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Erik SATIE (1866-1925) "Chill with Satie" - Gymnopédie No.1 Î - Première pensée rose + croix Ï - Avant-dernières pensées Ï - Caresse Ï - Gymnopédie No.3 Î - Musiques intimes et secrètes Ï - Trois Gnossiennes: Lent Ï - Trois Gnossiennes: Avec étonnement Ï - Trois Gnossiennes: Lent Ï - 4ième Gnossienne: Lent Ï - Mercure – Poses plastiques en trois tableaux: La nuit Ð - Pages mystiques: {Prière} fragment – Vexations – Harmonies Ï - Gymnopédie No.1 Ñ - IV. Nocturne Ï - Sonneries de la rose + croix: Air de l’ordre – Air du grand maître – Air du grand prieur Ï - Trois Gymnopédies: Gymnopédie Nos. 1 – 3 Ð - Gerald Garcia, Guitar Î - CSFR State Philharmonic Orchestra/Peter Breiner Î - Klara Kõrmendi, Piano Ï Orchestre Symphonique et Lyrique de Nancy, Jéròme Kaltenbach Ð - Ellen Sejersted Bødtker, Harp Ñ NAXOS 8.556781 [58:19] [DS]

The disc’s repetitive element and dubious value of strings are additional factors depleting the worthiness of the recording. … see Full Review

Erik SATIE (1866-1925) Piano Works: Trois gymnopédies; la piège de méduse; croquis et agaceries d’un bonhomme en bois; poudre d’or; chapitres tournés en tous sens; le fils des étoiles; le piccadilly; prélude en tapisserie; véritables préludes flasques pour un chien; je te veux; sonatine bureaucratique; pièces froides (airs et faire fuir); sports et divertissements; vexations Peter Dickinson (piano) - Recorded 1989 (no details) DDD RCA RED SEAL 09026 63976 2 [77’17] [TH]

Remarkably subtle, giving due weight where required without missing any sense of fun … see Full Review

Domenico SCARLATTI (1685-1757) Complete Keyboard Sonatas volume V. Sonata in C, K.461; in F, K. 82; in B-flat, K. 266; in G, K. 284; in E-flat, K.507; in D, K. 214; in A, K. 404; in G, K.124; in A, K.536; in G, K 494; in g minor, K. 546; in A, K. 113; in b minor, K.227, in A, K.26; in C, K. 548; in c minor, K. 37. Benjamin Frith, piano Recorded at Poston Hall, Suffolk, England on 3-4 November 1999 DDD NAXOS 8.554792 [61:10] [KS]

Playing that is effervescent and lyrical, bringing this music alive in a most enjoyable way. … see Full Review

Xaver SCHARWENKA (1850-1924) The complete chamber music - Piano Trio No. 1 in F sharp minor Op. 1 (1868) [25.30] - Violin Sonata in D minor Op. 2 (1868) [21.21] - Cello Sonata in E minor Op. 46a (1877) [21.17] - Serenade for violin and piano Op. 70 (1895) [8.20] - Piano Quartet in F major Op. 37 (1876) [39.02] - Piano Trio No. 2 in A minor Op. 45 (1878) [37.09] Seta Tanyel (piano) - Lydia Morkovitch (violin) - Colin Carr (cello) - Levon Chilingirian (violin) - Ivo-Jan Van Der Werff (viola) - Garbis Atmacayan (cello) - rec. Forde Abbey, Somerset, 10-12 Feb 1995; Henry Wood Hall, London, May 1994. DDD - from Collins Classics 14192 and 14482 HYPERION DYAD CDD22046 [76.28+76.11] [RB]

Highly attractive romantic music caught in the web of lay-lines between Schumann and early Faure ... see Full Review

BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Mayrhofer-Lieder, Vol. 2 - Am See (second version) D124, Augenlied D297, Liane D298, Abendlied der Fürstin D495, Sehnsucht D516, Schlaflied (Schlummerlied) (first version) D527, Am Strome D539, Uraniens Flucht D554, Iphegenia (second version) D573, Atys D585, Erlafsee D586, Beim Winde D669, Die Sternennächte D670, Abendstern D806, Auflösung D807 Christiane Iven (mezzo-soprano), Burkhard Kehring (piano) - Recorded 8th-10th April and 22nd-23rd May 2002 in Studio 2, Bavarian Radio, Munich, Germany - Deutsche Schubert Lied Edition 12 NAXOS 8.554739 [60:05] [CH]

