Film credits


(a 'V' indicates that a video copy has been taped from TV by Dimitri Kennaway;
'CV' indicates I own a commercial video copy; both indicate the two together)

Feature films by year (principal cast given where of note):

1934 "Radio Parade of 1935" (GB): Will Hay 'V'

1935 "Music Hath Charms" (as arranger)(GB): Henry Hall and his Band 'V'

1936 "Public Nuisance Number One" (GB)

"Love in Exile" (GB)

1937 "The Singing Cop" (GB)

"No Monkey Business" (GB)

1943 "He Found a Star" (GB): Vic Oliver;Sarah Churchill

"They Met in the Dark" (GB): James Mason 'V/CV'

1944 "Fiddlers Three" (as arranger) (GB) 'V'

"I'll Be Your Sweetheart" (as arranger) (GB) 'V'

"Flight from Folly" (GB)

1945 "The Seventh Veil" (GB): James Mason; Ann Todd; Herbert Lom 'V/CV'

1946 "Daybreak" (GB): Eric Portman 'V/CV'

"The Years Between" (GB): Michael Redgrave; Valerie Hobson

"A Girl in a Million" (GB): Joan Greenwood 'V'

1947 "Dancing with Crime" (GB): Richard Attenbourough

"Dear Murderer" (GB): Eric Portman 'V/CV'

"Night Beat" (GB) 'V'

1948 "Portrait from Life" (aka "The Girl in the Painting") (GB): Herbert Lom;

"London Belongs to Me" (aka "Dulcimer Street) (GB): Richard Attenborough;

'V' Alistair Sim

"Mine Own Executioner" (GB): Burgess Meredith 'V'

"Bond Street" (GB) 'V'

"Sleeping Car to Trieste" (GB): Jean Kent; Albert Lieven 'V/CV'

1949 "The Chiltern Hundreds" (aka "The Amazing Mr Beecham") (GB):

'V' Cecil Parker; David Tomlinson

"Give Us This Day" (aka "Salt to the Devil") (GB): Sam Wanamaker

"Trottie True" (aka "The Gay Lady" (GB): Jean Kent; James Donald 'V/CV'

1950 "The Clouded Yellow" (GB): Jean Simmons; Trevor Howard 'V'

"Double Confession" (GB): Peter Lorre

"So Long at the Fair" (GB): Dirk Bogarde; Jean Simmons 'V'

"Night and the City" (GB): Richard Widmark; Gene Tierney

(US print scored by Franz Waxman)

1951 "Hotel Sahara" (GB): Peter Ustinov; Yvonne de Carlo 'V'

"The Long Dark Hall" (GB) Rex Harrison; Lili Palmer 'V'

"Appointment with Venus" (aka "Island Rescue") (GB): David Niven;

'V' Glynis Johns; Kenneth More

"Mr Denning Drives North" (GB): John Mills; Phyllis Calvert 'V'

"The Man in the White Suit" (GB): Alec Guiness; Joan Greenwood 'V/CV'

1952 "The Importance of Being Earnest" (GB): Michael Redgrave; John Dennison;

Joan Greenwood; Edith Evans; Dorothy Tutin etc 'V/CV'

"The Man who Watched Trains Go By" (aka "Paris Express") (GB):

Claude Rains, Marius Goring; Herbert Lom 'V'

1953 "The Love Lottery" (GB): David Niven; Herbert Lom; cameo by Humphrey

'V' Bogart

"The Final Test" (GB): Jack Warner; Robert Morley 'V/CV'

"The Net" (aka "Project M7"): James Donald; Phyllis Calvert; Herbert Lom


1954 "Aunt Clara" (GB): Margaret Rutherford

"Malaga" (aka "Fire Over Africa") (GB/US): Maureen O'Hara

"Mad About Men" (GB): Glynis Johns 'V'

"Up to His Neck" (GB): Brian Forbes

"The End of the Affair" (GB/US): Van Johnson; Deborah Kerr 'CV'

"Always a Bride" (GB)

