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Chairman: Matthew Eve


Aelian Dances
Op35 (October - 19 November 1961)
5 dances based on Newcastle tunes - - perc - harp - strings
First performance: 1 December 1962, BBC, BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Vilem Tausky
Mozart Edition

Battle of Britain Suite
Op 157 (12 Dec.'89 to 1st Jan.'90)
Composed in short score.
Air Force Band
Commissioned by Royal Air Force Central Band and Fl.Lieut Stuart Stirling and dedicated to them. Orchestration laid out by Stuart Stirling.
I.Prelude - Into Battle II.Ouiet Interlude III.Battle of Britain March "Ultimate Victory"

Canzonas on a Theme of Rameau
Op.49 (18 September - 8 December 1965)
Strings ( minimum)
First performance: 13 February 1966,
Commonwealth Institute, London,
Ben Uri Chamber Orchestra conducted by Sydney Fixman
Commissioned by the Ben Un Art Society for its 50th anniversary
Dedication : Sydney Fixman

Op.173 (27 August 1994 - 20 September 1994)
2/picc.2.2/Bass.2 - 2200 - 1/2 perc - 86442 players
First performance: 7 February 1994, Customs House Arts Centre. South Shields, Co.Durham
by Northern Sinfonia conducted by Emmanuel Plasson.
Commissioned by Northern Sinfonia with funds supplied by Northern Arts

A Celebratory Overture "Caen Wood"
Op. 136 (6 February - 15 April 1985) - - timp.3 perc - harp - strings
First performance: 8th June 1985 at Kenwood Lakeside Concerts, London.
National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Brian Wright
Commissioned to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Lakeside Concerts by Ray Few and the Greater London Council and dedicated to all who love Hampstead Heath and Kenwood

Comedy-Overture The Ants
Op.7 (11 - 14 September 1955) - parc - strings
First performance: 6 February 1961, BBC,
BBC Northern Orchestra conducted by George Hurst
1st Prize, Jeunesses Musicales, 1962

Concerto for Brass
Op.88 (24 November 1973 - 24 April 1974)
Normal brass band
First performance: 9 August 1974, Victoria Hall, Hanley, England, National Youth Brass Band conducted by Bernard Keefe
Commissioned by the National Youth Brass Band with Arts Council Of Great Britain funds
Dedication : Geoffrey Brand
(See Recordings)

Concerto a Dodici
Op.27 (11 September - 26 October 1959)
1.picc, 1.bcl, 1.corA, 1.dbn -
First performance: 18 March 1967, BBC,
Portia Wind Ensemble conducted by Edward Downes
Dedication: Variation 14 'in memoriam Gerard  Hoffnung '

Concerto for Light Orchestra
Op.57 (completed 20 July 1966)  - - 2 parc - harp - strings
First performance: 1 October 1967, Munich Light Music Festival conducted by Marcus Dods
Commissioned by Mozart Edition
Dedication: 'for Mr C.'
Mozart Edition

Consort Music
Op.117 (1 May - 11June 1980)
5 trumpets, 4 horns, 2 tenor trombones, bass trombone, tuba, 2 percussion, timpani
First performance: 21 December 1980, Oueen Elizabeth Hall, London. Locke Brass Consort conducted by James Stobart
Commissioned by the Locke Brass Consort and James Stobart with Arts Council of Great Britain funds
Dedication: James Stobart and the Locke Brass Consort

Elegy for Strings
Op. 13 (May 1957) minimum, maximum
First performance: 25 May 1957, Royal Festival Hall, London. Goldsbrough Orchestra conducted
by Alexander Gibson
Dedication: Alfred Nieman

Op 164 (December 1991 - 2 January 1992)
Hoffnung piece for orchestra (with interruptions)
Text: 0 Sole Mio
Dedication: For Tom & Annetta, Happy New Year 1992
First performance: Prague Festival

Fanfare (on the notes 'C.D')
Op.142 (27-28 July 1986)
4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, dbn
Commissioned: by Geoffrey Simon
First performance: All Saints Church, Tooting, for compact disc recording by LSO players conducted by Geoffrey Simon