An outstanding contribution to lieder on record … see Full Review

An Introduction to … Franz SCHUBERT (1797 - 1828)’s Piano Quintet in A Major 'Trout' D667 - Narration written by Jeremy Siepmann Kodaly Quartet - Jeno Jando (piano) - Istvan Toth (double-bass) - Jeremy Siepmann (narrator) - Recorded 2002 - Trout Quintet taken from Naxos 8.550658 NAXOS 8.558075-76 [75.58+68.34] [RH]

A good place to start if you want to learn more about the Trout. Based on the fine Naxos recording of the work, this introduction is admirably jargon free. … see Full Review

Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Piano Sonata No. 20 in A major, D959 (1828) - Piano Sonata No. 15 in C major, "Reliquie", D840 (1825) Jenö Jandö, piano - Recorded 25–27 April 1998 at the Phoenix Studios, Budapest, Hungary NAXOS 8.554470 [66.03] [WH]

No reason for the collector to hesitate … see Full Review

Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Symphony No.8 in B minor D759 (1820) Symphony No.5 in B flat major D485 (1816) Symphony No 3 in D major D200 (1815) The Hanover Band/Roy Goodman No recording information given CLASSIC COLLECTION 99877 [74.18] [RBr]

Delightful detail and spirited playing … see Full Review

Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856) Toccata in C op. 7, Etudes Symphoniques op. 13 (including 5 posthumous variations), Fantaisie in C, op. 17 Earl Wild (piano) - Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, September 19th 1974 (op. 7 - live), Fernleaf Abbey, Columbus, Ohio, October 2nd 1990 (op. 13), October 3rd (op. 17) IVORY CLASSICS 64405-71001 [72’ 45"] [CH]

Essential for all who love the piano, Schumann or both. … see Full Review

Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856) Novelletten op. 21, Blumenstück op. 19, Kinderszenen op. 15: 7. Träumerei Craig Sheppard (piano) Recorded live at the Meany Theater, University of Washington, Seattle, 23.10.2001 (op. 21), 02.03.2000 (others) AT 02-01114 [60:26] [CH]

A disc which reveals Craig Sheppard as a satisfyingly romantic interpreter of Schumann, and we can be grateful that he has chosen to lavish his gifts on the neglected Novelletten. … see Full Review

Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856) Carnaval, op. 9, Kinderszenen, op. 15, Sonata no. 2 in g, op. 22 Ruth Slenczynska (piano) Recorded at Fernleaf Abbey, Columbus, Ohio, October 5th-7th 1999 IVORY CLASSICS 64405-71004 [66’07"] [CH]

Warm-hearted Schumann playing from an artist whose career borders on the incredible. … see Full Review

Dimitri SHOSTAKOVICH (1906-1975) The Fall of Berlin, complete score, Op. 82 (1949). Premiere recording. The Unforgettable Year 1919 Suite, Op.89a (1951). First complete recording. Ellena Alekseyeva (Piano) - Moscow Capella and Youth Chorus Moscow Symphony Orchestra/Adriano - recorded at Mosfilm Studios, Moscow, March 2000. DDD MARCO POLO 8.223897 [75.30] [JP]

A most enjoyable release. I hope it does well, and influences Marco Polo to release further titles in the film music of Shostakovich. … see Full Review

Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH (1906-75) Chamber Symphony, Op. 110 bis (String Quartet No. 8, arr Barshai) - Symphony for Strings, Op. 118 bis (String Quartet No. 10, arr. Barshai) - Requiem for Strings, Op. 144 bis (String Quartet No. 15, arr. Rachlevsky) Chamber Orchestra Kremlin/Misha Rachlevsky. Rec Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, October-November 1991. DDD CLAVES CD50-9115 [79’58][CC]

Worth hearing for curiosity’s sake, if not as a replacement for the real thing. … see Full Review

