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Richard ADDINSELL (1904-1977) Warsaw Concerto (1941) [8.40] César FRANCK (1822-1890) Symphonic Variations (1886) [15.13] Edvard GRIEG (1843-1907) Piano Concerto (1868) [30.35] Gabriel Tacchino (piano) Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Monte Carlo/Armin Jordan Recorded in the Salle Garnier, Monte Carlo in May 1978 WARNER APEX 2564 62049-2 [54.28][CF]

Timing somewhat mean ... nevertheless the disc is worth buying for Addinsell’s tried and tested war-horse alone ... see Full Review 

Isaac ALBÉNIZ (1860 - 1909) Piano Music Volume 4 Iberia, Cuarto Cuaderno, B 47, T 105 (1908) [22.43] 6 Pequeños valses, Op 25, B 3, T 47 (1884) [18.40] Sonata #3, Op 68, B 14, T 69 (1886) [13.36] Suite ancienne #1, Op 54, B 8, T 62 (1886) [8.09] Serenata árabe, B 5, T 60 (1886) [6.37] Miguel Baselga (piano) Steinway D grand piano Piano technician, Teodoro Ortiz Cabeza (Sala Rono) Recorded at the Auditorio y palacio de congresos, Zaragosa, Spain, March 2002 Notes in English, Deutsch, and French. Color photo of the artist. BIS CD-1243 [71.03] [PSh]

Anyone who loves piano music will at once be captivated by this disk and will want to hear it again and again ... see Full Review

Isaac ALBÉNIZ (1860-1909) Piano Music Volume 5 Suite Espagnole, Op 47, T 61 (1886) [35.20] Sonata #4, T 75 (1887) [17.45] Suite ancienne #2, Op 54, B T 66 (1887) [7.21] Arbola Azpian (Zorzico), T 84 (1893) [4.40] Pavana Capricho, T 48 (1882) [3.48] Miguel Baselga (piano) Steinway D grand piano. Piano technician, Manuel Laga Sopena. Recorded at the Auditorio y palacio de congresos, Zaragosa, Spain, April 2004 Notes in English, Castellano, Deutsch, and French. Photo of the artist. BIS CD-1443 [70.05] [PSh]

Anyone who loves piano music will at once be captivated by this disk and will want to hear it again and again. ... see Full Review

William ALWYN (1905-1985) Piano Concerto No. 1 (1930) [14:38] Piano Concerto No. 2 (1960) [28:40] Derby Day - overture (1960) [6:08] Sonata alla Toccata (1947) [10:09] Peter Donohoe (piano) Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/James Judd rec. 24-25 May 2004, 21 May 2005 (sonata), Concert Hall, Lighthouse, Poole, UK. DDD NAXOS 8.557590 [59:35][RB]

A winner - with two accessible and concise romantic piano concertos by one of the UK's finest composers ... see Full Review

BARGAIN OF THE MONTH William ALWYN (1905-1985) Symphony No. 5 Hydriotaphia (1973) [14:27] Symphony No. 2 (1953) [27:22] Lyra Angelica - concerto for harp and orchestra (1954) [28:12] Suzanne Willison (harp) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra/David Lloyd-Jones rec. Philharmonic Hall. Liverpool, 4-6 Jan 2005. DDD NAXOS 8.557647 [69:52] [RB]

The best single CD introduction to the major works of Alwyn. Inspired playing and grippingly immediate recording quality ... see Full Review

Sergio ASSAD (b. 1952) Solo Guitar Works Aquarelles: 1 Divertimento [7:17], 2 Valseana [2:45], 3 Preludio e Toccatina [2:56]; Three Divertimentos: 4 Apoador [2:23], 5 Abaeté [1:44], 6 Parati [1:28]; 7 Fantasia Carioca [9:14]; Sonata: 8 Allegro Moderato [5:59], 9 Andante [5:36], 10 Presto [3:03]; Three Greek Letters: 11 Psi [3:25], 12 Pi [3:35], 13 Sigma [2:51]; 14 Jobiniana No. 3 [8:21] Aliéksey Vianna, guitar rec. Granada Studios, El Granada, California GSP RECORDINGS GSP 1027 CD [64:27][ZT]

