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Worlds Beyond Faust

Col Legno Jazz



1. Worlds Beyond
2. Blues for Schubert
3. Chase
4. Afterthought
5. We Should Know Better
6-26. Faust (Soundtrack For Friedrich Murnauís 1926 silent movie Faust)

Words Within Music:
Daniel Schnyder - Sax, flute
David Taylor - Bass trombone
Kenny Drew Jr. - Piano

While jazz has sometimes been labelled as Americaís classical music, the ongoing conundrum as to what emerges when jazz and classical styles meet is evidenced by this recording.

Operating under the name Words Within Music, Schnyder, Taylor and Drew Jr. use an improvisational give-and-take to move the pieces forward, yet they are attached to the compositional structure of classical music.

With Schnyder writing and arranging all the material, the disc has two distinct components. In the section entitled Worlds Beyond, the musicians engage in a musical dialogue emphasizing tone and voicing, which takes advantage of the unusual blending of Schnyderís soprano saxophone and Turnerís bass trombone supported by Drew Jr.ís piano. The names of the pieces are not particularly meaningful given that they all form part of the prior-noted suite.

In 1926 Friedrich Murnau released the silent film Faust which was based on the Goethe play of the same name. In this part of the disc, Schnyder has written and adapted from classical sources (Handel, Weber, Liszt, Wagner) musical pieces that are meant to develop the plot, advance the story line and support the action, which are the traditional expectations of movie music. The pieces vary in style, length, structure and are elegantly played but, without actually seeing the movie, one can only presume that these objectives have been accomplished.

The musicianship on this disc is unquestioned given the international reputation of the individuals involved. The challenge is to find an audience that will appreciate the nuances and blending of two distinct musical styles.

Pierre Giroux

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