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Kurt ATTERBERG (1887-1974) Symphony No. 9 op. 54 Sinfonia Visionaria (1956) [40.45] Älven - The River op. 33 (1929) [19.50] Satu Vihavainen (mezzo)
Gabriel Suovanen (bar) NDR Chor/Celso Antunes Prager Kammerchor/Pavel Kühn
NDR Radiophilharmonie/Ari Rasilainen rec. Großer Sendesaal Hannover, Jan 2003. DDD CPO 999 013-2 [60.35]

Two quite different works. The tone poem vintage marine Atterberg and the enigmatic Symphony with little surface glamour but promises of longer term rewards. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685 - 1750) Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN (1770 - 1827) Diabelli Variations, op. 120 Daniel Barenboim, piano - Rec: No information given. (Original copyrights Erato, 1989 and 1994.) ELATUS 2564-60010-2 [138.16] [KME]

A recommendable budget set, containing excellent interpretations of these great works by Bach and Beethoven. … see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Six Concertos after Vivaldi Concerto No.5 in C major BWV976 - Concerto No.7 in F major BWV978 - Concerto No.1 in D major BWV972 - Concerto No.9 in G major BWV980 - Concerto No.4 in G minor BWV975 - Concerto No.2 in G major BWV973 - Italian Concerto BWV971 Olivier Baumont, harpsichord - Rec: No information given ELATUS 2564-60362-2 [60.26] [KME]

An attractive recording that shows the relationship between Bach's music and the Italian music that he knew and that influenced him … see Full Review

Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH (1714-1788) Trio Sonatas for Flute, Violin and B.c. CD 1: Sonata in a minor (Wq 148/H 572) [12:13] - Sonata in C (Wq 149/H 573) [12:30] - Sonata in d minor (Wq 145/H 569) [11:14] - Sonata in G (Wq 150/H 574) [15:19] - CD 2: Sonata in A (Wq 146/H 570) [12:10] - Sonata in G (Wq 144/H 568) [14:01] - Sonata in C (Wq 147/H 571) [10:53] - Sonata in D (Wq 151/H 575) [13:29] - Les Amis de Philippe: Manfredo Zimmermann, transverse flute; Manfredo Kraemer, violin; Monika Schwamberger, cello; Ludger Rémy, harpsichord - Recorded in January-February 1997, Evangelische Kirche, Honrath DDD CPO 999 495-2 [51:42+51:00] [JVV]

Unjustly neglected chamber music by one of the Bach sons – intriguing compositions, which are well played by true friends of ‘Philippe’. … see Full Review

Michael BALL Whitsun Wakes - An English suite - Midsummer Music (Sonata for Brass) - Cortège - Chaucer’s Tunes - A Cambrian Suite Black Dyke Band/Nicholas J. Childs - Recorded Morley Town Hall, 2002, DDD DOYEN DOYCD135 [64: 53] [CT]

A finely played disc of music by Michael Ball, recommendable for his impressive Whitsun Wakes. … see Full Review

Samuel BARBER (1910-81) Symphony No. 1 Op. 9 (1936) [20.56] - Essay No. 1 Op. 12 (1938) [8.46] - Essay No. 2 Op. 17 (1942) [11.49] - Night Flight Op. 19a (1944) [9.08] - Music for a Scene from Shelley Op. 7 (1933) [10.19] - Knoxville; Summer of 1915 (1948) [16.18] Molly McGurk (sop) (Knoxville) - London Symphony Orchestra/David Measham (Symphony; Essays; Night Flight) - West Australian Symphony Orchestra/David Measham (Knoxville; Shelley) - rec. 1973. ADD REGIS RRC 1139 [78.04] [RB]

A smashing Barber orchestral collection in which the superheated radiance of the 1930s contrasts with the distilled nostalgia of Knoxville ... see Full Review

Arnold BAX (1883-1953) Symphonic Variations for piano and orchestra (1913-14) [46.03] Joyce Hatto (piano) Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra/Vernon Handley - rec. 1965, Guildford CONCERT ARTIST CACD-9021-2 [46.03] [RB]