This new release by Aliéksy Vianna playing Assad’s solo works is definitely recommended listening but with one caveat - in smallish doses. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Orchestral Suites
Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C major BWV 1066 for 2 oboes, bassoon, strings and continuo (c1717-23) [26:46] Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067 for flute, strings and continuo (late 1730s) [25:01] Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major BWV 1068 for 3 trumpets, timpani, 2 oboes, strings and continuo (c1729-31) [30:59] Orchestral Suite No. 4 in D major BWV 1069 for 3 oboes, bassoon, strings and continuo (c1717-23) [23:48] Sinfonia from Cantata BWV 29 Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir (1731) [4:00] Sinfonia from Cantata BWV 146 Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal in das Reich Gottes eingehen (c1726-8) [8:01] La Stravaganza Köln/Andrew Manze rec. Sendesaal of DeutschlandRadio, Köln, Germany, 1994. DDD BRILLIANT CLASSICS 92721/2 [56:15 + 55:07] [RHa]

Extremely musically pleasing and lithe performances of some of Bach's best-known and most accessible works. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Brandenburg Concerto #5 in D, BWV 1050 (1721) [18.49] Concerto in C for 2 harpsichords and orchestra, BWV 1061 (1730) [14.56] Overture (Orchestral Suite) No. 2 in b for flute and Orchestra, BW 1067 (1721) [23.10] Akademie Für Alte Musik Berlin: Concerto No. 5: (Raphael Alpermann, harpsichord; Ernst-Burghard Hilse, transverse flute; Bernard Forck, violino concertato; Stephan May, Bettina Sitte, Dörte Wetzel, violini ripieni; Ulrich Kiefer, Sabine Fehlandt, viole; Karin Liersch, ’cello; Christian Horn, double-bass); Concerto in C: (Christine Schornsheim, Raphael Alpermann, harpsichords; Bettina Sitte, Dörte Wetzel, violini I; Sephan Mai, Berhard Forck, violini II; Ulrich Kiefer, Sabine Fehlandt, viole; Karin Liersch, ’cello; Christian Horn, double-bass); Overture: (Ernst-Burghart Hilse, transverse flute; Stephan Mai, violino I; Bettina Sitte, violino II; Ulrich Kiefer, viola; Karin Liersch, ’cello; Christian Horn, double-bass; Raphael Alpermann, harpsichord). Recorded In Paul-Gerhard-kirche, Leipzig Germany, 13 July 1988. Notes in Deutsch and English. Hybrid SACD, 5.1, 2.0, CD 2.0. CAPRICCIO 71 048 [57.03] [PSh]

Among the best, perhaps the best, performances and recordings of these works ever, although a more open recording perspective would have been nice. ... see Full Review

Johann Ludwig BACH (1677-1731) Missa Brevis sopra "Allen Gott in der Hoh sei Her"; Cantatas: Der Herr wird ein Neues im lande erschaffen; Die Weisheit kommt nicht in eine boshafte Seele; Ich will meinen Geist in euch geben Maria Zadory – soprano; Kai Wessel - alto; Wilfred Jochens -tenor; Stephan Schreckenberger - bass Rheinische Kantorei Das Kleine Konzert/Hermann Max rec. Wuppertal. Immanuelskirche 1993/4; Mass recorded 2002. No other details available CAPRICCIO 67 131 [66.31] [GH]

All in all a worthy disc of some interesting music but I doubt if anyone would find it interesting enough for regular playings. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Secular Cantatas O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit (Wedding Cantata) (BWV 210) [35:39] Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht (Coffee Cantata) (BWV 211)* [25:46] Carolyn Sampson, soprano; Makoto Sakurada, tenor (*); Stephan Schreckenberger, bass (*) Bach Collegium Japan/Masaaki Suzuki Recorded in July 2003 at Saitama Arts Theatre Concert Hall, Tokyo, Japan. DDD BIS CD-1411 [62:05] [JV]