Fanfare Prelude
Op. 140(30 May - 5 June 1986)
2.picc.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.2 perc - strings
First performance: 30 October 1986, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.
Kensington Symphony Orchestra conducted by Russell Keable
Commissioned by Kensington Symphony Orchestra
Dedication: For Leslie Head and the Kensington Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of their 30th anniversary

Festival Overture (on Brabant Themes)
Op.145 (16 May - 30 July 1987)
for Band and Orchestra
Band: 1-15 Kazoos/S Cornets/ 1 Alto Sax/ 3 Tbns/ 3 Tubas 1 Bombardon/2 SD/BD/Cym.
Orchestra: - - 3 perc - harp -strings
First performance: 28 November 1987 , Casino, 's-Hertogenbosch (Holland). De Kikvorschen (band) and Brabant Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jan Stulen.
Commissioned by De Kikvorschen ("Frogs") Band to celebrate their 60th Anniversary, 1987
Dedication: Jo de Stip
Written for: Tom and Tonni lOdems) ms.

Feu de Joie
Op. 134 (25 May - 6 June 1984)
2(11 = picc).2.0.2 - - 1 perc - harp - minimum (more violas an advantage)
First performance: 18 June 1984, Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Holborn Viaduct) London.
London Concert Orchestra conducted by Sir David Wilcocks
Requested: by Deirdre Dods
Dedication: In celebration of the life and work of  Marcus Dods

The Great War: Theme & March Glorious
from music for BBC television series - - 2 perc - harp - strings
(orchestration variable - refer to publisher)
First performance: 1964, BBCTV BBC Northern Orchestra conducted by George Hurst
Commissioned by BBC
Mozart Edition

In the North - Hommage a' Sibelius
Op. 158 (10 - 30 Jan.1990)
Commissioned by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Sergiu Commissiona to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Sibelius's birth.

The Last Last Post
Op. 79 (27 May1971)
3(II = a:fl, III = piccl. 2.corA. 2.Eflat cl. bcl. 3.dbn  -
- timp. 3 perc - harp - strings (

Meditatio de Beornmundo - see Concertos

Monkchester Dances
Op.37 (October - December 1961)
6 dances based on Newcastle Tunes - - parc - harp - strings
(orchestration variable - refer to publisher)
First performance: BBC, conducted by Brian Priestman
Mozart Edition
cl 6'

Nightmusic see Vocal

Northumbrian Dances
Op. 139 (24 May 1986 - 19 September 1989)
5 Dances based on Northumbrian Tunes.
Two Orchestral versions (one with and one without solo saxophone)
2(picc)222, 4220, T, 1P, (Solo Sax), Strings.
Commissioned by Hexham Abbey Festival with Northern Arts Funds
Dedication : John Harle
(See also under Concerto and under Instrumental)

A Tyneside Overture - see Tyneside Overture

Overture The Ants - see Comedy-Overture The Ants

Overture The Bröntes
Op. 121 (19 May - 30 August 1981)
2(11 = picc). 2(1 = optional ob.d'amore or corA).
2.2 - - 2(1) perc - strings (
                                                                                          ??????Orchestra and Large Ensemble

First performance: 1 May 1982, Halifax Civic Theatre, Halifax, England.
Halifax Orchestra conducted by Anthony Ridley
Commissioned by the Halifax Orchestral Society with own and Yorkshire Arts Association funds Dedication: the Halifax Orchestral Society ('Composed in Celebration of the Centenary of the Halifax Orchestra 1882 - 1982')

Overture The Heaving Bagpipe
Op. 133 (Der seekranke Dudelsack) (27 April - 13 May 1984)
2.picc.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.3perc - harp - cel - strings + narrator
Commissioned by the Hoffnung Festival
Dedication: For Tom & Annetta
ma - refer to Hoffnung Festivals
(See Recording)

Overture The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Op.86 (22 December 1973 - 21 March 1974)
4.3.corA.3.bcl.3.dbn - - timp. 4 perc - cel - harp - strings (
First performance: 18 August 1974, Gloucester Cathedral,
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra conducted by Louis Fremaux
Commissioned by the Three Choirs Festival with Arts Council of Great Britain funds