A mystic-enigmatic work with an idyllic Olympian character ... see Full Review

Arnold BAX (1883-1953) Violin Sonata No. 1 in E major (1910-15) [32.32]
Frederick DELIUS (1934)
Violin Sonata No. 2 (1915) [13.07] Henry Holst (violin) - Frank Merrick (piano) - rec. 1960s CONCERT ARTIST CACD 9002 [45.39]

A glimpse into the annals of Bax's early LP revival. The Bax sonata is extremely well done ... see Full Review

Arnold BAX (1883-1953) Symphony No. 4 (1931) [39.30] Ernest John MOERAN (1894-1950) Serenade in G minor (1948) [14.27] Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra/Vernon Handley - rec. 1965, Guildford CONCERT ARTIST CACD-9009-2 [55.24] [RB]

For those who wish to catch what it meant to be in at the start of the Bax and Moeran revival on the cusp of its first 1960s harvest. Joyous playing ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Symphony No 9 in D minor, Op. 124 "Choral" [63’18"] - The Consecration of the House Overture, Op. 124* [10’46"] Luise Helletsgruber (soprano); Rosette Anday (contralto) - Georg Maikl (tenor); Richard Mayr (bass) - Vienna State Opera Chorus - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - London Philharmonic Orchestra - Conducted by Felix Weingartner - Recorded in the Mittlerer Konzerthaussaal, Vienna, 2 – 4 February 1935 - *EMI Abbey Road Studio No. I, London, 7 October 1938 NAXOS 8.110863 [74’04"] [JQ]

A splendid, elevated achievement, a performance of inspiration that transcends occasional lapses of orchestral technique and sonic limitations … see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Symphony no. 5 in C minor, op. 67, Symphony no. 7 in A major, op. 92 Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie/Edouard Lindenberg - Record 1969-70, location not given APEX 0927 49798 2 [68:57] [CH]

Not exactly "Great Performances" but the musicians seem to be enjoying themselves and I did too. … see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Piano Concerto no. 3 in C minor, op. 37, Piano Concerto no. 4 in G major, op. 58 András Schiff (piano), Staatskapelle Dresden/Bernard Haitink - Recorded March 1996 (no. 4) and November 1996 (no. 3) at the Lukaskirche - Dresden ELATUS 2564-60433-2 [71:15] [CH]

A Third of great integrity but the Fourth lacks magic. … see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Violin Sonata No.8 in G, Op.30 No.3 [15’33]. Violin Sonata No.8 in G, Op.30 No.3 [15’11] Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Violin Sonata No.5 in A, D574 [19’27] Edvard GRIEG (1843-1907) Violin Sonata No.3 in C minor, Op.45 [22’58] Fritz Kreisler (violin); Sergei Rachmaninov (piano) - Recorded March 22nd, 1928 (Beethoven, first performance), February 28th and March 22nd, 1928 (Beethoven, second performance, both recorded at Victor Studio No. 1, Camden, New Jersey) - December 20th-21st, 1928 (Schubert, Victor Studios, New York City); September 14th-15th, 1928 (Electrola Studios, Berlin). ADD
NAXOS HISTORICAL 8.110968 [72’50]

This is a remarkable disc in many ways. The jaw-dropping rapport of two men of genius, their musicality at one in the service of the music makes for a powerful experience. … see Full Review

Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) String Quartet in E flat major, Op. 127; String Quartet in C sharp major, Op. 131; String Quartet in A minor, Op. 132; String Quartet in F major, Op. 135; String Quartet in B flat major, Op. 130; Grosse Fuge, Op. 133; Alternative Finale for String Quartet (Op.130): Allegro Emerson String Quartet: Eugene Drucker (1st violin Op. 127,130/133) (2nd violin Op. 131, 132, 135); Philip Setzer (1st violin Op. 131, 132, 135) (2nd violin 127, 130/133); Lawrence Dutton (viola); David Finckel (cello) - Recordings: New York, American Academy and Institute and Letters, 3/1994 (Op. 127, 131); 4/1994 (Op. 130/133, 132); 6/1994 (Op. 130 Alternative - Finale); 3-4/1995 (Op. 135) DDD DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON TRIO 474-341-2 [3CDs: 72:01+67:38+57:13] [MC]