Two secular cantatas by Bach, both joyful in different ways - but joy is absent from these performances ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685 - 1750) "En noir et blanc: Bach à Weimar"
All compositions written 1708-1717
Prelude in D, BWV 532 [4.55] [without the customary fugue] Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland... BWV 659a [4.34] Christum wir sollen..., BWV 696 [1.20] Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland, BWV 599 [1.34] Prelude in A, BWV 543a [2.58] [without the customary fugue] Da Jesus an dem Kreuze... BWV 621 [0.53] In dich have gehoffet...BWV 712 [2.29] O Lamm Gotes... Bwv 656a [8.04 Prelude and Fugue in A, BWV 536a [6.40] Christ ist erstanden...I, II, III BWV 627 [4.05] Allein Gott in der Höhe sei Ehr...BWV 663a [5.57] Allein Gott in der Höhe sei Ehr...BWV 717 [3.17] Valet will ich dir geben ....BWV 736 [4.03] Herr Jesus Christ, dich zu uns wend...BWV 709 [3.01] Herr Jesus Christ, dich zu uns wend...BWV 655a [3.32] Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein...BWV 668 [4.25] Vincent Genvrin (Grenzing organ, 1993) Didier Chanon, tuner and voicer.
Recorded in 1996 at Salle Xavier Darasse, CNSM, Lyon, France. Notes in Français and English. Photo of artist. EDITION HORTUS 006 [62.56] [PSh]

Exceptional organ playing and exceptional recording, a must-have disk to organ music collectors and Bach collectors. ... see Full Review

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) Mass in B minor (1724/1749) Sunhae Im (soprano) Marianne Beate Kielland (mezzo) Ann Hallenberg (mezzo) Markus Schäefer (tenor) Hanno Müller-Brachmann (bass-baritone) Dresden Chamber Choir Cologne Chamber Orchestra/Helmut Müller-Brühl rec. Sendesaal, Köln, November 2003 NAXOS 8.557448-49 [53.34 + 54.46][SV]

Overall an enterprise fundamentally misguided ... see Full Review

Béla BARTÓK (1881-1945) Piano Concertos: No. 1, Sz84 (1926); No. 2, Sz95 (1930/1) [28'45]. The Miraculous Mandarin Suite, Sz73 (1927) [18'54]. Zoltan Kocsis (piano) Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra/György Lehel Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra/Sir Neville Marriner. CAPRICCIO SACD 71 044 [69'51] [CC]

A generally enjoyable disc but with no performance approaching first recommendation status. ... see Full Review

Arnold BAX (1883-1953) Piano Sonata No.3 in G sharp minor (1926) [33’56] Piano Sonata No.4 in G major (1934) [20’57] Water Music [6’28] Winter Waters (1915) [6’46] Country Tune (1920) [2’19] O Dame Get Up and Bake Your Pies (1945) [2’49] Ashley Wass (piano) Recorded at Potton Hall, Suffolk, UK, 22-24 May 2004 NAXOS 8.557592 [73’16][TH]

With naturally balanced, warm recording, Wass’s intelligent, agile playing does the composer’s cause no harm at all ... see Full Review

Franz Ignaz BECK (1734-1809) Six Symphonies Op. 1: Sinfonia No. 1 in G minor [12:24]; Sinfonia No. 2 in F [11:42]; Sinfonia No. 3 in A [9:06]; Sinfonia No. 4 in E flat [8:12]; Sinfonia No. 5 in G [11:29]; Sinfonia No. 6 in C [6:06] New Zealand Chamber Orchestra/Donald Armstrong rec. Brierley Theatre, Wellington College, New Zealand, August 2001. DDD NAXOS 8.554071 [59:00] [PCW]

Plenty of variety of mood and imaginative touches abound making an hour in the company of this disc pass by quickly ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Symphony No. 9 in D minor, op. 125* [63:38], Quartet in F, op. 135: Adagio/Lento [07:29], Scherzo [03:01] Vina Bovy (soprano)*, Kerstin Thorberg (mezzo)*, Jan Peerce (tenor)*, Ezio Pinza (bass)*, unidentified chorus* NBC Symphony Orchestra/Arturo Toscanini Recorded 6th February 1938 at the Carnegie Hall, NY. MUSIC AND ARTS CD 1135 [74:15] [CH]

Harshly recorded, this is not for me, but for some Toscanini enthusiasts it is the greatest of his preserved Ninths. ... see Full Review

RECORDING OF THE MONTH Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) String Quartet in F major, Op. 18, No.1 ‘Lobkowitz’ (1799) [30:44]
String Quartet in C minor, Op. 18, No.4 ‘Lobkowitz’ (1800) [24:42] Quatuor Mosaïques (Erich Hobarth (violin); Andrea Bischof (violin); Anita Mitterer (viola); Christophe Coin (cello)) Recorded in September 2004, in Grafenegg Schloss ‘Alte Reitschule’, Austria. DDD NAÏVE E8899 [55:30] [MC]

