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Two Ones

Soliloquy SOCD 2091



The Quintet
1. Leaves of Autumn
2. Two as One
3. Alpine Sunset
4. Joyful Sorrow
5. Giorgio's Theme
6. Piazzolla
7. Silent Serenit

The Duo
8. Dad's Clarinet
9. Song for Jessy
10. Life's Dreams
11. Two Onederful
12. Jenna's Voice
13. Joyful Sorrow
14. Don't Say Words
15. Hope

Harry Skoler - Clarinet
Ed Saindon - Vibes, piano
Matt Marvuglio - Flute
Barry Smith - Bass
Bob Tamagni - Drums 
The duo tracks have just Skoler & Saindon. 


These musicians are all connected with Berklee College of Music; both Skoler and Saindon hold senior teaching posts there.

I have not heard any of these musicians before, but all are well-schooled professionals having had a great deal of working experience, before embarking on an academic career.

It seems to be the world over now, that the only place to provide secure employment for musicians of the highest calibre is academia. Their work there has produced a remarkable crop of new musicians, but unfortunately the opportunity to use those skills is limited and many end up in teaching posts lower down the scale, without much performance opportunity, which is a great pity.

As you would expect from a Berklee professor, Harry Skoler has a beautiful clarinet sound, technique to spare and a host of ideas, which make his playing a joy to listen to.

His partner in both composition and performance, Ed Saindon, is an equally skilled musician, who plays both piano and vibes with great excellence.

There is an obvious rapport between them. They obviously play together regularly and it is from this kind of association that they develop this ability to understand one another, in terms of what comes next on the improvised solos. The playing of flautist Matt Marvuglio, bass player Barry Smith and drummer Bob Tamagni also contributes to the enjoyment on part one of the record; the second part consists of just piano and clarinet. The blend of flute and clarinet on part one, is a sound not to be missed: it is just beautiful to hear.

For part two, the duo part to the album, the mood changes to something more wistful than the Quintet offering. It is however equally enjoyable and both players perform with great sensitivity and feel towards the music. Harry Skoler's clarinet sound is even more noticeable in this smaller group setting; he really is a master of the instrument in every sense of the word.

This is a record to put on your CD player and just let the music wash over you. It is interesting enough to command your constant attention, but relaxed enough to enable you to just sit in comfort, listen and enjoy!

Don Mather 

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