A Discography by Dimitri Kennaway

Current discography, including forthcoming releases:-


Symphony No. 1, Op. 33 on CPO 999 240-2 (coupled with No. 5 & "May Day")
Queensland Symphony Orchestra, cond. Werner Andreas Albert Buy

Symphony No. 2, Op. 38 on CPO 999 241-2 (coupled with No. 3)
QSO/W.A. Albert Buy

Symphony No. 3, Op. 40 on CPO 999 241-2 (coupled with above)
QSO/Albert Buy

Symphony No. 4, Op. 44 on CPO 999 242-2 (coupled with No. 6 & "Mephistopheles' Serenade and Dance") QSO/Albert Buy

Symphony No. 5, Op. 46 on CPO 999 240-2 (coupled with No. l & "May Day")
QSO/Albert Buy

Symphony No. 6, Op. 49 on CPO 999 242-2 (coupled with No. 4 & "Mephistopheles' Serenade and Dance") QSO/Albert Buy

Symphony No. 7, Op. 50 on CPO 999 243-2
coupled with No. 8 and "Overture to a Ceremony" + A Shakespeare Overture Op. 29): QSO/Albert Review  Buy

Symphony No. 8, Op. 53 on CPO 999 243-2:- see above details
QSO/Albert Buy

"May Day" - a Panorama for Orchestra, Op. 22 on CPO 999 240-2 (coupled with Symphonies l & 5 above);
also on compilation CD - CPO 999 310-2 QSO/Albert

"Mephistopheles' Serenade and Dance" - A Caricature for Orchestra, Op. 25 on CPO 999 242-2 (coupled with Symphonies 4-& 6 above)

"A Shakespeare Overture", Op. 29 - may be issued on CPO 999 243-2 (with Symphonies 7 & 8 above)

"Overture to a Ceremony", Op. 51 - on CPO 999 243-2: due for release late 1998, (coupled with Symphonies 7 & 8 and the above overture)

Violin Concerto, Op. 24 on CPO 999 422-2: Ulf Hoelscher (Vln),
coupled with: Viola Concerto, Op. 45 Brett Dean (vla.),QSO/Albert Serenata Concertante, Op. 37 Alan Smith (Vln.),David Lale(Cllo.), Stephen Emerson (Pno. ), QSO/Albert See Review  Buy

Symphony No. 5, Op. 46 (1st movt. only) on Chandos 7008: "Classic Widows"- works by various British composers Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Richard Hickox (see also film discog.)


Three Sketches for Strings, Op. 2
Solemn Speech and Discussion, Op. 11
Youth Music, Op. 12
Concertante lirico, Op. 27
"The Aftermath" (song cycle to poems of Robert Nicholls) , Op. 17
all on CPO 999 221-2 Robert Dan (tenor), Northwest Chamber Orchestra, Seattle/Alun Francis Buy


Sonata for solo violin Op. 13 Vienna Modern Masters VMM2016

String Quartets (complete) CPO 999 420-2 Buy
The Nomos Quartett:
Martin Dehning, Sonja-Maria Marks (Vlns.); Friederike Koch (Vla.); Sabine Pfeiffer (Vc.)
No. 1, Op. 14
No. 2, Op. 15
No. 3, Op. 18
No. 4, Op. 21
No. 5, Op. 43

Clarinet Quintet Op. 28 , on Hyperion CDA 66428
Thea King/Britten Quartet

Clarinet Quintet, Op. 28, CPO 999 384-2
Paul Dean/Australian String Quartet coupled with: Clarinet Trio, Op. 10 Paul Dean (Clt.), Marcus Stocker (Vc.), Kevin Power (PNo. )
Early Morning Music, Op. 20 Duncan Tolmie (Ob.),Paul Dean (Clt.), Leesa Dean (Bssn.)
Pezzi Pianissimi, Op. 41 Dean, Stocker & Power, as above
Bagatelles for eleven instruments (Cinque Pezzi Notturni) Op. 35
Queensland Symphony Chamber Players


"Battle of the Bulge"
Music from the film Queensland Symphony Orchestra conducted by Werner Andreas Albert. cpo 999 696-2 [78:43] review  review2 Buy

"Battle of the Bulge" original soundtrack album on CD Club SCC-1014 (Warner Bros. Japan/Soundtrack Listeners Communications)

"Battle of the Bulge" (title music) on "The Longest Day" Silva Screen FILM CD 151 -
City of Prague Philharmonic/Paul Bateman

"Curse of the Werewolf" (3-movt.suite) on "Horror!"
Silva Screen FILM CD 175 Silva America SSD 1060 Westminster Philharmonic/Kenneth Alwyn

"Carriage and Pair" (exe. "So Long at the Fair")
Chandos 7008 - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Marco Polo 8.223522 - RTE Concert Orchestra/Ernest Tomlinson
Hyperion CDA 66968 - New London Orchestra/Ronald Corp


all those extant - now at the British Library except "Battle of the Bulge", of which the original is stored at Warner Bros. Archives, University of Southern California.

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