Quatuor Mosaïques are an astonishing ensemble who deserve the utmost praise for these magnificently performed scores. ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770 - 1827) String Quartets Volume 5 String Quartet No. 15 Op. 132 (1825) [46.13] String Quartet No. 16 Op. 135 (1826) [26.24] Borodin Quartet (2005): (Ruben Aharonian, Andrei Abramenkov, vv; Igor Naidin, vla; Valentin Berlinsky, vc) Recorded at the Conservatory, Moscow, Russia; Op. 135 in the Small Hall, 15 April 2004, and Op. 132 in the Great Hall, 18 July 2004. Notes in English, Deutsch, Français. CHANDOS CHAN 10304 [72.48] [PSh]

A completely fresh take on two less familiar Beethoven late quartets by one of the world’s most distinguished ensembles ... Beethoven comes out the winner. Very highly recommended. ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Piano Sonatas: No. 30 in E, op.109 [20:21], No. 31 in A flat, op. 110 [18:25], No. 32 in C minor, op. 111 [26:00] Artur Schnabel (piano) Recorded on 22nd March 1932 (op. 109), 21st January 1932 (op. 110), 21st January and 21st-22nd March and 7th May 1932 (op. 111) in EMI Abbey Road Studio no. 3 CD transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn NAXOS 8.110763 [64:66][CH]

Music and performances are timeless. ... see Full Review

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Artur Schnabel - Complete Beethoven Society Recordings Vol. 10 Rondo in A major, WoO49, (1782) [3.13] Minuet in E flat major, WoO82, (1805) Bagatelles, Op. 33, (1802), [21.22] Six Variations on an Original Theme in F Variations and Fugue in E flat, Op. 35 Fantasia in G minor, Op. 77, (1809) [9.37] Bagatelle in A minor, WoO 59 ("Für Elise"), (1810) [21.48] Artur Schnabel (Piano) Recorded 1937-1938, Abbey Road Studio No. 3, London. DDD NAXOS 8.110764 [79.31] [RH]

No feeling of condescension; Schnabel takes each piece seriously on its merits ... performances of great style and musicality. ... see Full Review

Gunnar BERG (1909-1989) Historical Recordings, vol. 2 CD 1 Gaffkys 1-8: (1958-1959) [7:14; 5:35; 7:46; 7:14; 7:03; 8:43; 9:05; 9:00] CD 2 Gaffkys 9-10 [12:01; 12:27], Fantaisie (1936 rev. 1968) [9:02] Toccata-Interludium-Fugue 1938 (rev. 1941) [9:02] Pierres solaires; Granit (1943) [2:59; 2:06] Piano Sonata (1947) [13:12] Béatrice Berg, piano DANACORD DACOCD 613-614 [62:12 + 60:49] [RB]

You there ... at the back ... no flinching! ... see Full Review

Lennox BERKELEY (1903-1989) Sonatina for Violin and Piano Op.17 (1943) [13.14] Five Short Pieces for Piano Op.4 (1937) [6.40] Andantino for Cello and Piano Op.21 No.2a (1945) [2.56] Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo (1939) [5.05] Mazurka for Piano Op.101b (1982) [1.24] Duo for Cello and Piano Op.81 No.1 (1971) [6.19] Six Preludes for Piano Op.23 (1945) [11.45] Concertino for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano Op.49 (1955) [14.12] Schirmer Ensemble Recorded in South Melbourne Town Hall, except for the Mazurka and The Six Preludes which were recorded in Melba Hall, University of Melbourne, between 2000 and 2003 NAXOS 8.557324 [61.36][JW]

The pleasures of this enjoyable and convincingly performed ensemble outing. ... see Full Review

Franz BERWALD (1796-1868) Reminiscence of the Norwegian Mountains - symphonic poem for large orchestra [9:24] Konzertstück for bassoon and orchestra (1828) [11:50] Wettlauf (Foot-Race) [8:45] Ernste und heitere Grillen (Serious and Joyful Fancies) - Fantasiestück for orchestra [8:44] Overture to Drottningen av Golconda (The Queen of Golconda) (1864) [7:55] Elfenspiel (Play of the Elves) [8:46] Patrick Håkansson (bassoon) Gävle Symphony Orchestra/Petri Sakari rec. Gävle Concert Hall, 13-15 Sept 2000. DDD NAXOS 8.555370 [55:24] [RB]

Wonderfully alive ... splendid detail for the more transparently scored sections and a touch of Wolf-Glen magic along the way ... see Full Review

