Early recordings and broadcasts by Dimitri Kennaway


Sonata for solo violin, Op.13 (1942)
rec:Max Rostal on Decca K 1178 (78rpm)

"Toulon" - song for mixed chorus (1944)
rec:Workers Music Ass.Singers/Frankel on Decca KM 578 (78rpm)

Violin Concerto, Op.24 (1951)
rec:Max Rostal/Beromünster Radio S.O./ Schmidt on Rococo 2101 (Canada) -
NB: the source of the recording was Swiss Radio; the label is mail-order and not widely available, except through specialist retailers.

"I had a Dove" (Keats) from Eight Songs, Op.32 (1959)
rec:Simon Woolf (treble)/Stuart Bedford (Pno.) on Unicorn RHS 316

Sonata No.2 for solo violin, Op.39 (1962)
rec: Gisella Arnold on BMS Environs - ENV 012(MC)

String Quartet No.5, Op.43 (1965)
rec:Lansdowne Quartet on Columbia SX(m)SCX 6163


"Cherry Brandy" - background dance music from "The Seventh Veil" (1945).
Rec:Harry Hayes (Sax.) on HMV (78rpm) - reissued on CD 1995 on artist's own label - HH01

"Bow Bells" as Ben Bernard (Lyr.Harold Purcell) from the film

"Dancing With Crime" (1947) rec:HMV BD 5984 (Skyrockets Orch./Dick James (Voc.) COL FB 3339 (no further details at present)

"I'm Not in Love" & "When You Smile" - as Ben Bernard (Lyr.Harold Purcell), from the film "Night Beat" (1947)
rec: Christine Nordern (Voc)/Frankel & Orch. on COL DB 2337 5i 7040ii PI

"Girl in Blue" - as Ben Bernard (Lyr.Harold Purcell) ,from the film "London Belongs to Me" (1948) rec:Oscar Rabin and his Band, on PARLOPHONE F 2332

"Carriage and Pair" - as Frankel, from the film "So Long at the Fair" (1950)
rec:Mantovani and his Orchesta, on Decca F9565/DFE 6009
Charles Williams & Orch. on Columbia DX 1688
ditto. reissue on World Records SH-348 (LP)

"I Love a Man" & "Say Goodbye" - as Ben Bernard (Lyr.Harold Purcell),
from the film "Hotel Sahara" (1951) rec:Yvonne de Carlo on COLUMBIA DB2850

"It May Be You" - as Ben Bernard (Lyr.H.Purcell), from the film "The Love Lottery" (1953)
rec: Ron Goodwin and his Orch. on PARLO PMD 1014
ditto.------------------------- MSP 6085 (45rpm)
ditto.----------------------- R 3831 (78rpm)

"I Can't Resist Men" - as Ben Bernard (words and music), from the film "Mad About Men" (1954)
rec:Glynis Johns/Ray Martin Orchestra on DB3537
(single) ditto.--------------------------- EMI SCM 5194 (album)

"I Love You Toujours" - as Ben Bernard (Lyr.H.Purcell), from the film "Always a Bride" (1954)
rec: Line Renaud on Columbia DB 33739

"A Kid For Two Farthings" - as Frankel, from film of same name (1955)
rec:Wally Stott & His Orch. on Phillips PB 480 (Epic 9117/9064-45(US)
George Melachrino & his Orch.HMV B 10903
(both recordings coupled with Frankel's "Lily Watkins Tune" from "Footsteps in the Fog" - see below)

"Lily Watkins Tune" - as Frankel, from "Footsteps in the Fog"(55)
also rec:Laurie Johnson Orchestra, on Polygon P1186

"Madame,Madame" - as Ben Bernard (words and music), from the film "The Man who Loved Redheads" (1954)
rec:Erwin Lehn & his Dance Orch., on COL DW5376 (Germany also by unspecified artist on Decca 5877

"The Whistling Sergeant-Major" - as Ben Bernard, from the film "I Only Arsked" (1958)
rec: Horace Finch (organ) , on BBC rec 129M (BBC Enterprises/PRT)

"Summer of the 17th Doll" - as Ben Bernard???, from film of the same name (1959)
dance music rec.by: Winifred Atwell, on Decca F11143

"Night of the Iguana"- as Frankel, from film of same name (1964)
rec:studio orchestra/Frankel (original soundtrack selection) on MGM C 994 (UK)
MGM E 4247/SE4247 (US)

"Battle of the Bulge" - as Frankel, from film of same name (1965)
rec:Philharmonia Orchestra/Frankel (original soundtrack sel.) on Warner Bros. WB W1617
WS1617 (US)
exc.tracks 1 and 7 also on compilation WEA 61086 -"Warner Bros.Spectaculars", with Korngold/Williams etc. complete album reissued on CD (Warner Japan) SCC-1014

"Kid for Two Farthings": the George Melachrino version was reissued on "British Film Music of the 40s and 50s" - EMI CD G02059


Shostakovich as Symphonist (Music in the Making) 10/03/46
Illustrated introduction to his 1st symphony ( 2 pnos.w/B.Orr) 31/10/60
Music and Meaning - illustrated talk, 28/03/61
Towards Re-tonality - illustrated talk 17/07/63
Sibelius - discussion with Robert Layton 25/03/65
Frankel and the Symphony - the composer talks with Hans Keller 25/03/65
A Composer's Preparation - advice for composition students 28/03/69
Introductory talk for concert of symphonies 5 & 6 and viola concerto 23/03/69
The Language of Music 15/12/70
The Meaning of Music 09/01/71
General discussion on his life and work/trends in modern music with Robert Layton 18/03/71
Music Criticism - a discussion with Hans Keller 16/11/71
Introduction to broadcast performance of his 4th symphony 23/10/72
Why Write Symphonies Today? 23/10/72
In the Beginning 06/11/72
Benjamin Frankel - a tribute by Hans Keller 21/02/73

NB some dates above are those of actual broadcast (or re-broadcast), while others - taken from BBC Sound Archives catalogue are presumably the original recording dates.

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