A wonderful and attractive addition to any collection. An indispensable recording of Beethoven’s chamber masterpieces. … see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 in E-flat major, Opus 73 ("Emperor") [42:09] Franz Peter SCHUBERT (1797-1828) - Symphony No. 8 in b minor D. 759 ("Unfinished") [23:51] Oksoo Han, piano - Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra/Dmitry Yablonsky - Recorded in Moscow, May 2003 DDD BEL AIR MUSIC BAM 2032 [66:35] [KS]

Unless this disc is budget priced, it is certainly not worth the outlay of cash, but if it is cheap, I can recommend it for the symphony alone. … see Full Review

Natanael BERG (1879-1957) Traumgewalten - symphonic poem (1911) [11.36] Symphony No. 4 Pezzo Sinfonico (1918) [21.31] - Höga Visan (Song of Songs) (1925) [38.49] Karin Ingebäck (sop) - Mathias Zachariassen (ten) - Swedish Radio Choir - Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - conductors: Manfred Honeck (Traumgewalten) - Mats Rondin (Pezzo) - Patrik Ringborg (Höga Visan) - rec. Berwaldhallen, 9-11 Oct 2002 (Traumgewalten) - 6-7 Feb 2003 (Pezzo); 19-23 Aug 2002 (Höga Visan). DDD PHONO SUECIA PSCD 721 [73.03] [RB]

A warming chance to sample the music of Berg the Swedish romantic ... see Full Review

Auden Songs Lennox BERKELEY (1903-1989) Tracks 1-5 Five Poems op.53† (1958) - Track 6 Night covers up the rigid land, op.14 no.2† - Track 7 Lay your sleeping head, my love, op.14 no.2b† Benjamin BRITTEN (1913-1976) Tracks 8-12 On This Island, op.11†(1937) - Track 13 Fish in the unruffled lakes† (1938) - Track 14 Night covers up the rigid land† (1937) - Track 15 To lie flat on the back† (1937) - Track 16 The sun shines down† (1937) - Track 17 What’s on your mind?† (early 1940s) - Track 18 Underneath the abject willow† (early 1940s) - Tracks 19-22 Cabaret Songs* (1937-39) - Track 23 When you’re feeling like expressing your affection* (1935?) - Track 24 Underneath the abject willow †* (1936) Della Jones, mezzo-soprano *, Philip Langridge, tenor †, Steuart Bedford, piano Recorded at St. Silas Church, Chalk Farm, London, Sept.1997 (tracks 1-16**, 24), Blackheath Concert Halls, London, December 1995 (16-18), Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead, London ?(19-23) NAXOS 8.557204 [60:57] [GPJ]

Brilliant issue … great music …. Instinctive udnerstanding from the artists … see Full Review

Lennox BERKELEY (1903-1989): Sacred Choral Music: Crux Fidelis, Missa Brevis, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, Three Latin Motets, Eripe me, Domine,Veni, sponsa Christi, Regina Coeli,The Lord is my shepherd, Mass for Five Voices, Look up, sweet babe, A Festival Anthem, Toccata* (from Three Pieces) Choir of St. John’s College, Cambridge *Jonathan Vaughn (organ) Directed by Christopher Robinson Recorded in the Chapel of St. John’s College, Cambridge 20, 21 and 23 March, 2003 NAXOS 8.557277 [75’10"] [JQ]

Much in this music and in these performances to savour and admire and I strongly recommend this disc. … see Full Review

Andrew BISHOP Crooning (1997) [8.58] Allen SHAWN (b.1948) Piano Concerto (1999) [25.48] Paul CRESTON (1906-1985) Dance Overture (1954) [11.42] Benjamin LEES (b.1924) Piano Concerto No. 2 (1968) [27.30] Ian Hobson (piano) Ursula Oppens (piano) Albany Symphony Orchestra/David Alan Miller rec. 1999, Tory Savings Bank Hall. DDD ALBANY TROY 441 [73.55] [RB]

Mixed recital with two mildly dissonant piano concertos matched with two romantic shorter orchestral extravaganzas ... see Full Review