Easley BLACKWOOD (b.1933) Second Viola Sonata Op.43 (2001) [24.09] First Violin Sonata Op.7 (1960) [16.39] Piano Trio Op.22 (1968) [16.35] First Viola Sonata Op.1 (1953) [13.57] Charles Pikler (violin and viola) Gary Stucka (cello) Easley Blackwood (piano) Recorded at WFMT Chicago 2002 and December 2004 CEDILLE RECORDS CDR 90000 081 [71.48] [JW]

The lack of consonance between the recent Viola Sonata and the other works is both remarkable and perplexing; extremes of this kind require sympathetic listening. ... see Full Review

Peter BLAUVELT (b. 1956) Monuments: Music of Peter Blauvelt "Monuments". Second Symphony (1996-97/1999-2000) [20.26] Third Sonata for Cello and Piano "Terror and Reconciliation" (1993) [22.10] First Symphony "In Two Movements" (1979-80) [29.35] Theresa Vallani (cello) Peter Blauvelt (piano) Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Joel Eric Suben (conductor) ZIMBEL RECORDS ZR106 [72.11] [CF]

The disc needs more variety and relief, which is otherwise only apparent in the cheery smile and happy demeanour in the photograph of the composer ... see Full Review

BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Luigi BOCCHERINI (1743-1805) Boccherini Edition String Sextet No.1 in E flat G454; String Sextet No.3 in EG456; String Sextet No.4 in F minor G457; String Sextet No.6 in F G459; String Quartets op.15: Quartet No.1 in D G177; String Quartets op.24: Quartet No.6 in G minor G194; String Quartet in A op.39 G213; StringQuartets op.64: Quartet No.1 in F G248; String Quintets op.13: Quintet No.4 in D minor G280; String Quintets op.31: Quintet No.2 in G G326; String Quintets op.60: Quintet No.3 in A G393; String Quintets op.62: Quintet No.5 in D G401; Duet for 2 Violins in E flat 'La bona notte' G62; String Quartet No.4 in G 'La Tiranna' G223; String Quintet No.6 in C 'La musica notturna delle strade di Madrid' G324; String Quintet No.6 in F G336; Oboe Quintets op.55: Quintet No.1 in G G431; Quintet No.3 in D G433; Quintet No.4 in E flat G434; Quintet No.5 in E flat G435; Quintet No.6 in D minor G436; Six Sextets: 'Divertimentos': No.1 in A G461; No.5 in A G465; No.6 in C G466; Symphonies op.37: Symphony No.1 in C G515; Symphony No.3 in D minor G517; Symphony No.4 in A G518; Symphony in C minor op.41 G519. Symphony in D op.42 G520; Symphony in D op.43 G521; Symphony in D minor op.45 G522; Guitar Quintet in D minor G445; Guitar Quintet in E G446; Guitar Quintet in B flat G447; Guitar Quintet in D G448; Guitar Quintet in D G449. Guitar Quintet in G G450. New Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Petersen Quartet, Parisii Quartet, Dimov Quartet, various soloists. Recordings in collaboration with Sender Freies Berlin, Suddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart and Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne during the 1990s. DDD CAPRICCIO CC49463 [10 CDs] [DB]

A fantastic bargain which no lover of the classical period can possibly turn down at this extraordinarily low price. ... see Full Review

William BOLCOM (b. 1938) Songs You Cannot Have Me Now – or, The Military Orgy*, from Greatshot [5’23”] Night, Make My Day from Casino Paradise [2’17”] The Digital Wonder Watch* (An Advertisement) [3’03”] My Father the Gangster from Casino Paradise [2’39”] The Last Days of Mankind [3’29”] Songs to Dance* [9’17”] I Will Breathe a Mountain [19’39”] Tillinghast Duo* [5’23”] Mary* [5’06”] Three Songs* from The Wind in the Willows [5’15”] When We Built The Church* from Dynamite Tonite [2’10”] *World première recordings Carole Farley (soprano); William Bolcom (piano) Recorded 28-31 December 2004 at Potton Hall, Suffolk, England DDD NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559249 [63’42”][JQ]

Anyone with an interest in the song repertoire who is possessed of an enquiring ear should certainly investigate this disc. ... see Full Review

João Domingos BOMTEMPO (1771-1842) Symphony No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 11 [24:35] Symphony No. 2 in D major [42:09] Algarve Orchestra/Álvaro Cassuto rec. University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal (recording dates not given) NAXOS 8.557163 [66:44] [DS]