Jean SIBELIUS (1865-1957) Violin Concerto in D minor Op. 47 (1906) [31.35] - En Saga Op. 9 (1892) (1) [20.31] (1) - En Saga Op. 9 (1892) (2) [20.29] (2) - Georg Kulenkampf (violin) Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Wilhelm Furtwängler - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Wilhelm Furtwängler - rec. Berlin Philharmonie, 7-8 Feb 1943 (concerto and En Saga 1); Stockholm, 25 Sept 1950 (En Saga 2) AAD MUSIC & ARTS CD-799 [72.47] [RB]

Stormingly dug-in and florid Sibelius from Kulenkampff and Furtwängler. ... see Full Review

Hrodmar Ingi SIGURBJÖRNSSON (1958-)Skalholtsmessa / Skalholt Mass (2000) for soprano, tenor, bass and chamber orchestra 1. Introitus: A Beautiful Lyric 2. Praeludium 3. Kyrie 4. Gloria 5. Praeludium 6. Lux illuxit 7. Credo 8. Sanctus 9. Praeludium 10. Agnus Dei 11. Epilogus: Beata nobis gaudia Marta Gudrun Halldorsdottir (soprano) Finnur Bjarnason (tenor) Benedikt Ingolfsson (bass) CAPUT Ensemble/Gunnstein Olafsson Recorded: Salurinn Kopavogur; September 2001 SMEKKLEYSA SMK25 [39.06] [RH]

An attractive and highly recommendable introduction to a remarkably distinctive voice in contemporary music from Iceland … see Full Review

Josep SOLER (b. 1935) Nocturne No. 1 (1985-86) [3.09] - Nocturne No. 2 (1985-86) [3.51] - Nocturne No. 3 (1985-86) [4.55] - Nocturne No. 4 (1985-86) [3.54] - Nocturne No. 5 (1985-86) [5.17] - Nocturne No. 6 (1985-86) [6.49] - Nocturne No. 7 (1988) [2.58] - Nocturne No. 8 (1990) [3.50] - Nocturne No. 9 (1990) [5.40] - Nocturne No. 10 (1991) [3.40] - Nocturne No. 11 (1992) [4.45] - Nocturne No. 12 (1992) [5.39] - Nocturne Poem (1998) [8.06] Jordi Masó (piano) - rec April 2001 in the Auditorium, Jafre, Spain DDD MARCO POLO 8.225235 [60.33] [TM]

Something of a bridge between conservatism and experimentation in music. … see Full Review

John Philip SOUSA (1854-1932) Music for Wind Band, Vol. 3 The Corcoran Cadets (1890) Semper Fidelis (1888) Selections from 'The Free Lance' (1905) The New York Hippodrome (1916) La Flor di Sevilla (1929) Waltzes from 'El Capitan' (1896) A Century of Progress (1931) Suite: The Last Days of Pompeii (1893): In the House of Burbo and Stratonice; Nydia; The Destruction of Pompeii and Nydia's Death The White Rose (1917) With Pleasure – Dance Hilarious (1912) The Belle of Chicago (1892) The National Game (1925) Royal Artillery Band/Keith Brion Rec. Woolwich Town Hall, November 2000 NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559092 [54.09] [RW]

The band rise to the pomp and ceremony indicated by this military music … see Full Review

Carl STAMITZ (1745-1801) Cello Concerto in A major - Cello Concerto in C major - Cello Concerto in G major - Claude Starck (cello) South-West German Chamber Orchestra/Paul Angerer - rec Jan 1981 in Pforzheim, Germany CLAVES CD 50-8105 [55.40] [TM]

Wonderfully wrought works, full of catchy, instantly memorable melody and magnificently harmonious … see Full Review

