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Cadenzas for Mozart's E flat Piano Concerto K.482
(7 October 1967)
Commissioned by Jeanne Kirstain
Dedication: 'For Jeanne Kirstain, affectionately'

Concerto d'Amore
Op.113 (18 September - 13 December 1979)
for violin(s) and orchestra 2 solo violins (He & She) -2.picc.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn - - timp. 3 parc
- harp - strings
First performance: 12 February 1980
's Hertogenboach, Holland. Soloists, Limburg
Symphony Orchestra conducted by André Riau
Commissioned by the Hoffnung Festival
Dedication: 'for Annetta & Tom'
ms. - refer to Hoffnung Festivals (See Recordings)

Concerto for Brass - see Orchestra

Concerto da Camera
Op.25 (5 December 1959 - 1 October 1960)
solo violin and piano - strings ( minimum)
First performance: 20 December 1961, Maastricht, Holland.
Emanuel Koch and Monique Koch-Pichon, Limburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by André Rieu
Commissioned by Los Solistes de Liège

Cello Concerto Cantus natalis
Op. 34 (25 May 1961 - 22 March 1962) - - 3 parc - cel - strings
First performance: 16 January 1971, BBC, Thomas Igloi
BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra conducted by Bryden Thomson
Dedication: 'For Philippa & Valerie'
ci. 15'

Clarinet Concerto
Op.95 (13 May -19 July 1975)
2(I = a.fl, II = picc).0.0.2(11 = optional dbnl)- - 1 or more perc - cal - harp - strings
( minimum)
First performance: 12 June 1976, Usher Hall,  Edinburgh.
Keith Pearson, Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Alexander Gibson
Commissioned by Keith Pearson with Scottish Arts Council funds
Dedication: Keith Pearson

Concerto a Dodici - see Orchestra
Concerto for Light Orchestra - see Orchestra

Op.138 (20 September - 26 November 1985)
solo piano and orchestra 3(III = picc)3(III = corA)3(111 = bcl)3(lIII= dbn()- - timp.3 perc - harp - strings
First performances: 25/26 May 1986, Freiburg. Soloist Bernd Glemaer (pfte()conducted by David Shallon.
Commissioned by the Hoffnung Festival
Dedication: 'for Annetta and Tom, with love'
ma. refer to Hoffnung Festivals
(See Recording)

Double Bass Concerto
Op.118 (7 April - 4 November 1980)
2(1 = a.fl,II = picc).2(II = corA).2(II = bcl).2(II = dbn) - - timp. 2 perc - cel - harp -strings
First performance: 1 August 1981, Chester Cathedral (Chester Summer Festival).
Gary Karr, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Atherton
Commissioned for Gary Karr by Chester Summer Festival with Arts Council of Great Britain funds
Dedication: Gary Karr
Recital Music

Encore (on a theme of Scott Joplin) - see  Saratoga Concerto

Meditatio de Beommundo
Op.30 (November 1960 - 9 February 1961)
solo viola - - - strings (
First performance: 7 May 1961, Birmingham Art Gallery.
Kenneth Page, Orchestra da Camera conducted by Brian Priestman
Commissioned by Brian Priastman and Orchestra da Camera
Dedication: Brian Priastman and Orchestra da Camera

Northumbrian Dances

Op.139 (24 May 1986 - 19 September 1989)
5 Dances based on Northumbrian Tunes.
Two Orchestral versions (one with and one
without solo saxophone) 2(picc)222, 4220, t, iP,
(Solo Sax), Strings.
Commissioned by Hexham Abbey Festival with Northern Arts Funds
Dedication: John Harle
(see also under Orchestral and under Instrumental)

Oboe Concerto
Op. 58 (6 April - 11 June 1967; revised 1968) - - 1 or more perc - strings (
First performance: 25 September 1967, The
Pavilion, Hamel Hempstead, England.
Léon Goossans, Ben Un Chamber Orchestra conducted
by Sydney Fixman
Commissioned by Hemel Hempstead Music Club
Dedication: 'For Leon Goosaens on his 70th Birthday'