Two symphonies: one holds up quite well to the Haydn and Mozart models, and the other is close to being a masterpiece of early romanticism. How about those four other Bomtempo symphonies. They need to be unearthed and recorded.... see Full Review

William BOYCE (1711-1779) 8 Symphonies, Op. 2: Aradia Ensemble/Kevin Mallon Recorded in June 2003 at Grace Church on the Hill, Toronto, Canada. DDD NAXOS 8.557278 [60:57] [JV]

This new recording has its merits but can't compete with versions by Pinnock and Hogwood … see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 73 [41:16] Antonín DVOŘÁK (1841-1904) Symphonic Variations Op.78 [25:43] The Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic/Stan Fisher Recorded at the concert hall of the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, Zlin, Czech Republic. Recording dates are not given. MARK MASTERS 3955-MCD [66:59] [KS]

Much as I am in favor of independent recording projects, this one was ill conceived ... this one gets a veto. ... see Full Review

Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) Symphony No. 3 in F major op.90 (1883) [39:45] Serenade No. 2 in A major op.16 (1858/9) [29:17] London Symphony Orchestra/Bernard Haitink rec. live Barbican, London, 21-22 May 2003 (Serenade), 16-17 June 2004 (Symphony) LSO SACD LSO0544 [69:12][CH]

Very beautiful Brahms, but too one-sided a view for a general recommendation. ... see Full Review

Benjamin BRITTEN (1913-1976) Occasional Overture (1946) [7:27] Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, Op. 10 (1937) [25:54] Prelude and Fugue for 18-Part String Orchestra, Op. 29 (1943) [9:49] The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Henry Purcell) (1946) [16:39] English Chamber Orchestra/Steuart Bedford London Symphony Orchestra/Steuart Bedford Recorded in All Saints Church, East Finchley in April 1992 (Opp. 10, 29) and the Barbican Center in London 23, 25 April 1991 (other works). NAXOS 8.557200 [59:50] [KS]

A great jumping off point for listeners new to Britten’s music. For us seasoned veterans, it is a fine revisit to some old favorites. ... see Full Review

Max BRUCH (1838-1920) Das Lied von der Glocke op. 45 (1878) [109:26]
Eleonore Marguerre (soprano); Annette Markert (alto); Klaus Florian Vogt (tenor); Mario Hoff (baritone) Philharmonischer Chor Prag Staatskapelle Weimar/Jac van Steen rec. Konzertmitschnitt CCN Weimarhalle, Weimar. Germany, 31 Dec 2004-1 Jan 2005. DDD CPO 777 130-2 [55:57 + 53:29] [RB]

Leaves us in no doubt that Bruch’s ambition was of the highest, his aim to exult in freedom and peace and through celebration to produce exaltation. ... see Full Review

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony No. 3 in d minor [52:10] Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra/Klaus Tennstedt Recorded at the Bavarian Radio on November 4, 1976. PROFIL 04093 [52:10] [KS]

Brings back my long lost childhood excitement of putting on a disc for the sole sake of discovery. No lover of great orchestral playing should be able to find any fault. A winner through and through and worthy of any collection. ... see Full Review

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony No 7 in E (1885, ed. Haas) ((i) Allegro moderato [21:49] (ii) Adagio: Sehr feierlich und sehr langsam [22:54] (iii) Scherzo: Sehr schnell – Trio: Etwas langsamer [10:30] (iv) Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell [12:50]) Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Herbert von Karajan rec. Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin in October 1970 and February 1971 EMI KARAJAN COLLECTION 4-76888-2 [68:06] [PCW]

Despite some reservations, Karajan’s first studio version of Bruckner’s 7th is well worth seeking out ... see Full Review

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony No. 8 in C minor (1890, ed. Haas) ((i) Allegro moderato [17:00] (ii) Scherzo: Allegro moderato – Trio: Langsam [16:02] (iii) Adagio: Feierlich langsam doch nicht schleppend [27:35] (iv) Finale: Feierlich nicht schnell [26:17]) Carl Maria von WEBER (1786-1826) Overture: Der Freischütz [10:29] Felix MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847) Hebrides Overture [10:10] Richard WAGNER (1813-1883) Overture: Der fliegende Holländer [10:56] Otto NICOLAI (1810-1849) Overture: Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor [9:07] Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Herbert von Karajan rec. Grunewaldkirche, Berlin in May 1957 (Bruckner) and September 1960 (Overtures) EMI KARAJAN COLLECTION 4-76901-2 [60:44 + 67:36] [PCW]

