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I think itís going to rain today

Concord Jazz CCD-2275-2


  1. My Babe
  2. Thatís All Right
  3. Crazy
  4. Everybodyís Cryiní Mercy
  5. I Canít Stand Losing You
  6. Lullaby on the Hudson
  7. I Think Itís Going to Rain Today
  8. Columbus Avenue
  9. Side By Side
  10. In Between Love
  11. It amazes Me
  12. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Curtis Stigers, Vocal, tenor Sax
Larry Goldings, Piano, Electric Piano. Hammond B3, Accordion, Celeste
Matt Wilson, Drums
Ben Allison, Bass (2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10)
Phil Palombi, Bass (1,6,11,12)
Pete McCann, Guitar
John Sneider, Trumpet
Matthew Fries, Piano (12)
Keith Hall, Drums (12)

Curtis Stigers has a great voice for jazz, a style of his own and he is a more than useful Tenor player, why should one guy have so much talent?

The choice of songs is good to, Curtis takes his material from whoever and wherever it appears, but he usually ensures that there are some familiar items, so the listener is not left with totally unfamiliar songs.

The supporting musicians are also excellent, Larry Goldings is a fine keyboard man, I also enjoyed Pete McCannís guitar a lot, but each of them was obviously chosen with great care.

Curtis also has a great stage presence and I would recommend readers not only to buy the CD, but to attend any opportunity that comes their way to hear one of his live performances.

The diction is first class, there is no need for this silly business of putting the words to the songs in Curtisís albums, you can hear each word clearly! He plays some nice tenor on trackís 1 and 6, just for good measure. It really is good to hear a singer who is his own man and not one who just copies others. There are influences there of course, but they have been absorbed into a very satisfactory and unique style.

The album was produced by Curtis and Larry Goldings, save for the last track which is produced by Curtis himself. It is refreshing to think that major labels like Concord trust their artists to this extent!

Don Mather

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