York BOWEN (1884-1961)Quintet in C major for horn and string quartet Op. 85 (1927) Rhapsody Trio in A minor for violin, cello and piano Op. 80 (1926) Trio in Three Movements Op. 118 (1945) Endymion Ensemble: Krysia Osostowicz (violin); Fiona McCapra (violin) Op.85 only; Catherine Manson (viola) Op. 85 only; Jane Salmon (cello); Stephen Sterling (horn) Op.85 only; Michael Dussek (piano) Op. 80; 118 Recorded at All Saints Church, East Finchley, London, 24-26 April, 2001 DDD DUTTON EPOCH CDLX 7115 [63:53] [MC re-write]

My eager anticipation to hear these works was matched by the unadulterated pleasure and satisfaction from experiencing them. … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) String quartet in c minor, op. 51, no. 1 [35:35] - String quartet in a minor, op. 51, no. 2 [35:32] Verdi String Quartet: Susanne Rabenschlag and Peter Stein, violin; Karin Wolf, viola; Didier Poskin, cello -
Recorded in December 2000 (op. 51/1) and September 2001, (op. 51/2) DDD HÄNSSLER CLASSIC CD 98.393 [71:06] [KS]

No lover of fine chamber music should be without this disc. … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor Op. 15 - Variations on a Theme by Paganini Op. 35 - Rhapsody in B minor Op. 79 No. 1 - Rhapsody in G minor Op. 79 No. 2 Wilhelm Backhaus (piano) - BBC Symphony Orchestra/Adrian Boult - Recorded 1929-32 NAXOS 8.110699 [71.24] [JW]

Backhaus was a leonine and magnificent champion of the Concerto … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Symphony no.1 in C minor, op.68 (1876) Academic Festival Overture, op.80 (1880) Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Daniel Barenboim Recorded at Orchestra Hall, Chicago, May 1993 (Symphony) and September 1993 (Overture) ELATUS 2564-60435-2 [58:01] [GPJ]

Not an ‘ideal’ performance yet one undoubtedly worth hearing … a thinking, living version, well recorded, and featuring world-class orchestral playing. … see Full Review

Frank BRIDGE (1875-1941) Orchestral works The Sea – Suite for orchestra (1910) [20’41"] - Summer – Tone Poem (1914) [9’37"] - Cherry Ripe (1916) [3’23"] - Enter Spring – Rhapsody (1927) [21’22"] - Lament (1915) [4’27"] Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Groves - Recorded in the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool 14 & 15 July 1975 - British Composers series EMI CLASSICS 7243 5 66855 2 9 [59’53"] [JQ]

An authoritative introduction to Bridge’s orchestral music … an ideal place to start. Strongly recommended. … see Full Review

Benjamin BRITTEN (1913-1976) Albert Herring (1947) Albert Herring - Christopher Gillett - Lady Billows - Josephine Barstow - Florence Pike - Felicity Palmer - Superintendent Budd - Robert Lloyd - The Vicar - Peter Savidge - Sid - Gerald Finley - Nancy - Ann Taylor - Mrs. Herring - Della Jones - Miss Wordsworth - Susan Gritton - The Mayor - Stuart Kale - Village children - Yvette Bonner, Témimé Boling, Matthew Long - Northern Sinfonia conducted by Stuart Bedford - Recorded August 1996 at All Saint’s Church, Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK NAXOS OPERA CLASSICS 8.660107/8 [64.10+77.09] [WH]

Quite irresistible … see Full Review

Benjamin BRITTEN (1913-1976) Peter Grimes (1945) Peter Grimes….Philip Langridge (Tenor) Ellen Orford…Janice Cairns (Sop) Captain Balstrode…Alan Opie (Baritone) Auntie…Ann Howard (Con) English National Opera Orchestra and Chorus/David Atherton Recorded London 1994 as BBC/RM Arts co-production DVD with subtitles ARTHAUS 100382 [JL]

This DVD release of the brilliantly filmed English Nat Opera staging of a decade ago does justice to an outstanding all-round production. … see Full Review

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony no.7 in E (1883) Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Daniel Barenboim - Recorded Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Berlin, February 1992 ELATUS 2564-60330-2 [70:42] [GPJ]

 Somehow that sense of exaltation and completeness remains elusive, and the final climax is not wholly convincing. … see Full Review

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony No. 7 in E (1883). Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Eugen Jochum. Rec. May 10th-11th, 1939. ADD HÄNSSLER CLASSIC MASTERPIECE CD94.043 [63’47]

An interesting document, but definitely not a first choice. … see Full Review

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