Josef STRAUSS (1827-1870) Edition - Vols. 25 and 26: Polkas, Waltzes, Quadrilles, Marches Edition. Vol. 25 Die Windsbraut, Polka schnell, Op. 221 Die Tanzinterpellanten, Walzer, Op. 120 Margherita, Polka française, Op. 244 Pauline, Polka mazur, Op. 190 Soll und Haben, Walzer, Op. 68 Faust-Quadrille, Op. 112 Hesperus Balltänze, Walzer, Op. 116 Mein schönes Wien, Albumblatt Heilmethoden, Walzer, Op. 189 - Euterpe, Polka mazur, Op. 82 Die Soubrette, Polka schnell, Op. 109 Edition - Vol. 26 Bachanten-Quadrifie, Op. 8 Tarantel-Polka, Op. 6 Mille fleurs, Polka française, Op. 4a (by C. Spina)Mille fleurs, Polka mazur, Op. 4b (from the original score) Die Zeisserin, Walzer, Op. 114 Gallopin, Polka schnell, Op. 237 Prinz Eugen-Marsch, Op. 186 Sturm-Polka, Op. 75 Das musikalische Osterreich, Austrian Potpourri Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra/Michael Dittrich, Christian Pollack Rec. House of Arts at Kosice, Slovakia. Sept/Oct 2001 Vol. 25 MARCO POLO 8.223664 [67.04] Vol. 26 MARCO POLO 8.223679 [50.56] [RW]

Those who enjoy the atmosphere of the Vienna New Year’s Day broadcasts will enjoy these volumes. … see Full Review

Johann STRAUSS I (1804-1849) and Johann STRAUSS II (1825-1899)
Kaiser Franz Joseph Rettungs-Jubel-Marsch Op. 126 Kaiser-Waltzer Op. 437 Ein Herz, Ein Sinn Op. 323 (Polka-mazurka) Bitte Schön Op. 372 (Polka Français) Geschichten aus dem Weiner Wald Op. 325 Spleen Op. 197 (Polka-mazurka) Tritsch-Tratsch Polka Op. 214 Walzer à la Paganini Op. 11 Fledermaus-quadrille Op. 363 An der Schönen Blauen Donau Op. 314 Radetzky-marsch Op. 228 Recorded in Vienna at the Grosser Saal of the Musikverein at the New Year’s Concerts of 1996 and 1999 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Lorin Maazel RCA RED SEAL 09026 639832 [70.13] [JW]

Enormously enjoyable and graced by lashings of sheer charm … see Full Review

Richard STRAUSS (1864-1949) Ein Heldenleben, Op.40 (1899) [46’51] Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings (1945) [27’53] WDR Symphony Orchestra, Cologne/Semyon Bychkov Recorded in the Philharmonie, Cologne, Jan. 2001 (Heldenleben) and Studio Stolberger Strasse, Cologne, Feb. 2001 (Metamorphosen) DDD AVIE AV 0017 [74’44] [TH]

Even if you have other versions of these glorious works (as any Straussian will have), you will not regret getting this one. … see Full Review

Hermann SUTER (1870-1926) Symphony in D minor Op. 17 (1914) [44.27] Hans JELMOLI (1877-1936) Three Pieces for orchestra from the lyrical comedy 'His Legacy' (1904/1912) [16.48] Moscow SO/Adriano rec. Mosfilm Studios, Aug 2002 (Suter); Jan 2003 (Jelmoli) DDD world premiere recording (Jelmoli); first stereo and first CD recording (Suter) STERLING CDS-1052-2[61.15] [RB]

An idiosyncratic Straussian symphony contrasted with a bonne-bouche suite. Both novelties ... see Full Review

Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) Piano Concerto No. 1 (1875) [34.08] - Violin Concerto (1878) [35.07] - Emil Gilels (piano) - New York PO/Zubin Mehta - David Oistrakh (violin) Philadelphia Orchestra/Eugene Ormandy - rec DDD/ADD SONY ESSENTIAL CLASSICS SBK46339 [70.15] [RB]

A good coupling with two characterful giants of the USSR partnered by American orchestras. ... see Full Review

Peter Il'yich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) The Seasons Op. 37b (1875/76) arranged by Peter Breiner for Violin and Orchestra - From Twelve Pieces Op. 40 (1878): Chanson Triste No. 2; Mazurka No. 4; Chant sans paroles No. 6; Danse Russe No. 10; Reverie interrompue No. 12 - Takako Nishizaki (violin) Queensland Symphony Orchestra/Peter Breiner - Recorded: Ferry Road Studio, Brisbane, Australia, 31st January - 3rd February 1997 NAXOS 8.553510 [65.25] [JF]

Popular pieces arranged for fiddle and orchestra. Nicely played but in my opinion this is an transcription too far. … see Full Review

Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) Violin Concerto (1880) [34.34] Nikolai MIASKOVSKY (1881-1950) Violin Concerto (1938) [36.53] Vadim Repin (violin) Kirov Orchesta, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg/Valery Gergiev rec. live, 2-4 July 2002, Mikaeli-Martti Talvela Hall, Mikkeli, Finland DDD PHILIPS 473 343-2 [71.48] [RB]

Volcanic readings that resound with the bravura and romance ... see Full Review

Piotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) Piano Concerto No. 1 (1875) [34.01] - Violin Concerto (1878) [32.17] - John Browning (piano) - Erick Friedman (violin) London SO/Seiji Ozawa - Rec. 1966, 1965, London, ADD BMG RCA RED SEAL 09026 63979 [66.18] [RB]

A passionate pilgrimage … you can be assured of real enjoyment from this disc - especially from Friedman. … see Full Review

Piotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1940-1893) Piano Trio in A minor, Op.50 (1881/2) [52’29] Sergei RACHMANINOV (1873-1943) Trio élégiaque No.1 in G minor (1892) [16’00] The Kempf Trio Freddy Kempf (piano) Pierre Bensaid (violin) Alexander Chaushian (cello) Recorded at Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm, Sweden, March 2002 BIS CD 1302 [69’29] [TH]

Playing of great intelligence, intellectual rigour and keen spontaneity. … see Full Review

Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) Swan Lake (1876) National Philharmonic Orchestra/Richard Bonynge - Rec August 1975, Kingsway Hall, London DECCA 473 283-2 [79.49+76.37] [TB]

Undoubtedly an appealing package which offers very good value … see Full Review

Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1810-1874) Swan Lake (1877), ballet with narration Narr. Angela Rippon Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/Ondrej Lenárd Rec. Prague? and London, 2002 NAXOS 8.557174 [58.59] [RW]

The recording is fresh-sounding in an airy acoustic … Lenárd's enthusiastic reading of the score … see Full Review

Sigismond THALBERG (1812-1871) Fantasies on operas by Bellini - Grand Fantasy on themes from Norma. Op. 12 [15.46] - Grand fantasy and variations on themes from I Capuletti, Op. 10 [17.11] - Fantasy on themes from Beatrice di Tenda, Op. 49 [13.02] - Fantasy on themes from La Straniera, Op. 9 [12.42] - Grand Caprice on themes from La Sonnambula, Op.46 [16.18] Francesco Nicolosi (Piano) - Recorded in the Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava. May-June 1990 - First released on Marco Polo 8.223355 in 1991 NAXOS 8.555498 [74.59] [RB]

Extraordinary stamina and aplomb polishes off these intimidating monsters … not a disc I will often be playing in its entirety. … see Full Review

Mikis THEODORAKIS (b.1925) Symphony No. 3 (1981) - Els Bolkestein (sop) - Rundfunkchor Berlin Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin/Heinz Rögner - rec. live - first performance, Komischen Oper, Berlin, 29 April 1982. ADD BERLIN CLASSICS ETERNA COLLECTION 0032412BC [70.36] [RB]

Messiaen-like but with more restraint. There is a pellucid clarity about his writing and there is no doubting his sincerity. ... see Full Review

Michael TORKE (born 1961) An American Abroad (2001) Jasper (1998) Rapture (2000/1)a Colin Currie (percussion)a; Royal Scottish National Orchestra; Marin Alsop Recorded: Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow, February 2002 NAXOS 8.559167 [61:20] [HC]

Does not plumb any great depths … superbly crafted and unpretentious and endearing … see Full Review

Giovanni Maria TRABACI (c.1575-1647) Keyboard Music: Book 2 (1615) CD1 Twelve Ricercata [50.01] CD2 Cento Versi sopra li Otto finali Ecclesiastici 1st Tone to the 6th Tone [55.56] CD3 Cento Versi sopra il Otto finali Eeclesiastici 7th Tone and 8th Tones also Six Toccatas and Galliards 1-4 [45.43] CD4 Galliards 5-9 and Partite artificiose [53.44] Sergio Vartolo, Harpsichord and Organ with Andrew Lawrence King Harp, Michel van Goetham Countertenor and Mario Cecchiti Tenor Recorded at; The churches of St.Petronio and St.Martino Bologna (Historic Organs) January 1998 and at the church of St.Maria del Dugnano Fumane in August 2000 NAXOS 8.553553-56 [4CDs: 50.01+55.56+45.43+53.44] [GH]