"The Man who Loved Redheads" (GB): John Justin; Moira Shearer 'V'

"The Young Lovers" (GB) 'V/CV'

1955 "A Kid for Two Farthings" (GB): Celia Johnson; David Kossoff 'V'

"Lost" (aka "Tears for Simon") (GB): David Farrar 'V'

"Simon and Laura" (GB): Peter Finch; Kay Kendall 'V'

"Footsteps in the Fog" (GB): Stewart Granger; Jean Simmons 'V'

"The Prisoner" (GB): Alec Guiness; Jack Hawkins 'V/CV'

"On Such a Night" (GB) (music consultant): David Knight

"Storm Over the Nile" (GB): Anthony Steel; Laurence Harvey 'V'

1956 "The Iron Petticoat" (GB): Bob Hope; Katherine Hepburn 'V/CV'

"Brothers-in-Law" (GB): Ian Carmichael; Richard Attenborough 'V'

1957 "Happy is the Bride" (GB) Ian Carmichael; Terry Thomas 'V'

1958 "Orders to Kill" (GB): Paul Massie; Eddie Albert 'V'

"I Only Arsked" (GB): Bernard Bresslaw

1959 "Summer of the 17th Doll" (aka "Season of Passion")(GB/AUS): John Mills;

Ann Baxter; Ernest Borgnine

"Libel" (British MGM): Dirk Bogarde; Olivia de Havilland 'V'

1960 "Surprise Package" (GB): Yul Brinner; Noel Coward

"Curse of the Werewolf" (GB): Clifford Evans; Oliver Reed 'V/CV'

1962 "Guns of Darkness" (GB): David Niven; Leslie Caron 'V'

1963 "The Old Dark House" (GB): Robert Morley 'V'

1964 "Night of the Iguana" (US): Richard Burton; Ava Gardner; Deborah Kerr


1965 "Battle of the Bulge" (US): Henry Fonda; Robert Shaw; Robert Ryan;

Dana Andrews; Charles Bronson; Telly Savalas

'V/CV' James McArthur; Hans Christian Blech;

Werner Peters; Pier Angeli;

(nominated for a Golden Globe Award 1966 - Best Score category)


  Second Features (documentaries) (all GB):

1944 "The 'Gen' " (RAF Film Unit)

"The Great Circle" (Shell Film Unit)

"Bon Voyage" (M.O.I. propoganda film;dir.Alfred Hitchcock) 'V/CV'

1945 "The Fire of London" (M.O.I.)

"Twilight of the Gods" (M.O.I.)

"The New Teacher" (Crown Film Unit)

"Macbeth" (British Council)

"Julius Caesar" (British Council)

"The Broad Fourteens" (Crown Film Unit)

1946 "Machines and Men" (British Movietone News)

"English Criminal Justice" (Greenpark)

1947 "Globe Trotters" (Verity Films)

1948 "Irish Symphony" (Verity Films)

"Call Up" (Verity Films)

1950 "Moving House" (British Transport Films)

Industrial cartoon features:

1953 "The Moving Spirit" (Halas and Bachelor)

1954 "The Power to Fly" (Halas and Bechelor)

1955 "The World that Nature Forgot" (Halas and Bachelor)


1954 "The Electric Cooker" (British Electrical Development Assoc.)

1955 "Surf" (Lintas)

Television features

1963 "Espionage" (ABC/NBC - GB/US) - 8 episodes:

"Castles in Spain"

"Frantic Rebel"

"Free Agent""


"Once a Spy"

"Snow on Mount Kama"

"Some Other Kind of World"

"We the Hunted"

1965 "The Siege of Manchester" (BBC TV)

1967 "The Incantation of Casanova" (BBC TV)

"Edmund Gurney and the Brighton Mesmerist" (BBC TV)

1970 "The Suicide Club" (Thames TV)

Theatre scores:

1945 "Under the Counter"

1946 "Fatal Curiosity"

1948 "Adventure Story" (Terrence Rattigan)

1949 "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist

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