Overture High Spirits
Op. 129 (15 May 1981 - 12 August 1982)
2(11 = picc).2.2.2 - 4.2.1 or 2(optional). 0 - timp. 2 perc - piano - strings
First performance: 2 April 1983, Sevenoaks School,
Lydian Orchestra, conducted by Jonathan Butcher
Commissioned by the Lydian Orchestra with South East Arts Association funds
Dedication: the Lydian Orchestra

Op. 56 (7 - 28 February 1967)
strings ( minimum)
First performance: 14 August 1967 Harrogate,
England. London Soloists Ensemble conducted by
Nicholas Roth
Commissioned by the Harrogate Festival
(see also Symphony No.4, Op.72)

Op.57 (completed 7April 1967)
Symphonic picture for orchestra - S(4).4(3).3.1 - timp. 2 perc - strings
First performance: 15 June 1967. City Hall,
Newcastle upon Tyne. Halle Orchestra conducted by Maurice Handlord
Commissioned by the Halle Orchestra

Serenade for small orchestra
Op.67 (13 November - 2 December 1968) - - perc - harp - strings
(orchestration variable - refer to publisher)
First performance: BBC
Commissioned by Joe Cohen, Mozart Edition
Mozart Edition

Spirit of the Waltz
2.2(11.2.2(1) - 412).2.3.(2).O - timp. perc - harp - strings
First performance: BBC
Mozart Edition

Symphonic Poem Éve (d'après Rodin)
Op. 100 (15 June 7977 - 28 October 1978)
solo oboe d'amore -;ll = optional dbn) - - timp (=perc; optional perc. IlI)- cel -harp strings or 2)
Dedication: Deirdre and Marcus Dods

Symphony No.1
Op.9 (8 April - 1August 1955; revised 1955, 1957-58, 1974-75)
in one movement
2.2.corA.2.2 - - timp. 2 perc - strings (12.12.1O.8.6)
First performance: 17 December 1955, Royal Festival Hall, London.
London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Eugene Goossens
Dedication: 'In memory of my father'

Symphony No.2

Op.42 (10 October 1963 - 10 August 1964)
3(II, III = picc).2corA.2(11 = E flat cl).bcl.2 - - 4 perc - cel harp strings (
First performance: 5 July 1965, Cheltenham Town Hall (21st Cheltenham Festival)
BBC Northern Orchestra and BBC Midland Light Orchestra conducted by George Hurst
Dedication: Bernard Jacobson

Symphony No.3 Philadelphia
Op. 59 (21 June - 25 August1967)
for small orchestra
2(II = picc).2(II = corA).2(ll = optional bcl).2 - - 1 perc - strings minimum)
First performance: 15 April 1969, Royal Festival Hall, London.
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Peter Eros

Dedication: Anshel Brusilow and the Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia

Symphony No.4
Op. 72 (17 January1967 - 24 April1970) - - 4 perc - cal - harp -baritone and alto soli (wordless) - strings
First performance: 26 May 1983, BBC, Maida Vale Studio 1, London.
BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Brian Wright. With Ameral Gunson (mezzo) Jonathan Roberts (baritone)
Dedication: 'à mon ami at mâitre Max Deutsch'
(incorporates Polemic, Op.56)

Symphony No.5 Pastoral
Op. 75 (11 August1970 - 27 February 1971)
3(III = picc).2(II corA).2(II11 bcl).2(II = dbn) - - timp. 3 parc - large cal - harp - strings
( minimum)
First performance: 25 November 1971, City Hall, Kingston upon Hull, England.
Hull Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tarence Lovett
Commissioned by the Hull Philharmonic Society with Arts Council Of Great Britain funds
Dedication: 'to Terence Loven & the Hull Philharmonic Society in celebration of the Society's 90th anniversary season 1971/72'
(See Recordings)

Symphony No.6 - see Vocal

Symphony No.7 Winter
Op.96 (2 January - 4 October 1976)
for small orchestra
1(= picc).2(II corA).0.2(II = dbn) - - 1 perc - strings ( minimum)
First performance: 14 December 1978, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, England.
Bournemouth Sinfonietta conducted by George Hurst
Dedication: 'for my daughter Claudia' Mornington '