Outstanding musicianship and an unreserved belief in the music … see Full Review

Joaquín TURINA (1882-1949) Sinfonía Sevillana (pub 1920) - Danzas fantásticas (1920) - Ritmos (Fantasía coreográfica) (1928) - La procession del Rocío (1913) Castile and León Symphony Orchestra/Max Bragado Darman - Recorded Teatro Carrión, Valladolid 1994-98 NAXOS 8.555955 [61.47] [JW]

Turina has seldom seemed so palpable and so alive. … see Full Review

Joaquín TURINA (1882-1949) Vol. III. Serenata Op.87, for String Quartet; String Quartet Op.4, "De la Guitarra"; Las Musas de Andalucía, Op.93 (I. ‘Clío’ for piano; II. ‘Euterpe’ for violin and piano; III. ‘Talía’ for string quartet; IV. ‘Polimnia’ for cello and piano; V. ‘Melpómene’ for soprano and piano; VI. ‘Erato’ for soprano and string quartet; VII. ‘Urania’ for piano; VIII. ‘Terpsíchore’ for piano; IX. ‘Caliope’ for string quartet) Quartet Sine Nomine (Patrick Grenet, violin; François Gottraux, violin; Nicolas Pache, viola; Marc Jaermann, cello); Ricardo Requejo, piano; María Bayo, soprano. Rec. Centro Cultural Manuel de Falla, Granada, Spain 10–12 April 1992 (Op.83); Salle de Châtonneyes, Corseaux, Switzerland, 28-30 June 1993 (Op.87 and Op.4) CLAVES CD 50-9320 [73:57] [CW]

The most satisfying compositions are the songs and chamber works. This disc certainly makes for absorbing listening. … see Full Review

Giuseppe VERDI (1813 - 1901) Il Trovatore (1853) Donald Shanks (bass) Ferrando Cynthia Johnston (soprano) Ines Joan Sutherland (soprano) Princess of Aragon Jonathan Summers (baritone) Di Luna Kenneth Collins (tenor) Manrico Lauris Elms (mezzo soprano) Azucena John Durham (bass) A Gypsy Robin Donald (tenor) Ruis Australian Opera Chorus The Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra/Richard Bonynge Set Design Sydney Nolan, Stage and Television Direction by Elijah Moshinsky recorded in July 2nd 1983 at the Sydney Opera House (DVD) ARTHAUS 100 276 [142 mins] [JP]

This is a rare opportunity to savour the glorious Joan Sutherland at her peak … see Full Review

Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741) Flute Concerto in D major RV 90, Op. 10/3 "Il Gardellino" [11.32] - Flute Concerto in F major RV 98, Op. 10/1 "La tempesta di mare" [5.54] - Flute Concerto in G major RV 435, Op. 10/4 [6.30] - Flute Concerto in F major RV 442, Op. 10/5 [7.45] - Flute Concerto in G minor RV 104, Op. 10/2 "La Notte" [9.25] - Flute Concerto in G major RV 101, Op. 10/6 [9.00] - Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C major RV 779 [13.27] Michael Schneider (recorder) - Karl Kaiser (flute) - Camerata Köln - rec Dec 1988 in the broadcasting studio of Deutschlandfunks DEUTSCHE HARMONIA MUNDI 05472 77848 2 [64.27] [TM]

Beautiful melodies, comfortable harmonies, stunning counterpoint and beautifully-phrased by Camerata Köln … see Full Review

