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Moon Cycle Records
Moon Cycle Records SJ1949



  1. Right now!
  2. Sweetener
  3. Shadows
  4. Hollywood
  5. Night Fest
  6. Tell Me again
  7. Liana
  8. Kiss & tell
  9. Sunny Disposition
  10. Smooth Talk

Royce Campbell - Guitar
Butch Taylor - Keyboard
J T Brown - Electric Bass
Jody Boyd - Drums & Percussion
Skip Gailes - Flute & Tenor (2,5,6&9)
Bobby Read- Alto (4,5,8&10)
Ron Diehl - Soprano (3,5,6&7)
John Dearth - Trumpet (4&5)
Keith Willingham - Trumpet (2)
Louis Sherr - Acoustic Piano (3)

Royce Campbell’s CV demonstrates his versatility, he works right across the fields of jazz and popular music. He also wrote all the tunes played on this his latest album in the so called ‘smooth’ jazz field. He also owns Moon Cycle Records who released this album. Unfortunately you will not find much information on the sleeve note, which is very sparse, it doesn’t even tell you the name of the record company! I had to look it up on the net.

This is the kind of music most of the so called jazz radio stations play, it would go down well with JazzFM in London. It is easy to see why, it is tuneful, pleasant and easy to listen to. The standard of musicianship is exemplary, but you would expect that from the calibre of musician that Royce uses on his sessions, they all work with top bands.

For me it is all a bit sanitized, I like my jazz with a bit harder edge. If you like smooth jazz however, this is music of a very high standard played by a very good band.

Don Mather

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