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Apart Records APCD 009 [53.00]



1.a way to begin [6:46]
2. algo-rhythm [3:16]
3. south of the north [5:59]
4. counter reset [4:08]
5. prelude v [4:51]
6. salt and sugar [5:26]
7. fantaskig [5:00]
8. f [2:54]
9. unsaid, and passed by [9:29]
10. no hope [4:07].

Total time: [53:00]

Ira Mogilevsky: Piano, Jonas Knutsson: Saxophones, Clas Lassbo: Bass, Tuomas Ojala: Drums & Percussion.

No recording details given


Describing their music as "Öan organic mixture of musical styles, influenced by contemporary jazz, modern classical chamber music, free improvisation and avant garde" Gushpanka (which Hebrew word "Gushpankah"means "the seal" or "imprint") is an international Israeli-Swedish-Finnish band and this is its debut disc. This is a good example of how experimentation can lead to something worthwhile (see my review of John Stevens and Evan Parkerís two disc set The Longest Day and Corner to Corner). Fifteen minutes into listening to this disc and the time had simply melted away rather than proving a difficult listening task. Have a listen to track 3: South of the North, to get an idea of where this band is coming from. There is some beautiful playing on this disc from all four musicians but Jonas Knutsson is especially lovely to listen weaving arching melodic lines from his saxes, underscored by Ira Mogilevskyís tuneful pianism. Both bass and drums form a solid base for the two leaders with some really intelligent and class playing from them both. Fantaskig (track 7) is a really beautiful tune and I shall be playing it often Iím sure of it with Jonas introducing the theme before passing it to Ira. These are highly talented musicians with a lot to offer and Iím sure they have a great future ahead of them Ė consider the fact that on their debut disc all the tunes are written by either Ira (1-6,9) or by Tuomas (7,8,10) and you get some idea of the talent on show. Jazz has a great future when it resides in hands like these. I recommend this disc wholeheartedly.

Steve Arloff






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