Percussion Concerto
Op. 130 (11 September - 5 December 1982)
for solo percussion and brass ensemble
First performance: 15 January 1983, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.
Gary Kettel, Locke Brass Consort conducted by James Stobart
Commissioned by James Stobart and the Locke Brass Consort with Arts Council of Great Britain funds
Dedication: James Stobart and Gary Kattel
c 16'

Piano Concerto No.1

Op.48 (2 January - 20 October 1965) - - 2 perc - harp - strings
First performance: 5 March 1967, Odeon, Swiss Cottage, London (Camden Festival).
Yonty Solomon, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Groves
Commissioned by Henrietta and Samuel Wiabay
Dedication: 'For my parents-in-law Henrietta & Samuel Wisbey'

Piano Concerto No.2
Op.77 (24 March - 3July 1977)
1(= picc).O.2(II = bcl)2 - - 1 perc -strings ( minimum)
First performance: 19 May 1972, Town Hall, Dudley, England.
Jana Frenklova, Orchestra da Camera conducted by Kenneth Page
Commissioned by West Midland Arts Association for the Dudley National Piano Competition 1971
Dedication: 'For my friend & teacher Alfred Nieman'

Piano Concerto No.3
Op.172 (30 August1993 - 4August 1994)
3(II = alto/III = picc).2.Ob d'Am.3(III = Baaso).3(III =CFgt}. - 433T - Hp - Cal - 3Perc - Strings
Dedication: 'In loving memory of my late Parents-in-law Samuel & Henrietta Wisbay (who commissioned my first piano concerto) this work is dedicated with affection.'

Concerto for 4 Pianos (& 6 Percussion, without orchestra)
Op.106 (11 November - 10 December 1978)
First performance: 15 March 1979, Free Trade Hall, Manchester.
Peter Donohoe, Peter Lawson, Malcolm Wilson, Martin Roscoe,
Northern Percussion Consort conducted by Nicholas Smith
Commissioned by Nicholas Smith with Arts Council of Great Britain funds
Dedication: 'For Sophie. Sally & Nicholas Smith'

Saratoga Concerto
Op. 82a (5 August - 8 November 1972)
triple concerto for guitar, harp and harpsichord soli and chamber orchestra
1( = picc).1.1.1 - -strings ( minimum)
First performance: 16 April 1978, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.
Cheryl Grice, John Marson, Alan Cuckaton, Northern Chamber Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Smith Commissioned by Robert Conant
Dedication: Robert Conant

Encore (on a theme of Scott Joplin) ('Maple Leaf Rag')
Op. 82b (6-9 July1972; orchestrated 29 January 1978)
guitar. harp, and harpsichord soli with or without orchestra
First performance: as Saratoga Concerto

Sinfonia Quixotica (Symphony No.12)
Op.175 (2nd January - 15th November1995)
Violin & Contrabass soli and large orchestra
3/3)2/Ob d'A.2 BCI.2CFgt - 4.3.3.T. -Timp.2perc. - Hp - Cel - Stgs.
In 4 continuous movements:
I The gaining of knighthood - Sanch Panza -Windmills
II Dulcinea - the army of sheep
Ill The Cave of Montesinos
IV Epilogue & Death of Don Quixote

Dedication: For Michael Davis & Gary Karr & to celebrate Cervantes's 450th anniversary & my 70th birthday. 1997
Recital Music

Concerto for Viola and Small Orchestra
Op. 131 (7 March - 2 June 1983) - - Strings (
First performance: 21 February 1987, Town Hall,  Adelaide.
Juris Ezergailis (viola), Adelaide Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham
Commissioned by the Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition with Arts Council of Great
Britain funds
Dedication: In memory of Lionel Tertis

Double Violin Concerto
Op. 69 (6 April - 23 June 1969)
2 solo violins - - - strings (
First performance: 19 September 1969, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.
Christopher Hirons and Peter Pople, Northern Sinfonia conducted by Rudolph Schwarz
Commissioned by North East Development Council
Dedication: 'To the memory of my brother Sydney'

Violin Concerto
Op.169 (30 March 1992 - 22 November 1992)
Solo Violin - 3(Alto/picc).3(CA).3(Bass).3(Cfgt) - - hp - cal - 2perc - strings

Nightmusic - see Vocal

Symphonic Poem Eve (d'apre's Rodin) - see Orchestra

Symphony No.9 - see Orchestra

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