Richard Tauber, Lehár and Co
Johann STRAUSS (1825-1899)
Der Zigeunerbaron (1885) ‘Als flotter geist’ [2:43] rec 1929
Ein Nacht in Venedig (1883) ‘Treu sein, das liegt mir nicht’ [2:46] rec. 1924
Die Fledermaus (1873-4) ‘Dieser Anstand, so manierlich’ (with Vera Schwarz) [3:53] rec. 1928
Franz LEHÁR (1870-1948)
Die Lustige Witwe (1905) ‘Vilja Lied’ [3:05]; ‘Lippen schweigen’ [3:17] rec. 1932
Frasquita (1922) ‘Hab ein blaues Himmelbett’ [4:19] rec. 1924
Friederike (1928) ‘O Mädchen, mein Mädchen [3:26] rec. 1928
Das Land des Lächelns (1929) Dein ist mein ganzes Herz [3:16] rec. 1929 and 1946
Paganini (1925) ‘Gern hab ich die Frau’n geküsst’ [3:15] rec. 1925
Der Zarewitsch (1926) ‘Allein…Es steht ein Soldat am Wolgastrand’ [3:58]; ‘Kosende Wellen…Warum hat jeder Frühling (with Carlotta Vanconti) [3:46] rec. 1927
Giuditta (1934) ‘Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert’ [3:12]; ‘Schön wie die blaue Sommernacht (with Jarmila Novotna) [3:17] rec. 1934
Emmerich KÁLMAN (1882-1953)
Gräfin Mariza (1924)‘Grüss mir mein Wien’ [4:15] rec. 1924
Die Zirkusprinzessin (1926) ‘Wenn man das Leben…Zwei Märchenaugen’ [4:10] rec. 1927
Carl ZELLER (1842-1898)
Der Vogelhändler (1891) ‘Wie mein Ahn’l zwanzig Jahr’ [3:12] rec. 1928
Oscar STRAUS (1870-!954)
Ein Waltzertraum (1907) ‘Da draussen im duftenden Garten’ [3:07] rec. 1932
Richard HEUBERGER (1850-1914)
Der Opernball (1898) ‘Im chambre séparée’ [3:00] rec. 1931
Plus arias from:
Bruder Straubinger ‘Küssen ist keine Sünd’ [2:41] rec. 1933
Fritz KREISLER (1875-1962)/ MARISCHKA (?)
‘Die Liebe kommt, die Liebe geht’ [2:50] rec. 1928
‘Wien, Du Stadt meine Träume’ [3:12] rec. 1928
Richard Tauber (tenor)
PREISER RECORDS PR 90802 [76:00] 

There have already been a number of very satisfactory Richard Tauber collections; notably the Naxos releases which had better packaging than this one including full details of the tenor’s orchestral backing - omitted by Preiser - as well as useful notes by Peter Dempsey. As my fellow reviewer, Arthur Baker commented about this earlier Naxos release: “The transfers throughout (by David Lennick) are excellent and this must be one of the best Tauber CDs available. It is however already a well-filled market as there are already many Tauber transfers, some available so cheap that even Naxos prices are seriously undercut… However this disk is excellent in all respects and is recommended.”
So this newcomer enters a crowded market. The attraction here is that this Preiser has splendid re-mastering by tonzauber, Vienna, all from Odeon recordings that must have been in first class condition. The singer’s unmistakable well-loved timbre, the deeply felt delivery, the undeniable sincerity all shine through. As Tauber remembered King George V telling him, “You sing with not your throat, but with your heart.” To which Tauber replied: “Your Majesty, you have just stated precisely the highest goal and the supreme law of the art of singing.”
The present collection includes not one but two widely spaced recordings (1929 and 1946, sung in English) of the song so indelibly associated with Richard Tauber, ‘You are my Heart’s Delight’ from Lehár’s The Land of Smiles.There also many more delights. For me these include: ‘Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert’ from Lehár’s late opera, Giuditta, ‘Da draussen im duftenden Garten’ from Oscar Straus’s Ein Walzertraum, ‘Im chambre séparée’ from Heuberger’s Der Opernball and Sieczynsky’s (and Tauber’s) tribute to Vienna, ‘Wien, Du Stadt meiner Träume.’ 

The booklet notes - uncredited - read well, covering Tauber’s life; his career in opera as well as operetta in films as well as stage, and his long-standing association with Lehár. We learn that despite his very ordinary looks, he had immense charm and loved good-living. Even so, his marriages were unhappy and he had financial difficulties.
A charming collection and well re-mastered but this market is crowded and the choice wide.
Ian Lace
A charming collection.