GLCD 5199 Three Great American Light

                                                                  The 100th Guild Light CD
                                                                GLCD 5200 A Glorious Century
                                                                                      of Light Music



GLCD 5201
Fiddles And Bows
GLCD 5202 Cinema Classics
Songs And Themes From Theatre


                                          GHCD 2395 Adolf Busch  - 1942 & 49
                                          To have a previously unpublished performance
                                          of the Beethoven Violin Concerto by Adolf
                                          Busch is remarkable treasure trove, as the
                                          great German violinist and composer played
                                          this work more than any other.


GMCD 7394                                          
Concertos by Volkmar Andreae - Vol. 2                                          


GMCD 7393                                                                  
Songs by Jules Massenet                                                                  


                                                                GMCD 7392
Piano Trios by
                                                                Mendelssohn & Cotter Nixon
                                          GMCD 7388 Light & Shadow - Lute Music of
                                          the Italian Baroque with Peter Croton


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