Richard WAGNER (1813-1883) Götterdämmerung (1876) - Siegfried, Lauritz Melchior; Brünnhilde, Kirsten Flagstad; Gunther, Herbert Janssen; Gutrune, Hilde Konetzni and Maria Nezádal; Hagen, Dezso Ernster and Ludwig Weber; Alberich, Eduard Habich; Waltraute, Kirsten Thorborg; Woglinde, Erna Berger; Wellgunde, Lucine Amara; Flosshilde, Herta Glaz; First Norn, Doris Doe; Second Norn, Lucielle Browning; Third Norn, Dorothee Manski. Orchestras of Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera, "various conductors" - Notes in English with B/W photographs and cast biographies, synopsis, and article on the audio assembly. No text. Recorded from various broadcasts between 1934 and 1944 and personal sources. AAD GUILD HISTORICAL GHCD 2224/7 [4CDs: 236.03] [PS]

A must-have for those who want to enjoy this work sung by Flagstad and other great historical artists. … see Full Review

Richard WAGNER (1813-1883) Overture: Rienzi [13’13"] Overture: Die fliegende Holländer [10’37"] Overture: Tannhäuser [15’16"] Prelude to Act I: Lohengrin [10’37"] Prelude to Act III: Lohengrin [3’02] Overture: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg [10’02"] Philharmonia Orchestra/Yuri Simonov THE CLASSIC COLLECTION 99888 [63’26"] [JQ]

Anyone buying this CD on impulse would not feel short changed … see Full Review

RECORD OF THE MONTH Carl Maria von WEBER (1786-1826) Grand Duo Concertant for clarinet and pianoforte in E flat major - Seven Variations for clarinet and pianoforte on a theme of Weber’s opera - Silvana in B flat major - Ferdinand RIES (1784-1838) Sonata for clarinet and pianoforte in G minor Pierre-André Taillard (clarinet) - Edoardo Torbianelli (pianoforte) - Recorded at Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori, Florence, October 2001 HARMONIA MUNDI HMC 905254 [56:52] [IL]

Sparkling performances and a thrilling Ries sonata add up to an irresistible recital. … see Full Review

Egon WELLESZ (1885-1974) Symphony No. 4 Op. 70 Sinfonia Austriaca (1951-53) [27.56] Symphony No. 6 Op. 95 (1965) [23.18] Symphony No. 7 Op. 102 Contra Torrentum (1968) [18.58] Radio Symphonieorchester/Gottfried Rabl rec. Grosser Sendesaal, Funkhaus ORF, 13-16, 26-27 Nov 2001. DDD CPO 999 808-2 [70.44]

A serious and unsettling composer who merits a voice in the annals of twentieth century music. ... see Full Review

Samuel WESLEY (1766-1837) Organ music by Samuel Wesley: Organ voluntaries, Short pieces David Herman (Organ) Organ by Harrison & Harrison, 1962, Recorded: 8-10 July 2002, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, England. REDCLIFFE RECORDINGS RR019 [57.55] [ChA]

A good though not perfect release of Wesley’s neglected organ music … see Full Review

Margaret Lucy WILKINS (b.1939) Musica Angelorum (1991) - Sofia Soloists Chamber orchestra/Plamen Djurov, Struwwelpeter (1973) for soprano, 3 clarinets, piano, percussion - Alison Wells, soprano - FIREBIRD ensemble/Barrie Webb - Burnt Sienna: Etude for String Orchestra (1974) - FIREBIRD String Trio - 366" for solo trombone (1986) - Barrie Webb, trombone - Symphony (1989) Timişoară Symphony Orchestra/Barrie Webb - Recorded Musica Nova, Sofia, June 1996 (Musica Angelorum), St. Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK, June 20th and 22nd, 2002 (Struwwelpeter, Burnt Sienna, Etude for String Trio and 366" for solo trombone), Sala Liculuide Muzica “Ion Vidu”, Timişoară, Rumania, October 10th 1999 (Symphony) VIENNA MODERN MASTERS VMM 3055 [67:10] [GPJ]

A real composer, there’s no doubt about it, and one with a distinctive voice and personality. … see Full Review

RECORDING OF THE MONTH Iannis XENAKIS (1922 – 2001) Synaphaï (1969)a - Horos (1986) - Eridanos (1972) - Kyania (1990) - Hiroaki Ooï (piano)a Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg; Arturo Tamayo - Recorded: Conservatoire, Luxembourg, March and May 2002 TIMPANI 1C1068 [64:16] [HC]

Simply stunning. Hard stuff but gripping … the best possible introduction to Xenakis … see Full Review

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