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Julia Hulsmann Trio

with Roger Cicero

ACT 9709-2



  1. I Cannot See
  2. Will There Really Be a Morning
  3. Good Morning Midnight
  4. My River
  5. When Plato was a Certainty
  6. Light
  7. One Sister
  8. Riverman Under the Light
  9. I Donít Know His Name

Roger Cicero - Vocals

Julia Hulsmann - Piano, Rhodes, Nord Modular G2

Marc Muellbauer - Bass

Heinrich Kobberling - Drums

Tilman Ehrhorn - Electronics

Martin Auer, Rainer Brennecke - Flugel

Jonas Schoen - Alto

Sarah Willis - French Horn

Christian Gerber - Bandoneon.

This recording sets to music the poetry of Emily Dickinson, who spent her whole life in a rural community in Amherst, Massachusetts. She died in 1886 at the age of 56, long before jazz was ever invented. Julia Hulsmann, the pianist and composer responsible for this work, has recently been described by the WELT AM SONNTAG as "currently the most prominent pianist in the jazz scene".

Partner on the record is Roger Cicero, son of the late Eugen Cicero, pianist.

He has a fine voice and interprets the songs well and Julia is a very talented pianist and the leader of a very competent trio. I have to confess to enjoying this offering more than I expected, but I really donít now why anyone would want to match a 19th century poetís work with that of a 21st Century jazz pianist.

The sleeve note and the publicity say how well it works, but I donít think so! It seems to me that Roger is a fine singer, Julia an exceptional pianist and no doubt Emily was a good poet, but the mixture is not for me.

Don Mather


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