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All of the links on this page are listed in one of the following three categories:

If you know of a CEI site or page with interesting content that doesn't appear below, let me know. I'll add it to the list.

Articles About Ives

The following are links to articles and essays about Ives on other Web sites. They are listed chronologically, according to publication date:

"Charles Ives" by Bernard Herrmann (1932)

"The Influence of George Ives on His Son Charles" by J. Ryan Garber (1996)

"The Nine Symphonies of Charles Ives" by Chuck Holton (2002)

"Pandemonium: Charles Ives" by The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross (June 2004)

"Charles Ives: An American Original", an article from the Artsong Update web site (publication date unknown)

"A Glory Trance" by Mike "Sport" Murphy (publication date unknown)
This essay is a wonderful tribute to Ives' music and the joy of discovering it. Check it out!

Other Charles Ives Web Sites and Web Pages

The following are links to other Charles Ives sites and pages:

The Charles Ives Society

Peter Gutmann's CEI page


"My Little Charles Ives Page"

Biographies and Other Resources

The following are links to biographies and other Web resources:

CEI biographical essay on peermusic.com/classical

Schimer's brief CEI biographical essay

The Charles Ives entry in Wikipedia

The CEI Lied and Song Texts Page on recmusic.org

The Danbury Museum & Historical Society web site, with information about CEI and his birthplace

The complete "Essays Before a Sonata" provided by Project Gutenburg

Yale University Library offers several CEI-related resources on the web, including:

  • A Descriptive Catalogue of The Music of Charles Ives by James Sinclair
  • Register to The Charles Ives Papers by Vivian Perlis
  • The John Kirkpatrick Papers by James Sinclair

(To access these resources, go to http://webtext.library.yale.edu/ and enter "Ives" in the search field.)

The "American Mavericks" web site includes:

  • All 13 of the programs in the series (produced my Minnesota Public Radio)
  • Recordings of the Fourth Symphony and a movement from "Quartertone Piano Pieces"
  • Interviews with Lou Harrison, Nicolas Slonimsky, Henry Brant, Henry Cowell, and others with a connection to Ives
  • An "interactive feature" that allows you to explore the spatial aspects of Ives' music ("The Unmixed Question")

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