This version has been a mainstay of the catalogue for nearly half a century and it is good to welcome it back. ... see Full Review

Gavin BRYARS (b. 1943) Oi Me Lasso Lauda 17 Ave vergene gaudente; Lauda 4 Oi me lasso; Lauda 29 O divina virgo, flore; Lauda 26 Plangiamo quell crudel basciar; Lauda 6 Da ciel venne messo novella; Lauda 13 Stomme allegro; Lauda 19 Omne homo; Lauda 10 O Maria d’omelia; Lauda 27 Lauda vollio per amore; Lauda 8 Regina sovrana; Lauda 12 Alta trinita beata; Lauda 15 O Maria dei cella; Lauda 9 Ave dei genitrix; Lauda 16 Laudamo la resurrectione; Lauda 28 Amor dolçe sença pare Anna Maria Friman (soprano) John Potter (tenor) Morgan Goff (viola) Nick Cooper (cello) Gavin Bryars (double bass) Recorded at Trevor Jones Studio, York University GB RECORDS BCGBCD05 [55.11][RH]

Endlessly fascinating and haunting ... Bryars crosses the boundaries between early and contemporary music .. beautifully approachable music. ... see Full Review

Ferrucio BUSONI (1866-1924) Nach der Wendung (Elegies) [6.50] Franz LISZT (1811-1886) Petrarch Sonnets No.4 – Sonnet 47 [6.52] No.5 – Sonnet 104 [6.10] No.6 – Sonnet 123 [7.49] Resignazione [2.15] Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) - Ferrucio BUSONI (1866-1924) Goldberg Variations BWV988 – arranged Busoni (1914) [36.02] Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland - arranged Busoni (1898) [7.03] Claudius Tanski (piano) Recorded Fürstliche Reitbahn, Bad Arolsen, July 2004 MDG 312 1323-2 [74.54] [JW]

Perhaps all Busoni admirers should try to hear what he has done to the Goldbergs, if only to test their allegiance against Busoni’s cheek. ... see Full Review

Ferruccio BUSONI (1866-1924) Piano Transcriptions: Volume 2 Große Fuge, after J.S. Bach (1910-21) [20.10] Scherzo, after Otakar Novácek, String Quartet (1892) [3.10] Andantino, after Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 9 (1913) [8.52] Three arrangements from the Klavierübung (1918-22): Mozart: Don Giovanni’s Serenade [1.38]; Offenbach: Barcarolle, from the Tales of Hoffmann [1.31]; Liszt: Gondoliera [2.10] Fantasia and Fugue on Ad nos, ad salutarem undam, after Liszt (not dated) [26.04] Widmung, after J.S. Bach (1916) [0.45] Holger Gröschöpp (piano) rec. 29-30 March 2004, Stido 10, Deutschland Radio, Berlin CAPRICCIO 67 135 [65.09] [TB]

The short items are all enjoyable, proving perhaps that in the art of transcription brevity is generally an advantage. ... see Full Review

Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (c.1637 - 1707) Complete Chamber Music, Volume 1Sonate (7) Opus 1, BuxWV 252-258 (1694) [57.32] John Holloway, v.; Jaap ter Linden, vla. da gamba; Lars Ulrik Mortensen, harpsichord. Recorded in Kastelkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 July 1994 Notes in English and Deutsch. Previously released on daCapo in 1994. NAXOS 8.557248 [57.32]
Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (c.1637 - 1707) Harpsichord Works
Toccata in G, BuxWV 165 [4.58] "La Capricciosa" variations, BuxWV 250 [17.41] Chorale Partita "Auf meinen lieber Gott" BuxWV 179 [5.36] Preludium in G, BuxWV 162 [5.26] Air with two variations, BuxWV 249 [6.44] Suite in g, BuxWV 241 [5.17] Canzonetta in G, BuxWV 272 [2.06] Glen Wilson (harpsichord by Schevikhoven after Ruckers 1626) Recorded at Schüttbau, Rügheim, Germany, July 2003 Notes in English and Deutsch. NAXOS 8.557413 [55.19] [PSh]

Beautiful, exciting music, a revealing testament to a deeply underestimated composer. ... see Full Review



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