Giacomo Meyerbeer: Image Gallery
Collated by Nick Fuller

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Stage set: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Antonio Basolli, 1820)

Stage set: The Royal Palace of Babylon (Antonio Basolli, 1820)

Il Crociato in Egitto
Act 1 scene 3: arrival of the Knights of Rhodes (Francesco Bagnara, 1824)

 Robert le Diable
The Ballet of the Nuns (Pierre-Luc-Charles Cicéri, 1831)


Act I: a camp in Sicily (press illustration, 1831)

Stage design for Act III in a performance in Graz (Friedrich Pape, 1835)

Act V trio, with Nicolas Levasseur as Bertram, Adolphe Nourrit as Robert and Cornélie Falcon as Alice (François-Gabriel Lapaulle, 1835)

Les Huguenots
Title page of the score.  Publisher: Benoit ainé, Paris, c. 1900

The Comte de Nevers’s château (Philippe Chaperon, 1874)

The Comte de Nevers’s château (Philippe Chaperon, 1896)

Act II: Raoul is led blindfold to his rendezvous with Marguerite de Valois at Chenonceaux (Célestin Deshayes, 1836)

Act II finale (1875)

The love duet from Act IV (Camille Roqueplan)

15.  Les Huguenots, Act V scene 2: Raoul, Valentine and Marcel face the Catholic assassins (Charles Alexandre Debacq, 1836)

Act V scene 3 (Philippe Chaperon, 1874)

Detail from Parade auf dem Opernplatz, showing Alexander von Humboldt, Meyerbeer and Gaspare Spontini (Franz Krüger, 1824–30)

Le Prophète
Act III finale: Jean de Leyde rallies his troops to march on Munster (1850s engraving)

Act IV: the Cathedral Scene (Charles-Antoine Cambron & Joseph Thierry, engraving published in L’Illustration, 24 April 1849)

Act IV: the Cathedral Scene (Edward Corbould, n.d.)

Act V scene 2: a banquet hall in the Palace at Munster (Philippe Chaperon, 1875)

Act V scene 3: the banquet hall blows up (Philippe Chaperon, 1875)

Card depiction of the Act V trio (German, late 19th century)

L’Etoile du Nord
Cathérine and the Cossacks dance in Act I (1855)

The Tent Scene in Act II: Cathérine eavesdrops on the drunken Péters (lithograph, Covent Garden, July 1855)

Act II finale (estampe, 1855)

Le Pardon de Ploërmel (Dinorah)
Poster (Opéra-Comique, 1859)

Act II : the Val Maudit and Act III : the procession of the Pardon (lithograph of the original production, 1859)

Act I: Vasco da Gama defies the Portuguese Council; Act II: Sélika stops Nélusko from murdering the sleeping Vasco in prison; Act III: the Portuguese ship is destroyed in the storm; Act IV: Sélika is hailed as queen; Act V: Sélika dies under the manchineel tree (xylograph in L’Illustration, 6 May 1865)

As above (Auguste Trichon, L’Univers illustré, 1865)


As above (Auguste Trichon, L’Univers illustré, 1865)