks about Ever After

Compilation Of Gershwin CD reviews

http://www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/rosza/rosza.htmThe Concert music of Miklós RÓZSA  by Rob Barnett  

British Film Music    A Golden Age: Before - During - After?  Rob Barnett

Classic Film Scores on Marco Polo by Richard Adams  

Music for the movies Part I "Where does the music come from?" Ian Lace (illustrated) text only

Music for the movies Part II "Those surging Romantic scores are out!" (illustrated) text only

Original Film Score Recordings - A recommendations list - Ian Lace (illustrated) text only (Sept98)

The TITANIC Juggernaut sails on by Ian Lace
William Alwyn: Odd Man Out by Ian Johnson
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 Universal release The Hitchcock Collection

'The following Hitchcock film videos are reviewed with special attention to their scores by Bernard Herrmann, Dimitri Tiomkin, Franz Waxman and Ron Goodwin. Click on the thumbnail


Star Wars Trilogy 4CD Original Soundtrack Anthology

Film Trailer videos

In Memoriam - Charles Gerhardt

featuring reviews of

Screen Classics

conducted by Gerhardt

Prince Valiant

in tribute to

Mr Skeffington
in tribute to

also Christopher Palmer by David Wishart

Christopher Palmer (1946-1995) died on 22nd January 1995.

Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace :  Interview with John Williams April 1999

Some observations by Jeffrey Wheeler     CD review

Star Wars Trilogy 4CD Original Soundtrack Anthology


STAR WARS - Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
What the press says and the public's reaction to the Film and Soundtrack CD

STAR WARS: Episode 1 The PHANTOM MENACE - Success or slightly damp squib?

In America due to George Lucas and 20th Century Fox's insistence, theatres have had to agree to show "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" for at least 12 weeks and the summer's big blockbuster is barely halfway through its contractually mandated run.

Despite a lot of negative criticism, box-office returns haven't been enough to make the film the unprecedented blockbuster some had predicted, yet ticket sales continue to be impressive enough to please exhibitors.

By Monday, July 5th, the film had made $ 373.2 million in the United States, placing it fourth on the all-time list of movie blockbusters. [The film opened on May 19th and will open in the UK on July 15th].

The Phantom Menace set a box-office record, bringing in $ 28.5 million on its first day. Although its opening weekend take didn't break the $ 72.1 million record of "Lost World: Jurassic Park," the film has reached the $100 million and $ 200 million marks faster than any film in history.

However it is not expected that the film will challenge "Titanic" and its position as the all-time moneymaker. Nor will it match the 15 weeks "Titanic" spent as No. 1; "Phantom Menace" spent three weeks atop the charts before being supplanted by "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."

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