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Orchestra Della Toscana

Label Blue LBLC 6666



1.Mouvement Il Vecchio Combattente
2.Mouvement Eden, Andata e Ritorno
3.Mouvement Scherzo
4.Mouvememt Distanti
5. Elena e Il Suo Violino
6 Prima o Poi Io Te Faremo L’Amore
7. Se Pensi Di Non Dormire
8 My Funny Valentine

Stefano Bollani - Piano
Ares Tavolazzi - Bass
Paolo Silvestri - Conductor & arranger
Stefano Scalzi - Trombone
Micro Guerrini - Tenor Sax
Nico Gori - Alto & Soprano Saxes & Clarinet.

The first few bars of the first movement almost scared me away from this disc, it sounded more like a zoo than an orchestra! If I had given up on this CD at that point however, I would have missed a real treat. Stefano Bolloni is a superb pianist, whether playing a scored passage or improvising on a sequence, his sheer class shines brightly through everything he does. The orchestra too is a group of brilliant musicians playing the compositions of Bollini & Silvestri with flair and imagination. Only the last number by Richard Rogers was familiar, but the music throughout gave me a great deal of pleasure to listen to.

The other soloists keep up the high standards, Guerrini (tenor) on track 7, Scalzi (trombone) on track 5, Gori (Alto, Sop, Clarinet) on track 6, but the absolute stars of the whole thing, along with Bollani, are without doubt bassist Tavolazzi and drummer Paoli. They combine together to make a superb rhythm section.

Once again the music is a fusion of two genres, in this case jazz and light orchestral, which sounds like a recipe for disaster! The fact that it is very successful is probably due to the standard of musical education that the young jazz musician of today receives. Wynton Marsalis, is just one example of the adaptability and complete education of the new wave of young jazz musicians a trend which is set to continue.

Al this makes me wonder where the future of jazz lies, but at 70 years of age I have already seen more change than I am likely to see in the future!

I recommend this record to anyone with an open mind about music.

Don Mather

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