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Rhythm is our Business

Big Bear Music CD45




  1. Rhythm is our Business
  2. The Show Show
  3. Rock this Joint
  4. Spread a little love and get high
  5. Ruby in the Red Dress
  6. One woman man
  7. Bump and Grind
  8. Hey Brother, can you spare some jive?
  9. Cold Cold Ground
  10. Mr Big is back in town

Dr Teeth - Vocals
Simon ‘The Duke of’ Kemp - Piano, Organ, Harmonica
Clancy D’Ockra - Guitar
Moreton Pinknee - Drums
Chris ‘The Jive Lobster’ Mapp - Bass
Jay ‘Choo Choo Ch’Moody - Tenor
Mike (Double Meat) Adlington - Trumpet
Simon (Let the Good Times Roll) Railcard - Trombone

The band play all original compositions on this CD and demonstrate a whole range of skills not normally associated with the Jump & Jive genre. These are good musicians who would be at home in any kind of music. They may have ended up going into this side of the market due to the success of other UK outfits such as King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys, but there will always be a market for this kind of music, it is irreverent and great for dancing.

Dr Teeth and his gang have absorbed many influences into their performance, as well as R&B, there is a strong jazz feel, some classic big band phrases and elements of all sorts of popular music.

I did not expect to like this album, but I did! It benefits from a well written sleeve note from Digby Fairweather and some careful attention to production as well as balance and sound. The compositions are interesting and give the band the opportunity to have a unique sound.

Don Mather


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