Symphony No.8 The Four Elements
Op.98 (15 July1975 - 77 May1977)
for wind orchestra or symphonic band
2-8 flutes' 2 piccolos' 2-4 oboes' corAnglais'
1-2 E flat clarinets' 3-14 clarinets, 1-2 E flat alto clarinets, 2 B flat bass clarinets, contrabass (pedal) clarinet' 2-4 bassoons, double bassoon, 2 E flat alto saxophones' B flat tenor saxophone, E flat baritone saxophone, 4-8 horns, 2-4 cornets, 2 tenor trombones, bass tuba 2 B flat baritones (euphoniums), 2 F tubas, timpani, 4 percussion, piano, 1 (or morel)double bass
First performance: 13 August 1977, Harrogate Festival, England.
British Youth Wind Orchestra conducted by Harry Logge
Commissioned by Harry Legge
Dedication: Claude and Ann Whatham

Symphony No.9 Sinfonia Concertante
Op.112 (28 August 1979 - 3 June 1980)
for small orchestra
viola and cello soil - 1(= picc).2(11 = corA).(l= bcl).(l= dbn) - - 1 perc - harp - strings (
First performance: 11 February 1981 Parr Hall, Warrington, England.
Luciano Iorio, Lesley Shrigley-Jones, Northern Chamber Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Smith Commissioned by Nicholas Smith with Arts Council of Great Britain funds
Dedication: 'in memory of Victor Manton (viola) & Tom Igloi (cello)'

Symphony No.10 Circadian Rhythms
Op. 137(19 April - 20 June 1985)
3(II=a:f),III =picc).3(11=optional ob.d'amore,III=corA).3(III=bcl).3(III=dbn) - - timp. 3 perc - harp - pfte(=cel) -strings
First performance: 19 October 1985, St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich, England.
London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vernon Handley
Commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Triennial Festival 1985 with funds provided by Arts Council of Great Britain
Dedication: 'for Vernon Handley with affection & admiration'
Novello c.26'30"

Symphony No.11 Fireworks Symphony
Op.167 (11th Feb - 25th March 1992)
for wind orchestra or symphonic band
3F1(3=picc)' 2ob(2=CA) E fiat Cl, 3B flat Clar, E flat alto ciar, B flat Bass clar' B flat Pedal clar' 2Bsns, 2E fiat Alto Sax, B flat Ten Sax, E fiat Bar Sax; 4H; 3 B flat Tpts or cornets, 3Tbnes; 3Timp Perc 1,2,3; Euph or Baritone; B flat Tuba; stg basses.
First performance: 30th July 1992 in Dartington International Summer School of Music, on Longmarsh, Totnas, by River Dart, by the Dartington Wind Orchestra conducted by Cohn Touchin.
Second performance: 27th September 1992 by Midlands Wind Orchestra at the University of Warwick, again conducted by Cohn Touchin.
Dedicated to Marcus Davey and Cohn Touchin
Commissioned by Dartington Summer School of Music, 1992

Symphony No.12 - Sinfonia Quixotica
Op.175 - see Concertos

A Tyneside Overture
Op.26 (1960)
3(III = picc).2.2.2 - 2 perc - harp -strings
First performance: 1960, City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
BBC Northern Orchestra conducted by Stanford Robinson
Commissioned by BBC North Region

Variations on a Theme of Beethoven
Op. 68 (13 January - 28 March 1969)
3(III = picc).3(III = corA).3(III = bcl).3(III = dbnl)- - timp. 3 perc - harp - cel - strings (
First performance: 23 January 1970, Carnegie Hall, New York.
London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre Previn
Dedication: 'In honour of the 200th anniversary (1970) of Beethoven's birth (1770) this work is humbly offered'

Wordless Song
Op.160 (18 January 1990)
Written for the Hackney Schools Chamber Orchestra and their conductor Nicholas Ridout, dedicated to them
Strings only. ms.

A Yorkshire Overture
Op.159 (12 February 5 March 1990)
3(Picc)222 - 4331 - 2perc - Hp - Strings
First performance: 9 August 1990, Harrogate Festival by
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted Sir Charles Groves (under title "Harrogate Festival Overture")
Commissioned by and dedicated to 25th Harrogate Festival (1990)

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