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One More Dream

Flare ROYCD 238



1. Donít Ever Change
2. Easy Street
3. Go Fly a Kite
4. You Are the One
5. I Canít Resist You
6. Walk a Little, Talk a Little
7. Iíd Know You Anywhere
8. I Love You More, More Every Day
9. Waitíll I Get My Sunshine in the Moonlight
10. Night and Day
11. My Melancholy Baby
12. Kiss the Boys Goodbye
13. One More Dream
14. I Walk with Music
15. Love Me a Little
16. Iíll Never Smile Again
17. June is Bustiní out All Over
18. Skylark
19. Too Beautiful to Last
20. Watching the Clock
21. Wish You Were Waiting for Me
22. I Canít Get Started
23. Melancholy Mood
24. Mother Do Not Scold Me
25. Ya Lu-Blu
26. Youíre the Moment of a Lifetime

Ginny Simms will be an unfamiliar name to many people but she was a popular singer from the 1930s into the fifties, and appeared in such Hollywood movies as Broadway Rhythm (1943) and Night and Day (1946). According to the sleeve-note, she was born near San Antonio, Texas in 1911 (other sources say 1915) and became a band vocalist in 1932, moving on to Kay Kyserís orchestra from 1934 to 1941, after which she went solo. Kay Kyserís band was very popular in the 1930s, making several films as well as the weekly radio programme "Kollege of Musical Knowledge".

Ginny had a sweet, clear voice and, although she was hardly a jazz singer, she performed with appealing sincerity. She delivers standards like My Melancholy Baby and Iíll Never Smile Again with a warm tone and audible lyrics. The transfers provide reasonable recorded sound. The recordings on the album were made between 1939 to 1947 and include a fair share of dated numbers like Mother Do Not Scold Me and Waitíll I Get My Sunshine in the Moonlight. But there are also opportunities to discover neglected songs like Iíd Know You Anywhere and I Walk with Music (both with lyrics by Johnny Mercer). It is good to be alerted to Ginnyís talents through the 26 generous tracks on this CD.

Tony Augarde


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